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The following are KIVA's albums, plus some recordings we helped to create.

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A 20 Year Adventure
KIVA (Yule 2009)
This CD is filled with songs that you've been waiting for KIVA to record for a very long time as well as new versions of songs we've been doing for nearly 20 years. This recording is exclusively with the current lineup of KIVA so you'll hear just what you here when we perform. We added two new songs and remixed and mastered and printed the whole thing professionally (with Oasis). Our mastering master is Billy Wolf who has 2 grammies for his work and we LOVE the resulting CD and so will you!!
But wait... there's more! If you want to purchase BOTH our NEW Final version (with 2 new songs and all remixed and mastered) and the pre-release, you'll STILL save $5. Ok -- did I sound enough like one of those Infomercials??? There's about 25 of the pre-release left.
Now what would you pay??? Ok there's even more - Want to download just a couple songs or just don't want to add to your shelf of CDs? Buy a Digital Download of KIVA So Far from CD Baby. Or you can still buy them directly from the band and we'll love you even more!
KIVA: Ariana Lightningstorm, Diana Sunday, David Landis, Jim Brewster, Tigre Cruz, Tim Sauerwein, Diana McFadden

Dance of Life (by Ken Anoff)
Aphrodite's Sirens
Sea Called (by Nicole Cooley Woodruff)
Ready For the Storm (by Dougie MacLean)
Old Maui (Traditional Sea Shanty)
When I Was on Horseback (Irish Trad.)
Spirit Waltz (by Michael Rosa)
Healing Art
Just Desserts (by Meg Davis)
Witchin' Hour
Walking in Your Footsteps (by Sting)
Breath of Fire (by Ken Anoff)
Road to Peace (by Ken Anoff)

KIVA (2007)
KIVA was invited to the The 11th Annual Healing Touch International Conference in Hiltion Head, SC in September 2007. We put together this collection of old and new music as a "meditation" CD, to use for relaxation, massage, or any kind of healing. It is just under 1 hour long, perfect for a healing session. This is a "limited release" CD in this current form. We plan to remove some music and add other music for the final release of "Reflections" sometime in 2008.
This compilation of past, present, and future KIVA music is offered here as a tribute to healers everywhere; not only those who practice various healing modalities professionally, but also to those of us who seek to ease life's journey for all beings of Planet Earth. Over the years, "healing" has always been a major focus in KIVA's endeavors. We hope that the sounds captured herein will help ease your travels.
KIVA: Ariana Lightningstorm, Diana Sunday, David Landis, Jim Brewster, Tigre Cruz, Tim Sauerwein, Amikaeyla Gaston, Diana McFadden
Guests: Jim Jacobson, Nicole Cooley, Sue Richards, Brooke Parkhurst, DeLuna, John McLaughlin, Eve Jones, The Chorus of Powerful Women
La Umba (Oshun Gaia, 2006)
Daybreak (new for Reflections, 2007)
Raven's Wings (A Call to Beauty, 2002,2007)
Fairy Gifts (Fairy Gifts, 1998,2007)
Siren's Song (Finding the Balance Within, 1994)
Green Tara Chant (Mother Wisdom, 1994)
Jammin' With Pan (new for Reflections, 2007)
Once More (Corner of the Eye, 2006)
Samanthra (Ammy movie soundtrack, 2000)
Jnana Mai (Oshun Gaia, 2006)
Moon Path (A Call to Beauty, 2002)
21 Praises of Tara (Corner of the Eye, 2006)
Ariana's Blessing (Live at the Forest Inn, 1997)
Oshun Gaia
By Amikaeyla Proudfoot Gaston and Ariana (with KIVA) (2006)

Amikaeyla & Ariana, along with KIVA, have recorded a new and awesome chant album. We've been helped by several of our good friends, including Jaqui MacMillan, Daveed Korup, and more! This new album features Indian chants, Native American chants, African chants, and some originals as well. It is very percussive and full of energy.

Musicians: Amikaeyla Gaston, Ariana Lightningstorm
Guests: Jaqui MacMillan, KIVA (Diana Sunday, David Landis, Diana McFadden, Jim Brewster, Tigre Cruz, Tim Sauerwein), Daveed Korup, John Wubbenhorst, Ken Anoff, Tom Wolfe, Aaron Starr, and Anowee
Jai Ma (original song by Amikaeyla)
Om Shanti (Traditional Indian Chant)
La Umba (Traditional Chant)
Pipe Song (Native American Chant)
Yaba Legba (Traditional Chant)
Ancient Mother (Traditional Chant)
Govinda Jai Jai (Traditional Indian Chant)
Rain Chant (Native American Chant)
Yeye Chango (Traditional African Chant)
Jnana Mai (original chant by Ariana)
Caribou Skin Hut (Traditional Chant)
21 Praises of Tara (Trad. Bhajan Chant)
Gela - Amaframahijeo (Traditional Chant)
Serpent Woman (live recording)
Out of the Corner of the Eye
KIVA (2006)

This new CD's central theme revolves around the land and the spirits that inhabit it, those who can be seen out of the corner of your eye if you just accept and notice them. The CD contains some pieces we've played for years but have just gotten around to recording and some music that is brand new. There are our own original compositions and some of our favorites from other writers; all honor Nature's spirit and the spirits of those who dwell in harmony with the planetary being we inhabit.
This is the first KIVA CD to feature our newest member, Tigre Cruz, on drums and vocals. He sings lead on our friend Jim Noland's song "Rise Up the Call", which also features Bansuri flute master John Wubbenhorst.

KIVA: Ariana Lightningstorm, Diana Sunday, David Landis, Jim Brewster, Tigre Cruz, Tim Sauerwein, Amikaeyla Gaston, Diana McFadden
Guests: Ken Anoff, Eve Jones, Jaqui MacMillan, Jim Noland, Izolda Trakhtenberg, and John Wubbenhorst

Out of the Corner of the Eye by KIVA
Review from Faerie Magazine, Summer 2006 edition

Kiva's newest offering "Out of the Corner of the Eye," their ninth recording since their inception in 1990, is a collection featuring thirteen songs with themes on the fey folk and the wildness of the earth in which they dwell. KIVA's players include eight core musicians and some talented guests who fill each song with an honest soulful quality. These modern day bards expertly weave mandolin, guitar, bass, cello, flutes, didjeridu, percussion, violin and voices into a celebration of the natural world. The songs have a timeless feeling and it is easy to get swept along on the wave of instruments into whatever tale is being told.

Out of the Corner of the Eye
Faerie Glen
Green Man (by Deirdre Stuart)
The Changeling (by Darragh)
Morning Sun (by Ken Anoff)
Rise Up the Call (by Jim Noland)
Autumn's Twilight
In Praise of Winter
Once More
Water, Fire, and Smoke (by Betsy Rose)
Battle of Evermore (by Led Zeppelin)
Green Tara (21 Praises) (Trad. Bhajan Chant)
The Coming & Going of Fey
Armageddon Calling "single"
KIVA (2003)

With the world in more and more desperate trouble, with wars and hatred and global climate change, are we humans courting distaster, is Armageddon calling us?
This new CD "single" contains the songs "Armageddon Calling", a new song from KIVA about the dangers we face, and "Om Shanti", a rocked-up Indian chant calling for peace and love. We feel these two songs are linked to our future -- Armageddon or peace, it's up to us...

We feel so strongly about this message that we're donating all proceeds from the sale of this CD to grassroots organizations that are working toward peace and balance in the world and toward sane government here in the USA. If you believe in those principles, buy this CD and help us fund worthwhile efforts.

KIVA: Ariana Lightningstorm, Diana Sunday, Eve Jones, David Landis, Diana McFadden, Jim Brewster, Tim Sauerwein
Guests: Wynne Paris
Includes: Armageddon Calling
Om Shanti
A Call to Beauty
KIVA (2002)

In this troubled time when so many people are issuing a call to arms, we strive instead for peace by issuing a call to beauty -- to remind everyone of the beauty of this world, the beauty of its people, and the beauty of its many different cultures.
This CD reflects that beauty and diversity. It presents music of varying styles based on cultures from all over our world and includes new songs, reworkings of old songs, and globally collected traditional pieces. It is the first KIVA CD to feature our newest members, Jim Brewster and Tim Sauerwein on didgeridoo (on "Earth Mother" and "Red Road").

KIVA: Ariana Lightningstorm, Diana Sunday, Eve Jones, David Landis, Diana McFadden, Jim Brewster, Tim Sauerwein
Guests: Amikaeyla Gaston, Jim Jacobsen, Artemis, Brad Sidwell, Gene Long, Brooke Parkhurst

"The CD, 'A Call to Beauty' is a magnificent album -- with free flowing vibrations, that make your spirit want to soar. The rhythmic, free-flowing movements are inspirational to any soul. Thanks again, it is a magificent CD." -- "Inspirations" Radio, Rev. Wendy Eversen (

"VERY creative! I love the jazzy/bluesy influences. 'Oak and Ash and Thorn' is GREAT -- what a voice that woman has [that's Amikaeyla]! -- very witty: a British folk song as blues! The title cut is mesmerizing... something very infectious about the refrain of that one. Love the vocal work at the end of the environmental song ['Pollution']! And great percussion throughout! KIVA has come up with a distinctive sound, and that is not so easy to do." -- K. Allen, WPSU Public Radio

"A Call to Beauty" was nominated for a Washington Area Music (Wammie) Award for 2002 and 2003 as "Best World Music Album".

A Call to Beauty
Moon Path
Travelers Prayer (by John Renbourn)
Earth Mother (by Alaina)
Oak & Ash & Thorn
Star of the County Down
High Summer Redux
Red Road (by Ken Anoff)
A Native of England (by Amikaeyla)
Pie in the Sky
Tree's Song (from a poem by Andrew Hoerner)
Raven's Wings (by Kathleen Hannan)
Live at the Forest Inn
KIVA (1997)

This wonderful live album was recorded at the Forest Inn, a large Victorian ballroom in Forest Glen, Maryland. It is the first release to include new KIVA member David Landis and the return of Diana McFadden. It also features the fantastic vocals of Amikaeyla Gaston, longtime KIVA alumni Nicole Cooley in an unusual arrangement of the traditional song "Twa Corbies", and award winning harpist Olvardil Prydwyn on harp (on "The Basin") and cittern (on "Twa Corbies"). This CD was nominated for DC's Whammie Award for "Best New Age Album". Click here for more information on our live CD.

KIVA: Ariana Lightningstorm, Nicole Cooley, Diana Sunday, Eve Jones, David Landis, Diana McFadden
Guests: Amikaeyla Gaston, Olvardil Prydwyn

"I was so glad to hear diverse melodies in the tunes Ariana wrote for the 'Live at the Forest Inn' album... The final selection is a potential classic called 'Go Now', a wonderful children's story (for all ages) about shape shifting and living a spirit-filled life on this Mother Earth. I look forward to hearing more by KIVA." -- Kay Gardner, review from Goddessing magazine

"This is the best KIVA CD I've ever heard. All of the songs are wonderful, especially the new version of the Shaman song 'Green Man' and the brand new song 'Go Now'. The CD really captures the energy of a live KIVA concert -- don't miss this gem." -- Web Music Reviews

"Live at the Forest Inn" was nominated for a Washington Area Music (Wammie) Award for 1998 as "Best New Age Album".
Star of the Sea (by Persephone)
Witchin' Hour
Twa Corbies
Green Man (by Dierdre Stuart)
Devi Puja (Traditional Chant)
The Basin
Durgé Durgé
Ariana's Blessing
Go Now (by Amikaeyla Gaston)
Finding the Balance Within
KIVA (1995)

A passionate album, it reminds us of humanity's inter-connectedness with the earth. The songs and chants help us find our wholeness in nature, the elements and seasons. It features award winning Celtic harpist Sue Richards, and percussionist Robin Burdulis and Barbara McPherson, and Kathleen Hannan (Singer-Songwriter of the Year Award winner in North Carolina) playing piano. This CD was nominated for DC's Whammie Award 2 years in a row!

KIVA: Ariana Lightningstorm, Nicole Cooley, Eve Jones, Diana Sunday
Guests: Robin Burdulis, Barbara McPherson, Pat, Ridenour, Lynn Bitter, Lynn Cunningham, Kathleen Hannan, Jim Jacobsen, Diana McFadden, Michelle O'Connell, Brooke Parkhurst, Jon Perry, Persephone, Terese Reamer, Sue Richards, Izolda Trakhtenberg

"'Finding the Balance Within' is the kind of CD you fall in love with on the first listen! Without a doubt, KIVA is a major musical voice!" -- RFD Magazine, CaConrad

Cycle of the Seasons (by Nicole Cooley)
Maria (by Kathleen Hannan)
Star of the Sea (by Persephone)
The Basin
Siren's Song
Sea Called (by Nicole Cooley)
Princess Royal
May Queen
Summer Solstice Passion
There Was an Old Woman
Beacon of Light
Mother Wisdom
KIVA (1994)

The twelve voices of "the Chorus of Powerful Women" invite you to experience the Goddess with original and traditional chants and songs from Africa, Tibet, Greece, India, and North and South America. Mother Wisdom connects us to the ancient mother and keeps the Goddess tradition alive.

"The CDs sound is rich, clear and well produced... the 12 member chorus of powerful women sounds as if it's been singing as a group for years." Kay Gardner, review from Goddessing magazine

"This is a powerful, important, and moving album of traditional and original chants to the Divine Mother." -- Tom Wolfe, Smile Herb Shop, College Park, MD

"My best selling tape." -- Lady Alexandria, Crystal Fox, Laurel, MD

"Gorgeous. Use this wonderful album to learn traditional goddess chants, or ceremony." -- Sequoia

"Using a variety of percussion and acoustic instrumentation, this spirited women's group blends strong, firey vocal harmonies with suberb musical interpretation." -- Heartsong Review

"KIVA's music is simultaneously very simple and complex, and the multiple voices blend together seamlessly. The strong vocal harmonizes combine with diverse instrumentation. The result is a collection of songs that are difficult to describe effectively." -- stalkingghostbear, from
Jnana Mai
Sri Mahalaksmyastakam (Traditional Chant)
Yemaya (Traditional Chant)
Green Tara Chant (Traditional Chant)
Jai Ma (traditional chant)
Rushing Water
Healing Song
The Earth is Our Mother

We currently have one for $15.00 +S/H&I

Mother Wisdom in Castle Life.
KIVA (1993)

This release weaves together the enchanting vocal harmonies and powerful rhythms of the earth religion, celebrating the alchemy of love and life that transforms us as we embrace ecstasy. The musicians are inspired by myriad forms and traditions, and this album showcases their instrumental range as never before, highlighting individual KIVA members and friends such as Robin Burdulis and Barbara McPherson.

KIVA: Ariana Lightningstorm, Diana McFadden, Kestryl Galbreath, Eve Jones
Guests: Robin Burdulis, Nicole Cooley, Sarah Curry, Morgan Darkfire, Bryn Erin, Jim Jacobsen, Barbara McPherson, Brooke Parkhurst, Jon Perry, Alex Potter

"This is some of the most sophisticated, exciting and satisfying 'women's music' I've heard, and is highly recommended by New Age music buyers." -- P.J. Biroski, New Age Retailer

"Alchemy is one of my all-time favorite recordings!! The reason I am looking for another copy of it is that I played it so much the tape is shredding from being listened to so much!! There is something here for everyone!! I highly recommend it to anyone looking for the Best in New Age music!!" -- beadmonster, from

Changer's Fire
Aphrodite's Daughters
Celtic Sunrise Midnight Passage
Grandmother Spider Woman
Persephone's Song
Fly High
Maid of Orleans
KIVA and Friends (1991)

"Renewal" is an album full of "danceable chants" and songs full of imagery from nature, mythology, and many traditional spiritual paths from around the world. Robin Burdulis and Barbara McPherson make their percussive debut on Renewal!

KIVA: Ariana Lightningstorm, Nicole Cooley, Diana McFadden, Jon Perry
Guests: Barbara McPherson, Robin Burdulis, Alice Alder, Morgan Darkfire, Jerry Rorstrom-Lee, Bryn Erin, Linnea Price, Kathryn Theatana, Cathy Waters, Alex Potter

"A high energy collective effort... powerful, spirited vocals." -- Heartsong Review
Dance in the Moonlight
The Earth is Our Mother
Fire Flow Free
Fire Beneath the Ice
Diana Fanfare/Huntress
Lament for Liadon
Garlands and Lightning
The Healing Art
KIVA (1990)

With "The Healing Art", KIVA starts its journey into the world with songs that heal the spirit and open the heart. The journey begins with original folk songs of the seasons and move into music that makes you want to dance around the room or howl at the moon!

KIVA: Ariana Lightningstorm, Bryn Erin, Julie Marino
Guests: Diana McFadden, Chaitanya, Jon Perry, Linnea Price, Lee Davenport, Frances Fox, Jim Jacobsen, Barbara McPherson, Alaina Dhanya, Kathryn Theatana, Jerry Rorstrom-Lee

"This tape is one of the jewels of the year. The songs are exquisitely crafted and sent sailing through the air on the achingly pure voice of Ariana backed by uncluttered vocals and intuitive musicians." -- Green Egg Magazine

"My wife and four-year-old daughter listen to your CD's constantly. There are multiple songs that Zoë knows and sings regularly, but her favorites are 'Old Woman' and 'Jai Ma'. It is so sweet to hear her singing... and it is wonderful to fortify her with your positive lyrics. Neither Zoë nor her 2 year old brother can refrain from dancing to 'Spring is Returning'!" -- D. Hessler, a fan
Winter Solstice Sunrise
Yuletide Changes
Spring is Returning
Aphrodite's Flowers
Dying God
Witchin' Hour
The Healing Art
High Summer
Diana - Live
Jai Ma


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After a festival's time of answering weighty questions such as these, I'd sleep like a log! Only a mad man could possibly remember the place and time for each piece of kitchen ware, weaponry, cloth, and chain within a span of 1,000 years!! Surely there must be an easier way, a place where he could post all this knowledge...

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