So in today we go to a variation close but acceptable:

We first take for instance a young person in question who has dabbled, experienced, “lived” this style and we are approached to take them on and show them the older/other perspective. Thus a request of a letter by their benefactors is required. Asking and somewhat detailing what is expected of what has been asked concerning the young person in questions training. Certain conditions are required:

All persons party to this agree that this will not be discussed or talked about with anyone not apart of this action under any circumstances for the privacy of all. All that enter into these actions have done so of their own free will and understanding of what could happen as a result of this action. Holding all persons party to this harmless and not at fault for the happening of this.

A birth certificate to verify the age and true name of the said person in question to be shown to us.

Consent of the benefactors and young person in question in writing.

If the young person in question is in high school they must maintain a “b” average to continue in this action. A weekly teacher progress report will be asked for and brought to us. Failure to do so will result in termination of this agreement and forfeiture of any titles or names acquired during this time. The report will carry assignment grade, attendance record, and contact personnel phone numbers for all their teachers. They will be placed within our care from Friday evening to Sunday evening.

If the young person in question is in college a list of them schedule will be given to us. A 3.2 grade point average must be maintained. A bi- weekly teacher progress report will be asked for and brought to us. Failure to do so will result in termination of this agreement and forfeiture of any titles or names acquired during this time. The report will carry assignment grade, attendance record, and contact personnel phone numbers for all their teachers. They are responsible for their transportation to and from college. Missing minimum days. As far as living arrangements - this is to be discussed, and agreed upon in writing prior to the beginning of this.

If the young person in question is not in school they must be able to support themselves financially. We will not support them or be responsible for items they deems they require on their behalf. They will check with the correct person before purchasing any items not required for their tenure here. They will be placed within our care for a set duration. Of three months to start with. And no one else will be able to call upon them for that time. After wards the time allotted will be done in 7 or 14 month periods. Unless a “true” family emergency happens. And then it will be dealt with at that time.

If the person in question losses their financial support they must regain it within three weeks for they are totally responsible for their transportation to and from work and will be required to follow a strict time guide to and from work. All money collected by them will be turned over to the house as it was in the old. And kept in a savings account to ensure their finical stable status.

A rigid schedule will be set for them to obey and commit themselves to as detailed below.

At no time will the person in question be allowed to consume tobacco, or alcohol, unless religious needs dictate them to be used. If it is found that the person in question is participating in any illegal manner according to modern day law this will automatically be terminated and they will be turned over to the authority for correct action as done in old.
A detailed listing of any medical conditions or allergies must be given in writing to us at the time of acceptance. Personal preference are not to be listed as a medical need for personal preference do not apply to this action. Also a blood test for HIV is required as well as an contraceptive will be maintained by them at all times.

Any medications the person in question requires will not be paid for by us but we must be told in writing to insure them the opportunity to acquire them as needed. And to ensure them access to them at all times.

Basic Items that will be met:
A set bed time will be inducted into their schedule as well as a set wake-up time. Bed time is not later than 10:30 PM. They will not go to bed prior to accomplishing the daily tasks or should they accomplish them tasks before 10:00 PM they will take shower or bath before going to bed at 10:30 PM. Wake up time is 6:00 am unless their employment outside the house requires otherwise.

To answer the telephone the answer form is Hello, Whom would you like to speak to. Pause for response. Yes, sir/madam may I tell them whom is calling and put you on hold. They will then announce whom is calling and what for a response for directions. They will answer only the telephone in the kitchen as it has the hold button on it. They will obey the direction given. In the event we are not then they will not answer the telephone but allow the answering machine to pick it up.

Their clothing will be regulated as required by circumstances dictate. To begin the person in question will be allowed to choose what they wears, but should it prove to be unapproved for their new status a dress code will be made for them to obey. No make-up, perfumes, or scented deodorants will be tolerated. No jewelry/symbols will be allowed to begin with, unless religious, but that must be proven be research and facts. but as knowledge is found so shall the allowance in wearing of certain jewelry/symbols be allowed.

As the responsibility and knowledge level is proven that they can do certain things without the supervision of the house the freedom of their life style will expand. Hence being the more they prove that they can do as they have learned the more freedom to do what they would like as long as these items are done correctly and fully to the standards that are expected.
Both persons within the home will be listened to equally without pause. The person in question will not wait to see if what is said by one is agreed with by the other just because the person in question decides they doesn’t want to do it or listen.
They will also be taught from books the old knowledge which is recently being re-written. They will be required to learn it well. And correctly.

And So It Starts

First choose the ones that form above that represent the person. Then define why and explain how they apply to that person. And the colors and animals of the one’s clan, if they choose. Others will come in time as one grows in one's self. A list of each person's explanations will be kept.

Can there be only one? Where there is one isn't there always two? And where there is to is there usually another for three for the balance?

Can there be one without the other? Can there be both without a third as a neutral?

Can there be good with out evil? Can there be evil without good? Can there be either without the gray of neutrality?

Can there be white without black or black without white? Can there be either without the grey between?

In the time of the gathering and end will the balance fall to good/white or evil/black? Or will the neutral/grey prevail to once again continue the balance until next time the circle rejoins it's end? Or is it the circle's beginning?

But is the color white actually always good or the color black actually always evil? Where one is isn't there usually the other? So would all be the grey?

For no matter how evil or good something is isn't there a spark of the other somewhere to be found?

And then isn't when you have the three balanced and whole you find that you have seven instead?

The answer to these questions and many more are answered in a space not always looked in but always in the way.......

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