Wars are never something one should know of. Battles are not tests for the young to survive. By soerd and knife does one not live only for. But for love aquired and found within ones life should be known wanted and test a soul.

I was one that found the sword was well within my talents. My family was servants upon the Barron's lands. They tended to the military forces retained. So I grew within the shadow of war. Many uncles I did have that showed me the of bow, sowrd and War. I grew into a body shaped by work given me of gathering wood and chopping it. Of feach and carry quick wqith was needed. And watching the training, then when old enough being encluded as well. Not only body and hand but mind and spirit was molded.

 I grew upon the clay packed training ground. Able to shoot most with a bow by my 14th year And quick agile with any blade by my 20th. Out doing even the Sallie Masters that could be found. The Barron emplyed me for various things. From messages upon horse back. To private matters he needed to be dealt in.

His daughter as well six years less than I became also one of his grand tools. All of the 'Contessa" and Lady of the underlieing Court. Yet viper deadly and quick to react. But yet a strict relgious ways seen in public. She was first sent to the convent to be schooled. But summers she would be back and mingle in t he training as I was already taking. Her with a short light quick blade many never wanted to face. For the dance of she preformed few could match. But a long stelletto was her famillar item. Made by my dad and given to her upon her graduation from the convent. She enjoyed the thin long blade to the point that many feared if she mentioned of reached for the item in a playfully ways.

 But within the Baron's vast Libary tower you would find her reading something that was not comsidered lady like. But all knew better than to tell her of so. With her dark long hair and darker still eyes as well. With a figure that when she moved men's hearts cryed upon the lost to them they held upon her sight.

Having many lands and various Clans factions the Baron kept the peace as he could. But first always was attempts of woreds, trade of arragnements. This is how my world became split. Two lived quite, diffrent from each yet full and enjoyed and if had been two men in one could have not been more filled.

Upon my looks I had always been told I looked older that I was. As well tied the reddish brown hair with a leather back and left a fullness of a red brown bread to hide my face fro never felt as if I was well enough in looks.

When the Barson's daughter Angelque was sent in his stead to deal with things I was sent to watch over her as well. In doing so we grew close and became a team that many prefered never to deal with. I never really have spoken much as a dark deadly shadow was closer to her when the need was at hand. Within the citys and social cicles she was the prize gem of The Baron and light of his word and dealings. And yet the dark as well when the need became to set forth within dealings.


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I also found quickly she enjoyed the time behind closed doors. For I was quickly shown and taken and both enjoyed. Time and time again we became not only ones to work of things. But to share and enjoy the of each otherBut to share and enjoy the of each other upon the dark times.. She would play tease and intregue, the best of themwe dealt with. But when it came to the night she found me and then I found what never would be tought in a convent that was known to her. ANd never asked where or how the knowledge came.

Up to my 30th year this was my life and ways. Known for taking care of things and never unjustly. In the citys I was to be with her. Upon th eLands of the Baron I traveled alone among the Clans. Dealing with disputes and items within his name.

My world then changed within the next yeat. A dispute between Clans was to be decided by marrage. I was to ensure that it happened. UNforcunity the starting of peace was tobe shattered by the groom. For he took to hate and meanness. Challanged the Barron's words and forced the set of the agreement. A duel that was not much of a duel was had upon that morning, the joining was to take the place. As he slidto the earth off the tip of my sword. The Baron's daughter to take his place.

How could I do so I did not know. But she had a plan to enact and I was sent to do after she talked to her father and he smiled. For I could not hear the word. But as was commanded . Hence my tow lives started. And the finding of two loves within one did have. QA place of quiet and calm. As well as one of action and doings.

 Still trying to form a way to do as I had been told I set forth. Remaining mostly quiet in voice for the first few weeks of what happened next. And found myself within a world that would become one I chreiched upon my many ears forth. Riding a wagoninto anothers life and life that would be mine as well.

Given a place not far from where the villiage was away from all. A simple home and hearth. With garden animals and nature. Within a feild in the highlands. With a swift slient stream cold form the mountians. Flowers and a feww trees. I did take her to bind that afreement and found a place that became mine to return to over and over again. One that grew into my family my love, alife adn a place of sorrow and heart sickness.

But the happening is within time can be covered another time or by her hand quilled pages. After a few years of going and returning. A war broke out One that would be longer than one could endure. Towards the end of it I was gravely wonded in the leg. And spent many weeks recovering from the fever and the cut. Which left my walking less than I would have ever wnated it to be. With a cane or walking staff I was to live from then on

The Barons dismissed me from his service. Returning to the highlands for to live. Angelique allowed me to go knowing that I would not return and broke with me. She was to retunr to the convent to live in 'pentance' of the deeds she had done by our hands. But was more to protect her from those whom wished the Baron harm.


 Now comes the part that is a saddened remebrance. I left upon a horse with my few belongings and sword. To my love within the feild and the family I had within my tow part life and final chapter. But as I approached a sight cought my heart in a cold icy grasp. and a action of desperatopn was seen.

As I cleared the forest line  I sighted one sitting in a tree not far from the home. Were children before could be heard were seeminly missing. The person fell from the tree. But to be cought by a rope from toching the ground.

Witha furry I spurred the hosre and my heart maind soul and voice screemed and felt crushed from the sight. Drawing my sword I cut the rope and falling from the horse I grabbed at her. To find this world was no longer hers adn that I had arrived only a sight to to late.

I burried her at the foot of the tree useing my sword has her head stone. Then finding the children had been taken to the her family in the villiage I retreived them. To rase adn love. Never did I leave the feilds again other than trips to the villiage during th e quater of the years. And even then after the children grew and could take themselves I sat by her side back to the tree and watched the years quaters pass by.

My leg stiff and sore I limp worse during the cold. My youngeest daughtr still stays. The others have grown and gone into the world being educated by the Baron's grace and Angleuqes as well. Beign palced in into places of status and meaning for them to gain more then others.

Tommor I wait a carrage that is to arrive. I have been to told Anelque comes to visit. But still for the two loves and lives I have lived many men could not compaire upon them.

A warrior, a fixer of problems, a man of family, a loser of love. Then a farmer adn father. I await my half love to come, here to wher ethe other half rests. Each diffrent each deep within me and each never to leave me nor my heart.

The candle is short and the daughte takes the papers from his hands. He smiles then sleeps where he sits wrapped into the memmopries of the two loves he has looking out towards the tree and flower coverd sword.

But by the morning shines a carrage arrives and tears in the daughter eyes are what awiats the vistor whom becomes as a second mother to her. For a diffrent carrage had already left taking him within.

Another soul leaves and alone is rememebred. As is the fullness of a life one had. As tears stain these pages once again as they are read.

And three graves rest upon the acient family's land under a tree marked with a sword covered in flowers.



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