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Hi, my names Jon. I figured I would tell you about me how me and knives came to be. All of my work is primarly knives of varying size and shape but I can be talked into other ambitous projects of metalwork. How I came to be an apprentence was that I was a small local S.C.A. show working as a vendor and bought one of Dragon Cutlery's knives. That was approxmately in September 2001 but the dates are foggy for us because it has been so many years any many things have happened since then. The blade that i purchased was an Blacksmith style L6 knife that cut 10oz. leather for a week before needing resharping. So after that it needed a sharpening so it gave me an excuse to see Brandon's shop. What happened that day was i got the ye old grand tour of the garage of where he used to make his knives. During that tour I got to watch him use his homade grinder to make a hollow grind. Brandon also fired up his whisper baby forge and showed me how a knife was roughly forged out which I thought was pretty kewl at the time. Well that little demonstration got me hooked on the idea of making knives were made i had always been around knives as a child and to this day love them to death, there just so handy. I am always facsinated when a knife shows up somewhere especally one that I haven't seen yet. These days its becoming harder and harder to find a blade that I haven't seen yet as I have scoured the industrial age book section at many book stores and been to many shows with all sorts of blades. in the hopes of finding that perfect blade. 

This year (2004) I have started to venture out on my own full time and see how everything goes. It has always been something that i have wanted to do after my first few years of making knives. I think i have acheived that ambition but its only a begining. In the future there is the outlook of differant show types and making many differant things. I hope to include pattern welded steel and swords someday but there is much to be done before then.


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It all started back in about September 2000 (I think) when i was working for a friend at an SCA event. We set up next to a bladesmith and I took a fancy to one of his blacksmith knives. By the end of that I had worked out deal on that knife and got to take it home. Well at the time that was the first decent and only hand made knife I had ever owned or let alone held in my hands. So me being me, I had to test it out. For about a week or so I ended up useing it on every project that I could even think of as a result it became dull from use. Well dull by my standards. Boy let me tell you if you have never owned a good knife you should because I found out that week what a good knife was. That week changed my life for quite sometime. Let me tell you a few things about this knife. This thing would cut through just about anything. The first thing that came to mind was to make a sheath for it out of leather. I didn't have anything on hand to cut the 1/8" leather with so I figured the knife would do because it was there and handy. This knife cut through it like a new razor blade through paper includeing that nifty swish sound. After that i figured what the heck if it can do that I am sure it could do more so it opened cans and used it on just about anything you could think of. well after that it gave me an excuse to go see the maker and get this blade resharpened because he did it for free. Well by the end of that nite I was trying my hand at making a dagger. As a first project it didn't come out correctly but I learned a few things like how hard it really is to get a good end result on a knife. Along with how much effort it takes to accully make one. Well after about a year I learned how to make that knife and how to do everthng said. I have also learned many more blade types, styles and designs. What I really enjoy is making items from the Viking age. I have made a few similar items out of the Smithsonian Viking age book (I can't remember the exact title) but with my own flare added to it. With much of my work I do add a bit of my "style" to each item even if it is a custom order with detailed drawings. Much of my knives and other items are kepted simple yet functional because I like to see them used in everyday life and not set on a shelf for disuse. With this phylosphy I have, over the years, tried to keep my prices as a resonble rate so just about anyone can afford one of my knives and not be afraid to use it. I have always had a saying in my head "a superior knife for the common man". Believe me I have had many a person attest to the level of quality for the price even though sometimes it may not look pretty in my eyes. If anyone has ever had issues with one of my knives it was usally fixed ahead of any other orders at little too no cost. I attempt to test my blades from time to time. I do similar tests as the American Bladesmith Society does to ensure that the level of quality also, I have a few metalurgy tests in addtion. The metal types the I use can vary widely depending on the useage/project. Mainly my preferred types of steel is L6, mild steel for any nonknife project. I am also playing around with pattern welding cable (damascus) and have had some results. As with any bladesmith many of the meterials that I use are very broad. Some of the my favorite nonmetal materials are exotic hardwoods, shell, and horn. I hope to be carving various designs in handles someday. So there is alot to be done if you want or have any ideas that weren't covered here on this webpage please email me.

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