I sit here upon the long winter’s night. Upon my end of years. Thinking upon the
of my life. The lost of family The growing up and living as a warrior. The
battles fought. The being taken away. Learning new ways. Then returning to the
forests and mountain valleys. But within this a shortness of thoughts. Is one
that remains constant. A within that to this day is still unknown why or how.
But one that shaped my life and another’s. Making an unusual telling. So I
place words for others to know of this. Also to be sure that if I return to
this world that it maybe read of again and one as I have been will not be so
lost with the happening.

I Alarich son of Alareiks of the Wulf Clan and Ostrogotha of the Clan within the
Oaks. Sit here facing the long night inscribing the happening of my past.
Perhaps not as fully as some may wish or lived. But enough to follow and help
understand some of my past.

First I come from the mountain valleys and deep forests that surround them. My people
were of an older stock and found the ways of the Mother Earth comfortable. My
Da, was one who made metal and leather into many things, My Dam was a healer
and carried the wisdom of the plants and flowers to many. I was the only child
to born of them. Upon my growing I learned from both parents skills and
knowledge of the older ways. Not only to bend metal and which roots to cure
with but to use quill numbers and read as well.

Then upon my 14th year the world crashed upon my soul. A long hard cold
winter took them one storm. Called to help within the village they had been
caught outside when a storm of no warning became to be the worse one in history
and story for years to come. They were never found afterwards. And I was left
to an Uncle who taught me of the warrior/hunter ways. Upon my 17th
year the Romans came again to take what they deemed theirs. With bow, spear
knife and sword I did start the next adventure of my life. Which leads me into
the ways and travels of his tale or mine depending of which you look or find


The Romans came in bright polished metal and well oiled leather in lines upon
lines. For two years we defended and fought them back. Then one day, the first
day, of what starts a life of unknown reasons. I was selected with others to
raid a Roman encampment. To attack and set fire, kill, destroy as much as we
could. Then run leading them into a valley trap. We were the wick to the candle
designed to burn then well and fully.

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Upon the cool fall morning we waited for the first glimmer of the sun to arrive over the mountains. With bows ready and pears planted to grab as we went. As the sun arrived and the camp woke we were given the sign to fire upon the camp. With arrows of fire and hunting heads for man. We did pour forth a rain of death and destruction. Each of us was given 20 arrows and told to fire them as rapid as we could. Within the span of five breaths we sent them into that camp. And then as one we descended to attack the camp. Dropping our bows and grabbing spear, knife or sword we charged down into the sides of the camp. To find a bit less of a surprised Legion then we had planned. But we still poured forth from the forests down upon them. Within fire and death we had already started. Enmass we surged forth with the plan of running through the camp and escaping off to the other side.


Instead we found after the second row of tents a line of Romans. That had been called ready to defend against us. Spears thrown to answer them then axes. The crash of bodies and shields swinging madly we gained past and through them. Then found individual pockets of battles to set our selves upon as we rushed through.


There is then the first time and finding of something I could not then nor to this day explain nor understand still.


As we fought our way through the ranks and death we caused. A feeling came over me. It was a Centurion leading several towards us to try to break or momentum of escape. Something within me churned and within my very soul I knew that that Centurion I could not kill nor allow to be harmed. The froze me in my steps. Why this feeling? What was it that had taken hold of me? That I did not know of. Quickly I knew to escape I had to avoid him and the men he commanded towards us. With yell and a cry to those around me and a burst of speed I crashed through the lines. Also upsetting two who were casting spears at him. But also setting the running pace to clear the camp for all to follow into the forest to lead as were told to do.


The feeling I had was the first, but would not be the last time either. It left me shaking and wondering. Second guessing my mind and being. Many times for the next weeks I wondered if I was to find the Centurion once again. I did not then for the weather turned cold. Snow fell and for a time winter was the true winner of the battlefields for neither side wanted to move or be out within it.

That year the cold was as bad or seemed worse then the year of losing my parents. Food was low due to the engagement of forces. Many days with thin broth and meals were had. We crept through the forests and mountains searching for game. As did the Romans. Many times small battles ensued but the fight for food was more in mind then fighting of armies those shortened days and long nights.


One day I choose to go into the forest in a different direction that few had gone for fresh game hopping to find some. Half of the day I traveled. Till I cam upon a small field with low bushes around it in a mountain valley. A place where I could tell rabbets and winter birds still traveled. As well as hart trails also.


Setting some snares within the bushes and trails. I watched with bow at the ready if I disturbed any in the doing of. Which I was rewarded with a pump rabbit which was quickly pinned to the earth with my arrow. Feeling a turn in the weather and releasing that in the lateness of the day. I quickly made a shelter from my outer cloak and some bushes. As I finished snow started to fall and darkness closed in. Quickly I started a fire using the under twigs and leaves in the bushes. In doing so I released that I would end up with more room as the night and fire progressed. Skinning the rabbit and setting it to cook, snow fell thicker and wind picked up a bit more. Not a night to travel nor be out from the hearth but I had prepared well and would return in the morning hopefully with more that had found my snares in the flight of shelter in the bushes as I had done.


As the rabbit came to tenderness, I heard something outside. Taking up my bow I slowly crept forth from my shelter to see what sounds was coming from. Hoping it was hart with the loudness of it but it did not seem correct either for that. Looking along the bush tree line taking a minute or so to focus in the heavy snowfall. I spotted another trying to get through the knee-deep drifts. They too with fur cloak and bow seemed to be out for game. With out thinking my instant reaction was to shout and indicate my shelter from the storm. And felt more than correct within doing so than I released at that time.

Letting them in first I followed releasing the wind was becoming worse and the snow heavy and faster. Closing the shelter the best I could. I turned to face the one I now sheltered, as well as myself. Our eyes met and shock was with me. I faced Roman. Not just any anyone but the Centurion from the battle. The one that my soul cried out for. Frozen in motion and thought. He reached for some twigs to feed the fire. Which seemed to break what was within me into movement.


That night in silence we sat. Sharing the warm cooked meat. The Fire. The warmth of the shelter. That night we slept not as two who fought. But as two men within safety and shelter from a storm. That morning as the sun lifted upon a fresh white blanket upon the earth. We dug ourselves out. Finding a rough crust upon the now hip level snow. With out a word we started our separate ways. But a crashing made us both jump and turn towards our backs.


Within a heartbeat. A massive hart came forth from the woods into the edge of the field. Two bowstrings hummed. Two arrows within fingers of each other struck the beast. Dropping it with out further sound. We looked to each other and silently went to the task of dressing and harvesting the meat. In some fashion he indicated for me to take the most of it. For he only could carry a good quarter of it. I dragged the rest upon the hide over the crusted snow. We never spoke during that time. Only reacted as two men who knew each other’s ways without words. That shared a shelter, fire and meal. Then as well found food for their people.


That eve as I returned many families ate well and meat was placed up for later. The hide was tanned and still rests on my bedding here. A bit less fur and worn from age. But still remembered for what was done. As well as a rabbit’s foot hangs from my bow. In symbol of the shared meal and luck of that nightly encounter.


After the long night we continued to train in the preparation of the spring thaw and time of continuation of the fighting.  The spring came sooner then expected. Because of the heavy winter more floods and mud was had. Streams became rivers of brown to black soil, filled water with trees drifting deadly within them. Several times we clashed with the Legions. But mud and water as the only victor many times.

Ask the spring flood abated. The ground started to regain it’s stiffness. The battles became fiercer. As if the winter retained the hate and forces of strength upon both sides and a release of war had allowed it as well be released as the spring floods had been.


Upon several battles I was in I felt something that within me. But I could not place it. How naive was I of inside myself at that time. But soon once again I would find the source of things and my world change drastically and completely


Quietly we waited till the gray time of between to strike. Few things stirred that morning. The Romans and us seemed not to make much movement. Thinking we had them by surprise we attacked at the birdcalls of the Leaders. But we found ourselves caught within the Legions waiting camp lines. Quickly our attack became fighting for survival. Groups of us were being cut out of the lines surrounded and slaughtered. I found myself within a group of nine total. Being surrounded quickly by shield and spears. We readied ourselves our backs in a tight circle, waiting for the closing in upon us.


But as it seemed it was time for both sides to jump within the dance of shaft and blade. A Centurion arrived upon a horse. Inside I felt him before I realized by sight whom it was. Looking down upon us was him who I shared a meal, shelter, and the hart. Within a heartbeat a few crisp words were spoken. And in the surprise of his arrival. We were taken instead of attacked or killed. Three starts my next chapter of life and being. This time he was the one who saved me. Little did I understand then of things with him or within me.


Taken chained caged we traveled many days. Little to no food and water. Without knowing their words we waited our fates. Then we saw towns near us and slowly more wagons and travelers. We then arrived. Into Rome to the Coliseum into the Arena we were taken. To learn the was of Gladiator and combat of the sand circle. To learn of their ways, language, and what was to become of us as well.

We quickly learned why we were there and what was expected of us. Some of our kinsmen were already there. Some had been for many Years as well as other from other lands. We were told that we were to fight. Not always to the death but always for the entertainment of the crowd. When I treated wounds and tried to help those sick that needed it. I was separated out and through one that had been there for many years whom no longer fought but was older than many there. Who knew their words explained my answers of youth learning as they asked of me.


This in it self helped me in some ways of it allowed me to be exclude form some of the training and battles. But also to have one help me learn their language and culture. To this day I still never knew his name just that he always been referred to as “the Old One’. For most of my time there he was alike a second father to me till one summer morning the winds came for him and carried him to a better life and being then the of the sand.


Being allowed to tend to those whom needed. I learned their words for the herbs first then the common words every day used as well. As to my father’s crafts these were also found of and put to well use. But still I fought when needed. And learned of the ways of the arena.


Those who arrived with me also so did. But by a year past only five of us remained. As well as only 10 of those who were there when we arrived. Other men from other lands also arrived. I learned from them as well things and ways words and thoughts. As well as other kinsman. We maintained 20 to 30 as an average at times. “Guest” fights were ones of other arenas and those were to the death. But of us we fought till knocked down. Still we were hurt and wounded for with weapons things still happen, as do a few more scars that show further of our battles.


Then one day we were told we were to fight a Legion Command Unit One that had disgraced it in not following orders. We were to battle them unarmed to the last man standing. A fight over seen by the Emperor himself. A fight we were told could gain our freedom. Us few selected to fight the unit were 15 total. For there was 20 of them. Why the difference we did not know of. Just the chance t0 win our freedom was enough to make us eagerly awaits the challenge. This was to be a test of the Gods they believed in. One that would show the correctness of those was being sent to the Arena or punishment by defeat in our hands.

So upon that day of fate. The sun rose upon the sand. Cool with a slight breeze as if their Gods were allowing a perfect day to be had for armor and men to clash. We entered the arena and the crowd hushed. The Emperor stood and one beside him cried out the charges against the Legionnaire Unit. Which amounted to not following orders as commanded, allowing the enemy to escape. And preventing others to carry out then as well. With all the pomp names dates and flowery words one expects in the calling fourth of the arena’s battles.


Quiet descended upon the sand as the opposite gate opened. Almost hearing each link in the gate chain as it coiled upon the spool it wrapped around as it was lifted.


As we looked towards those whom we were to fight. We saw not the proud and strong Legion we knew, we had fought and battled before. But men broken beaten and covered with filth. In rags and tatters of armor. Heads bent shuffling forth in chains. The commander still was in his bronze armor, which set him apart of the rest. Along with his up head and face up and still with three others along side him as well. Proud and unbroken marched forth. As we watched they were brought forth. Then halted, the chains roughly removed as their captors left them to the fate of the sand. As we waited and watched we heard movement in the foremost rows f the crowd. Looking up we saw three deep archers with bows of thrice headed barbed arrows. This now was a fight to win or lose no matter with side stood this did not bode well upon the ending of it.

Then the eyes comprehended what the soul had suddenly screamed. There across was him. The one I had crossed path with before. The one that within I felt something neither yet explained nor ever comprehendible to my mind. And wondered how I could do, as I must as commanded to do. But yet not allow him to fall to this action as well. A new stage was set within my soul and one that needed to be quickly found answering upon. Some of us also other then me realized whom we faced but to them he was only the one who saved us from death on that battle feild and sent us here instead.


 I knew upon the drum and horn we would clash and the battle commence. But in the few moments just before the crowd silenced to nothing only the ripple of the banners in the wind seemed to be heard. Then horns and the rolling thunder of the drums we were to fight to, us and the them screaming crashing into each other. Fighting as mad man. For survival and life. We fought as tigers vs. lions that day. The chance of freedom. Yet within me was a desperate cry to protect and ensure he came out alive deep within myself.


The fighting was hard and fierce. Quickly we met, from a mob like in a tavern into semi individual fighting. I lost sight of him as I fought but within I felt his direction upon where I stood. Seemingly just as quick as we started the horn was blown and the drums stopped. Puffing in breath we all surveyed what had transpired. Of the 25 of them only four stood. He was and three others in a circle back to back. Of us only 7 remained as well. A small breeze cooled us as we waited for the sound to continue, or instead the Emperor stood and proclaimed this done. As the crowd started to demand upon us to harm each other, Screaming death to all as we waited for one of the two to happen.


The Emperor then spoke of the Gods and the choosing of whom were correct. And how it has been shown of whom who is correct and whom is not. Of things of the Empire and why things are the way they are of command. He declared the Legionaries defeated were wrong and those who stood were to live with the same of it. The crowd cried for death. We feared the archers would fire taking us as well. But instead with his arm raised he sentenced those four left to the Arena. To live not as us but not as citizens but between with families and belongings off to the side of the common slaves of the arena.  Our keepers then indicated us to leave and them as well. But as we few stood then limped or walked to the gate we heard the crowd grasp. Just as the singing of the bows and the striking of the arrows. Giving way to the screaming death cries of those whom lay in the sand. Either broken or beaten but yet alive enough to still feel and cry out as the arrows struck. As the Emperor lowered his arm. A pile of bodies that were to be left trough out the day till the night to show judgement had been carried out.


In the twilight we were allowed to return and collect the shells of those we knew fought that day either with or against. They as well in silence assisted in this grim removal of friends. Without a word to anyone two of us would place one upon the stretcher. And walk the bodies to the back of the living area. Where other waited to clean, oil and wrap the bodies in preparing for the fire to send them in to the wind.


Did not matter then them or us we just did, as was our way to do. Even the Roman’s were treated with the same reverence and dignity as of our own.  That night fire lit was to last three days till fine gray ash remained. Even the heavy bones went into the of such fire. A fire that burned less hot then our souls for the had been done. The freedom promised was release of death to those who fell.


As the days passed him and I spoke little. And mostly avoided the within that was felt. But as the truth of what they did was found out. In doing so made them welcome and raised in our views. The order was given to go into a valley and destroy the village, corps, and to kill those there, In arriving they had found children, older women and men, as well as many to wounded to fight. In many cases would never fight do so again either. In seeing this he allowed them to caravan with what they could carry quickly from the valley. Then he burned it black from hilltop to forest line.


Those in command were outraged and commanded others to find them that were allowed to live. He also stopped them from doing so. But in the end with his command put in chains and dragged behind the Commander’s troops to watch then two days later carry out his orders as he watched. Upon the valley they had fled to. None moved within the valley when he was done. And to this day still little grows there and even the forest animals avoid it also. So many deaths there, it is said that a year for each has been allotted till the valley grows again. T will never see this nor will any of my grand children of their children either I fear.

Four men remained their names are still known to me One and I shred a within that we could never understand. The other three were loyal and would follow him for years to come. Here I place their names to be known. As well a bit of them to be known.


To tell first of a man big and powerful even more than those whom tried to be. He did not try just way that way. But also was one a child would cling upon and run to with out fear knowing the heart that dwelled within him, was called Lucius Gracchus Lupus


Next was a thin small man. A scholar, teacher, and poet. One of many words and voice that would attract any that would hear it.  And when singing could silence even the birds to listen in envy. With many scrolls of pose of his own, was Decimus Mummius Sophus.


The third was one that no woman passed with out a second glance and a flush of desire. One of laughter and a coldness that few ever witnessed and lived, Tiberius Virgilius Tranquillus.


But the one quiet and kind that in time came to tell me of his almost mirrored reactions within was called Ganaeus Lulis Otto. One of stature and bearing that many would follow just to be around. Of dark hair and darker eyes. Tone and bronzed from the sun he was one that within me cried upon to protect and have close.


Through the first few weeks we said little to each other. Other than common over meals or in general greating. We were given three weeks to prepare for the next Arena event. During this time we watched as quarters alloted to them we set. Ganaeus was the only with family and slaves. Lucius and Decimus both had a male slave for their military attendance. Which also served as household one for them as well. Tiberius was of himself. But was also never really without some female short or longer time periods to attend to his basic and daily needs as well.


During the three weeks slowly we talked and learned of each other. Of the times we had crossed paths and the unexplained we barely could put to words. But the fall started and so did the mass of Harvest events, battles and deaths once again,


Of my Country man only two from or original group remained. Several others with various lengths of tine in the sand. Those two were actually brothers. Younger than I. And in the course of things became as my smaller brothers did, as well. They were called   and  . Both of lighter hair and blue eyes of the sky. Full of mistevious and creative ways to get things done. They quickly fell in line with Lucius and Tiberius. And for many times were as their shield arm in the Arena.


 Winter came, as did words that Rome was losing to my countrymen. More than they had in the last Hundred years. Fresh fighters were arriving. An ever more intermixing of cultures and even more Legionnaires disgraced in loosing, Slated to die or live upon the sands of the Arenas.


Many things we learned that following year, From the others that came. Languages, ways to treat injuries. To different styles of armor and weapons as well.  We were made into a ‘special" group of men 10 in total. We were to show off the effectiveness of those items. Either by showing that those we opposed with them could not stand against Roman weapons or find that used with Roman ways to be better used then where they came from.


The scholar kept records of all we learned. And many other things told to him from those people. Lucius became the one to test the armor of others cultures with blade and hammer, to show it fail and not be of concern to the Roman Legions. Tiberius was grand with bow or cast weapons and was usually pitted against running targets of those who were chosen to test his skill. Or other sports the Emperor devised.


We were the lucky ones. Better food, which we smuggled to others as we could. Better places to sleep. And yet we watched by our own hands many die. To be collected washed oiled wrapped and sent into the winds. Two years went by and he gained another daughter to add upon his 2 sons already had. Who already at 5 and 7 years were learning the ways of battle. Having two wives one son from each and then the daughter from the first wife were something we of the forests were not accustomed to. But we all became extend family to each other.


Then the fear in the populace was felt. My people the Visigoths were  marching upon Rome itself, late in the summer. Quickly plans were made by all against the fighters that if the made it to the city we ere to be killed, to ensure we did not rise up against them as well. Ganaeus still had friends and money enough to arrange carts for his family and basic items. Horses and such for us and a path way for the others to escape. If they made it to the city we would disappear in the con fusion at the mid of the night. North beyond the lines of fighting the regroup and decide upon a path or ways to go when safe out of the city areas.


We were able to escape with little difficulty in the confusion. Me and my countrymen taking the lead once we passed the roman ways. For we had taken the thought of within the Roman city limits the Legionnaires lead the way for they blended in and knew the tone and words to use to clear the way, Hence we did as well through the countryside. And passing several encampments of our countrymen as well.


Upon the place agreed of to meet. We had only half of those whom started out with us. Ganaeus, his family with 5 slaves. His three men and theirs. Me with the two brothers. Only after a while did five others make it through the terror that was being had upon the city of Rome and the surrounding countryside.


In a half-burned out house we waited for three days to see if any others showed. Only two others did. One severely wounded that did not live the night. Plans were talked of and thought about. Finally what was decided. I would lead them all to a place we knew of within the valleyed mountains, for a quiet life. The rest would make their ways to homes or countries they came from. So with war and fighting behind us we returned to the forests and mountains where we first met. Where the tale continues within time for him and I, Some of which I will try to place upon these pages.

For this is a remembrance of my friends and even brothers Ganaeus for upon this short day he has gone.  Closed his eyes for the last and the winter has taken him upon his winds. His two sons and three daughters with family and I in my valley next to his and theirs. To tell of things past and the man I could not allow harm or t be killed. We have lived more years than many we have known. Yet still neither of us could ever explain upon the deep feeling within our souls of connection and being as felt. My only daughter shall carry this in her life and pass forth to her children when it is time. But first perhaps a few things of note in the years that passed us by in the rivers of time within the world.


We arrived upon the mountain valley that I first met him as a man upon that winters day. Frist was done was temporary shelters to be built for the winter was arriving. In the same time I traveled to my Clan’s home. To find it still three and to find many surprised and glad of my return. As well as the two brothers. I explained of our captive years. And also of them that helped me and which came with me. Few worried of them but they learned who he was and that he did they accepted him there afterwards of how and what were exchanged in words.


Because of the lateness of the year my Clan’s people went with me and in a grand way helped build and plan for spring building as well, for them and me. For the attempt of kindness, the welcoming home as well as thus is our ways to help each other.


In their valley beside the river his home was built that spring. First for the family was for the most needed to be housed. His wife being well towards having another child. Which in the time of the equal of the day in spring. Which showed not one but twin girls which was to bless the world ever since.


His men homes were made upon the upper edges of the valley spread apart and placed almost as guards of the area. I choose the next valley over up the mountain area by a small lake and waterfall off the cliff face it ended in. The two brothers stayed within he Clan’s lands and their family but always seemed to drift over for a meal or two each month.


Warriors returned to being farmers and family became full and well within the forest valleys. We grew fields of grain and vegetables. Raised food animals as well. Life within the first two or three years made the stable of our lives we lived for many moons and seasons forth. And life was enjoyed once again. I regained my items form the Clan which had maintained my parents place, waiting for my return. Again this day I still have the hart pelt upon my bed. And every now and then a refreshed rabbit foot upon my old bow.


The first winter was kind to us and upon the next year we quickly made homes and the land provide for us. In the Cliffside I found an iron deposit of rock and was able to restart my father’s skills of making things. As well as gathering from the fields and valleys herbs and plants to also include my mother’s talents taught to me and now to my daughter.

I the first year as well we supported the Clans of the region. From the fertile land we had found many stores form the crops and the festivals of fall gladly brought all within the area an acceptances of the former Romans not turned forest and valley people within the mountains.


Many happenings through time did happen. From day to day events to living that brought many things froth. For me it was the third year home and a distant clan that came to the yearly now fall gathering festival. Within their numbers was one that with a look stole my heart and within those three weeks of celebration there was t become the one to live with me as my wife and life. For the short time she was with me. She became a focus of live grand and enjoyed. But she was so special the Goddess chooses to take her in the second spring but left me with a daughter that to this day has no equal in my eyes or in many others as well. Her husband and two children will continue forth. My Grandson learning his great grand da’s crafts, and grand daughter her great grand dam’s talents are seen in healer and teacher just as her mother.


First of our group of community to pass to the winds was Lucius. His passing was one of Legion proportions. For he had become a father-uncle to the twins. And many the summer days was seen chasing after them in the fields with flowers interwoven in his hair and beard. Looking quite like a great grand valley nature god. But the fateful day that stopped the god was one of tale and lore that will never die. For still told and will be for many generations to come it seems. A grand sunny day it starts one when the twins had him in his fullest of entertainment and frolicking through the fields with them in full lead of the fun and joy of the day with him.


As the girls had taken to the edge of the forest with him close behind. A grand bear afflicted with the summer madness also crossed the valley edge. Seeing the girls it turned roared and rushed towards them. Seeing the creature the nature god returned a challenging bellow upon the world towards it. Hearing the screams echo we all rushed to find the girls within a tree. And he and the bear locked into combat. With his common long knife he carried they exchanged blow for blow. Claw and fang vs. steel and strength. For what seemed like hours they battled. The giants clashed and circled over and over. Slashing at each other. Gripping and throwing their mass as if two mountains of flesh crashed upon the earth.


For a quarter of an hour or more they circled primitively growling at each other and fighting. Until at last both fell to the earth clutched in near death. From the wounds each had inflicted upon the other. He rolled and with a final thrust through the back of the monster’s head killed the bear within that blow. His last act as he kneeled to embrace the girls as they ran to him tears in their eyes. Softly he told them that he would be ever watchful over them not to cry. Then sat upon the earth and closed his eyes, breathed his last as he smiled towards them knowing then safe once again. We buried the bear there and him where he sat as well under stones pulled into place by horse and ox. To this day never a bear has been seen in the region or close travels. As the twins wear a claw pendant and smile upon the asking of it every time.


Our scholar Decimus became one to teach the young of the area. Not only our language in written but also math and sciences with classical lore. And knowledge of Rome as well. Also of the other places he knew of. He was well accepted and many children were brought to him to learn. Even other teachers gathered to him as well and helped through the years. His house was full of scrolls, parchments and knowledge. Has now become a permanent school of the region. He passed two years ago sitting in a chair with parchments in his hands reading till the winds blew him from us.


But Tiberius our father of many and caught by few. Disappeared one summer’s night, it is thought that he was taken to marry one he had shared giving life with. We number over 20 children upon his looks and sharing of spirits. He was taken quietly in the night with not a stir realized. Many still search upon who took him. But we also thought he went by his own will to find a place new to him to start again a horde upon his family with one that caught his heart. Many wonder but the children of the valleys enjoy the tales of the drifting father the all share. And passing of the festivals show a young maiden beginning with child afterwards and she will tell naught of the man. We blame his spirit still to have returned and left a reminder behind.


Here I will end this tale and telling. For a bit more. For to continue would just seem to extend words and happenings. But to leave some unsaid to allow wondering of our lives and the mystery to settle within the past. And the light fades I feel for me as well. My daughter also concerned that I have written enough and have taxed my soul and strength.


But one last thought. If we on

But one last thought. If we once again find ourselves within this world may we know sooner and better of us then we did. So as she takes the papers and quill I close my story upon my past. And look upon this to be a guide to find my friend and part of soul again, when we meet.



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Patchwork Merchant Mercenaries had its humble beginnings as an idea of a few artisans and craftsmen who enjoy performing with live steel fighting. As well as a patchwork quilt tent canvas. Most had prior military experience hence the name.


Patchwork Merchant Mercenaries.


Vendertainers that brought many things to a show and are know for helping out where ever they can.

As well as being a place where the older hand made items could be found made by them and enjoyed by all.

We expanded over the years to become well known at what we do. Now we represent over 100 artisans and craftsman that are well known in their venues and some just starting out. Some of their works have been premiered in TV, stage and movies on a regular basis.

Specializing in Medieval, Goth , Stage Film, BDFSM and Practitioner.

Patchwork Merchant Mercenaries a Dept of, Ask For IT was started by artists and former military veterans, and sword fighters, representing over 100 artisans, one who made his living traveling from fair to festival vending medieval wares. The majority of his customers are re-enactors, SCAdians and the like, looking to build their kit with period clothing, feast gear, adornments, etc.

Likewise, it is typical for these history-lovers to peruse the tent (aka mobile store front) and, upon finding something that pleases the eye, ask "Is this period?"

A deceitful query!! This is not a yes or no question. One must have a damn good understanding of European history (at least) from the fall of Rome to the mid-1600's to properly answer. Taking into account, also, the culture in which the querent is dressed is vitally important. You see, though it may be well within medieval period, it would be strange to see a Viking wearing a Caftan...or is it?

After a festival's time of answering weighty questions such as these, I'd sleep like a log! Only a mad man could possibly remember the place and time for each piece of kitchen ware, weaponry, cloth, and chain within a span of 1,000 years!! Surely there must be an easier way, a place where he could post all this knowledge...

Traveling Within The World is meant to be such a place. A place for all of these artists to keep in touch and directly interact with their fellow geeks and re-enactment hobbyists, their clientele.

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