Reality is myth, math, and metaphor encoded with symbols that awaken consciousness in the human DNA code. This alphabet is a tool that allows some people to connect with the holographic symbolism of the Hebrew alphabet.

Angel Script is more metaphysics than fact and was never a recorded written or spoken language. Allegedly there exists an Angel Script or the Alphabet of the Ark of the Covenant derived from the Hebrew alphabet, the symbols of which contain encoded messages of light.

Letters or symbols blend tones with light symbols to help humanity awaken to their greater destiny ... that which calls to you and makes you feel that you have a mission here on Earth.

The story behind Angel Script:

During the early centuries after Christ's death, a few scholars began a serious study of the Angelic Kingdoms. At the time, Christianity and religion was serious business. Strict rules and politics governed who could and could not share information about these beings.

Study of these messengers and beliefs were strongly scrutinized by the political forces of the time. Disobeying or undermining the political and religious governors of this information was severely punished.

It was during this study that the names of the Angels were derived by altering the original Hebrew alphabet. These new symbolic variations were now considered to be 'of God' and Holy images sent by the messenger Angels.

This new alphabet can be laid out a variety of combinations or sounds to achieve a desired result. Thoth called it the Encoded Language of Metatron and is a series of transformational symbols to be found in this timeline.

This is linked to the alchemy consciousness in time based on the patterns of Sacred Geometry.
These sacred symbols are accompanied by correspondent vocables. Each of these symbols / vocables is associated with an angelic frequency.

In Qabbalah there is mention of something called 'eye writings,' or 'ketav einayim.'

Eye refers to source - or the Eye of God - The Creational Source - and from ancient Egypt - Eye of Ra. Reality is projected illusion through the eye, iris, I, lens of time. A consciousness source creates programs through which we experience.
According to Thoth, the divine language form represented in the Alphabet of the Ark, is contained within the matrix of this greater Archangelic flame script. The actual 'eye writings' are composed of circles and lines in the form of small flames; an encoding of sorts. This is all part of the creational blueprint of humanity created by the geometry. This alphabet, or series of symbol codes, is representative of the higher template for creation.

The higher intelligences, such as the Elohim creational forces, use this blueprint to project the elements of life into creations such as the planet Earth through a grid system or matrix.

An analogy to demonstrate this principle could be seen in the projection of a movie onto a screen by a high powered and focused beam of light coming from the projector.

The projector and beam of light represent the Elohim creator beings consciousness, the celluloid and focusing device on the projector represent the template and its synchronization function, the screen represents the magnetic receptacle or matrix which will receive the higher image, and the image (projection) is the creation itself.

The celluloid of the archangelic language has a function which also keeps the lesser creation in synchronization with the higher template, like the focusing device on the projector in our analogy.

Harmonics - Reality is created by sound, light and color - Tuning Forks - Harmonics

It is the harmonic resonance of these archangelic letters with both the higher vibratory frequency patterns of God's Name, and the elements of the lesser creation worlds, which allows this synchronization to occur.

They act as an intermediary transducer, much as a tuning fork which when struck, and then being brought into proximity of another tuning fork, will start the second fork to begin vibrating also. This occurs only when the second fork is tuned to a resonant harmonic of the first tuning fork's note or waveform.

Everything in our programmed reality moves in three's. If you have three tuning forks, each one of the second two tuned to a lesser resonant harmonic (slower vibratory frequency) than the one before it.

Thus, when the first tuning fork is struck then placed into proximity of the second one, the second now begins to vibrate at its own frequency, and the third also being in the correct position will also begin vibrating at its own frequency pattern.

We have three levels of creation, all being put into motion from the first, or uppermost level, which vibrates at the highest frequency. So long as the other levels are tuned or synchronized to the first in this manner, then the projection of the higher realm can occur in the lower.

The slower vibration of the last tuning fork, is a perfect image of the vibration of the higher tuning fork, but the rate of its vibration per unit of time has been slowed down. This is a good simple model to demonstrate the principles involved in the projection of the elements of this world from the higher worlds of intelligence.

Chanting the Alphabet of the Ark allegedly activates the tuning forks.

The sacred names of God as we know them on Earth, are composed of the Archangelic alphabet known as the ketav einayim, and also include the names of the angelic energies which themselves are serving the purpose and function of being the middle tuning fork and thus the language itself.

These Sacred Names not only serve to provide the template for projecting the reality itself in the first place, but also to redeem it now as well.

The program's vibration is now out of resonance or harmonic. But there are those who are here to correct that.

The angelic vibratory codes held within the Archangelic language will increasingly integrate with our own genetic / consciousness forms as we prepare ourselves for the ascension, thus the sound of these vibratory patterns will be incorporated into the matrix of the body of creation.

When we have come into high enough resonance with the frequency patterns of the Divine Names within our very own beingness, the pathway is then opened for the angelic beings holding these patterns, to project their image directly into your holistic body / mind / soul template, thereby bringing you the last distance across the upper threshold into your divine heritage: full expression of the Adam Kadmon template.

Tree of Life Symbology

A name is a specific arrangement of different frequency patterns, much like a tune is comprised of various notes strung together in harmony. Creation of man can be seen as a direct manifestation of the harmonic resonance's created by the spheres on the Tree of Life.

The sacred names (vibratory codes) held upon the Tree of Life are continually being evolved to find the strongest frequency patterns.

The Tree of Life contains the highest and strongest frequency codes in the form of the Divine Names which the efforts of the Hierarchy have been able to obtain.


Supposedly Thoth create the Alphabet of the Ark as well as the Emerald Tablets to help souls remember why they are here - As is Above, So is Below - the Hourglass of Time.

The Alphabet of the Ark is supposedly linked to a specific Archangelic frequency pattern, with 24 main vibratory pathways, that aligns corporeal realms with the full-Light (Metatronic-Christic) spiral in a specific path of viability relative to the core essence of Metatronic consciousness.

The Ark of Grace is a sounding or tuning device for the human element in its integration with Metatronic consciousness, and this particular vibrational path of assimilation (the Alphabet of the Ark) was chosen by the Hierarchy for Metatronic consciousness to be returned to humanity.

The Alphabet of the Ark is encoded in 'Alpha-Logic,' versus other fire codes which are encoded in 'Omega-Logic.'

Alpha Logic is a pattern that interfaces with the evolution of human logical mind processes, and can therefore be presented in correlative human language forms; whereas the Omega Logic interfaces only with Higher Mind principles incorporated in the soul, and cannot be associated with any corollaries in human language expression.

Thoth tells us that the ketav einayim is the overall format for which 144,000 different archangelic language stratum are contained within. Thus, the ketav einayim is formatted neither in Alpha nor Omega Logic, but contains both inherent within its overall design, and is beyond that type of definition.

The Alphabet of the Ark was chosen as the most viable path of all the 144,000 available pathways, to work in synergy with a grounding device such as the Ark of the Covenant.

Thoth tells us that there has never been any other of these available archangelic pathways used in conjunction with a device like an Ark on the Earth.

However, some of the other 144,000 stratum, or Archangelic languages, have been employed in various ways in the Earth's history, and will continue to provide additional pathways to the Greater Light. The Archangelic language was used in the temples of ancient Egypt.

There are those who return to the great pyramid carrying specific Ark Names comprised of 4 specific vocables put together from the Alphabet of the Ark.

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