Dragons are often held to have major spiritual significance in various religions and cultures around the world. In many Asian dragons were, and in some cultures still are, revered as representative of the primal forces of nature , religion and the universe. They are associated with wisdom said to be wiser than humans—and longevity. They are commonly said to possess some form of magic or other supernatural power, and are often associated with wells, rain, and rivers. In some cultures, they are also said to be capable of human speech In some traditions dragons are said to have taught humans to talk.

Serpents were commonly connected to the Mother Goddess.
Serpent - Earth Healer
Symbols of healing and wisdom, serpents live within the depths of the Earth Mother and have mastery of all her secret knowledge and vital forces. Both Brigantia and Stroni, Celtic goddesses of healing, use the serpent's mystical powers to work their cures. Because of their wave-like movements, serpents are also assoc-iated with healing waters and sacred wells, sources of the regenerative healing powers from within the earth, and thus are protectors of health and well-being. Coming from inside the Earth, the serpent was believed to be all knowing of the world's secrets and having divine wisdom. The ram-headed serpent is named Cerrunos, who is lord of the underworld, and king of all animals. Cerrunos is the symbol of strength and virility.
The dragon represents change, the necessity that we not only adapt to circumstance but we ourselves become the active agent of change.Ancient Celts believed the fiery breath of the Green Dragon would give new life Dragons are the combination of the forces of the depths. The serpent, the wings of a bird, and horns, represent regeneration and grown. The dragon is the gatekeeper to other worlds.

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Black dragons are thought to be the most evil. They have deceptive ways and are often out only to meet their own needs. They are known as the Plight of the Land, usually, and are loathed by the people they live near. When you think about it, black dragons are like undead dragons, they are considered evil because of the color.

Black is known as a color of evil because it represents night, and in the night you can not see. So, it is clear why black dragons get such a bad reputation.

For the Dragons of the East, black is a chaotic color. Black Eastern Dragons are said to cause lightning storms when they fight. They are also said to be symbols of the North by Triskele Alder
Green is an earthly color. Thus, the green dragon is often associated with the world, vegetation, and nature. Some people believe that some green dragons spew acid instead of fire or ice. Also, most green dragons can command forces of nature.

Forces of nature include things like growth, earthquakes, and fluxes in the landscape. Lore is another thing that people have attributed to green dragons; they attract people with earthly tidings and such wondrous things. However, green dragons are often thought of as creatures that gobble up humans.

Many dragons in mythology are green because many reptiles and serpents are green, and dragons are related to them. by Triskele Alder
Most blue dragons are calm and peaceful, unless they are sea serpents. Sea serpents are said to be mean and overbearing to any and all ships, so they are normally bad tempered and spiteful.

Ice blue dragons usually live in cold places and hibernate the whole time. They especially like hoarding things and are often overprotective of their items. Ice dragons are seldom told of, however, as most dragons live in warm places.

Eastern Dragons are of the purest azure colors. They are a symbol of the East, and are pacifying and calm. by Triskele Alder
Red, as a symbolic color, has various connotations. It is the color of passion, love, anger, blood, and fire. Bad temperament and unpredictability are both associated with the color red. Red dragons, therefore, can vary from being symbols of love and passion to symbols of fire, anger, and bloodshed.Many dragons in mythology are red, and many of them that are in poems are red, too. Red dragons seem ferocious and dangerous, which adds to their terror and the valor of a knight who dares attack one.For Eastern Dragons, Red is the color of chaotic storms. The Red dragons are a symbol of the West, and they cause storms when they fight in the night. by Triskele Alder
White dragons are among the wisest dragons there are. Perhaps because they are associated with the light and righteousness. Though white dragons are considered wise, most stories tell them as evil as well, because they never tell the whole truth.White, for the East, is also a symbol of mourning. White Eastern dragons are said to be an omen of death. Which, mind you, the Chinese did not deem evil. They were symbols of the South by Triskele Alder
Although rainbow dragons are said to be quite rare, there are many stories involving dragons of multiple colors. The most famous and wide-spread of all these dragons is Rainbow Serpent, found in various mythologies.The Rainbow Serpent is generally connected with water, since the rainbow is seen after a rainstorm. The rainbow is a symbol of rebirth, life, and death because water is both a life-giving and a life-taking source.While few dragons are rainbow-colored, multiple dragons are connected with causing the rainbow, usually by reflecting light off of their scales... by Triskele Alder
The Purple Dragon represents the crown, the mastery of the mind - gained through enlightenment or spiritualism. Purple Dragon rules the pituitary gland influencing the mind & body to rise above the restrictions of materialism. This dragon has faith and trusts its ability to manifest the power to overcome restrictive boundaries, to venture outside them, and explore the infinite spaces above & beyond.

The color purple has been a symbol of royalty for a long time, possibly because the pigment is so hard to find in nature. There are very few stories about purple dragons, since it is not a 'natural' color.In modern artwork, many dragons are purple, but a lot of them are blue with purple undercolors. It is likely, therefore, that they would retain much of the color significance of blue dragons...

The Indigo Dragon represents the third eye and its ability to look inwards, whereby it combines truth, knowledge, and timing to become the key to intuition for the soul searcher. Indigo Dragon rules the eyes & ears, pineal gland, brain, nerves and pain. This dragon with its insight holds the light out to those that that seek and wish to see beyond the physical and its limitations - the inner voice of reason of the higher self. by Triskele Alder
Yellow Dragons are solitary creatures who do not hunt but lay complex traps for their prey. One of such tactics is for the dragon to bury itself in a pit of loose sand and when a creature walks over the buried dragon it rises up and swallow the creature whole. Yellow dragons prefer hot, desolate, and windswep deserts, enjoying basking in daytime temperatures of well over 100 degress. Yellow dragons spend their lives in solitude carefully guarding their territory from all other creatures, especialy brass dragons and other desert.

The Yellow Dragon represents the solar plexus (energy centre) influencing thought & learning, languages, changes to be made, as well as digestion. The yellow colour is sun energy and is courage – the positive action/side of cowardice. Yellow Dragon rules the muscles, digestive tract, liver & gall bladder, and pancreas. This dragon guided by intellect and emotion, carefully watches & waits - planning for the right moment to choose direction and then create change. Good food for thought is a priority! by Triskele Alder
In China dragons are know as Lung. There are four main kinds of Lung.~
The Celestial Dragon (Tien-Lung)
The Celestial Dragon protects the places of the Gods

The Spiritual Dragon (Shen-Lung)
The Spiritual Dragon controls the wind and the rain

The Earth Dragon (Ti-Lung)
The Earth Dragon controls rivers, and water on the Earth

The Underworld Dragon (Fut's-Lung)
The Underworld Dragon guards precious metals and gems. by Triskele Alder
by ~Kiarru-Zanway

shadow star
fifteen dragons in flight, gliding through the atmosphere.
each with their own abilities,
each with their own color, and size,
each with their own nature,
and each,
with their own destiny...

25 Dragons - Panel 1 by =skysealer on deviantART
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