Restoring my windchimes

Does anyone have any idea where to get 1/8" cord, tightly woven, possibly a nylon center to restring my windchimes?  They are rather large, the longest pipe being (I haven't measured)approx. 36".  I've had these for years, bought them at the Medieval Fair at Ringling Brothers fair grounds one year. The sound is beautiful and the cords are now wearing out where they thread through the pipes.  I tried hobby, hardware, marine, the last resort Walmart stores.  If you have any ideas Iwould appreciate it.



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      WarMouse -Manager-

      I would recommend Lowes or Home Depot if you haven't tried them already. You seem like the kind of person that would prefer to stick to mom & pop shops but I only recommend the bigger hardware stores for their broad selection. Also, have you tried Googling the different types of cord/rope available so you can figure out what you're looking for, so you can ask for it by name? 

      Hope that helps!