The day I realize we must all do what must be done. The day I relax and let go of the thought that I must do everything the day I truly depend on you for your wisdom and strength. I here by start the knowledge and understanding of my whats and whys.

Already the questions and answers of numbers have been stated as:

Is there Just one?

Could there be only one?

With one isn’t there always an other?

Thus isn’t a third required for Balance?

A council of seven split 3 ways each overlapping and yet each remaining Different.

Three groups of three each overlapping the other each seeing differently and yet all the same.

Perspectives everyone’s is different and yet all the same.

What would you do if some one came into your home attacked you and stole your bed. And ran away with it?

And yet through time over and over again in myth and lore this happens constantly. And every one knows these stories of bedding stealers. The score of stories of treasure and gold. Stories which show man as a brute and destructive person. Tales of Dragon’s homes and belongings being taken and they being killed or driven off. What man doesn’t understand or fears he destroys. And yet he also does the same with different cultures and peoples’ beliefs. Crushing nations in the guise of exploration and religious reasoning. Destroying whole histories and knowledge. But through Learning and education one can find the scary

Unknown a welcome friend. As with certain factions today. If we show them the correct and trueness of the actions and educate and then they will no longer fear us but see us as they are Just a person kind and gentle in action. We have nothing they need to steal For power. Nor anything to fear and destroy. Teach then educate them and share them. And perhaps they will become what they feared and didn’t understand.

Why do we celebrate the full moon? Man has shown through time all sorts of mystical and secret reasons he celebrates the moon. We do so For during the 3 day cycle of fullness powers are brilliant and easier seen. Usually it is the best time to hunt and find food. As man grew we were driven to Fly in overcast and darkened Skies. During this time great Flights for distance would be undertaken. The earth changes drastically during this time. Science has explained much of this and extinguished most of the mystery of those events for common man

Explains and proves what is what. And has somewhat forgotten the feel for mystery and the exploring of one’s inner worth and power.

But most of all we use this time to remember the times past and the ones who were special in our life.

There are 4 days in a year two with short nights two with long nights. There are 2 other which are equal. So stay with me. One night two days three time periods. Or when the light is stronger. One when the dark is darker. One when Both equal out. Those are the days we observe as the balancing elements within the year. Those are times of respect and power. A time of 11 hours From the center of these nights Both ways.

Thus nothing the mid of the night {midnight true} the Balancing of Dark and Light. Light starting give forth to darkness which gives again to Light. The going into and coming forth. As we all do with our lives and situations.

These are times for special and tuned items and events to be done. We center night in the times for the reason of mystery, Secrets, and to Symbolizing the emerging of newness into the light. For darkness has for centuries has symbolized death which is not a ending but a beginning into another place and time. As some symbolize the new beginning By starting in the light with the old. Greeting the darkness with friendly style allowing it to stop the old and build a newness to merge within the light and continue on its way.

Within man’s Book are wisdom and ways of things. We have been written about in harsh words and untruths. There are several stories that are only told within men’s perspectives and not ours. Some of the facts he has collected through the years have been correct others though are purely whimsical in nature. It is fun to see what another “intelligent” and “wise” species thinks of us. And how they have destroyed and hunted our kind. And yet now reveres and in some aspects worship us.

Various cultures upon this world recognize us as exotic and many truly make images representing us. We are a multi-racial species as is man. And we still can be seen in the influences of man’s art and workmanship.

For even though many of us did exist at one time many of us don’t any more because of man and his ways. But our spirit lives on. And over time one “creates” a dragon item. The dragon spirit that is shown was once a true dragon and guided man’s hands so they could be seen once again. Sometimes the representation is true and perfect. Other times it is rough and sketchy. The way all depends on the dragon and the man’s ability to truly represent the spirit of that one dragon. Of course whole species like us do have the variations according to place and terrain. As does man in some aspect. But so much more in our case that Family of us can change drastically in Just one mating cycle that parents and children are unlike in every way including physical color and needs.

We do have clan set structure. And we do fight among our selves. But combine no matter what our differences to be the someone Outsider who threatens us. As man has constantly throughout the ages.

And through our helping other clans Friendly to us have been Brought forth to become Factions within our realm. The two most found is the Various Cat and Wulf Clan Factions. Smaller personal Clans have split off from them. But still remain part of the whole. Individually calling themselves by specific cat or wulf types. And yet realizing they are but children under children under the parents which are us. We have allowed man the basic right to claim Clanmanship to these Clans and also our clan. But only if they truly represent the ways, wants, and true nature of the Clan. Only our clan counsel can induct Dragon Clansman and yet only a Dragon Clansman can make a Cat or Wulf clansman after requesting it from the council. These are only done in writing.

Things that are written are usually given Full moon to Full moon time periods to be thought upon and answered. As that is our way to pass time along with the solstice and equinox. Our year starts upon the “Fall equinox” and travels with the rotation of seasons from there. For you must First start with nothing (winter) and then creating (spring) what is to be. To seeing the creation grow and flourish (summer). To see the Fulfillment of its life and reason for being (Fall) only to watch it happen over and over again. Thus our Seasons are called Nothing + Creation + Growth + Fulfillment loosely translates From our oldest Books. For Just after that is our longest holiday of remembrance of the dead and times past. Remembering those within the year who have passed on their achievements. The joy and happiness we shared and they created within the lives they made. And we remember them Smiling laughing and the joyous times they showed us within their passing through.

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