by J'Karrah,

First written 1994, published here 2001

This ritual is to be used when someone has decided to make your life miserable.  For example if someone at work has decided they want *your* job and starts spreading malicious rumors, or if someone at school is talking about you behind your back, etc.  The purpose of this ritual is to confound their ability to cause you injury or distress.

This ritual is *NOT* intended to substitute for taking sound *legal* action if you are being physically threatened, bullied, stalked, or otherwise harassed.  It can *help* dealing with these types of situations, but as in all things let your own common sense prevail.

Needed items:

Normal altar equipment;  

Protection incense (or frankincense & myrrh, or cinnamon incense);  

Protection oil (or Dragon’s blood oil); Supplicant candle (white or astrological);  

Personal item to be used as a talisman

Step 1: Inscribe the candle with the following runes:


Hagall: protection

Raidho: justice

Thurisaz: neutralization of enemies

Uraz: to bring positive change

Tyr: victory

Isa: halting unwanted forces

Eolh: protection from evil and enemies

Eihwaz: removal of obstacles

Jera: bring positive events to pass


Be sure to concentrate on the need for protection as you carve the runes.  "See" each rune as a layer of shielding that nothing harmful can penetrate. 

Step 2: Anoint the candle with the protection blood oil and chant at least 4 times, or until you feel a signal to stop:

Dragons of Power, Dragons of Light, Dragons of Wisdom, Dragons of Might,

Lend me your magic; lend me your aid, Lend me your guidance as this spell is made!  

Step 3: Light the protection incense and pass the candle through the smoke and say 4 times:

Mighty Dragons of Magic and Wisdom, I ask that you spread your wings of protection over (name).  With your great magic surround (name) with protective energy.  With your all consuming Fire sever all connections with those who bring harm or despair.

Replace the candle and light.  Add more incense if necessary.

Step 4: Pick up the personal item and pass it through the candle flame (carefully) and the smoke and say at least 4 times:

Great Dragons of Magic and Wisdom infuse this (object) with your protective magic, that (supplicant) may be safeguarded at all times.  Let those who would do (supplicant) harm be confounded by smoke, and let their harmful intentions and energies be consumed by Fire.  So mote it be! 

Add more incense if necessary and then leave all the items on the altar until the candle has burned itself out.  Return the amulet to the supplicant.  This can also be done as a house protection rite using a magic cord in place of the personal item and substituting the phrase "this house" and “those within” in the appropriate places.

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