Drago's Adventures at the Vet Home


Day one arrived about 1030 in morning and started in here. After answering several pages of questions.  I found that the pee testing was also a requirement. Thus the body and their time did not agree. So I was put in a waiting area. That turned out to be the common seating area and where now the chairs have been removed and the sleeping cots set.

Meals I have found are 730, 1200, 17oo you stand in line and sign a roster.  Pick and choose food then sit eat throw away plate and return to what you were doing. For me it was sitting in the common area most of the day.

Showers are mandatory for cot allowance it seems.  Simple folding metal cots with a grey plastic covered 3-inch mattress.  In addition, a sheet and blanket are given out as the settings for them are done.  My pillow is my highway coat and liner stuffed in my hooded pullover.

Perhaps on the morrow I will be told more of how things are to progress. If one leaves they must sign out. Then back in when returns. Must be back by 2300, will find out if that is when things close down then.

I also have been told that when the medical clears you and a bed is available up stairs you are moved from common room to a 6 or 8 person room.

Showers to use right now are on the 2nd floor. Know nothing of the third at this time. You are given a simple shower kit. Moreover, right now no big towels are viable so got two what I would call dishtowels and two hand cloths to assist and dry with.  Currently they hang off the edge of the cot to dry overnight.

This eve in the common, area is a big TV it is ran with a vote with what is watched.  So far this eve true grit and a dvd movie that stuck in mid play so now we have the basketball game weeeeeeeeeeee.

Everything here is sign in sign that and if one messes up he sheet we have to refill out and resign allover that just happened with the cot list. Is first in line get the metal cot and mattress.  When those dozen are gone then mattress on floor is what is left.

I have reshuffled the bag contents. Now all the clothing and black bag of stuff is in the new brown bag that found this winter on a trip to the market in Dec it still had the red holiday bow on it when I found it.  New still folded up and ready to be given.  The back pack has the rest of things. Like meds laptop camera and other things that are small and easy carried. Been told where to store the clothing bag in a hallway with the other ‘common roomers’.  If important then keep with you hence why the shuffle to ensure if something goes it is clothing and not the other things.

So far some seem friendly. I have already been tagged with it is the Viking by the director here.  In addition, by one of the staff Hercules when I helped move the benches out of the common area so cots could go in.  Because I picked up the metal one in the center by self and moved them.

The outlets are limited, also in demand. Many here have some sort of cell phone that needs charged.  I was quick enough to get near one so could pug the laptop in to type this eve. Moreover, seemed to upset someone else that had sighted and planned to be where I currently am.  Nevertheless, was doing other things when the chair to cot common area shuffle started.

There are two resident dogs here an older white muzzled black lab, which has been dubbed ‘Sarge’.  The other is a cinnamon Shepard dubbed ‘Major”.  Very friendly and tolerates many things I see throughout the day.

I figure that after the 1700 meal I will sign up for shower and get it out of the way. Will at that time change into the track paints I have brought to sleep within.

A 1930 bible class in the mess hall was also called for those whom wanted.  Not mandatory that is good.

Oh desert has been called must go see.  To put that into perspective.  It is now 2157 and a lemon crumb like square just was consumed.  Lunch was two hot dogs with a bean mix and French fries.  Eve meal was meatloaf, mixed veggies, mashed potatoes with gravy.  Hell this is more than I have been eating per day at where I just came from for several months.  I did have one last pkg of the Italian sausage I have grown to enjoy before I left this morning as well.

All the items that were walked away from were stacked in a neat and orderly way in the room I was within. I do not know what or how he is to react nor do with them. After two weeks I have had no place to be. This place was the last resort for me to be at.


It did bother me that within he questions the drinking was repetitively brought up and hashed about.  How long did I, how long have I not, And other questions of it.

AN Hour left till pill time and their sign in dead line. Then I will find of what happens then.  I will see if I can do this each eve, the next step is finding a hot spot or open wireless system to get things going in that area as well.

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Monandæg “Moon's day" 4-4

Another weekend done gone and over with.  I decided to take the days and read books instead of typing much.  So to catch up six books later.

Saturday brought a confusion of the food.  Noon meal was told to be catered.  It was not.  Instead, the Chief jumped and got a meal done as well as he could by 1230.  However, the church group then got in gear and an early supper was had.

Loud music was played, loud enough that one could not hear someone next to them through the voices over the music as well.  Turkey, ham, veggies, and potatoes were served.  As well as a simple sheet, cake.

Sunday was as many of the others I have had here.  Nothing much different of it.  Other then I read throughout the day only going for meals when time was to do so.

Figured I get this at least typed of this morning before I started something.  There is a lack of staff this morning here. Therefore, I wonder if I can get anything accomplished or done.

More appointments this week for things and stuff will see what they bring as well.

So I go to see if the building across the hall is opened or not.  Perhaps the Library to return books and the computer lab.

0934 the bible people are here setting up.  They are an interesting lot.  We have come to an understanding of things.  They bring candy to lure people to their table of things.  Moreover, I introduce them to more knowledge other then what is carefully printed then the versions they carry.

Oh, one other early note waffles have replaced pancakes for the time being as well.

Wodnesdæg “Woden's day" 4-6

Well yesterday was not as well as I thought it would be.  The 1300 Score appointment did not really tell much of anything.  Lunch was a special brought in on that because of the appointment I really did knot get to enjoy.  1200 lunch 1210 out the door 1225 arrived at building by 1255 had gotten through the stripping metal detector at the door.

I did put in for another artist type placement will see what comes of it.  Three internet forms for it.  Called and told no person would talk to me just the internet, well I guess that is the first screening of the process they have.  Still prefer at least a person to talk to of things.

Dad seems to be doing well.  Cori does type to me and has written she will try to get Skype on her c computer as well.  This will be a good thing to see.  Still wondering if Isabell’s mother has gotten that one fixed or is able to get another.  Isabell has a Skype account as well.  Nevertheless, never used it for her mother told her not to put it on the computer there.  Seems every line of communication out has been severely hindered.  No long distance on the house phone, pass word aces to the computer, not allowed to place certain communication programs that I use upon it.  Also still, they want nothing to do with me nor am I allowed there.  Isabell gets mad because I do not call.  Yet I have many ways via the internet to be contacted.  I have not hid away from her.  However, her family still leaves me with a fear to call to the house, one of not wanted nor desired to have me do so.  In addition, as far as her family goes on the Mother’s side I lose to them every time.

More paper forms to fill out and shuffle things about on others.  Calls and things to do this morning.

Was also asked if I would be interested in the ‘Book Club’ do not know what or how that will work out but WED, 1100 is when it happens.  The small blonde-hair that reads bible based everything was the one that asked me.  Will look into it.

Sæterdæg  "Saturn's day"  4-9

Yesterday was the student Nurse time and blood pressure readings. In the morning then a discussion of diet and good ve bad colorestrol.

Watchd the many come to the opening Baseball game. Park , party and enjoy. But looking ut today the mass of trash and looking like an abanoded world is the sight.

We had military planes fly over and many special things for the open of the season here.

Found more data out yesterday of the I am doing. And even sent a couple more job thingys out.

Earl’s shell will be placed on Monday at the Glenn Cememtary.

Today is hazy and carrys a glare that hurts my eys as I loot out the window. Even at 1046 it seems to be dragging the day already.

Tiwesniht “Tiw's eve" 4-11

Well yesterday seems to have passed again with the reading of books for me.  Needed a day off from things.

This morning Earl Hill was buried.  Mom has yet to let me know of Charlie.

The appointment this morning failed.  The person I was to see was on vacation.  So in a month I am rescheduled to go again.

Tried once again to send the forms and things to Mr. Williamson.  He stated he did not get the message last time.  This time I went after sending and ensured he received it.  He did.  Nevertheless, the system they are using in the office is xp so that will not help.  For this unit has visa virus within it and office 2010.  An older program cannot open nor do anything with a newer one.

Been told that Lunch will be American Legion again.  Therefore, a ‘better’ meal will be had.  Vice hotdogs veggies and wedges.

Nothing from jobs asked upon, Isabell, nor if I have a counselor.  The alone and not getting anywhere is creeping in once again.

In addition, the I am not able to be on site as much and it is being torn shredded because I am away and all can enjoy doing so without my growling about it.  Is drifting thoughts as well.

This eve I am trying to get things typed up still that will be most of the morrow as well.  Now just to find a place to do so without being disturbed.  Across the hall internet failed this day.  So at the victim of the Zulu wireless connection.  Unless find someone that can pay me to go somewhere else.

In addition, Skype is up at the end of the month need to figure out how to gain money onto pay pal to pay for a year again.  This is the newest concern.

Tiwesdæg   "Tiw's day" 4-12

This morning some of what was sent to Mr. Williamson arrived.  In addition, it seems to have an effect.  For he sat down with me and reviewed his basic files with me.  Also started the process of what I need to do and want to get started.  More forms and paperwork.  In addition, I have to go back to the VA Hospital and start something there.  At least it has started something.  So now, I have to correct a form to send to him and resend some as well.

Still not hard wire internet.  The signal above is not connecting either.  Therefore, at 1014 I am sitting once again in the mess and typing things up.

Now after the lunch dog and pony.  Frist it was an award for a young local actress, did not get her name, who does the Mitten drive for 10 charities...  She got a plaque roses and a meal with the Honor color guard.  Second, the special meal was as well.  Pork roast slices, potatoes, green beans, salad, and cake.  Liked the pork was done well.

This afternoon I fought with signal and found two pretties of the Hearth to type to and one talked to me as well.

Evening meal was mostly left overs with chicken 1/4ers again.  Nevertheless, it was a filling meal even though of what it contained.

Therefore, I am back at the typing part.  Another two PDF came in as well that I need to go over.  Wondering if Mr. Williamson got the I sent to him this day.

In addition, the fax failed so in the morning I will try again.

In addition, the morning brings the hospital once again to my day.  Walking through a paper that may or may not help me.  Will find out.

Wodnesdæg “Woden's day" 4-13

Morning started with the common foods.  Then off to the Hospital.  To the ‘Firm” I have been assigned to which is ‘D’.  Then sent to Greg whom is in the first section where I started this process a month and so ago.  Then from him to another area new to me.  This ended this day’s adventure with an appointment of 1300 on the morrow.  All this to get another service to help me.

Internet across the hall is still not working correctly.  In addition, will in the morning go again.  This time will unplug everything wait and re plug it in to see it resets its settings.  That is all I know to do with things of that nature.

Got off the fax as well this morning.  They contacted me to tell me of the they need.  The dd 214, which was faxed last week.  Moreover, their question form which I am currently trying to fill out.

Mean time my tolerance of stupid is getting lower and lower.  Seems I have been afflicted with people that know better, know more, know best, and know all I need to do.  Then tell me how to live, how must think, how to become correct and formed to the common social.  Not wanting the indivual but they know better for me so I must do as told not asked.  Moreover, if I do not do so then I am being wrong and incorrect.  What they think is correct for them is many times not correct for me.  Still they can point the finger and bark words demanding.  Therefore, I must do as told demanded upon.  Does not matter what I had already done.  It is not good enough.  Does not matter what I have changed in the words I have filled out on a form.  I am still being told to do better and different for others to notice and see things. 

I have typed a form three times these last three days.  Each time I have been either told to change something upon it.  Because my answers are not what is to be there.  Nevertheless, they are the truth and honest answering of the questions.  Alternatively, have to make it seem friendlier to the general people that read it.  Because they cannot accept the fasts or how I have been lived or done things.

 This I want it this way or you will not get anything is getting on my nerves.  I can only bend so far till I fall or break.  That is when I will be no longer, what I am nor the life I have lived.  I will just be a common social drudge.  That is looked over and not seen once the white wash and conformity has been forced upon me.

Frigedæg  "Frig's day" 4-15

Yesterday was nothing much. For the appointment at the hospital amounted to flling two sets of forms just to be able to set up the next appointment on 5-24 at 0920.

Furrie will be going to treatmentthis morning. That means we get a new squad room member to fill his bed. May it be what he needs to help him.

More forms as well on the other items that are being worked on. Well that should keep me busy for a day or two.

Momentum on thr finding a job has lessened for with out a way to get there I really can’t justify trying to arrange one, the MRS was my chance to get buss passes. And now till the Hosptial appointment end of next month that wil not happen. For I must wait to be told officaly something is the matter with me. Vice the already documented itmes that they can read. Seems basicly I have to be retold what is wrong with me once again. This should be interesting.

So now I start my day.

Monandæg "Moon's day" 4-18

In addition, this day is the full of the disc as well that is good then.

Saturday was attacked by an Organization he supports and gets things for Homeless Veterans.  They came first to serve the lunch meal.  Stayed to play games.  Giving away clothing.  Then into the eve, it turned into a Christian Bible reading and such event.

I went after lunch and stayed out hopping WI fi hotspots until after dark.

Sunday was the American Veterans Palm Meal.  Ham, green beans, scalloped potatoes, and cake.  We were bussed over to that one.

As also as I have started the day being one of away from the laptop if I can do so just reading books during the day three for yesterday.

This morning woke to snow and cold weather.  Knee and head are not happy.

This afternoon a Bible Sermon as well.  Moreover, when I remarked of which got and stated it depended on the belief system I was referred to as sad for thinking so.

So once again, I am trying to get a hold of those I need to get things I am to do start.  Nevertheless, waiting for them is not an easy thing to do.  MRS = dead in water until the hospital states I am disabled.  Without that I cannot get bus passes to go look for job nor start transportation towards one either.

Did send out several things of company plan just waiting back for them to contact me of what they want, decide, or choose a new way or form for me to fill out.

Wodnesdæg "Woden's day" 4-20

Well yesterday was a day.  That is about it.  Three meals.  More typing.  Figuring out things.  Typing to Mom and Vicki a bit as well.  In the eve a bit, more of messages taken care of and a bit of reading.

The other news of last evening is that I am now on my third councilor.  That is temporary until another one is found.  Neither seems also that the first nor second had fully filled out my file.  Therefore, an hour later, many questions, and a few more signatures I think it is finally taken care of.  Moreover, perhaps I will be started within the system to get things done and taken care of.  Nevertheless, I wait to see what come of it for the rest of the week.

This day was a ‘special’ meal by the Elks Lodge.  A steak salad, dinner rolls, and steamed potatoes with sour cream, coffee, or soda.  We bussed on over about 40 of us is all the bus can hold as well.  Sat and waited for them to count us then cook the steaks.  More on the rare medium.  That is where the stupid happened.  Okay I can understand preferences of the way things are cooked.  Moreover, that people can complain.

Nevertheless, to sit there when someone is mass cooking for a special thing.  Moreover, whine that it is not cooked to what they want.  To make a general fuss that disturbs the whole table.  Then after when it was taken back and ‘recooked’ still do the same for it had a bit of pink to it still.  Just did not make a meal enjoyed.  However, I ate and listened to how the potatoes were too big.  Alternatively, did not want it.  On the other hand, not cooked enough.  Too much blood and conditions of it and such.  Well there was salad as well dinner rolls.  This worked good to sop up the remains of sauce on the plate after cutting with a butter knife.

The opened minded Chaplin was here today as was his wife and some children.  They were coloring eggs with the Veterans.  It was good fun thing to do.

Back from the meal and Mr. Williamson caught me to resend him the forms that have done before.  Just as the computer, room was closing.  Hence a quick on and off line experience this afternoon.  Therefore, if you saw me just before 1500 this afternoon that is the fun I was having.  If you tried to get me I did try to return messages as I saw them upon my return but needed to close down and get out so could not wait for answering.  Sorry.

Frigedæg “Frig's day" 4-22

Earth day and Good Friday.  Rain cold and icy feeling wet.  Today was spent doing MRS file updates for Mr. Williamson.  Then I got stupid and saw that the computers indicated windows updates were needed.  Moreover, started them for the center.  This in turn went to finding out no virus protection free or otherwise was on there.  Therefore, to avast did go.  In addition, disc and defragmentation is in their future on Monday.  Set the browser to pop up with the MI works page so it was easy found.  In addition, cleared out an IM program someone placed on the unit that is not to be there.  They are used for internet for jobs, typing document in word and viewing pdf if needed.  Running XP on them.  I am not a computer person.

Then again compared to some here I am and expert in simple knowledge.  This will be interesting.

I am currently working on my fourth, yes fourth, conciliar here.  Another one was assigned to me this morning.  Moreover, all day I waited to talk to them.  Nevertheless, at the end of their shift they stated that Monday would be the day we talk.  WEEEEEEEEEEE

In addition, I have been notified that the doctor appointment in June has been canceled and I have to call to get a different one.  This should be interesting.

Special cake for lunch to day and a special service for communion as well were offered.  Really beating the bunny bible here this weekend.

Will see what the rest of the weekend is like as it unfolds.

Yesterday went for paperwork and brought back a box of it along with a small music collection. Found the papers needed.  Now I have those that I need to go through and no way to avoid the doing so.  One way to get my attention upon them.

Looks like Tigers game this day.  They will have enjoyment in the cold rain I think.

Sæterdæg “Saturn's day"

Bright sunny hurts eyes.  Tiger’s game and the parking lot fields are full to the side street here.  After lunch, a group came played games and handed out toiletry bags to some.

I am going to have to hunt down some liquid soap for hair/body some time soon as well.  Got bars for body but liquid works better for fur.

Read some today.  Moreover, filled some more paperwork.  Just not much happening.  Did fix a pair of glasses for some one.  That makes the third time I have ‘come to rescue’ with my talents for him.  Nevertheless, he is a friendly sort of nut.  In addition, it is good to know with even les I can still pull off fixing something’s.

Wodnesdæg “Woden's day"

Well another warmer day, which started with rain, lighting, and noise.  Yesterday went and found the mail that was sent to me to fix the Bridge Card. Interview on the seventh envelope sent on the 21st after I gave them the correct address.  I have faxed it to them, as well as filled out the documents and sent them back with the new address indicated upon them as well.  Maybe they will get the hint.

New shampoo and bar soap to day.  Bar soap is that you get at hotels.  However, it still is soap.  This is also the newly allotted day to talk to the councilor assigned to me.  Mr. Chambers is his name at this time.  His head is still spinning from the last conversation we had.  Nevertheless, he I think is getting the idea of me.

Also sent for the ‘Obama” phone to day.  One more way to contact me.  With 200 minutes per month on it.  Also, have an extra application for one that is in an envelope waiting to be sent to Isabell so she can do so also.  Then she will have at least some way of directly calling Mom, V&C.  In addition, her family use of their phone has been cut out of the loop.  It is all up to her now.  Once again, the words she spoke of staying in contact and being as close as we could over distance ring in my head.  I remain out of sight and out of mind.  Therefore, one does not exist there because of that thought.

Broke the heavy glass tankard as well, replaced with a $1 plastic travel cup not an equal trade but it may be best right now.  Of course, it is gray and black.

Beltane approaches and the picking of flowers and giving them to my grandmother are a memory that rings close to the heart within me.  One more memory that churns inside.

Many places called many once again contacted still waiting for answers.



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