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Denmark, ME

United States

Profile Information:

Tell us of your likes and dislikes. Music? Tv/Movies? Books? What do you like to do in your spare time?
My interests include finding good artisans, encouraging artists to try new things, not losing the ways of old.

dislikes - imports, items that are mass produced, profiles that are not filled out
Are you currently living what may be considered an alternative lifestyle? For example, are you a traveling artist, practicing a non-mainstream spirituality, or part of a BDFSM lifestyle?
I live a total of four different lifestyles and still am not finished becoming the mix of them all
What does the older knowledge of legend, myth, lore, story, tale, wisdoms mean to you?
A way to keep the ancestors alive within each of us. A way to help others see the past in a new light.
Do you belong to any organizations; re-enactment based (i.e. households, tribes, clans), spiritual based (i.e. covens, orders, or other pagan groups) or other? If so which ones and where?
Yes, I belong to the Merchant's Dry Canvas Club. We like to pack dry canvas over wet canvas any day.

Also a member of the BSMS "Blood Sucking Merchant Scum" group started in the Ohio area
If not of the older life styles, how tolerant are you ?
I am tolerant of many different ways and believes.
Have you ever been to a Renaissance Faire or Medieval Fest? If so, which did you prefer? If not, which would you rather attend? Would you rather be a participant or spectator? Please relate to us your experience!
Which ever has a space for me to display wares at.
Do you have any artistry, crafting, and trade… what do you create, Please share your talents with us.
The paperwork, keeping the records straight, finding information and knowledge of the artists. All of this to answer the questions asked by people at shows or here.
What is the best way to contact you if your talents are skills are desired?
leave a message for me here or call me at 1-216-298-1549
Please answer all questions honestly and openly so staff and members can get to know you. Approval of your application will be based upon your answers. Any thing else you would like to tell people?
That is something *your name here* try to do always. Yet see that *your name here* do not.

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  • Tod Slaughter

    broadband is under constant sonic attack tried to Skype angus silversmith to pay for dragon now cannot get into facebook at all to pay and cannot e mail if someone phones 0161 217 0493 can pay that way?

  • Billie Bruce

    Thank you for the welcome.

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    Thank you!