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The Dragon Song

A dragon came to our village today
We'd like him to leave, but he won't go away
He talked to our king and they worked out a deal
No home will he burn, and no stuff will he steal

Now there's but one catch, we dislikes it a bunch
Twice a year he invited him a virgin to lunch
We don't have much choice, so the deal we'll respect
But we can't help but ponder, and pause to reflect

Do virgins taste better than those who are not?
Are they saltier, sweeter, more juicy or what?
Do you savor them slowly, gulp them down on the spot?
Do virgins taste better than those who are not?

Now we'd like to be shut of you and many have tried
But none can get through your thick, scaly hide
We hope that real soon a brave soul will come by
For we can't wait around 'til you're too fat to fly

Now you have good taste in women that's sure
For they always are pretty, they always are pure
But your idea of a good time would make us all flinch
For your favorite repast is barbecued wench!


Now we have a solution, it worked out so neat
If you'll settle for nothing but virgins to eat
No longer will our numbers grow small
We'll simply make sure we've no virgins at all

Positive Polarity Dragons
DragonColorElementDirectionGoddessStoneGiftAttributesNwyvreRedInner FireDeas, Deis (South)FreyaGarnetThe Flaming sword of truthInner Fire or Kundalini energyFanirOrangeOuter Fire
(Southeast)HestiaCarnelianThe tinder boxThe warmth of the communal fire, friendship and good feelingsCla�vsolaisLight blueAirOithear (East)AthenaCelestitewinged helmetThought, intelligence, quick thinking, creativityFionnealCloud WhiteCloud
(Northeast)CerridwenSnow QuartzCrystal ball of prophesyThis is the gift of clairvoyance.

RuacaintCopperElectricityThrid (Through)PsycheSun stoneThe torc of verseCommunications, Telephones, GraelBronzeTreesNorthwest
(Irthuaisceart)Airmedfire agateThe staff of the World TreeForests, rich fertile fields, invoke to bring true wealth into your life and to be one with your surroundingsWyvernPewter/stoneRockThuaidh (North)FriggaPyriteThe dragon's eye Protection through the use of the dragon energy in the earthGlasmuirSea greenWaterIor, Siar (West)HecateSerpentineThe chalice of memory Akashic record, Atlantis

Gagr�ineGoldSunAmach (Outwards)SunnuRutile QuartzThe sun dialThe gift of working with time. LaochgaelPurpleHeavensOs Cionn (Above)AriadneLepidolite/MicaThe crystal earrings The ability to truly hear what's being said
SilverMoonIsteach (Inwards)Kwan YinMoonstoneThe Silver ballFollowing your souls path
Peacock ore or rainbow Quartz
Golden Incense PotThe ability to change the emotional atmosphere around you for the better.
BrownEarthFaoi (Under, About)BrigitLabadorite or any other stoneThe dragon heartDeep Caves, The mother, giving birth to self
Negative Polarity Dragons

"There are dragons that are truly dangerous and are best left alone. We should not fall into the trap, so well laid by modern psychotherapy, that seduces us with the idea that every repression can be lifted, every pain healed. It is an over-simplification to see evil as pain turned outwards as hatred. All we apparently need to do is fix the hurt and the evil will go away.... The individual and collective energies, complexes, call them what you will, that can be symbolized as dragons, are extremely powerful and can only be faced at the right time - and not before. And there are some dragons - demons perhaps rather than dragons - which are the result of evil thoughts and deeds and which only the gods can face without harm".

(Note: Negative polarity dragons can come in any color as can positive polarity dragons. I've heard from individuals that have had great relationships with black colored dragons which is quite possible. Just use the same common sense and good judgment with Dragons that you would use in selecting your friends) 

Chaos Black and RedFire Ball
LighteningMorrigan DisruptionChaos DragonsSc�thGreyWaterOpheliaPicasso StoneMadnessShadow dragonsMordantBlackIceHel OblivionThe Grim Reaper
Dark Bluish-greenWhirlpoolCircePietersite (tempest stone) Multiheaded monster
Personal Dragons
The truth about DragonsMeeting your dragon

DragonColorElementGoddessStoneGiftAttributesMenetClear CrystalAetherDanuClear crystalWisdom AncreeOpalAir/fire/EarthnoneWhite OpalShape shiftingAncree is my dragon self. Ch'ienChinese DragonEarth JadeProsperity. 
Dragon Holidays
MoveableFixedJanuary 18th - Earth Dragon day 
January 27 The Birthday of the Road God
February 12 - Day the dragon raises its head
April 8th - Fire Dragon Day
May 5th - The feast of the Dragon - Chinese
June 11th
July 17th - Sea Dragon Day
October 16th - Air Dragon Day 

March 3rd - Alexander Graham Bell - The patron Saint of all copper dragons
March 25th - Celtic Flower day
June 18th - Dragon Boat Day
June 22th - The Flaming of the Rose - Nwyvre
July 29th - Festival of Tarasque
August 15th - Feast of the Flame Dragons - Fanir 
September 7th - St Clouds day - Fionneal
October 8th - Feast of High Places - Cla�vsolais
November 6th - Dragon Mother Day - Dubnos
November 14th - Feast of the Musicians - Laochgael
December 8th - Festival of the Sun - Gagr�ine

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forgive me please for I am still learning the ways of the dragon, but from Postive Polarity dragons on down I am not understanding. if someone could possibly inbox it to me in a better way to read and understand it I would greatfully appreciate it.



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