Slowly I remember that not all things are to be left to chance. Nor to the elements and or powers to be. That is why I sit here upon this beach waiting to see this little one’s eyes open to ensure that she is aware of the life that still ebbs within her. The night was unkind for her skill of boating and if it wasn’t for the playing within the storm’s upper limits I was entangling myself with, she would now rest at the feet of which ever god she reveres.
The light of the mast strike was multi-colored enough to interest my eye and I guess that the spark of wonderment took hold. For now I see that she slowly stirs. And why they shake their head to clear their vision I will never understand. Kind of dizzying if you ask me. Time to start this; Softly I did whisper,”So you are finally awake, Little One.”
She quietly replies,”Yes, thank you.” . I can feel her uncertainness of what to say to my stature and what I am. I sense that her mind spins as this realization unfolds to her. Slowly she rolls to face me directly. I see her smile and yet notice that she quivers as memories of her past come flooding over her. “I’m Vixen. Thank you for saving me.”
“Little One, I did as was needed; therefore, no thanks is required. I’m glad you are okay. There is a city over yonder, maybe you can find help there.” And hopefully one of the guides will be there I thought quietly to myself.
Shaken Vixen shakes her head, “I know you owe me nothing but please, may I stay here with you for a short while and warm up against you?”
“I will stay for awhile to let you dry against me.” I had forgotten that my kind were warmer than her body. And even was glad for the company and the excuse to feel the warm sand of a beach. Almost like home but without as many rocks. But as comfortable as this was hours pasted then I softly spoke,”It’s time for you to go to the city.”
“Kind dragon if ever you should need me how will I know?”
“You will know.” And that is all I would say but perhaps she would find the small bangle within her coverings.
At that she kissed my left claw. This was a shock and also greatly felt for it was done out of her soul not her thoughts. Then she turned and walked towards the city. A city she would find called the Port of Desert.
And slowly I turned and with in seconds I was again as a traveler should be but with outward appearance of a cross breed of the old race and the newer race of man. With leather coverings, what they call clothing. Boots all of my color highlighted as I am for those who know to recognize. Only the left eye patch to give up my true identity to them. Under the brush I reclaim my “earth belongings” and though walking is slowly getting easier to travel by, I too head toward the city she has gone before me to.
For some how I have the feeling that we will be traveling the same path of life for times to come. And yet though the last companion I have was not to work out. This one is different and yet at the same time the same. Somethings are just planned that way and neither myself or any of the old ones that I still know can say why.
A moon has gone past and she is still here. The guide guild was more than helpful in keeping track of her for me. That is after some of my colored clear stones were thrown onto their table.
The young gentle Marquis was chosen for her and went to her asking to help her within the city and yet still she seemed troubled by thoughts. She accepted the young gentles help as he guided her through the city. Here I/We found many a splendid thing, to show her and most of which she knew not before. And still I felt her heart tug at her to continue to search for the answers to her questions. Questions that were soon to become more confused. For here she was given a note from her minotaur letting her know he still cared and would wait for her. A note which troubled her for she could not form the words to answer.
For you see all things are known to the guilds even the fact that, she wished to reply but knew she could not give him a proper answer. Then the time came that she opened the door for my help and the guild to receive more of my colored rocks. For they put a high price on them. Especially after I carve and polish them up a bit.
She told her story of her journey to Marquis, including me, and asked for his help. Quickly a ship was within his power to use and crew of dependable souls, which I personally picked or have used before. Upon the second moon they left for his ship the Questor. Rough seas made the journey long for this time of year was when the winds are strong and full of mischief. Winds which are great to soar upon and dance within.
Nights and days flew by and I slowly felt that she would never find what she was looking for. But with old ways and knowledge I was able to see and feel that she was not doing good. Troubled and
exhausted from the haunting visions of the nights that she barely slept within. Suddenly a snapping with in my power told me that she wanted something. And quickly turning to the winds for speed I heard her in a fury yelling, “I can’t take any more. Let me off this ship.” And then I was there for tesseracts are a quicker way we travel. And taking a high wind advantage could see below that Marquis quickly grabbed Vixens hands and was softly speaking. And then Vixen slumped down upon the deck shaking her head. And the only question screaming through her head was “WHY?” Any that was all that was needed for me to start my spiral through the dark night sky.
Creating a slow low whistle over head. At which her gaze turned sky ward. Though she could not see me I felt that she knew I was near. Slowly she turned to Marquis and quietly stated, “No matter what you see, you must give me your word you will not cause any harm.”
“Why should I? You will not trust me in this matter yet you ask this of me?”
“Please, I will explain later but first I must have your word to cause no harm.”
“I give you my word.” Just as Marquis spoke those words his eyes saw the dragon flying over head. Marquis yelled,”You tricked me!”
“No, he is a friend, I swear. You gave me your word and I am asking you to trust me in this.”
At these words being spoken, I spoke softly,”Little one.”
Vixen sang,”Yes, dragon.”
“Your friend seems nervous. Are you okay?” I was beginning to realize that the guild did not tell this young man of the plan behind his sudden title of Captain and ship’s crew. Oh well not all are ever told the way of their life. Only that they have to live it. I then heard something within me warning of unwelcome sight and magic that was not to be there. Using within quickly flowed back along it’s path with a star’s light speed. And saw old Zeross peering through a new glass ball. Not even true crystal which would not need the items this one possessed within. Truly made by inferior man’s magic. Within his hall was a very displaced minotaur. With that I must repay Zeross back sometime. For he knows better than to spy where I am.
Then the connection was broken by the minotaur grabbing at the ball and knocking Zeross off his seat which of course does disrupt things quite well. And allows me to turn back my attention to what she was saying.
“Yes. He doesn’t understand about you nor have I found the words to tell him of my troubles.”
Keeping this simple I stated; “Man, Little one is to come with me. Keep your bearing as it is and I will return her to you after this full moon.”
“What if I say no?” he shouted back. Upstart ain’t he.
“Then I will return her to where she shall be safe.” And before Marquis could blink, I lifted her from the ship. “Little one, you really need to consider what you are doing.”
“Sorry, dragon. I am very troubled and am unsure of what to tell the young gentle.”
“Yet, you have entrusted your life to him by being on his ship.” And to me but that was not something she has yet to be told nor realize.
“I,” Vixen fell silent as the realization of my words that hit her.
“I felt it would be okay.”
“That may be, yet, should you have also repaid his kindness with the truth?”
I felt her heart sink as she knew that my words were right,” I had not thought it any harm to deal with the problems myself.”, she softly said.
“Yet you have involved him without his knowing the truth.”
Shamed Vixen began to cry until no tears would flow. This was something that I was not ready to deal with and touched a spot that was within me few have seen and even fewer have ever touched and stirred to awakening.
“You have asked him to trust you, yet you do not extend the same to him. You give much thought to some things yet none to that which is before you.”
“This is true. I am exhausted and no longer feel able to think correctly.”
And again I felt as someone was watching us, and within two heart beats was there seeing Zeross again. I decided it was time to deal with the problem he was becoming. I evenly stated, “It’s time to go. Only you can decide for yourself that which you will do.” And silently placed Vixen upon the ship Questor. To do as she decides to do and off I went to deal with the “sorcerer”.
Finding the trail of magic was easily done for it was not natural but created. And so arriving within the area he was in I took the guise that is common for me to take. That of an older human male, with magic knowledge and wisdom. I entered the caverns of Zeross. Not expecting me he was taken by surprise and wonder. He told me of the minotaur that almost ruined his new ball, the attack upon his person, over a pot of rare green/black eastern tea, and that he was going to send the creature upon a quest to find something for him. I threw in the statement of perhaps the minotaur’s wisdom was somehow being quelled. And he did agree with the possibility of that being why he was so slow in understanding things he had said.
Also I warned him of looking into other’s lives and feelings with his ball and that he might want to prevent others from taking offense by asking first. And asked if he had any problem’s with balls before. Which he stated that he had once looked into a Dragon’s lair and that ball turned into a hot mass of living glass which turned out to be quite mean and hard to kill. Only winter saved him for it chased him out into the snow and cooled solid. And he was grateful for that being all the dragon did for his peeping. At which time I very slowly let my mask fluctuate. His terror was well heard within the town below his haven. As I turned to a shadow gray mist and evaporated leaching the claw marks of my kind down the length of his old and cherished tea table, as a warning.
I then took time to return to the port at the Island of Turbulence. Where three days later Marquis and his ship took port. He stayed upon the ship as the guild requires and Vixen wandered through the city looking for a guide. The guilds there again accepted colored stones for payment and sent a gentle. He came to her offering his assistance. He showed her the city and again she saw many a splendid thing which she knew not of before, but none of these would comfort her aching soul so she returned to the ship Questor to continue her journey. And I followed in my own way and also crossed paths with an old traveling group which in a few weeks over took the ship.
They then took over the job of awakening her knowledge for me. The Dark Riders came out of clouds swooping down upon the ship encircling it. And I as one of them joined in the happening.
Vixen sunk upon the deck unable to stand and fight. Marquis gallantly stood by Vixen ready to fight. “Vixen, get up! What’s the matter with you. If we are to survive this it will take both of us.”

“I...I...” Vixens voice broke as fear engulfed her. She swirled down-ward feeling total despair. Minutes passed like hours as Vixen watched the Dark Riders circling the ship.
Then softly at first I started from the very pit of her soul to speak words only she could hear,”You coward! Why are you afraid when truly you know them not? You know only stories of them and assume they are here to destroy. You don’t even give them a chance. In all of life is this all you’ve learned? If so, I have no use of you!”
Vixen rose from the shambles of herself to stand next to Marquis. Boldly she calls out,”What is your purpose?”
Like a clap of thunder the reply came,”To see what you are.”
Taken back Vixen glanced at Marquis quietly saying,”I am sorry for bringing you into this. You do not deserve this.”
Softly Marquis replies,”I am here of my own free choosing. Whether I deserve this or not is not up for you to decide.”
Vixen boldly spoke,”Dark Riders, I am Vixen an Elf, and this is my friend Marquis.”
“Marquis is of no concern to us. You, however, shall come with us. If you choose to fight all shall be lost to you.”
Marquis gave Vixen a hug as he handed her over to the Dark Riders. Vixen perplexed at this, let a single tear fall from her eye. The Dark Riders blind-folded her as they swirled upward into the darkened clouds. Only minutes seemed to have passed when the blind-fold was removed from Vixens eyes.
I as one of the Dark Riders stood inches from her face and yet she did not realized it was me,”How is it that you judge us when you do not know us? You appear to be like the humans whom destroy that which they do not understand and that which they fear.”
“I only know the stories of old. Yet, I do not wish to destroy anything at all whether I am afraid of it or understand it.”
“Look at you! Consider what you have done in your life and tell us it is not like what we do! You condemn and yet still refuse to see that which you know to be true!”
I felt and saw in her face that her mind went swirling into many different directions making it impossible for her to answer. She knew I was right but how could she explain what she understood. Her body shook as she tried to form the words.
“Small one, Think about what you have done in your past. We too do the same but much more. Yet you have condemned us of acts we have not nor will we do.”
“Yes, I am wrong. I have condemned without giving the other a chance to present their side. I do something similar to you. Even though yours is different it doesn’t make it wrong. I am sorry that I did not allow you the chance to present your side of the story.”
Seeing Vixens change of heart I and the Dark Riders returned Vixen to the ship. As Vixen slowly began to realize not all is as it appears or as she had known from the days of old. And soon the ship would take port and I would try again to open the doors within her that held the answers that she so desperately searched for.
We went to the next port of call the Island of Jungles. There I was told that her beloved minotaur sent aid to her for which she was thankful for and at the same time she sent words to him. Which was quickly sent and delivered to him within a moon’s passing.
And then the plan of bringing her back to see what she was inside after years of being told that all was not as she saw it, was set in motion. For here was an old tree within the forest that was the marker of one of our kind’s last remains. A tree which held the key to it’s spirit and the old one could use as a vessel to do things needed if called upon.
And call I did into oldest ways possible to my kind. And the answer was of one greatness and wonderment in the fact that she was quelled within herself. So Upon the fullness of the moon in the cool summer night she called to those who still listened and those who had the ways to hear her call. Soon Vixen was seen wandering into the forest bear-footed feeling the coolness of the grass.
All could feel her mind drift through ages past. As she came upon the one with in the oak tree who was singing an ancient song of life. And there she stopped, and letting her soft sweet voice join in. We all followed her flowing into her voice which slowly was the only voice there. Watching her body began to sway, and swirl in the ancient ways of dance. A ray of light encircled her reflecting the rainbow hues adding to the music and magic. Softly after a time Vixen settled against the old Oak feeling refreshed. The one in the old oak rang a hardy laugh as Vixen leaned against it. Vixen joined in the laugh as she realized she was glowing and many forest animals had joined in the gathering. Suddenly Vixen sat up an we could see that she realized how long it had been since she had participated in a gathering.
Soon she slipped into a dream state, and in her we could feel her suffering of within and the questions that were unfolding before her. Also hinting at others to walk with, others to see, places to visit and always yearning to learn as well as always learning. Slowly we watched and felt her settle into a deep restful sleep knowing now she was ready for the time to come and feeling as nothing was left undone. And knowing now the task of awaking what was inside her was to become but not much easier.

Excerpts from a dragon’s traveling journal

Vixin continued on her quest. After several months they landed at the port. She wondered through the land seeing new sights and meeting new people. Again, a guide came to offer her his services. She looked at him and recalled the others. Then she was certain that the dragon had arranged for them on her behalf. As she wondered through the city her mind began to wonder. Vixin felt a cry pinging in the back of her mind. She asked the guide to take her to the forest. Once there she opened up a little to understand the cry she was feeling. At once she understood. The dragon was always with her even though he had been forbidden to participate. She called to the dragon. He gracefully decended from above.
“Yes, little one? What is on your mind?”
“What is your name?”
“It doesn’t really matter. I hear you when you call me.”
Vixin was persitant, “I have to know your name.”
“Blackstar” the dragon stated calmly.
“Blackstar” vixin repeated in a respectful wispher.
“Before I continue I must know if what I’ve been told long ago is true. But first, Marquis, change to your human form.”
At last you have realized I am your companion on the ship.” he then changed to his human form.
Vixin also realized her guide had left and the resemblence with Marquis was distinctive.
“Why do you cry, Marquis?”
“I am not crying.” He dryly replied.
“I hear and feel you crying continuely.” Vixin said confidently.
At last Blackstar give in and explained how he had been put into retirement and save for her he could not use what he knew. She thought about htis for a long time then asked how it could be changed. He explained about a council of 21 and the requirement for a two-third majority vot could grant him being allowed out of retirement.
They returned to the ship where they set sail for yet another island. During this time Vixin worked on a partition to grant the dragon his priestly position and to never be forced into retirement again. Vixin put many long hours into the preparing of the required documents.
Marquis and her had several talks but she found him distant many times. She asked him about this only to be told she could not understand. As they docked on the Island of Flowers Vixin sent out the request to the 21 council memebers. It was the full moon as hse had been told it must be. Vixin then went to the woods to explore only to find that once again she could only go a little ways when Marquis would find her and led her back to the enterence of the forest.
Vixin tried to talk to Marquis about the blockage and the protectiveness but he would only get defensive growling about how hard he has worked to get her where she wanted to go.
Vixin’s heart grew sadder and sadder as time past. On the next full moon Vixinreceived the council’s vote and the dragon ws allowed to freely participate never to be forced into retirement again. Vixin told this to Marquis gleefully. He did not speak a word but his actions indicated he was less then excited about it. Slowly Marquis’s attitude improved but still he was distant from Vixin.
They set sail for the Land of Wonders. Vixin’s hear troubled her as she dreamed strange dreams every night. Occasionaly Marquis would stroll up to her and they could talk but mostly she would feel him and could hear his sharp words to her.
Vixin thought about her dreams to figure out the meanings. Time went by until one day she knew. She was unhappy because she no longer did what she believed and had not continued her quest. Vixin also realized why the dragon was sad. Both knew that their paths were very different. He was a dragon and she was an elf. They had tried to make it work but the differences were too overwhelming. She cried herself to sleep knowing soon she would have to talk to the dragon about this.
She knew she was right an elf could not be a life companion to a dragon. The dragon gave her a give of marbles which could be put in a siver carrier for her to wear around her neck. He spoke not a word about the meaning of each marble for he knew she understood. The blue for a thank you for all you have done, The clear for wisdom, the jingles for may you find what you are looking for, and the Black jet for a good bye my friend. She gracefully accepted the gift which held a blue marble in it.
Vixin knew when they landed at the port of the Land of Wonders she would have to bid the dragon farewell. She would always remember the dragon and love him in her own special way. Vixin knew the dragon would not leaver her even though he would die without the companionship of his own kind. Vixin longed for the friendship of her own kind and hoped that along her quest she would meet other elves.

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