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Monkey men, Had a great time at your show on Friday at Hoosier Park in Anderson. You were the highlight for my two boys and they are still talking about all of you. Just wanted you to know we had a great time and thanks for a very enjoyable evening. I am sure we will not forget you all for a very long time. Thanks again, Brad Luzadder

Hey i was one of the 3 porters (guys in black who watched all your shows) at hoosier park sunday night and enjoyed myself alot. i got to see all your acts except for your final one outside bacause i had to work during it. but i have to say i liked your guys act and hope to set the chance to see you again. I know alot of people in their mid 20's and younger would like you guys.I hope to see you guys again sometime Thanks for the good show Eli


I had a ball and I am still waiting on my seat in the van... You guys are the best I would love to see you in a better setting where I can actually see the real show. I would love to hear from "Blockhead" and can't wait to see the show again! I LOVED IT AND LOVE YOU Zja'Dega, YOUR FACE PAINT REALLY GOT ME!!!! Thanks for shocking me it takes a lot to do that after everything that I have been through. Love you guys dearly Crystal P.S. Business Professionals of America hit it on the head when they booked you. 

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I saw the Blue Monkey Sideshow when they performed at St. Norbert College. The people at YES looked at acts throughout the country, and they picked the BMSS as one of them, and I can see why. That was an awesome way to end a weekend...and it was all live, and in real life, there are no special effects. It's all raw talent... That was one of the most awesome shows I've ever seen. Before that, I've never seen a vaudeville sideshow, but now that I have, I want to know when they're going to return to Wisconsin 'cos it's worth seeing more than once. BRYAN M PREVITE
De Pere, WI USA

My husband and I traveled approx. 2 hours from near Dayton, Ohio to see the works on display at the Murphy Building art exhibit in Indianapolis and we thoroughly enjoyed your show! Not only are the acts entertaining but the transitions from one act to another is smooth and non stop. There is no down time and there is always something going on. We like the closeness and intimacy of the show; it makes one feel very involved in the show. Truly amazing with a classic feel!!!!!! Bridget aka Irish Eyes
Dayton, Oh USA

Hi!! I just wanted to drop a line and say that I have seen your show in Indianapolis 3 times. I've always thought you all are great...
Gina Goward
Indianapolis, IN USA
FABULOUS - FANTASTIC - FREAKS!!!! This troop is not to be missed! I would sell my child into slavery for a ticket to this show (IF HE WEREN'T EVEN MORE HYPED TO SEE IT AS I AM!) These guys stretch themselves (literally) to the limit to astound and amaze! Never a dull or disappointing moment. Non stop shock and superior talent! Their every day existence is something the everyday person can only fantasize about! We shall follow you tirelessly to the ends of the earth for as long as you can stand us!!! BRAVO!! BRAVO!! BRAVISSIMO!!!
Theresa Bryant
Merrillville, IN USA

The show was sooo neat and weird and strange and AMAZING that I'm begging my parents to let me go to Vevay. I just wish I'd had enough money to bid on the brick, but I got a flower instead. I really hope these guys come back to the Dearborn County fair next year. They were nice, and didn't even give me strange looks when I asked where they got the swords. And Skanky's nifty, so there. Ta-ta, and if you see them, have fun.
Madison Stuart
Aurora, IN USA

I just got back from the Dearborn county Fair. We spent the whole time at "The Blue Monkey Sideshow" I loved it. They did such amazing thing I can't pick a favorite act. At first I sat in the bleechers think :are they crazy?" but after a while I just lost that though. When I met them they were very nice and signed a sign I bought from them. Skanky was the first I met and was very nice. Well I hope I get to meet them agai n. Bye
Kyle Simpson
Norht Bend, Ohio USA
Last weekend I came to your show with a couple of my friends and it was my first time seeing anything like that,I never even knew what a sideshow was untill i came and saw what it was. I was standing throughout the whole show, I loved every minuate of it!!! I also got to go up and speak to each one of the preformers they were so great and so talented!!! The next time they come back to Indianapolis in August I'm going and I'm going to take my son with me causeI know he will enjoy it as much as I did!! T hank you Blue Monkey Sideshow! Nicole Petero
Nicole Petero
Indianapolis, IN USA

Finally, people more insane than I am!!!! You never knew what to expect, and each stunt was more unbelievable than the next. And the performers a great people...they're more than happy to stay after the show and chat. If they're in your town, go see Blue Monkey Side Show!
Lisle, IL USA

I saw the show at Benedictine University on April 26 and it was awesome. It was one of the best attended events the school has had in a long time (better attended than the usual entertainment of Christian "rock" bands). I'm planning a trip up to Pewau kee, WI to see the show again in October. So thanks for an awesome show I hope you can come back to the school again.
Lisle, IL USA
It was a real hum dinger of a show! Too shocking to be true!
Jeremy Harvey
Detroit, MI USA

The troupe graciously accepted the challenge of doing a show at a nightclub for me. They overrode the DJ on the dancefloor and stunned the audience with their amazing abilities! All eyes were on them ( how could they not be)! I am estatic at how the night turned out! In other words...they f***in rocked the house!
Elysse Kirchner
Detroit, MI USA

Your show is off the f*ckin hook man its the tightest side show I've ever seen.
Seth Killea
Indianapolis, IN USA
Wow. What a fabulous weekend! I came to your Friday show to see you for the first time. I liked it so much, I came back for the Saturday show and brought my two teens! They're still talking about it! Thanks for a GREAT weekend!! We loved it!
Indianapolis, IN USA

I loved it and I would take all my friends to see the show!get more side show people!
Indianapolis, IN USA

My husband and I took our granddaughter (age 10) and two of her friends to see the show at Fountain Square. The girls thoroughly enjoyed the show, as did we, and wanted to know when they could see the show again. We were all entertained, surprised, shocked, and given a night to remember by a talented group of performers. Thank you Blue Monkey Sideshow.
Jo Starker
Indianapolis, IN USA
u should go out and see the bulemonkey sideshow now stop reading this go go go go but don't make crowd control mad (she will get you if you do)
Indianapolis, IN USA

ok not to bad but i would be first in line if it ever came here to hick world (im not a hick!!!!!!!)
Billie Shaw
Roanoke, Va USA

I thought I was gonna PUKE from laughing so hard. These folks rank up there with a Levitation (Assuming the person getting pierced is unwilling!). Here I thought the fair was just gonna be squalling rats puking their gutz out...
Jason Scearce
Indianpolis, IN USA
The entire show was incredible. My daughters were amazed and excited that I had to stand on top of a guy laying on nails! I can not wait till 9/21 to see them at the Vogue!
Melissa Scott
Indianapolis, USA

IT was kool, I really liked it.
Robin Riddle
Indianapolis, IN USA

I was excited to take my daughter (age 11) to her first "sideshow". She loved seeing these feats perfomed live instead of on T.V. Her favorite moment was when I was asked to stand on the chest of the guy on the bed of nails. Thanks for a GREAT SHOW. I'm looking forward to seeing the 'Full Monkey'
Lou Cypher
Glenwood, USA
It was awesome! I was really impressed, I have never seen a sideshow, since they were outlawed here in Indiana. Rubber man was amazing! Men walking on glass was amazing in other ways :)
Craig Bartels
Indianapolis, IN USA

I had a blast seeing the show. Was a little off the beaten midway path but well worth the price of addition. Wish I could see the whole show!!!
Indianapolis, IN USA

This show blew my mind. It was the most freakish thing I had seen in my life. It made me want to run away and join the circus.
Jason Wright
Seattle, WA USA
I saw the show at the Gathering Of the Juggalos, It was totally off the hook! The most unbelieveable thing I have ever seen. Blue Monkey Sideshow kicks ass.MCL The most Twiztid, off the wall, freaky-ass, cracked out thing I have ever seen TWO THUMBS UP! WAY UP, MUTHAF****S! BLUE MONKEY SIDESHOW KICKS ASS!
Lebanon, OH USA

These mid-western folks actually sent chills up my spine. Being from Californai I thought I had seen it all - but not until the Monkeys made their appearance at Burning Man. Seeing the princess roll on broken glass was my personal highlight. She is so incredibly sexy - I was aghast to see her subject her perfect body to the possibility of a cut or worse. Seeing Jeeribaldi poke needles through his body is another sight that nobody should miss. He even used a member of his audience as a pin cushion. A stand up show that kept me entertained the whole time!
Bryan MC RED
San Francisco , CA USA

I thought the show was incredibly well done. I have never watched a sideshow before, but I am indeed glad that the "Blue Monkey Side Show" was my first. It had all the stylings of the classic side show, or at least the kind displayed in movies. They were all very talented and with luck I hope to see their show again.
Jason K. Harris
Muncie, IN USA
A couple of my friends told me about the Blue Monkey, so I just had to go. I loved it. Amazing, I still have trouble believing what I saw. I love to tell others about it and watch their horrified expressions. Buy the suveniers! They make great conversation pieces
Muncie, IN USA

After having seen your act, I now know that the impossible is possible. Jeeribaldi, you're outta hand, dude. Thanks to you all for providing huge memories. Wow!!! Bob
Bob Cole
Grass valley , CA USA

A wonderful show for an even better price. You sliced, diced and even put it on ice. I really enjoyed it from beginning to end...I just wish I had had that three dollars at the end of the show.
Sarah Adams
Muncie, IN USA
you guys rock! I wanna be you! I am going to be at the butler show too, i am somewhat obsessed with sideshow now, you got me hooked!
Knightstown, IN USA

The Blue Monkey Side Show was the greatest show on earth! I have never seen anything like it. If the BMSS is ever in Bloomington again, you can be sure that I'll be in the audience.
Jennifer Flynn
Bedford, IN USA

How does one get into such a line of work??! What can i say, i sat in the front row and was thrilled beyond belief. The Professor's sword swallowing was absolutely amazing, , and I anm honored to say that it was my boyfriend who won the cinderblock broken on the chest of the fantastic Skanky.
Rachel Zuckerman
Appleton, WI USA
you all kick ass!!!!! i love you folks so much i can't wait till next burning man i will definatly check out more of your preformances. your show really got me on pins and needles..... no pun intended.i meen the clown killing was hillarious, the whipping, well just a turn on, glass walking incredible, bed of nails spooky and of course jerribaldi was awsome and soo hot. tee hee hee!! see ya next year.
Sara Dunn
Folsom, CA USA

You guys are friggin' nuts! But I like it! I have never seen a show quite like yours. The variety, the danger, the insanity! And the lovely Princess of Pain!! WOW! She can whip my ass anytime.
Howard S.

BMSS must be seen by all. These freeks zap you from couch potato to instant mashed in seconds. Who needs TV violence when Blue Monkey grabs you by the short ones live and in living color. How? By jamming sharp pointing things up one's nose, swallowing fire like tequila, strolling through broken glass, getting horizontal with a cluster of nails. And this was only the General audience version. Geeze Louise and holy catfishes, their acts are better, more entertaining, more vivid and gut-wrenching than watching MTV with closed captioning on! How did our forefathers and foremothers watch this stuff and still stay sane? I don't know, and frankly don't care that much. I've got the rocking pneumonia and the Blue Monkey flu!
Susan-Amber Springer
Indianapolis, IN USA



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