Common Deck Tarot Adapted from Madame LeNormands Cards of Fortune.

Explanations and Directions.
After having shuffled the 36 cards and cut them with the left hand, divide them into 5 heaps; 4 of them containing each 8 cards, which we place in 4 frows from left to right, and the last consisting of 4 cards in the center under the last row: thus -
> # # # # # # # #
> # # # # # # # #
> # # # # # # # #
> # # # # # # # #
> # # # #

The Persons who wish to have their fortunes told, are represented by No. 29 (Ace of Spades) for a lady and and No. 28 (Ace of Hearts) for a gentleman. The greatest attention must be paid to these cards. No. 28 and No. 29. Their position signifies the future happiness or misfurtune of the person; all the other cards take their meaning from these, and in such a way, that their positon, as it is near to or more distant from these, rules the destiny.

Explanation of the 36 cards.

6 Hearts (#16 The Stars) confirm the luck in all enterprises; but if near clouds, it means a long series of unhappy accidents.
7 Hearts (#5 A Tree) if distant from the person, signifies good health, more trees of different cards together, leave no doubt about the realization of all reasonable wishes.
8 Hearts (#32 The Moon) is a sign of great honors, fortune, and fame if the card lies at the side of the person; of at a distance, it means grief and misery.
9 Hearts (#1The Cavalier) is a messenger of good fortune, - if not surrounded by unlucky cards, brings good news, which the person may expect, either from his own house of from abroad; this will, however, not take place immediately, but after some time.
10 Hearts (#18 The Dog) if near the person, is a sign that he can consider his friends faithful and sincere; but if very distant and surrounded by cloudsm, he must be cautious not to trust those who call themselves his friends.

Jack Hearts (#24 The Heart) is a sign of joy, leading to union and bliss.
Queen Hearts (#22 The Roads) surrounded by clouds, are signs of disaster; but without this card, and if distant from person, indicate that we shall find ways and means to avoid the threatening danger.
King Hearts (#4 The House) is a certain sign of success and prosperity in all undertakings; and though the present position of the person may be disagreeable, yet the future will be bright and happy. If this card lies in the ceter of the cards, under the person, this is a hint to beware of those who surround him.
Ace Hearts (#28 The Gentleman) The whole pack depends on the sex of the person whose fortune is being told, a Lady (Ace Spades) or a Gentleman (Ace Hearts).
6 Spades (#19 The Tower) gives the hope of a happy old age, but if surrounded by clouds, it forebodes sickness, and according to circumstances, even death.
7 Spades (#27 The Letter) without clouds, means luck, which comes to us by distant, favorable news; but if dark clouds are near the person, the same has to expect much grief.
8 Spades (#20 The Park) prognosticates that we shall visit a very respectable company; if very near, that we are to form a very intimate friendship; but if distant, it hints of false friends.
9 Spades (#35 The Anchor) is the sign of a successful enterprise at sea, of great advantage in trade and of true love; but distant, it means a thorough disappointment in expectations, and the love of a butterfly.
10 Spades (#3 The Ship) the symbol of commerce, signifies great wealth, which will be acquired by trade or inheritance; if near to the person it means an early journey.
Jack Spades (#13 The Child) is a sign that the person visits good society, and is full of kindness towards everyone.
Queen Spades (# 9 The Nosegay) means much happiness in every respect.
King Spades (#30 The Lilies) indicate a happy life; surrounded by clouds, a family grief. If this card is palced above the person you are most interested in (represented by card Ace Hearts if a lady is the inquirer, or Ace Spades if a gentleman) they indicate the same as being virtuous; if below the person, the moral principles are doubtful.
Ace Spades (#29 The Lady) See Ace Hearts.
6 Diamonds (#2 A Clover Leaf) is also a harbinger of good news; although if surrounded by clouds it indicates great pain; but if this card lies near the Ace Spades or Ace Hearts, the pain will be of short duration, and will soon change to a happy issue.
7 Diamonds (#12 The Birds) mean hearships to overcome, but of short duration; distant from the person, they mean the accomplishment of a pleasant journey.
8 Diamonds (#33 The Key) if near, means the certain success of a wish or a plan; if distant, the contrary.
9 Diamonds (#8 A Coffin) very near to the person, means without doubt, dangerous diseses, death, or total loss of fortune. More distant from the person, the card is less dangerous.
10 Diamonds (#26 The Book) indicates that you are going to find out a secret, according to its position, you can judge in what manner; great caution, however, is necessary in attempting a solution.
Jack Diamonds (#10 The Scythe) indicates great danger, which will be avoided only if lucky cards surroundit.
Queen Diamonds (#17 The Stork) indicates a change of abode, which will take place ther sooner, the nearer the card lies to the person.
King Diamonds (#34 The Fishes) if near the person, point to the acquisition of large fortune by maritime enterprieses and to a series of successful undertakings; if distant, they indicate the failure of any speculation. no matter how well projected or planned.
Ace Diamonds (#31The Sun) lyingnear, points to happiness and pleasure, as its beams spread light and warmth; far away, it indicates misfortune and sorrow, as without the influence of the Sun nothing can grow.
6 Clubs (#36 The Cross) is always a bad sign; if very near the person, we may hope that the misfortune will not las long.
7 Clubs (#23 The Mouse) is a sign of a theft, a loss; when near, it indicates the recovery of the thing lost or stolen, if at a distance, the loss will be irreparable.
8 Clubs (#21 The Mountains) near ther person, warn him against a mighty enemy; if distant, he may rely on powerful friends.
9 Clubs (#14 The Fox) if near, is a sign to mistrust persons with whom you are connected, because some of them try to decieve you; if distant, no daner is to be apprehended.
10 Clubs (#15 The Bear) is eitehr a messenger of good fortune, or admonishes us to keep away form company, particularly that ot the envious.
Jack Clubs (#11The Rod) means quarrels in the family, domestic afflictions, want of peace among married persons, fever, and protracted sickness.
Queen Clubs (#7 The Serpent) is a sign of misfortune, the extent of which depends upon ther greater or smaller distance from the person; it is followed invariably be deceit, infidelity, and sorrow.
King Clubs (#6 Clouds) if the card left side is turned towards the person, are a lucky sign; with the right side, something disagreeable will soon happen.
Ace Clubs (#25 Ring) If on the right of the person prognosticates a rich and happy marriage; when on the left, and distant, a falling out with the object of our affection, and the breaking off of a marriage.

Example of fortune telling:
The cards being laid for a lady.
For space requirements: S=Spade, H=Heart, D=Diamond,
C=Club, J=Jack, Q=Queen, K=King, A=Ace.

QS 8H 10S 6H AD 7H KS QH
6S 8C 8S 10C 8D 10H 7C KD
9C JD AC 8S QD 9S 10D JC

Of which the following given auspicious solution:

AD, which is placed above your head, assures you of a lasting happiness, because the 6H, which is on your left, shines on you. Though it all your enterprises have been successful, and by it you havbe been happy in your marriage. Your husband, AH, who is at your left, testifies to your virtue, which is affirmed by JS, which is at your right. The Lilies and Flowers which overshadow you in KS and QS, are proofs of your good deeds. Fate also employs the Cavalier, 9H, to speak your praise, and give the news of it to your true friends. Your good and benevolent actions, confirmed by ther cards 6D, 10S, JH, KH, 7H, 8H, 7S, 10H, 10D, 8C, 8S, 10C, and KD, which surround you, are additional proofs of your future happiness. Your united forces have protected you hitherto in spite of the calumnies which should injure you, which proves triuphantly that virtue always overcomes the intrigues of the wicked. Your happiness, however, has been troubled for a short while by envious spirits, represented by 9C, 7D, 9S, and 7C, which have done everything they could to ruin you, but their calumnies were rebuked by public opioion, which was on your side. The Tower, 6S, promises you a happy old age as a recompense for your courage in bearing up under these slights. You have vanquished JC, which had sown the seed of discord in your household. QD tells you that you will soon change your place of residence; JD, it is true, is a sign of mischief, but you will overcome it by the means of AC, aideb by the key, 8D, which is placed at your feet. In general, everything disagreeable will remain far from you, because its harbingers, the Coffin, the Clouds, the terrible Serpent, and the dangerous Cross, represented in 9D, KC, QC, and 6C, are far distant from you, and cannot reach you for a long time. Providence has sealed your happiness, and henceforth you will enjou the refcompense of your virtue, in spite of a vicious, corrupted world; always trust in providence, and it will never forsake you.

Information on Madame LeNormand.
Mlle LeNordand has left among us so many favorable opinions, and so full a memory of her rare talent, that it is believed to render a service to the admirers of her system. The cards which were found with her after her death contained both symbol and picture of which card from the common deck it belonged to and was numbered accordingly. It was with the same cards that she prophesied to the Emperor Napoleon I. his greatness, and to many of his princes and great men of France their downfall and their misfortunes. Thousands of noblemen acknowledged her great talent already during her life-time, and often confessed that her method was full of truth and exactness. What makes it still more interesting, is the fact that the explanation of the cards is exactly as Mlle Lenormand left them. It is also arranged in such shape, that every lady or gentleman can read his or her fortune without having to obtain the aid of anybody else.

This system does not use
the 2, 3, 4, or 5 in any card suite. Also the Ace of the suite is considered to follow the King of the suite

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a brief history of the lenorman cards. Most of us have heard of Mlle. Lenormand, known for having read cards to make predictions for Napoleon and Josephine, but few know much more than this about the most famous card-reader of all time. She was born May 27, 1772 in Alençon, France and died June 25, 1843, having written over a dozen books. Look over her natal chart analysis by Elizabeth Hazel in the Comments (thank you, Liz). Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand claimed to have obtained her first deck of cards when she was 14 from gypsies who taught her how to read them. It wasn’t until two years after her death that a deck of cards called “Le Grand Jeu de Mlle. Lenormand” was first published by Grimaud. This 54 card deck was actually created by a Madame Breteau, who claimed to be a student of Madame Lenormand. The 36-card “Petit Lenormand” was published in Germany around 1845 and was actually based on a race game called the “Spiel der Hoffnüng” (“Game of Hope”).

supposedly, after she died her whole estate was left to er nephew and whilst sorting through her house he found the cards and published them so others could learn the secrets of the cards.
lenorman cards are quite different to tarot. they are a deck of 36 cards and the meanings are usually the same for all readers and all decks, what makes them different is how they are lied out in a spread, the cards directly effect each other meanings depending on the way they are lied next to each other.
(this is a picture of an original lenorman deck, newer ones are usually brighter but they follow the same plan)



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