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"Come Faeries, take me out of this dull World, for I would ride with you upon the Wind and Dance upon the Mountains like a Flame."

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Queen of Faerie, Lady of the Sidhe Open my eyes that I may see Water and earth, air and fire Magick create all I desire.

In order to work with the Fae Folk, you must be in touch with the Astral, or the Inner Plane. It is here where they reside and where you can meet up with any number of them. The best way is to use meditation techniques. You may also wish to use incense and herbs favored by the Faeries to help you meet them. (Wearing a sprig of Thyme or a dab of Thyme oil is said to enable you to see the Fae!) It is perhaps best to set up a residence right on the edge of the plane, a place special and safe to you and one in which you can frolic and communicate. You can establish this in your visualization and meditations. You will find an enchanting world, a seductive and truly beautiful world in which to help you attain your fondest desires! In returning to your waking consciousness, you must return slowly, taking your time. Stamp your feet on the ground to tell yourself you are home. It will get easier and easier to do with time and practice. Once you can do this, you will forever keep the Little Folk in your heart and in your mind. Also, the best place to meet them in your travels is, of course, outside in a natural setting! Faeries dwell in trees, most notably the Oak, Elder, Birch, Willow, Ash, Rowan, Hazel and Thorn. The Hawthorn bush is another, as well as Cypress, Olive, Date Palms, Bonsai, and Palmetto Trees. Faeries are said to cradle their babes in the petals of the Tulip. Primrose and Cowslip too are some of the Good Folks' favorite herbs. There is also Foxglove (poison!), Heather, Mistletoe, Elecampe, Roses, Elderberry, Peony, Lilac, Clover and Apple to help entice the little ones. Faerie Rings (dark circles of grass with a lighter color grass around it, or a circular ring of mushrooms) are said to be where Faeries can be found. If however, you are in your meditative state, please do not step in or on that spot, you would be intruding upon them. Natural state however, is fine but I would not try to disturb it otherwise. When you do seek them out, be sure to leave behind a bowl of fresh milk, sweet breads and cakes, strawberries or the current seasonal fruit, pats of real butter and even wine and ale. This ensures the good will of the Wee Ones and they are more likely to help you out next time. The types of Magick that Faeries can help you with is first (and perhaps the most important) the aid they can give in raising your energies for whatever intention you have. In your meditative state, call to them, explain what you are doing and why and ask them for their help. Drumming, dancing or perhaps some folk music of their native culture will help entice their help in the raising of positive energies for your specific goal. Candle Magick is also a good tool to use with the Wee Ones. Photobucket
Another type of magick that they can and often do help with are Healing desires. To help you decide which herb or other tool to use, go outside or where you obtain your herbs and such and ask them to guide you to the correct one. Or open a book and ask that they help direct you to the correct page. Call to the Faeries that you know are thinking Faeries, that is, they have some intelligence as not all of them do, or the ones you know are good for the nurturing and caring of men, women or children. Do not call the ones who are a little more prankish or have been known to harm children. After you have been given the lead, read up on the herb or plant or other resource you have been led to and find out all you can about it, not only medicinally but magickally also. You may be pleasantly surprised that you have indeed been led the correct way.

Household protection is another important request the Fae are willing and capable of fulfilling. This could include your children and pets, and lend some protective energies during a short-term crisis. If something is lost, a favored trinket or even the family pet, call upon the Faeries you have asked to protect and they will help you find them or have them returned.

Now mind you, some faeries have their own "conditions" set to their specific help and this you must respect. If you are not exactly a neat person, or you do not have a fireplace, certain Faeries won't come near you. It is important to know which ones to call. Burning Patchouli, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Cedar and Vervain too will help to increase the protection they can give. You will feel strong energies of protection around you and your home and the inhabitants, pets included if asked, as well as warned of danger. Help them to help you by giving them the means to let you know of impending accidents, weather or even thieves.

For your prosperity wishes, faeries for the home are usually best. Be sure that your intent is not of a greedy nature as the Good Folk are extremely angered by this. Anything at all in the slightest way to be deemed greedy, will result in no help at all from the Fae. Be explicit in your asking and and tell them why you need this and about how much. When they know it will benefit the home in only a positive manner, it will in turn benefit them too. Be sure to thank them in kind with their favorites!

In any type of inner awareness and knowledge, the water spirits are best. Find a clear pool of water or in your meditative state in your astral residence place a clear calm pool of water and kneel beside it. Ask the Water Spirit of your choice for permission to see. The images you may receive, if they comply, will probably be in symbolic form. It is up to you to completely "know" what each one will mean to you. Much like dreams, the images are symbolic of what is going on and correct interpretation can only come from within you. They may come immediately or even in your dreams, or suddenly while driving you will come upon something that snaps all the pieces into the puzzle. Be patient, you will receive your answer.

Choosing the correct Faerie for your intention is of utmost importance and spending time learning about and from them will be the only way in which you can call upon the right Little Folk to help out. Calling on the wrong one can wreak absolute havoc in your life as well as make it harder for you the next time you ask. Oh, they are a precocious bunch and will keep you on your toes if you are not taking the Faerie Realm seriously when working with them!

Read everything you can get your hands on, talk to anyone you can and practice, practice, practice. True Faerie Magick is perhaps the most fantastickal, the most wondrous journey of magick you can take!

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Donna Morgan 8:00in the evenin' Jan 17
Blyssful Freya's Day my Legionnaires~

Fairy or Faerie: the word is derived from the ancient "faunoe o fatuoe" which, in the pagan mythology, indicated the faun's (deer) companions, creatures endowed with power of foretelling the future and ruling the human events. The word Fairy also comes from "fatigue", which in Middle Ages was synonymous with "wild woman", that is woman of woods, waters and, in general, of the natural world. The belief in fairies was an almost universal attribute of early folk culture. In ancient Greek literature the sirens in Homer’s Odyssey are fairies, and a number of the heroes in his Iliad have fairy lovers in the form of nymphs. The Gandharvas (celestial singers and musicians), who figure in Sanskrit poetry, were fairies, as were the Hathors, or female genii, of ancient Egypt, who appeared at the birth of a child and predicted the child’s future."

Fairies are supernatural creatures endowed with magic power, thanks to which they can change their appearance and make it change to the others. They frequent caves, rocks, hills, woods and sources; they are ready to help innocents and victims of persecution; they make up for a wrong, they avenge an offense, but they also can be malicious and revengeful. The good ones are called fairies, elves, ellefolks, and fays; the evil ones are urchins, ouphes, ellmaids, and ellwomen. Alternate spellings include: Faerie, Fai, Faierie, Faiery, Fair, Fairye, Farie, Fary, Fay, Fayerie, Fayery, Fayry, Fee, Feiri, Fery, Fey, Feyrie, Feyrye, Phairie, Pharie, Pherie (from the Latin: Fata "Fates"). Fairies could bestow good fortune on people, but if they felt offended they could cast spells and cause mischievous trouble. Therefore be kind to a vagabond, for he may be a fairy prince in disguise, who has come to test the depth of your charity, and of the generous nature that can give liberally out of pure love and kindliness to those who are in need, and not in hope of a reward.

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Does anybody perhaps know how to cleanse a mischievious fairy
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Sorry I took so long to join Fae. But happy to be here and thanks for the invite. RGMCJG, mac

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