Calling of the Dragon ( Summon Dragon Energy for protection and healing ) by Donna Morgan

This spell you are  Summoning Energy of Dragons

this is for Healing ,Protection , Love,

you are Summoning a Dragon Spirit  to Enchant an object with  energy

Be Warned do not Summon what you can not banish 

if you are New to the Craft this is not for you



You need


4 Agate Crystals  Color is up to you

 4 Candles  Color  is up to you 

Red or Pink = Fire

White or Silver= Air

Blue= Water

Green= Earth

Gold or Yellow = Lighting or Energy

Purple = Soul 

Black=  all purpose


You also need  


Object that you want protected this can be a Ring, Wand , Athame,Necklace, Coin, Tarot cards anything you want give your object a name 


Glass or Silver  Chalice 

Red Wine   

Sandalwood incense



Pen  with Dragons blood ink * see recipe at bottom for dragon blood ink



If you would like some Dragon Vein Agate like this Click here 



Open your Circle as you Normally would 

Invoke your Goddess and Gods  however you wish



Start by  Placing the Candles,   North, East, West, South with yourself in the middle


Burn Incense  

on a piece of paper using the pen and dragon blood ink

write  your name and 3 things you want your Dragon to help you wish

some variations of this spell include adding Runes or Symbols you may include this if you wish


Hold the Agate in your hands


 (  Face  North ) Hold the Agate Crystal in the air  then

Place the First agate stone next to the candle  

Light the First Candle , take a sip of wine and Say


On wings of thunder honor bound

Search me out, as I drum the sound

Twist and turn in the night

Dragon come, my guiding light

Air and Water, Fire and Earth

In lunar rays I await a new minds birth

Protector and guardian, friend not foe

Come to me, see my yearning sigil glow

The moon is high, the sky is clear

as you come near evil shall disappear

Forever you have been, forever you shall reign

Protecting destiny from harm and bane

I beacon thee, I beacon thee, your spirit great

Guard this circle in honor of our fate

Oh mighty Dragon thou I see

Welcome O' Guardian Dragon

As Above--So Below, Blessed Be!"


  (  Face East )  Hold the Agate Crystal in the air then

Light the next candle

Place the Agate stone next to the candle

Take a Sip of Wine and Say


By Dragon wing and dragon claw, 

my defense is without flaw.

Shrouded by dragon might, 

remove me from enemy sight.

Fly before me, Dragon bright, 

and blind my foe with thy light.

Full of rage and terrible ire, 

burn my assailants with Dragon Fire." 

Dark and terrible be thy wrath, 

Dragon, protect me on my path.


 (  face West )  Hold the Agate Crystal in the air then

Place the Agate next to the Candle 

Light the candle Take a Sip of Wine and Say   


"Gentle Guardian wise and strong 

keep it as it belongs. 

Safe within thy charge and care, 

the current venture to fare. 

No harm to come or ill to befall,

guarded and safe through it all.


 ( Face South ) Hold the Agate Crystal in the air then

Place the Agate next to the Candle 

Light the candle Take a sip of wine and Say   


"Dragon brave and Dragon wise, 

let nothing escape your watchful eyes. 

I call to you from your hidden lair, 


("hold up object that you want protected give the object a name ") is entrusted to your care. 

Permit no harm to come to ( named object), 

in your presence may all evils take flight. 

No baneful creature born of flesh nor spirit

may touch (name object) nor even come near it. 

May those that would bring harm

be filled with fright and alarm."

Fill ( name object )  with your power and your Protection

With these words I cast this spell so mote it be!!! 


Meditate for a moment with the object in your hand watch the candles 

watch the flickering of the flames  ( important )


Here are some common interpretations:


Black Smoke This indicates that negative energy is being removed.


Dim Flame Only a little energy is being put towards the goal - you will need to refocus.


Even and Steady Burn A good sign, this usually indicates that the spell is manifesting and that you will achieve your goal.


Flame Goes Out If the flame goes out this is a good indicator that the balance would be tipped by the magickal energies raised and the universe has denied it. It may also mean that someone is working against you. In both of these situations it is advised that you take some time to regroup - you may wish to go through a cleansing and protective ritual before looking at the root cause of the situation you want to change.


Hisses and Sizzles This may be a spirit guide, angel or guardian trying to communicate. You may want to keep a pen and paper handy when you perform candle magic to write down any messages that you channel.


Quick Burn This is usually a positive sign and means that your request will probably be answered quite quickly.


Short Flame Obstacles may lie in your path, allow time for the universe to deal with those before beginning pursuing the goal.


Smoke - Eastern Direction Mental energy is manifesting. Take some time to think things through and be patient.


Smoke - Northern Direction Physical energy is manifesting, extra work needs to be completed for what you wish to achieve.


Smoke - Southern Direction An intense but short-lived energy is manifesting, success comes rapidly.


Smoke - Western Direction The manifestation of strong Magic intervention. The issue may be too emotional for you to deal with at this moment in time, take a break to clear your thoughts, incorporating meditation into your daily routine will help.


Smoking Away From You If the candle smoke drifts away from you, then it means that you will need to persevere in order to have your petition answered, further action both physically and spiritually may be required to bring about the desired change.


Smoking Towards YouIf the candle smoke drifts towards you it means that your petition is likely to be answered.


Sparks This may indicate that the spell you are casting is not what you really want - this is a good time to reflect, use divination tools such as Tarot or Runes to get to the heart of the matter. For example a person asking for more money may find that their real desire is a change of job, in this case the focus of the spell should be adjusted.


Strong Tall Flame The spell is working well and the results should manifest quickly.


Unsteady Flame The flame indicates that the petition is being met with resistance, it may not be the correct path for you.


Wax Drippings As with reading Tea Leaves, you can divine further information from the drippings left from the candle - check any symbols that may appear and trust your intuition.


Weak Flame A weak or low flame means you are facing opposition, you may need to reflect on the situation and the best way to handle it, or ask for support.


White Smoke Your petitions are likely to be granted


When Done and you receive your answers


Thank the God's and Goddess and Spirits you invoked

Then Offer the Dragon Wine and Thank them

for their Energy and Protection

And Guiding you on your path


When you are ready Close your Circle 

Allow the Candles to burn out on own

Keep the Agate 

the Agate is also enchanted   so turn it into Jewelry   or keep it with you in a mojo bag



Before any Spell or ritual is performed the magic spell should be read and understood completely. All items needed for the ritual should be on hand. Rituals should not be taken lightly. Rituals should always be done with respect.~ Daw



Dragon's Blood ink  Recipe

this is Ink used to write magical incantations and spells 

very useful for  Calling of Dragon spell   


You will need:


1 Part of powdered true Dragon's Blood Resin (it's the Key Ingredient)

you find it in herbal shops and pagan / wiccan shops and online shops 

12-15 Parts of Alcohol (for the dilution of the resin)

1 Part of Arabic Gum (for making the solution more Colloidal so that the ink stays on the Pen)

few drops  Cinnamon   Musk or Sandalwood  Essential oil  


The procedure is simple. Make all your resin a powder and add the ground Arabic Gum. Then add the alcohol just a little bit every time, till all the powder is dissolved completely. This might take some minutes.



Dragon's Blood Resin and Powdered Resin

Filter through a strainer on which you have attached a piece of cloth (a clean piece of cloth of course, but a cloth you will not need again because after that you will dump it).


Store the ink in a fancy Red Bottle and inscribe on it the name of your Ink. Keep on your altar ready to be used

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