January 7 is dedicated to Selene, the ancient Goddess of the Moon who IS the Moon. Selene bathes in the ocean before She rides into the sky in Her chariot pulled by white horses. Selene and Her horses pull the Moon across the night sky. Selene is skilled in the magick of dream-work, and this ritual is intended to increase lucid dreaming.

You will need:
Two white roses, rose petals or any white flowers or petals
A moonstone or a piece of selenite
Two white candles & holder
A silver chalice of water
A white or silver pouch or bag.

Within a Cast Circle place one of the roses in a vase of water, put the other one beside the vase. Place the moonstone or selenite in front of the vase. On either side of the vase, place the white candles. Place the chalice of water directly in front of you. Have the pouch off to the side but within reach.

Breathe deeply for a few moments to ground and center yourself.

Light the candles and the incense.

Invoke the presence of Selene by reciting this Hymn:

"To Selene Fumigation from Aromatics.
Hear, goddess queen diffusing silver light,
bull-horned, and wandering through the gloom of night.
With stars surrounded, and with circuit wide night’s torch extending,
through the heavens you ride: female and male,
with silvery rays you shine, and now full-orbed, now tending to decline.
Mother of ages, fruit-producing Mene,
whose amber orb makes night’s reflected noon:
lover of horses, splendid queen of night,
all-seeing power, bedecked with starry light,
lover of vigilance, the foe of strife, in peace rejoicing, and a prudent life:
fair lamp of night, its ornament and friend,
ho givest to nature’s works their destined end.
Queen of the stars, all-wise Goddess, hail!
Decked with a graceful robe and amble veil.
Come, blessed Goddess, prudent, starry, bright,
come, moony-lamp, with chaste and splendid light,
shine on these sacred rites with prosperous rays,
and pleased accept thy suppliants’ mystic praise."

Orphic Hymn 9 to Selene

Sit quietly for a few moments and feel the presence of the Goddess.

When you are ready, dip your fingers in the chalice of water and trace a crescent moon on your forehead. Say something like:

Goddess of the Moon,
May my mind believe in the realm of dreams.

Dip your fingers in the chalice of water and touch each of your eyelids. Say something like:

Goddess of the Moon,
May my eyes be opened in the realm of dreams.

Dip your fingers in the chalice of water and trace a crescent moon on your heart. Say something like:

Goddess of the Moon,
May my heart guide me in the realm of dreams.

Dip your fingers in the chalice of water and trace a pentagram on the palms of each of your hands. Say something like:

Goddess of the Moon,
May my hands work magick in the realm of dreams.

Dip your fingers in the chalice of water and trace a pentagram in the tops of each of your feet. Say something like:

Goddess of the Moon,
May my feet travel the hidden paths in the realm of dreams.

Pluck the petals from the rose, one at a time saying

Realm of dreams I visit tonight,
When the Moon is shining bright.
Goddess Selene will guide me there,
And bring me home without a care.

Place the petals in the pouch.

Pick up the moonstone or selenite in your power hand and say:

Power of the earth and sky,
Stone protects and anchors me,
That I may return easily.

Place stone in the pouch. Tie the pouch closed stating forcefully “So Mote it Be!”

Extinguish the candles and save them for your next Moon working. Open your Circle in the usual way.

Before going to bed place the live rose on your bedside table. Pray to Selene asking Her assistance tonight while you sleep. Place the pouch under your pillow. The pouch and rose may remain until the Full Moon. Keep a record of your dreams in your journal.

Rowan Morgana 2014

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