Firelight created a silhouette of her body through the thin fabric
that was her gown for this evening. Full hips held my fascination as
she slowly made her way to me. Kneeling down, she withdrew my cock
from its confines beneath my robe. It hardened slightly at the whole
scene. She looked down at it and then returned her gaze to my eyes.
Her own a brilliant green, eating me alive from behind the black
feathered mask. I really had no desire to see her whole face. The
eyes I saw stiffened me further and her lips held promises I could not
even begin to describe here.

With a gentle hand, she took hold of my member. Her nails grazed
lightly along the veins up the underside. I watched as though not a
part of my own body. It was as if I had access to the most sensual
movie ever made. My cock stiffened to its usual size. And still my
body felt it pull further toward the warmth that was her touch.

She reached to my right hand and drew it toward my stiffness. Cupping
my hand around the tight balls, she held it there instructing me with
her touch to massage the sac. She lowered her lips to the head and
encircled it in deep red silk. My body shivered at the sensation.
My cock hardened beyond my experience. She slid her lips down the
length and up again, leaving a warm moisture behind. Taking my hand
again, she slid it up to the head and squeezed my fingers more tightly
around it.

"Stroke it for me"

She spoke in a sultry, midnight voice. The lust she felt at the
moment came through, causing her breath to move each word gently from
her lips.

"I want to watch you stroke it."

I complied with pleasure, concentrating my gaze on the shadow between
her breasts. The gown she wore hid little and my pleasure increased
as my hand stroked my cock. It throbbed in painful pleasure and I
drank in the vision of her kneeling between my knees.

She drew her fingertips along her nipples and they hardened against
the gauze fabric in response. Sliding the bodice of the gown down,
her breasts free and full were more than I could bear. I began
stroking my cock harder and increased the rhythm.

"No...not so fast. Stroke it with lust. Slide your hand over it as
though it belonged to me. Touch it as you would me...."

That voice would drive me over the edge. It cut through to my spine
and headed straight for my cock, which hardened even more. Throaty
and lush, that voice would bring on my orgasm. I pushed the thought
away, enjoying these current sensations. And I complied once again
and began to touch my cock the way I would touch that darkness between
her thighs.

Something shifted. To this day, I'm not completely sure what
happened. Her green gaze locked on my own as she caressed her
nipples, pulling and playing. The gaze ensnared me, my hand moving on
my cock with deliberate slowness, stroking the length.

"Circle your fingertips around the head, lover. Touch the ridge.
Explore it for me. "

I circled the head, rather clumsily at first. As my cock responded, a
spot in my groin unknown to me before, radiated heat to the head and
my touch grew loving and sensual. I felt detail in the head of my
organ I'd never noticed before. My fascination must have showed in my
eyes, as the corners of her own crinkled and a deep sensual laugh came
from her lips.

"Ah, my dark fantasy. You are a delight. But you must learn the
nuances of your own body. Find all its delightful details and enjoy
its sensations."

She stood then, pausing to lick the drop of fluid from the tip of my
cock. A spasm of pleasure ran through my body at her tongue's touch.
I wanted more. Moving to the arm of the chair I sat in, she
positioned her legs on either side of my free hand and raised her gown
slowly. She lowered her body to my touch and wetness coated my
fingertips quickly. My hand slid along her slit and I stroked my cock
with an equaled sensuality. She moved her own hand down to her juices
and raised her fingers to my lips. I smelled the musky woman scent
and licked greedily at her hand. She laughed softly again as she
ground her hips harder on my fingers. I pushed two into her hungry
body and began matching stroke for stroke between my cock and her warm
cunt. I didn't know how much longer I would last, my orgasm pushing
at the edges of my resolve. I wanted to feel this forever. To be
taken into a world of carnal lust at any moment.

She took a step back, still holding her gown up and repositioned
herself over my cock.

"Keep stroking yourself lover....don't stop"

She lowered her cunt to the tip and slid slowly over it, my hand
mixing all her juices into the rhythm on my cock. She had me half way
into her body and I knew I wasn't going to make it much further. My
hand slid up and down my half-length, the silky wetness sending me
over the edge. She felt the first spasm moved away, sliding to her
knees....her mouth open for me. My mind fell between those lips as my
orgasm shot thick white cream across her lips. The spasms shook me as
she licked at the pearly semen. Again and again, my cock released
streams of juice at her mouth. She groaned as she tasted of me, her
own body shaking as her hand brought her to her own orgasm.

With deliberate slowness, she stood and licked the remainder of me
from the back of her hand. She leaned over and kissed me, her lips
tasting of cum. Turning, she glanced back at me one more time and
disappeared through the library doors and into the crowded party

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