There I stood. My eyes misting over as the night followed suit. He stood before me, head tilted slightly, the shadows playing along his jaw line. My heart beat faster and I had a hard time breathing. Did he see me as reality. Or merely a figment of his frenzied imagination. Ours was a past filled with memories. Sweet dark moments, tangled in satin sheets. Whispered fantasies and fulfilled desires. 

Never could I remember a more erotic time in my life. Never had I felt so much the woman. Never had I loved so strongly. 

His eyes sought mine. The moonlight crept behind clouds and he merged with the shadows again. My heart went with the darkness of his shaded hiding spot. He knew I knew he was there. A dance around the bush to delay what must come. Conjoined souls didn't separate, they merely stretched the bonds to their limit until the souls merged again...through time. 

And here we were. Once again. Desires washing over me. Pushing me. Shoving me. Haunting me. And as the universe decreed, I acted upon them. The passion grew in relation to his distance from me. I felt him before he emerged from the shadows. The closer he came, the harder my heart pounded. My spine tingled as his energy began to move through me. Like the sting of a tattooist's needles....I welcomed and absorbed it. The ink of his energy pressed itself under my skin....taking me on a journey of remembered sensations. My body trembled and he reached out to me, taking me in his strong hold. 

That is the moment at which I knew I would die tonight. And yet I felt no fear. No sorrow. No panic. An acceptance, a welcoming began in me. I called out in my mind for the darkness to take me into its embrace. To cradle me. His hand sought my breast and as his skin touched mine beneath my shirt, my orgasm began. Contained for almost a lifetime, its force completely embraced me. 

He held me with one arm and released his hardness with his other hand. Grabbing me firmly by my waist he lifted me, moving my skirt aside. In the delirium of my trembling, I straddled his waist and pushed myself hard onto him....pushing him into my body, taking him into my soul. Again and again I moved on him, feeling his own build of power. His cock pushed hard inside me, as though reaching for my heart. We kissed, a kiss of desire so strong, the taste of blood moved between our lips. My eyes sought the heavens as I cried out his name. And through the haze of my body's response, I felt my heart stop. The orgasm continued, sweet and strong. My eyes dimmed and sight was beyond me now. 

As the waves of passion subsided, I found myself standing by a torch. Clothed in greenest velvet, purest black. I held my hands up, seeing the ring on the marriage finger. How smooth and youthful my skin looked now. No scars, no wrinkles. Only firm young skin. Raising my hands to my cheeks, I felt the tight firm skin of my face. All traces of time swept away. I began to delight in the feel of my new youth, as he stepped into the torchlight. He reached for me, taking my hand in his. His skin warm and soft. His face lovely and familiar in the light from the flame. 

"Come my love, " he whispered. "I have so much to show you here....and we have nothing but time."

Copyright 2002 - V. Drake

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