Denise Morgan (Helping Hand)


Benton, TN

United States

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Tell us of your likes and dislikes. Music? Tv/Movies? Books? What do you like to do in your spare time?
My interests include Wiccan, Nature, knowledge of all kinds; The music taste are very eclectic from heavy metal to classical, I love Chopin to Nickleback; TV’s &/or Movie that I like are also very varied I prefer truth based movies and telivision from History Channel to Titanic; Books, Authors are easier, I love all of the books by Dave Pelzer and Anne Rice as well as VC Andrews; My dislikes or pet peeves as I like to call them include the toilet paper on the roll the wrong way, my silverware drawer messed up and people not putting things back where they got them from.
Are you currently living what may be considered an alternative lifestyle? For example, are you a traveling artist, practicing a non-mainstream spirituality, or part of a BDFSM lifestyle?
I don't think I am... I am Wiccan and live my life accordingly, it is a relative question, not alternative for me. I am a mother of two subadult children who are legally adult but not quite there yet, so I guess that is somewhat alterternative… I do draw and Paint take that as you will.
What does the older knowledge of legend, myth, lore, story, tale, wisdoms mean to you?
It means that those who have come before us have left us knowledge that we may know without the pain of finding the answers to our questions the hard way, through pain, suffering, trial and error.
Do you belong to any organizations; re-enactment based (i.e. households, tribes, clans), spiritual based (i.e. covens, orders, or other pagan groups) or other? If so which ones and where?
I do have my own Wiccan based website, as well as being a member of some other Wiccan and Pagan sites as well as some Native American… That’s about as close as I get to being part of a reenactment type organization.
If not of the older life styles, how tolerant are you ?
I am very open minded of all views. I may or may not choose to do the same myself, but it is not up to me to say what others should or should not do.
Have you ever been to a Renaissance Faire or Medieval Fest? If so, which did you prefer? If not, which would you rather attend? Would you rather be a participant or spectator? Please relate to us your experience!
To the best of my knowledge it is a Renaissance faire that I would like best. I have not been to either, but I like what King Richards Faire looks like with the fancy dress, the knights, the jousting and such.
Do you have any artistry, crafting, and trade… what do you create, Please share your talents with us.
I love to draw and paint, to create all sorts of things, such as using pencil and pen on everything from napkins to canvas board, and making things (like wind chimes) from whatever material is laying around. Carpal tunnel has restricted those activities though.
What is the best way to contact you if your talents are skills are desired?
You can leave me a message here on the site (I am here daily), you can also send me an email to, or visit my site and message me there at or you can find me on Facebook
Please answer all questions honestly and openly so staff and members can get to know you. Approval of your application will be based upon your answers. Any thing else you would like to tell people?
I am a mother of two beautiful and annoying children, a pet friend to many, I am a Wiccan, a Prietess, a teacher, and a student. I would help anyone in need and need of very little. I am me… that is all that I am, no more and no less.

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