Polynesia Malaysia Indonesia and the pacific rim dragons by LÅÐ¥ HÊKÅ†Ê ☽O☾

Polynesia Malaysia Indonesia and the pacific rim dragons

olynesia Malaysia Indonesia and the pacific rim dragons

Ala Muki 
Region: Australia near Waiahua River
Time Period: Unknown
References in Literature: 
Sources: China and Japan, PJ Criss, TyshaDragon
• A River goddess that sometimes took on dragon form
• Near Ka-mo-o-la
• Got its name from the long trips dragons would take over the plain.

Anata / Sesha / The Endless One / Anataboga / Anata Boga 
Region: India, Java region
Time Period: Unknown
References in Literature: Wayang 
Sources: Giants, Monsters, and Dragons pg 17, DenCity, Illiana, Circle of the Dragon
• Found in Hindu Mythology
• Characterized as a fire-breathing snake with a thousand heads, although some sources say only 11
• Forms a canopy over Vishnu, who also uses Anata as a mount
• Will destroy the world in the 5th Kalpa (1 Kalpa = 4,320,000,000 mortal years)
• Used to churn the oceans.
• Said to be born of Balarama's mouth right before he dies
• Symbol of Eternity and Cosmic Energy
• Underworld of the Dead is his domain
• Dewi Nagagini is his consort
• Appears in the Wayang, and oriental popular Opera
• Also known as "King of the Dragons"
• Often compared to Ananta Sesha, Naga and nagini
• Created amrita, the elixer of immortatility

Region: Balinese people
Time Period: Unknown
Appearances in Literature: Tjalon Arang
Sources: Giants, Monsters and Dragons pg 40, "Risk, Ritual and Performance" by Leo Howe 
• Huge, leering eyes, fangs, lolling and protruding tongue, long winding body
• Appears in the play Tjalon Arang in which a widow / witch named Ranja is its enemy
• Balinese dance-dramas called Calonarang featured Rangda, a witch, fighting the Barong and were put on either in bad times or during celebrations. It would start as a comedy, then Rangda would appear and fight, scaring the audiences. Performances were held near grave yards.

Region: West Malaysia and Java
Time Period: Unknown
Appearances in Literature: None Found
Sources: Giants, Monsters and Dragons pg 60 
• Lives in the jungles and forests
• Understands all creatures and forest-lore

Region: Sunda Peoples
Time Period: Unknown
Appearances in Literature: None Found
Sources: Giants, Monsters and Dragons pg 199 
• Huge, supernatural flying serpent
• Takes the form of a fiery dragon or serpent when night falls

Region: Hawaii, Ewa Lagoon
Time Period: Unknown
References in Literature: 
Sources: China and Japan, p. 51
• Mr. Westerveld notes that “one dragon lived in the Ewa lagoon, now known as ‘Pearl Harbour’. This was Kane-kua-ana, who was said to have brought the pip (oysters) to Ewa. She was worshipped by those who gather the shell-fish. When the oysters began to disappear about 1850, the natives said the dragon had become angry and was sending the oysters to Kahiki, or some far-away foreign land.”

Region: Hawaii, Maui Island
Time Period: Unknown
References in Literature: 
Sources: China and Japan, p. 68
“On Maui, the greatest dragon of the island was Kiha-wahine. The natives had the saying, ‘ Kiha has mana, or miraculous power, like Mo-o-inanea’. She lived in a large, deep pool on the edge of the village Lahaina, and was worshiped by the royal family of Maui as their special guardian."

Region: Borneo, Polynesia
Time Period: Unknown
References in Literature: 
Sources: Circle of the Dragon, Biopark
• The emperor of China sent his sons Wee San and Wee Ping to get the dragon's immense pearl after his army is defeated by the dragon. Wee San used a kite to fly to the top of the mountain and replaces the pearl with a fake one, but as they were sailing away, the dragon came after them. Wee San sent a red hot cannon ball and Kinabalu swallowed it, falling into the sea. When they got home, Wee Ping took all the credit and was rewarded, but died destitute and alone. Wee San went back to Borneo and became a king.

Mo-o / Kupua 
Region: Polynesia, Hawaii
Time Period: Unknown
References in Literature: 
Sources: China and Japan, p. 78-9
• “ ‘These [Mo-o] dragons were known also as Kupuas, or mysterious characters, who could appear as animals, or human beings, according to their wish. The saying was, “ Kupuas have a strange double body!” ‘ ".
• Tale: 
• In Hawaii, two dragons were living in a river and were called "the moving boards" because they made a bulge across the river.

Mo-o-inanea / Kupua 
Region: Hawaii
Time Period: Unknown
References in Literature: 
Sources: China and Japan, p. 79
“All the dragons of Hawaii were descended form Mo-o-inanea (the self-reliant dragon), a mother-goddess. She had a dual nature, 'sometimes appearing as a dragon, sometimes as a woman'. Hawaiian dragons also assumed the forms of large stones, some of which were associated with groves of hau trees; on these stones ferns and flowers were laid and referred to as 'kupuas'".

Naga Mas / Golden Dragon Naga Mas 
Region: Malaysia, Malay people
Time Period: Unknown
Appearances in Literature: None Found
Sources: Giants, Monsters and Dragons pg 146 
• Sea monster
• Son of Raga Budiman and the brother of Prince Lela Mirda

Region: West Malaysia, Malay People
Time Period: Unknown
References in Literature: No literature, but is the island in the musical South Pacific, Bali Hai. 
Sources: Giants, Monsters, and Dragons pg 361, Interknowledge
Tale 1: 
• "An early Malaysian legend claims Tioman to be a transformed dragon princess. Apparently the beautiful princess stopped enroute to Singapore from China to admire the charms of this spot. So enraptured was she that she decided to discontinue her journey, take the form of an island, and remain there as a place of shelter and comfort to passing travelers."
• Tale 2: 
• A princess fell in love with a Prince, but he didn't return her love. She was so agonized that she turned into a dragon with horns and a swirling tail. Now, even more distraught, she swam to the South China Sea and there transformed into the Pulao Tiomen Island - her horns are the 2 peaks and her back is the mountains of Bali Hai.

Region: Polynesia near Whanganui River
Time Period: Unknown
References in Literature: 
Sources: Circle of the Dragon
• Was once a friend of those near the Whanganui river, but went bad and was defeated by the hero Aokehu who had Tutaeporoporo swallow sharks teeth, thus killing it.

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