Arabian Bouquet Oil

Oil of Allspice (Pimiento Oil)
A special oil designed to cleanse the
spirit before calling on the good spirits.
Will also protect against hexes.

Anointing Oil

Generally utilized to bless candles
before they are used in a ceremony. It
is said to magnetize the candle or to
give them more occult strength. Can
be used to wipe down an altar or a
worship room. (For success. Use on
candles, add to incense. Add to bath
water. Dress curio bags)

Bible Oil

For ritual success, anoint all candles
except black. With Bible Oil on altar,
burn incense and oil before it.

Egyptian Temple

Balm of Gilead
Orange Peel
Costus (Sweet Flag)
The basic purpose of this mixture is to
purify, banish and make sacred the
temple area.

Has No Hanna Incense

Tangerine base
Use to anoint orange and white figure
candle (representing yourself) Burn
every day for seven days, also a drop
placed in the corners of your temple is
very protective.

Health Oil

Yellow, Blue or Natural
Used to anoint candles, talismans, or
anything pertinent to healing rituals.


A strong purifying incense. Use before
and after conducting rituals. Cleanses
of evil spirits.

Obeah Perfume Oil

A powerful African oil used to bless
churches and Voodoo prayer rooms.
Protects against evil in all forms. Use to
anoint white altar candles or use in a
bath to cover yourself with its protective
fragrance. Banishes bad vibrations and
elicits the help and support of white
magickal spirits.

Snake Oil

Snake Root Extract
Brown Coloring

Saturated Snakeskin
Used to anoint candles. Protects and
lends healing currents to the healer.

Wisteria Perfume Oil

Same as Wisteria Incense.
Attracts all good spirits to a Voodoo
ceremony. Rub on heads and sprinkle
around floor.


1/2 teaspoon dried yarrow 1/2 teaspoon dried sweet basil
1 teaspoon powdered myrrh 3 drops rose oil
3 drops lavender oil 1/2 cup olive oil

Some Substitutions for Essential Oils

Bergamot Substitute -- Grapefruit
Cajuput Substitute -- Camphor (White)
Chamomile Substitute -- Lavender
Clary Sage Substitute Equal Parts -- Sage, Nutmeg
Cypress Substitute -- Cedarwood
Grapefruit Substitute -- Lemon
Jasmine Substitute -- Ylang Ylang
Lime Substitute -- Lemon
Lemon Substitute -- Lime
Lemongrass Substitute -- Lemon
Mandarin Substitute -- Tangerine
Mandarin Substitute -- Orange
Melissa Substitute Equal Parts -- Lemon, Petitgrain
Melissa Substitute -- Lemon
Neroli Substitute -- Petitgrain
Orange Substitute -- Tangerine
Patchouli Substitute -- Vetiver
Rose Substitute -- Rosewood
Rose Substitute -- Geranium
Rosewood Substitute Equal Parts -- Geranium, Cedarwood
Sandalwood Substitute Equal Parts -- Benzoin, Cedarwood
Spearmint Substitute -- Peppermint
Tangerine Substitute -- Orange
Tea Tree Substitute Equal Parts -- Lavender, Camphor (White)

The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy by Valerie Ann

from thymeforherbsandaro matherepy group


ACACIA: Possessing high spiritual vibrations, this oil is worn to aid meditation and to
develop psychic powers. Some also use it to anoint their altars, censers, and candles.

ALL-SPICE: Very vitalizing. Gives added determination and energy, excellent
for convalescents. Anoint daily.

ALMOND: Almond oil, the symbol of wakefulness to the Egyptians, is used in
prosperity rituals (anointing candles, money, etc.) and also added to money incenses.

ANISE: A boon to clairvoyance, it is often added to a ritual bath preceding
any attempt at divination. It is also worn during divinatory rituals.

APPLE BLOSSOM: Wear to promote happiness and success. Anoint candles during
love rituals. Add to bath to aid relaxation.

BASIL: The scent of basil causes sympathy between two people so wear to
avoid major clashes. It creates harmony of all kinds. Prostitutes used to
wear it in Spain to attract business.

BAYBERRY: Anoint green candles for prosperity in the home. Brings "luck to
your home and gold to your pocket." A magnetic oil to be worn by men.

BENZOIN: This oil brings peace of mind. It is used in purification
ceremonies. A drop or two smoldering on a charcoal block will effectively
clear the area with billowing clouds of smoke.

BERGAMOT: Used in protective rituals and also in drawing prosperity. Wear on
the palm of each hand.

CAMPHOR: Wear to strengthen psychic powers. Also anoint yourself when you
have decided to break off with a lover, or when they have done so with you
and you find it hard to let go.

CARNATION: This is an oil of power. It is used as an energy restorer after
exertion, as an aid to healing, and in consecration ceremonies. Should be
worn when extra energy for a ritual is desired.

CINNAMON: A high-vibration oil, used for personal protection. It is also a
sexual stimulant in the female. Added to any incense, it increases its
powers. Mixed with powdered sandalwood, it makes an incense suitable for all
religious or spiritual magic. God for meditation, illumination, and so on.

CINQUEFOIL: Protective, strengthens the five senses. Also "five lucks"-
love, money, health, power and wisdom, so is often used to anoint amulet and charm bags.

CLOVE: An aphrodisiac, worn to attract lovers. Inhaled, the oil helps memory and eyesight.

CORIANDER: A love oil used to anoint candles.

CUMIN SEED: Brings peace and harmony to the home. Anoint all doorways once
a week just before sunrise when the household is asleep ad all is quiet.

CYCLAMEN: Worn to ease childbirth by the expectant mother. Also used in love
and marriage spells.

CYPRESS: An oil of blessing, consecration and protection. It is a symbol of
the Earth-element, as well as of death. When attending a funeral of a friend
or loved one, wear this oil so that you will be uplifted by the meaning of
death as the doorway to but another life. It also effectively screens out the
negative vibrations of the mourners. Wear on Samhain to become aware and remember
those who have passed on.

EUCALYPTUS: A healing oil, very useful in recuperation after long illnesses.
Cures colds with daily application to the throat, forehead and wrists, and
by adding it to healing baths. Also used for purifications.

FRANKINCENSE: One of the most sacred of all oils, used to anoint magical
tools, the altar, etc. A strong purifier used in exorcisms, purification rituals, and blessings.
GARDENIA: Wear to attract love. A powerful feminine magnetic oil. Protective.

GINGER: A tropical aphrodisiac. Induces passion.

HELIOTROPE: High spiritual vibrations, drenched with the energies of the Sun. Aids in clairvoyance.

HONEYSUCKLE: An oil of the mind, it promotes quick thinking and is often
used as a memory aid by dabbing on the temples. Also used in prosperity rituals.

HYACINTH: Brings peace of mind to the mentally disturbed. A very relaxing oil.

HYSSOP: Increases finances, and is added to the bath to create a purifying
atmosphere. An excellent oil to wear during all types of magical rituals.

JASMINE: Symbol of the Moon, and of the mysteries of the night. Jasmine oil
is used to attract love. The scent helps one relax, sleep, and also facilitates
childbirth. It is sometimes used for meditation and general anointing purposes.
This is a purely spiritual oil.

LAVENDER: Used in healing and purifying rituals, and also to arouse sexual
desire in men. Prostitutes wore it extensively to advertise their trade and to attract customers.

LEMON GRASS: An aid to the psychic powers. Wear on the forehead.
Spiritualists and mediums use it, for it helps make contact with spirits.

LILAC: Induces Far Memory, the act of recalling past lives. It is also
useful in inducing clairvoyant powers in general. Brings peace and harmony.

LOTUS: The sacred oil of the ancient Egyptians, lotus oil has a high
spiritual vibration and is suitable for blessing, anointing, meditation, and
as a dedicatory oil to your god(s). It is also used in healing rituals. One who
wears lotus oil is sure of good fortune and much happiness.

MAGNOLIA: An excellent oil for meditation and psychic development. It also
brings peace and harmony.

MELILOT: Fights depression, or what the old Witches used to call melancholy.

MIMOSA: Used in healing rituals, and also in producing prophetic dreams.
Anoint the forehead before retiring.

MINT: Used in prosperity spells, and to increase one's business. Anoint wallets, etc.

MUSK: The universally accepted "sex scent". It is also worn to purify and to
gain courage. It is a magnetic oil, worn with equal success by both sexes.

MYRRH: A purification, protection and hex-breaking oil. Possesses a high
vibratory rate, making it excellent for the more religious rituals of magic.
Anoint the house every morning and evening as part of any protection ritual.

NARCISSUS: "Stupidfyer". This oil brings peace and harmony, soothes the
nerves and relaxes the conscious mind. A "narcotic" type oil.

NEROLI: Magnetic women's oil. Rubbed between the breasts to attract men, or
onto the temples to give peace.

NUTMEG: This oil is rubbed onto the temples and the third eye to help in
meditation and to induce sleep. It is protective as well.

ORANGE BLOSSOM: To make a person in the mood for marriage, wear this oil.
many women add it to their daily baths to build up their attractiveness.
Sometimes known as mantrap.

ORRIS ROOT: Attracts the opposite sex. Douse your clothes with the oil.

PATCHOULY: A very powerful occult oil, one of the magnetic oils to be worn
by men. It attracts women. Also wards off negativity and evil, gives peace
of mind, and is very sensual.

PEONY: A lucky scent for all who need customers, success in business, or good fortune.
PEPPERMINT: Used to create changes within one's life. Also used to relax and
allow one to unwind.

ROSE: The love oil. Used in all love operations, added to baths, and to
induce peace and harmony. Take a handful of rose buds, place them in a
silver goblet. Pour one dram rose oil over them. Let soak for a week. After this,
on a Friday night, burn them over the charcoal to infuse your house with loving
vibrations. This is an excellent "peace" incense, and can be done regularly
to ensure domestic tranquility.

ROSE GERANIUM: Oil of protection. Anoint window sills, doors of house. Wear
on self. Also imparts courage to the wearer. An excellent oil to use to bless a
new home or apartment. A few drops on a charcoal block will release its
powerful vibrations throughout the entire house. Also used to anoint censers.

ROSEMARY: A very vitalizing oil, rosemary is used in healing rituals and
also to promote prudence, common sense, and self assurance. It aids mental
powers when rubbed onto the temples. It is also protective and is used much like Rose
Geranium. Rub onto the temples to ease pain of headache and in all healing rituals.

RUE: To break up negativity and curses, anoint a sprig of dried rue with this
oil. Tie up in a red bag and carry for protection. Add nine drops of the oil
to the bath every night for nine nights in succession during the waning moon
to break a spell that has been cast against you. Salt may be added to the bath as well.

SAFFRON: Wear to aid in the development of clairvoyant powers.

SANDALWOOD: Protective, very healing, this oil is used to anoint. It also
aids one in seeing past incarnations. Try anointing the forehead to promote the Sight.

SESAME: Gives hope to one who is sick, discouraged or lonely.

SWEET PEA: One of the most beautiful of all scents, sweet pea oil is worn to
attract strangers of all kinds, some of whom may become lovers or friends.
Wear as a personal oil.

SPIKENARD: Wear during rituals to the ancient deities of Egypt, also to
anoint sacred objects, such as altars, tools, etc.

TUBEROSE: Mistress of the Night, as it is also known, is an excellent
aphrodisiac. Promotes peace and also aids in psychic powers. Men wear it to
attract women. Very much a physical oil.

VANILLA: A vitalizing oil, said to be sexually arousing in women. Use as an
energy restorer. Sometimes used to gain extra power during magical ceremonies.

VERVAIN: Assists in obtaining material objects. It also stimulates
creativity. Aids those who desire success in the performing and creative arts.

VIOLET: The oil is used in love operations and is sometimes sexually
exciting. However, many people cant's stand the fragrance of the violet, for
some curious reason. Once thought to be sacred to the Fairy Queen. Very healing, added to baths.

WISTERIA: The door between the world of men and the realm of the Gods, the
passport to higher consciousness and existence, and to bring illumination.
Wear only when in complete serenity.

YLANG-YLANG: Makes its wearer irresistible to the opposite sex. Also soothes
the problems of married life. Can help in finding a job. If worn to
interviews you will be much calmer and more impressive to the interviewer.
Sometimes called "Flower of Flowers."

Zodiac Oil Blends

rose (main scent) frankincense (main) ginger (minor)
Cedarwood (minor) cinnamon (trace) pine (trace)
Add red jasper or ruby to the bottle.

Taurus-light yellow
rose (main) jasmine (main) patchouli (minor)
ylang (minor) thyme (minor) vetiver (minor)
Add rose quartz or emerald to bottle.

Gemini-light blue
lavender (main) lemongrass (main) violet (minor)
rose (minor) bergamot (minor) peppermint (trace)
Add aquamarine or beryl to bottle.

Virgo-indigo blue
lavender (main) patchouli (main) peppermint (minor)
cypress (minor) verbena (minor) bergamot (minor)
Add carnelian or agate to bottle.

Libra-dark crimson
rose (main) rose geranium (main) lavender (minor)
magnolia (minor) violet (minor) marjoram (minor)
Add topaz or opal to bottle.

myrrh (main) pine (main) lemon (minor)
gardenia (minor) verbena (minor) cinnamon (trace)
Add garnet or topaz to bottle.

clove (main) nutmeg (main) musk (minor)
juniper (minor) rosemary (minor) frankincense (minor)
Add turquoise to bottle.

patchouli (main) cypress (minor) vetiver (minor)
pine (minor) jasmine (minor) myrrh (minor)
Add quartz crystal or garnet to bottle.

Aquarius-bright blue
lavender (main) patchouli (main) jasmine (minor)
cypress (minor) verbena (minor) vetiver (minor)
Add amethyst to bottle.

Pisces-light purple
sandalwood (main) ylang (main) clove (minor)
jasmine (minor) ambergris (minor) patchouli (trace)
Add jade or aquamarine to bottle.

Cancer-light green
jasmine (main) lotus (minor) gardenia (minor)
sandalwood (minor) myrrh (minor) camphor (trace)
Add moonstone to bottle.

Leo-orange yellow
frankincense (main) sandalwood (minor) orange (minor)
musk (minor) patchouli (minor) cinnamon (trace)
Add tiger's eye or ruby to bottle.


--1 to 4 lavender blossoms --2 drops each sage, basil, patchouli essential oil
--Carrier oil (can be olive used for protection, almond, sunflower, etc.)
Choose a small dark vial. Place all but the oil in the vial together, then add enough oil to fill the bottle.
Shake thoroughly. Use for anointing ritual candles, self, consecrating tools, etc.
Lavender is there for purification, happiness, love, and peace; Basil brings protection and love;
Sage brings purification, protection, healing, wealth, longevity;
Patchouli brings prosperity, wards off evil and negativity, aids divination.
All of these are desirable generic attributes so makes a good blend for general purposes.
Great for keeping on your personal altar for magical workings.

Festival Days Oil Recipes

2 drops of each Cinnamon and Clove oil, 1 drop of mandarin oil,1 drop
popine oil and 2 drops each frankincense and Myrrh oil.

2 drops each jasmine, rose, chamomile, lemon, and lavender.

4 drops lavender, 2 drops each apple, pear, peach oil, 1 drop each
thyme, marjoram and elder oils.

5 drops rose oil, 2 drops Dragon's blood, 3 drops coriander oil. (Use
almond oil as a base)

4 drops lavender oil, 3 drops Rosemary oil, 1 drop Pine Oil.
(Use Sunflower oil as your base)

2 drops peppermint oil, 3 drops elder oil, 1 drop fir oil, 1 drop
hazelnut oil.
(Use corn oil as a base)

4 drops each Rosemary and Frankincense oil, 2 drops apple oil, 1 drop
chamomile oil.
(Use almond oil as a base)

3 drops each Rosemary, Pine, Bay and apple oil, + 2 drops Patchouli
Important On Making Your Own Essential Oils, (Recipes)

Essential Oils - 101
The range of this volatility enables essential oils to be classified into three categories; top notes, middle notes and base notes. Essential oils from each category can be used to produce a balanced, effective aromatic blend.

Top Notes:
Quickest to evaporate, up to 2 hours lightest, most noticeable aroma at first most refreshing and uplifting examples;
Tea-Tree oil, Eucalyptus oil, Lemon oil, Lime oil, Sweet-Orange, Petitgrain oil, Bergamot oil, Peppermint oil, Basil oil, Lemongrass oil.

Middle Notes:
Up to 4 hours to evaporate balancing give body to blends ( warm, soft and mellow ) examples;
Lavender oil,Geranium oil, Chamomile oil, Rosemary oil, Fennel oil, Hyssop oil, Black Pepper oil, Marjoram oil and Juniper oil.

Base Notes:
Slowest to evaporate, up to 6 hours work as a fixative to hold top notes longer give stability to blends ( deep, intense, and grounded ) most
relaxing examples;
Frankincense oil, Myrrh oil, Ginger oil, Sandalwood oil,Patchouli oil, Cedarwood oil, Ylang-Ylang oil and Jasmine oil.

All the countries of the world provide essential oils, making aromatherapy a truly global therapy. The purest essential oils come from carefully
cultivated and wild grown plants found in a variety of climatic and geographic regions throughout the world.

How many pounds of plant material do you think it takes to make one pound of essential oil?
Here is an example it takes 50 pounds of Eucalyptus oil, 150 pounds of Lavender oil, 500 pounds of Rosemary oil, 1,000 pounds of Jasmine oil
and over 2,000 pounds of Rose oil. In fact the price of essential oil is directly related to the amount of plant material needed for

Extraction Methods:
To extract essential oils in the most effective manner, while preserving their therapeutic benefits they are either distilled or expressed.

Pure essential oils are most commonly extracted from plants through the process of steam distillation. In this process, steam is introduced into
a distillation chamber which contains the plant material. The steam breaks down the plant tissue, causing it to release its essential oil in a
vaporized form. The vaporized essences, along with the steam and other substances, pass into a pipe through cooling tanks. The vapors return to
liquid form and are separated from the water and captured as pure essential plant oil.

Expression, also know as cold pressing, is done exclusively with citrus oils. Into this method, the oil containing out layer of the fruit is
pressed and filtered to yield pure essential oil.

GrannyMoon's Herbal Course - http://goddessschoo Herbs/herbology. html
GrannyMoon)0( GrannyMoon's Morning Feast Archives


This is only necessary if you are preparing large quantities that you intend to store.
1. Add 1/4 tsp. simple tincture of Benzoin to 1 cup vegetable oil.
Tincture of Benzoin is prepared from the gum of an India and Egyptn tree,
Styrax Benzoin. Make sure it is simple tincture of Benzoin. compound
tincture of Benzoin, also known as Friars Balsam, is not suitable.
2. Add 500 I.U. of natural mixed Tocopherols or Vitamin E to 1 cup of vegetable oil.

This information was compiled from different places they aren't my own recipes and info if you need the source for any of these let me know and I'll go find them I've had them for years in my book.

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