Working with faeries of the garden can bring good fortune and a greater connection to nature. Learn to work with flower fairies and tree spirits for faerie protection.

If you want to work with faeries and develop your relationship with them, the garden is an ideal place to begin. There are believed to be many benevolent spirits dwelling within, from gentle flower fairies to wise dryads.

Sit and meditate in the garden, perhaps by a body of water, under a faerie tree, or in a secluded favorite spot. Believers will ask the faeries of the garden to work with the individual, to provide teachings, and help build a magical relationship.

Once the faerie believer feels that he/she has connected with the spirit of the garden, one can move on to working with different types of garden faeries.

Working with Flower Fairies
To work with flower faeries, believers will sit quietly by a chosen flower. Then, one must connect with the flower's energy.

Work with yellow flower faeries for changes and new beginnings (especially potent in the spring). They are said to help people to feel joy, bringing youthfulness and energy.

Red flower faeries are believed to bring vitality. They can banish tiredness and can also help alleviate nerves, offering courage and the ability to rise to the challenge. They can also restore warmth both to the heart and the circulatory system.

Faeries of white flowers are thought to remind people of innocence, offering hope and a positive attitude. Work with them for uplifting energy, after illness or bereavement, or to help someone in desperate need.

Work with blue flower faeries for calm and healing. They are believed to be able to help with skin irritations and insomnia, as well as bringing clarity to situations and helping to reveal the truth.

To cleanse the soul of negativity or work on love issues, work with the purple flower faeries. They are said to focus on spiritual issues, and would be excellent for assisting with the development of inner intuition. If you struggle to develop your psychic ability then faeries of purple flowers are the best to work with. Purple is also an excellent meditative aid.

Connecting with Flower Fairies
The best way to make a connection with the flower faeries is to tend the garden! One must do so in a calm and relaxed manner if he/she is to absorb the faerie energies. To work with a specific flower, concentrate on its properties, memorizing and visualizing the color, shape and scent.

It's also important to research flower lore and deities associated with it, and place one on an altar. Make or buy a flower essence of your chosen flower and wear it as a perfume. Pressed flowers also retain the magical properties of the plant and can draw you closer to the faery – a person can ask it to bless his/her dreams.

Working with Water Faeries
It's believed that water faeries possess many different qualities depending on the body of water in which they live – like water, they are unpredictable and ever changing. However, garden water faeries will mainly be associated with ponds.

Faeries of still water reflect the water’s calm and tranquility, teaching people stillness and helping to heal inner conflict.

Working with Tree Faeries
Tree spirits are ancient and wise, reflecting the age of the tree and all it has seen. Similarly, if a faerie has dwelt in a tree for a long time, it too will have much wisdom and experience to share.

One may wish to sit beneath the tree and ask to connect with the faeries within its branches. Trees are said to be mediators between realms and have much to teach. It's said that many saints have received enlightenment whilst sitting beneath a tree. Lean against the trunk, touch the bark, let the aura of the tree permeate your being. Letting the energy of the tree inside you opens you up to the dryad realm.

Work with different trees for different outcomes:

Silver birch – energy and nourishment
Rowan – protection
Apple – power and youthfulness
Ivy – self-discovery
Ash – prophecy
Holly – counteracting negativity
Willow – release of emotions
Oak – wisdom and strength
Hazel – fertility and wisdom
Aspen – trusting intuition
Yew – growth, change and rebirth
Hawthorn – love, opening the heart
Cedar - purification
Always give thanks to the tree faeries for any wisdom they may impart.

Garden Faerie Magic
Flower faeries are believed to imbue flowers with magical properties, which can be used in spells. Put roses around a deep pink candle and piece of rose quartz for love, or wind honeysuckle around a green candle to draw money to you. For clarity of mind, place clover around a white candle, or to banish negative thoughts directed at you from others, place a mirror behind a vase of snapdragons and ask the faeries to reflect the negativity back.

For believers, faeries bring their magic to gardens, and will reward a kind, generous and nature-loving family or individual with their blessings, which can include good fortune, protection, joy, love and happiness.


Brown, Denise Wichello. The Faery Guide. Silverdale Books, 2003.

Moorey, Teresa. The Fairy Bible. Godsfield Press, 2008.

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