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Hedgewitch's Page

Profile Information

Tell us of your likes and dislikes. Music? Tv/Movies? Books? What do you like to do in your spare time?
This could easily become a book. For now my greatest interest are around nature, the environment, and helping Ma Shiloh develop the rare breed of dog known as Shiloh Shepherds. I have gone so far as to join the license breeders in training program, which is a kin to going back to school in my 50's, as I am studying genetics to understand the right way of doing developing a breed. I am also writing a book. If you knew me, you would be impressed as I have symbol dyslexia.
Are you currently living what may be considered an alternative lifestyle? For example, are you a traveling artist, practicing a non-mainstream spirituality, or part of a BDFSM lifestyle?
I am not living in an alternative life style as the public would see it on the outside; however, I live my spirituality I do not just talk about it. It is who I am. I am the HP's of a teaching Grove and a Coven. I teach four times a month in my home and as a coven we hold open gatherings monthly.
What does the older knowledge of legend, myth, lore, story, tale, wisdoms mean to you?
I am not sure what you are seeking here.

Coming from a family Tradition I can tell you a lot of information has been passed to me you will not find in any books. But much of it has no value for today's witch as time has passed us by. Some though is priceless as it can shared and bring a smile to our faces. Some has been passed so many times like the child's game of telephone it has been contorted and disfigured, and yet other held together in myth is amazing. You can see myths from around the world. Different names, different stories but all with the same meanings in different parts of the world. It is all the same story told by people who have never met for hundreds of years. This is my ramble...I am a Crone and we are known to Ramble...
Do you belong to any organizations; re-enactment based (i.e. households, tribes, clans), spiritual based (i.e. covens, orders, or other pagan groups) or other? If so which ones and where?
I am the HP's of a Coven and a Teaching grove.
I am an Elder in the Rosarian Tradition, and Founder of the Chrysos Tradition.
If not of the older life styles, how tolerant are you ?
I am tolerant of all life styles old or new.
Have you ever been to a Renaissance Faire or Medieval Fest? If so, which did you prefer? If not, which would you rather attend? Would you rather be a participant or spectator? Please relate to us your experience!
I have only been to a Renaissance Faire; and so, I can not be a judge and say which I prefer.
Do you have any artistry, crafting, and trade… what do you create, Please share your talents with us.
Koren Henson as a model and an artist. I have also enjoyed Joyce Seigrist as a Costume designer.
I create imagry with words when I am well and I teach from home.
What is the best way to contact you if your talents are skills are desired?
Through mail would be the best way to contact me.
Please answer all questions honestly and openly so staff and members can get to know you. Approval of your application will be based upon your answers. Any thing else you would like to tell people?
I am a Wife, Mother, Gardener, Hedgewitch, HPs, Yia yia(Grandmother in Greek), Didiki (Romany), Friend, Kennel owner, Nature Lover, Breeder of Rare Breed Dogs(Shiloh Shepherds),Shop Owner, Teacher, Differently Abled, Creative, Adventurer, Writer, Dog Trainer, Volunteer, Shoulder to Lean on, Pain in the..., A Tad Impulsive, Creative, Inventive, Determined, Bird Watcher, Medium, Strong Willed Independent Woman and So Much More...

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Hedgewitch's Blog

Psychic Pets

I am not sure what passes for psychic in animals. I have a young service dog named Mali. I got her when she was 11 weeks old. I had a trainer come to my home to help with her training through advanced obedience and hand signs, since then I have done the rest of her training and Mali has passed all the rest of her tests with 100%. At this time, Mali is only 15 months old.

Mali had only had her harness for a couple of months. We…


Posted on May 5, 2012 at 10:39am

Hedgewitch Crafts goes Brick and Mortar!

It has been slow starting. We have had one downfall after another, each time picking ourselves up by our boot straps, but at last we are happy to announce ~*This Wednesday our Brick and Mortar Store opens here in Lenoir NC.

2085 Fork Creek Place

Hours 1:pm to 8:pm Wed through most Sun’s


If you are close enough to come by and check us out, we look forward to meeting you.

We still have our online store;…


Posted on December 20, 2011 at 9:53am — 1 Comment

Daytime Meditation Ritual of Hedgewitch

Some might tell you to find a sacred place but all places are sacred.

Some might tell you, you need to be in the forest, or by the sea, or on a mountain, but any place will do.

Some might tell you, you need tools, candles, athame, wand, a representation of The Lord and Lady, a bit of salt and maybe a bell or incense.

You need none of these things. For you have everything you need within yourself, the greatest tool of all, your mind.

You can lie down if… Continue

Posted on January 25, 2011 at 10:47am

What is a Hedgewitch

If you ask a Hedgewitch to explain her path each one would give you a different explanation of exactly it means to them to be one. Like all paths this path is not a narrow path. For me my path is very much like the explanation I will be posting below. The explanation was written by Sally Morningstar. What makes me stand out from most Hedgewitches is I do not do a lot with herbs. Yes I grow them, Yes I have extensive gardens, and yes my connection is more with… Continue

Posted on January 25, 2011 at 10:45am — 4 Comments

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Currently the Month of Sept is taken to update the Dept. & those Artist Web Groups they represent. Also we are going through and seeing whom has been missed in welcoming upon the Hearth upon their profile comments. So please tolerate our working to bring the Hearth up-to-date. As well as ensuring each is welcomed and encouraged to enjoy that which is offered.
At 10:26pm on May 6, 2011, AZureGray said…
You are very welcome, hope it was wonderful..oh and I love your 'puppies'...
At 11:38pm on May 5, 2011, Dept of PMM Artists & things said…

Love your butterfly... Hope that you had a great Birthday!



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Patchwork Merchant Mercenaries had its humble beginnings as an idea of a few artisans and craftsmen who enjoy performing with live steel fighting. As well as a patchwork quilt tent canvas. Most had prior military experience hence the name.


Patchwork Merchant Mercenaries.


Vendertainers that brought many things to a show and are know for helping out where ever they can.

As well as being a place where the older hand made items could be found made by them and enjoyed by all.

We expanded over the years to become well known at what we do. Now we represent over 100 artisans and craftsman that are well known in their venues and some just starting out. Some of their works have been premiered in TV, stage and movies on a regular basis.

Specializing in Medieval, Goth , Stage Film, BDFSM and Practitioner.

Patchwork Merchant Mercenaries a Dept of, Ask For IT was started by artists and former military veterans, and sword fighters, representing over 100 artisans, one who made his living traveling from fair to festival vending medieval wares. The majority of his customers are re-enactors, SCAdians and the like, looking to build their kit with period clothing, feast gear, adornments, etc.

Likewise, it is typical for these history-lovers to peruse the tent (aka mobile store front) and, upon finding something that pleases the eye, ask "Is this period?"

A deceitful query!! This is not a yes or no question. One must have a damn good understanding of European history (at least) from the fall of Rome to the mid-1600's to properly answer. Taking into account, also, the culture in which the querent is dressed is vitally important. You see, though it may be well within medieval period, it would be strange to see a Viking wearing a Caftan...or is it?

After a festival's time of answering weighty questions such as these, I'd sleep like a log! Only a mad man could possibly remember the place and time for each piece of kitchen ware, weaponry, cloth, and chain within a span of 1,000 years!! Surely there must be an easier way, a place where he could post all this knowledge...

Traveling Within The World is meant to be such a place. A place for all of these artists to keep in touch and directly interact with their fellow geeks and re-enactment hobbyists, their clientele.

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