Back in the fields of snow, my young ones. There is the story of old, which many now call a myth. For there was a vast Empire, which our lands were once part of. Ruled by a kind and just Emperor. That is not the tale I will relate to you today.
This day will bring the reason why our northern tribes do not venture into the fields of ice and snow. For they fear the wielder of mighty sword called Ice-star. She is to be called by many, only as the Golden Maiden. On the other hand, the Snow's Soul. Nevertheless, her name is vastly unknown or used to day. It is simply Minze. However, her tale is not as simple. She was the only daughter to the Great Emperor. His only child in fact. Her hair was golden as the sun when in the right light. Dark gold in the night. Her eyes as blue as the snow's blue coloring. She grew and became a woman that all stopped to glance at and admire. For she was very much liked and beautiful.
As she started her 21st birthday, a mighty army set upon the southern borders of the Empire. Her father went with his army's to stop the advancing force. In addition, deep from a glacial vault he drew forth a magical sword. It was forged even ages before he was ever born. With it, his family had made the Empire. Moreover, it was legend to grant the true ruler many special and magical powers.
Upon the giant snow bears they used as battle mounts, they rode. Leaving Minze to rule until his return. Three months went by and one night Minze woke from a sound sleep. Standing in her room was a ghastly spectral vision of her father. He was cut and slashed in many places. In addition, was holding Ice-star out to her.
Shaking from the unnatural coldness of her room. She stood and walked nearer to vision. As she reached and touched the hilt of the sword, she felt its handle real and warm. As she firmed her grasp, her eyes saw his. Hollow and without life. He slowly bowed his head. Moreover, if not for her quick reflexes. Would have dropped the sword. As he vanished with out a sound or spoken word.
A message came that morning. Her father was missing and no trace could be found of his sword or troop of men. She quickly armed herself in sheening silver armor. In addition, not noticing the shocked looks and gasps of words. As she brought forth Ice-star. Mounted her friend and mount Snow Claw. The large male bear she had grown up with and trained battle-ways with since he was a cub. In addition, rode with a reserve troop to the sight of where the armies were at a dead lock in the fighting.
High above the armies. Upon a glaciers edge she saw the carnage and death. Only handfuls of company's still held the invaders at bay. Only one still carried the dual headed eagle of the Emperor.
The enemy could see only a figure up on the glaciers edge. However, what they saw as different from what was there. For the sun was behind her. Moreover, they saw a great female warrior upon the largest snow bear ever to live. Carrying a sword, which no one would ever think of using with only one hand. Upon the sight of this, they feared for their life and ran to end the war. In one last charge.
Seeing the advance, Minze, rallied her troops. Accepting a royal bantered shield. She road forth to find her father. Moreover, regain his Empire for him.
Into the fray she road. Cutting a path as deep as an ice cavern. Followed by the reserve troop. They thundered into action following her. No matter where she lead them. Soon the invaders were broken and scattered below the snow line. However, as they ran she still pursued searching for the Emperor.
One enemy stood upon a ledge of ice. Waiting for a chance to drop her from her mount with an arrow. Only one did he get to fire, but it was enough. For it struck her, and she dropped as hit by an avalanche. However, her troops did not stop only rallied around her. Slowly she stood. Nevertheless, all could see the damage was done. Her beauty would be marred forever. For the arrow had struck her helm but also had broken through the leather visor. Moreover, lay to waste the blue diamond light of her left eye.
Quickly she recovered from her wound. Nevertheless, she refused to give up her search for her father. Though all spoke of his death though none could prove he had fallen in battle. She appointed a prime minister to rule. Moreover, struck out into the wastelands of snow and ice. To find the Emperor.
It is said my young ones. That we are what is left of the invading army’s families. Moreover, that she still today wonders the great waste of snow and ice. Looking for her father. In addition, when the sky in the north lights up at night. She has found a place to camp. It is her campfire is what we see. In addition, in the spring when we hear sharp cracks and screeches from the ice fields that is she sharpening her sword and Snow Claw scratching at the ground. Readying to start the search once again. For she has vowed never to rest until she has found the prize of her quest. In addition, no man is safe in her path. For war is what took her Emperor father from her. Moreover, war is all she will ever know. So beware of the snowfields. In addition, watch the glacier tops for a silhouette of a lone snow traveler. For it may be her. Moreover, many have never returned or been seen again after they see Minze. In addition, those few that have can only dream restlessly. For her beauty and unending love is something they will never have.

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