This is the written word of what was and has been told over and over to those we represent and advertise for on the road.  This is across the board for all represented accounts and those we advertise for.  Because of those who have taken advantage of us at shows and in dealing with their accounts.   This is what we are going by from now on.  Simply put is our company policies for running the accounts, visiting artists and things we have to be certain that every one knows how and what in dealing with their account.  As well as what we expect from you.  For new inventory or new artists we are not an in and out show service for your convenience such as coming to an event, signing in the items for sale and then at the end of the show taking them back.  Nor are we there for an artist to show up for the event leave their items expecting to come and go play as they want service either.  We are here to represent the artist/crafter showing the items that they make.  Also showing the public that the artistry still exists on more than one level.  Making a little bit doing so to support ourselves.  This is not a drop off or look they are there we want to be there too, type of outfit. For those of you we represent and see at the shows and events, we will sign in inventory during set up and before the opening of the show i.e., within the first 24 hours of set up or your arrival if an extended show.  Please call TWO WEEKS in advance if doing so.  This way we can have things ready to go when you arrive.  (Isabell really hates having to do unexpected paper work in a moments notice.)  Being surprised is not always a good thing while trying to set up or tear down.

We like to carry inventory for at least one season.  The seasons are from the full moon of the first month listed to the full moon in the next month indicated; Winter: Oct. thru March, Spring: March thru May, Summer: May thru August, Fall: Aug thru Oct.  If you need to sign out the inventory back out at that show, you must inform us when you sign it in as well as write it on the paperwork.  It can be signed out on the last night of the shows run , not during packing down nor a day early.  We will try to have it ready when you leave at the end of the show’s run.  But will not wait on you to pack up the rest of the tent. If it is packed when you show up it will remain so.  There will be no delayed leaving, because we are waiting on you if we finish packing before you show up.

If you wish to talk about your account during a show please write a letter requesting to do so three weeks before the show you wish to discuss the account at.  This will help to ensure that your records are on hand and allows us to arrange time to talk before we open the tent or after we close the tent in the evening.  We are not your personnel record keepers.  You are expected to keep your records as well.  This way if the need arises we can compare them to our records.  It is best to talk on non show days.  If you come into the tent while we are open please be advised that any possible sale will take precedence over talking with you or dealing with your account.  This way both of us can make time to sit down with each other’s file and deal with the issue.  All things discussed and decided upon will be written down, placed in our file for the account and copied for your files as well for future reference.

The tent opens at 8AM or one hour before a show opens for the day.  The tent stays open until the show closes for the day or when the evening Crowd dies out between 10PM and 2AM.  Please include two hours after that to cover closing the tent, evening meal and any other items that need immediate attention.

As always you are more than welcome to meet us at or attend an event with us.  Please let us know at least fourteen (14) days in advance so that the proper arrangements can be made for all involved.  This gives you the chance at the event of bringing additional inventory that you can sign in and we take responsibility for the merchandise and sell it as we normally would.  This means that you can go play at the event and/or stay in the tent being the artist in residence for questions, demonstrating your talent also known as making stock.  You will also have the first shot at any custom order questions that are within your range of talent.  The second option is we can give you a space, usually an 8’  table’s worth, to sit behind & sell your merchandise your self.  (Incase you were wondering there is enough room in the tent for two artisans to have tables with us at the same time in the tent.)  Thus being the visiting artist/crafter.  Because of past misunderstandings and what has transpired we have modified the way that we handle things with visiting artists and merchants in our booth.  We have been mistreated and run over by others, thus we have standardized our dealings with this issue.  Because we know cosmic dice rolls affecting sales, people wants and tight purse strings, we use a sliding scale for subletting our space.  We use a percentage scale at the event between 14%-21% .  On the inventory separate from what is signed in.  If the show is bad or lacking  then a lower percentage.  If it is a good event then it should be reflected with a larger percentage.

We are sorry for this, but as we have stated many times the people in our past have made us what we are today.  Those in the past have taught us well, to be against those who we meet now.

It is not yet required, but very highly recommended to assist in the set up and packing of the tent.  Not just showing up and then leaving when you decide the event is done.  The day before we open is when we lay out the majority of the merchandise.  Your presence insures that you have space for your items and yourself.  It also allows you some time to become familiar with how the tent is laid out.  This ensures that you have time to acquire the correct parking  & personal passes for the event.  Having the correct passes ready for you may require two weeks notice before the event.

We run one cash box and one cash box only in the tent.  Isabell is in charge of running the cash box.  All sales/transactions go to her. If she is not there then Drago deals with it.  A separate sales sheet will be kept of the items sold for those who are visiting.  At the end of the shows full run is when items sold are cashed out.  At the end of the event we will try to pay in cash for the items that sold during the run of the event.  Do not come expecting instant money.  If the credit card sales out number the cash sales, there will not be enough cash to go around.  If we can not pay you for every thing that sold, a postal money order/cashiers check will be sent to the address on file with in seven (7) days of the end of the event.  We do not guarantee the ability to pay you in cash at the end of the event.  It takes at least three days for credit card sales to clear & longer for checks.  This does not mean that you can follow us around for those days.  Remember we have to be able to get to the next event as well. 

  We open the tent at 8AM at private events and stay open till late evening, permitting that weather & crowd allow us to.  At public shows we (as in the whole tent) are to be ready one hour before show opens and stay after to close down.

Yes, you are there to sell your items and bring new items to the tent. You are also there sell the rest of the items in the tent as well, if time permits.

If you have anything to contribute to the cause - please do so.  We have a general drink cooler for all to use and often items to snack on through out the day.  We usually go out to eat after a day of dealing with the people if it’s a public event.  It’s then we figure the paperwork out, if not then the following morning.

Either way every thing must have a price tag of some fashion that is easy to see.  This way if you need to leave for a moment or two we can still handle things.  (We have made up a price when there was no tagged price on the item that interest is shown in.  Sometimes we’re high other times low.)  We suggest that you use neon colored string tags on your items.  This helps to prevent confusion on the customers part.  Please have the price as well as who it belongs to written on the tags.

If you wish to send inventory to us, have it delivered seven days before the event or show that you want it to be at.  Always call before you ship anything to obtain the best and most direct shipping address.  The consistent way to get anything to us is the P.O. Box in Maine.  Mail from the P.O. Box is always forwarded to us, where ever we are.  For the convince of forwarding mail to us from the P.O. Box please ship items 2-3 day priority mail.  This way it can be forwarded to us at no extra cost.  Call us at 1-800-516-0497  to inform us that you have sent something to us.  This way we will be looking for the package to arrive.  When the items arrive we will call you after going through the box to ensure that every thing arrive okay.  This also allows us to double check the inventory list against the items in box.

Of course you can call us at 1-800-516-0497 , 30 hours a day, nine days week.  The best day to reach us is Wednesday between shows and events, NOT on the weekends.  Tuesday and Thursday are also good days, however we may be traveling between events.  Usually we try to return phone calls after 9PM EST.  Since we are trying to accomplish things during the day as well.  All mail being sent to the P.O. Box is forwarded once a week to us as we travel from show to show.

To help things in the mail arrive faster, we request that you find out what your nine-digit zip code is.  The nine-digit zip code consists of the normal five digits plus four more digits that narrow down more where the mail goes to.  These four digests are for city use and can take as much as three days off of the delivery time of your mail.  To find these extra four digits look at bills or magazines sent in the mail to you.  Large billing companies always use them to ensure that your bill arrives as fast as possible.

 The bottom line is that we sell at what you currently sell at, that way no one will accuse us of gouging the public or the artist.  To figure the price of an item, you give us the amount that you want back for an item & we add to it according to our pricing chart.  Thus making the retail price for both of us to use on that item.  Or by using the retail price & the same chart we subtract from the published price, already known by the public for that the item.  This is how to figure out our represented payment for each item.  The easiest and the best way is for both of us to use the same price as you do.  There is less confusion by any customers in general that way.  All accounts are now being handled on a uniformed charted rate as listed in this packet.  Which basically translates into we have two choices to figure out the selling price and the payment.  We sell items on whole dollar amounts to make it easer for change and figuring paperwork out for the shows.  We round up to the next dollar for items under 99, over 100 to 999  round up to the next 5 mark and over 1,000 we use the ten mark.

The address you list on the account will be the address that payments with a schedule are sent to, along with the monthly letter (when we are able to send one out) and any items that we may pick up for you.  Remember that if you move or need to change any contact information you need to physically send the change to the PO box in Maine so we can update your records.  Calling is good but we need a piece of paper to file in your account as proof that you have changed the contact data.  This way no one can accuse us of not trying to being able to contact you.  We are on the road often and not there when these things happen to you.  If you don’t send your new information your account will remain in limbo until you do so.  (If we don’t know where to send the money, how can we pay you?!?!)  Only after you up date the points of contact with us will we be able to deal with it in what ever way it needs to be dealt with.  If it remains in non contact status for a year and a day then your account will be closed for non contact.  That time period usually starts after any letter mailed to you has been returned to us.  After that these are also reasons to close your account; you have not contacted us after we see you at an event or you talk to us on the phone, stating that your contact data has changed, but do not send your new information.  For until the mail is returned we will still send to that address unknowing of what is happening on the other end.  For it is the contact point you have recorded in the account file for us to use.  Many don’t call us when things arrive and we have grown accustomed to assuming that all is well.  It is usually months afterward that we are told or if we call are then told.  So it is up to you to ensure that we have CURRENT CONTACT DATA, AND TO INFORM US OF WHEN THINGS ARRIVE.  Or you can pay for the extra postal services it requires to know that you have received the item(s) in question by signing for them.  Phone numbers change often enough that we don’t use them for reference any more.  With cell phone plans that change and area codes being divided up, they are no longer the primary contact point.  It is the same with e-mail, which we have never depended on.  Physical ADDRESSES and those papers filed in your file are all we will ever be able to truly account for and base our responses to.

Payments are sent out once the account goes over the balance of $100.00.  With the payment you will receive a perspective list of shows and their locations.  There are no payments or exchange of money at any event.  It is all done by recorded letter and sent to the address on file in your account.  Until then a running balance will be maintained.  When payments are sent to you, it will be by regular mail with a listing of what items are being paid for.  We will endeavor to call you when the payment is sent, so that you know to look for it in your mail.  When the payment arrives call us on 1-800-516-0497  to inform us you have received it.  If you do not call the 800# to let us know that you received the money, the next payment that is sent to you will be sent priority mail, certified with a return receipt.  The cost of this service {currently $12.00, previously paid by us} will be deducted from the amount of money that is being sent to you.  It costs only a few minutes of your time to call the 800# to let us know that you received the payment.  If you should ever forget the 800# look at the return address or the letterhead of the last/current thing that we sent to you.

If you wish to have something changed with your account, you need to write a letter stating so.  For example you make item x and your return price for it is $20.00.  Two months later your cost of material goes up & you now need $25.00 for a return price.  By writing a letter to notify us, it gives us a physical record of the price change that can be placed in your file.  Or just sign the next of those items in at the higher price.  Any change or item that deals with your account needs to be in writing.  Over time people forget what they have said or agreed to.  A physical paper trail keeps things in line & helps to prevent issues that may arise later on.

Request for items to be returned must be sent in writing to the P.O Box.  The request must also have a copy for your records for the account.   Do not come to an event expecting to close the account by picking everything up and demanding to be paid.  It is not going to happen.  We close the account by going through the account listing of items signed in, items sold, items returned, and items paid for - to find the correct status of the account.  This will be sent to the address on file in your account.  If it is correct by your records,  you are to sign off on it and send it back to us. Then we will take the outstanding amount still owed, divide it into four payments.  The first Payment sent to you will have a list of items being paid for along with the requirement of you sending a receipt of payment and listing of items still owed for.  We will wait for a receipt of payment and a remaining inventory listing before the next payment is sent out.  Allow at least 30 days for the return of items, unless other arrangements are made ahead of time.  If your records disagree you must show us where our records & your records disagree.  We will both have to figure out from there how to make the records agree.

Please understand that Isabell is the walk around model for women’s outfits and items.  We have found if she wears and uses them, people see the item is workable and well tested.  Outfits or items given her to wear can be used as a tax break for advertising.  We were using the 12 month advertising agreement.  Then the outfit was Isabell's.  But because of artist retrieving the outfit in the eleventh month.  We have changed it to 2 of our seasons as per listed before. {The seasons are from the full moon of the first month listed to the full moon in the next month indicated; Winter: Oct. thru March, Spring: March thru May, Summer: May thru August, Fall: Aug thru Oct.}  That way if an outfit arrives in say the Winter season by the end of the Summer season it is hers.  We will not count the partial season it arrives in only the full two seasons afterwards.  This has also applied to items worn/used by Drago as well.  We have in the past had a $2,000.00 item among other items as well, given in such a matter.  It was carried until the artist was no longer represented.  Then we retired the item until at what time that changes.

The artist/crafter supplier understands that we are not responsible for acts of nature, {sun, rain, dust} which may result in damage to items left on in inventory.  Every effort will be made to minimize damage.  Remember that we do OUTSIDE shows.  Please understand there will be an amount of road wear that will happen to items because we travel from event to event, again there will be an effort to keep damage to a minimum.  We reserve the right to refuse any item from  being represented and will return items within 30 days; if items seem to be over priced, holds no interest for the public, is of a questionable nature or below the current level of artistry already being carried by that artist.

We love being able to make custom items for our customers.  The first step is sending you a quote form.  We need to have a written response to any quote for a custom order(s).  The written response(s) is for the records along with having some thing to show the person who ordered the item(s).  The standard amount of time given to respond to a quote or order is seven (7) days.  If you are unable to respond in seven days please let us know.  There have been cases where orders were never completed or an artisan has canceled the order without notifying any one.  Please remember that we are the ones who have to deal with the person who placed the order.  When things do not go as hoped, we are often blamed by the costumer.  Please keep this in mind when you agree to do custom orders through us as one we represent.

Here are the ways to contact us throughout the year.  The first way is to write to the P.O. Box in Maine.   All letters received from you or sent from us to you will go into your file for the records.  This way all that is discussed and required of you or us will be documented and help to prevent miscommunications from happening.


The address is:


 Patchwork Merchant Mercenaries a Dept. of Ask For IT

C/O Edward A. Westleigh or Rev. Allen M. Drago

 HOCR-Ancient Religions

P.O. Box 240

Denmark, ME 04022-0240


The second way, which is the best way while we are on the road, is to call 800-516-0497 and leave a message stating your name, the reason why you called, best day, time and phone number for us to call you back at.  The 800# is good at ANY phone in the lower 48 states, this includes pay phones.  We try to check messages on the 800# three times a day.  If we don’t contact you at the time and day requested, we either missed your message, are unable to call you because of business matters or we are traveling to another site.  Please call the 800# again leaving another message for us so we can contact you back.

If in range of signal we can also receive calls and text messages at 207-514-5225.

 The last and worst way to contact us is via e-mail at  We currently don’t have a way to constantly check the e-mail and often do not have the time to do so when traveling.  This is one of the major reasons why we set up the 800#.

If you or someone you know has a problem with the way something is being handled or how something was handled, please have the intelligence, common sense and decency to discuss or have them discuss the matter with us.  Talking with the rest of the world about the issue won’t help any 99.9% of the time.  It’s hard to work on a problem if we don’t know about it.  This also helps to prevent the issue from being blown out of proportion and help to stop the spreading of rumors.  Just remember these simple three steps.  1)Come to us so we all can know what the problem is.  2)Sit down with us so we all can come up with an answer or at least a plan of attack.  3)Carry out the answer/plan to take care of the problem.  To make it simple - think and communicate.  Every story has three sides, take the time to find all three before you jump to conclusions.

Whenever in doubt about any thing ask questions.  There is no such thing as a stupid question, unless you don’t ask it.  So use common sense, ask questions & don’t be afraid to say what you think.



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To Close an Account:


           First a physical letter from the Artist/Main account holder stating that they want to close the account the reason is immaterial. They have come up with many. With a full copy of their records on the status of the account.  Or a justification of items received, returned, paid for and

unaccounted for.


We will then respond with our justification of items received, returned, paid for, sold yet to pay for and still in inventory.


Our justification is mailed, to the address on record to that account.  If the Artist/Main account holder agrees with the justification, they then sign off on it.  They then send a signed copy back to us.


We will then send the remainder of inventory back to them, to the address as before.  The remaining  amount owed is divided into four payments.  The first of which is shipped with the remaining inventory.  We await a call stating they received the money and inventory.


We then wait for a physical receipt of payment and a billing for the items not paid for in the mail.  Until that physical receipt is received we will not send another payment.  Remember if you move or change your address and do not notify us how can we send payments?


We follow the same procedure for the next three payments as well.



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A deceitful query!! This is not a yes or no question. One must have a damn good understanding of European history (at least) from the fall of Rome to the mid-1600's to properly answer. Taking into account, also, the culture in which the querent is dressed is vitally important. You see, though it may be well within medieval period, it would be strange to see a Viking wearing a Caftan...or is it?

After a festival's time of answering weighty questions such as these, I'd sleep like a log! Only a mad man could possibly remember the place and time for each piece of kitchen ware, weaponry, cloth, and chain within a span of 1,000 years!! Surely there must be an easier way, a place where he could post all this knowledge...

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