I am not sure what passes for psychic in animals. I have a young service dog named Mali. I got her when she was 11 weeks old. I had a trainer come to my home to help with her training through advanced obedience and hand signs, since then I have done the rest of her training and Mali has passed all the rest of her tests with 100%. At this time, Mali is only 15 months old.

Mali had only had her harness for a couple of months. We were very proud of her, as she had passed the adult temperament test earlier than any other Shiloh so far on record. One day we were walking into the bank. I had Mali on a loose lead rather than holding onto her harness, I held onto my husband's arm, Mali was at healing on my left side. We walked passed an elderly woman walking a very slow shuffling step. Suddenly Mali broke healing position just in time to catch the elderly woman who was about to fall. I did not see she was going to fall nor did my husband or we would have reached out for her, but Mali seemed to know it was going to happen and braced herself to take the brunt of the woman's weight. Mali was all of about 11 months old at the time. (She was just a baby really in the Shiloh dog world, as they do not mature until they are 3 years old.)

Two years ago Mali began doing something, which I found disturbing, but I could find no logical reason for it. She had never done this before. I had started to do research for the best way to break her of the new unexplained habit. She had started to jump up on me, though quiet gently and place her nose either in my chest or against my throat. Then not to long after, my spirit guides told me I was dying. The very next day, my daughter called me and told me her spirit guides told her the very same thing. I forgot about Mali's new seemingly bad habit and began to focus on this news.

I found out my thyroid was flip flopping, back and forth from hyperactive to hypoactive at least every three weeks and possibly more often. This flip-flopping, had caused my heart to enlarge and could cause me to have a heart attack or stroke at any moment. I will not go into what I did to take care of my medical issues, but it was here I figured out what was going on with Mali. She had been telling me I had an issue with my heart and my thyroid all the time with her cold wet nose. As soon as I took care of my medical issue she stopped her jumping issues.

Last month a woman came to visit me she has a service do who lets her know if she stops breathing at night and even sometimes when she is driving the car, as she just does not notice. We were sitting out back in my fenced in yard so her dog could be loose with my girls and play. My friend was on her way to a doctor appointment about an hour away and had stopped by for lunch and a visit. Mali just could not stop bothering my friend. I had to send her away many times.

This was not like her, she loved to play with Blue, but we were so busy catching up I did not pay attention to the clues until Mali pointed it out with her cold noise. She came right up to my friend, put her cold noise right up against her left breast, and pushed in deep. At this point as I pulled Mali back and put her in a down stay, I looked at my friend and asked her directly why she was going to the doctor. She had a cyst at that exact spot on her breast. Since this time, Mali has alerted to sinus infections, and low blood sugar to both complete strangers; and me as well as, to getting very upset with me when I am out in the public and she knows I am in pain. Mali is a very vocal dog and her alerting is not always in a quiet manner. Perhaps this is a good thing as her lack of being quiet makes me leave and go home earlier than I might have.

This past month we brought Mali to Sea World with us. She has been to many zoos and has always been very good. This time we went beneath the petting tank for the dolphins where there is floor to ceiling glass. I gave Mali the release command so she could have a chance to enjoy the dolphins. If you know anything about Shiloh Shepherds you know they have the intellect of a three year old human child. She was very curious but was behaving perfectly but I could tell she so wanted to see what was going on. When I released her she went right up to the glass and looked in, but there were no dolphins, they were all topside being fed.

Just like a child she went back and forth looking eagerly. I spoke to her explaining what was going on and a woman looked at me and asked if I had a child with me or if I was talking to my dog. I told her, “My dog.” When the dolphins were finished eating one at a time they began swimming around the circular pool we were in, Mali was elated, she jumped up on her hind legs so she could see better. When she did they she caught the eye of a dolphin.

This dolphin must have told another who told another and so forth because in a moment all the dolphins came over to say hello to Mali. Soon they were no longer swimming but the school of dolphins were all talking to Mali through the glass and she was taking right back to them. They stayed right there with her for a good fifteen minutes. All the people who thought I was crazy a few minutes before were now behind us taking pictures. The dolphin trainer who was in the room came over and said she had never seen such a thing before. Then the dolphins were finished and Mali was finished and it was time to leave. I wish I knew what they said to each other.

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