Gunnlaugs SAGA ormstungu

Their story of Raven and Gunnlaugs ormstungu as has said the priest Ari the Wise Þorgilsson is the greatest scholar has been in Iceland settler stories and ancient lore.

Thorstein named person . He was Egil , Skallagrimsson , Kveldulfsson chieftain from Norway Ásgerður mother named Thorstein was Bjarnardóttir .

Thorstein lived at Borg at. He was wealthy in money and a great chief , wise and modest and moderate man in all things . Between him a hero of the growth and strength of his father Egil because it is said by knowledgeable people that Egil was the greatest warrior in Iceland and duellist and most indicated by farmer 's sons , a scholar , he was a great and wisest of men . Thorstein was the best and very worshipful and beloved by the whole council . Thorstein was handsome , white-haired and eyed people best.

So say many wise men akin Mýrar , those who have come from Egli , were they friendly , but it is however very heterogeneous obvious that some of that stock is called ugly most people were . They should have been and many doughty men of many things that was then , Kjartan Ólafsson and Fight- beaten Skúli Thorsteinsson . Some were poets and great men of the family, Björn Hitadale's champion , Jeff priest Skúlason , Snorri Sturluson and many others.

Thorstein had Jofridr Gunnarsdóttur Casio son . Gunnar has been excellent fighter and greatest acrobat in Iceland of búandmönnum , Gunnar has second , third Steinþór per ounce.

Jofrid was eighteen years old when Thorstein married her . She was a widow. She had earlier Þóroddur son Tongue -Odd , and their daughter was born there Húngerður up paying with Thorstein . Jofrid was stirring .

Thorstein had many children , but come into this story. Skúli was the eldest son, the second Kollsvein , third Egil .

One summer it is said that the ship was put into Gufárós . Berg Finds named captain for the ship , the Nordic family, wealthy in goods and also their age . He was a wise man.

Thorstein the farmer rode to the ship and hired traditionally most who purchase the policy and was still . Easterlings crew Thorstein took control the man because he prayed there. Bergfinn was fátalaður of winter Thorstein gave him good. Aust man threw a lot of fun to dream.

In the spring one day Thorstein spoke about the Berg Finn if he wanted to ride with him under Valfell . Where was the Congress base their Borgfirðinga but Thorstein was told to drop the booth walls were his . Easterling said they may want and rode home during the day, the three together and servant Thorstein until they come up to the farm where Valfell is pouring hot . There lived a man named Atli félítill is . He was a land sediments and Thorstein Thorstein asked Atlas to him to work with them and had Paul and drives. He did so .

And when they came to the booth ruins of them took to work and brought out all the walls. The weather was hot from the sun . And when they had brought out the walls then sat down and Thorstein Easterling in búðartóftina and Thorstein fell asleep and he slumbered . Aust man sat with him and let him enjoy his dream . When he awoke , he was difficult word.

Aust man asked him what he had dreamed , he did so much in his sleep .

Thorstein answered : " It is the goal of dreams . "

As they rode home in the evening then asks Easterling what Thorstein had dreamed.

Thorstein answered: "If I tell you a dream then , take him as he is . "

Easterling said it would stop .

Thorstein said, " I dreamed that I thought at home to City and outside the farmhouse and I saw the house and the spinal swan a friendly and beautiful and thought I should , and it seemed quite satisfactory . Then I saw flying down from the mountains eagle much . he flew here and sat with swans and klakaði her gently and she seemed to me well occur. then I saw the eagle was black-eyed and iron claws were on. doughty looking it seemed to me. Subsequently I saw flying birds of south. Anyone flew far into the city and settled in houses with swans and would þýðast it . was an eagle high. Soon it seemed the eagle for the bristle much for the other came and they fought sharply and long and I saw that each of the two bled . and the end of their game to prevent his knees , either by húsmæninum and were both dead but Whooper Swan sat crouching and very sad . and then I saw a bird fly from the west . was cylindrical . He sat with swans and made gentle with her ​​and then they flew away, both still in the same direction and then I woke up . and the dream that important anymore , " he says, " and will be the weather conditions they meet in the air from the direction I thought the birds fly . "

Easterling says : " It is not my intention , " he says, " so. "

Thorstein said, " this is a dream, it seems likely , and let me hear it. "

Easterling said, " Birds they will be large crowds followed the mistress is not well and will feed a girl for free and fair and you'll love it a lot. But noble men will ask your daughter from the sources that you thought the eagles fly and submit to her ofurást fight of it and let both of the material. , and then the third person will ask it from that direction is valurinn flew to them and she will be married . Currently I have translated your dream. suppose I 'll walk by . "

Thorstein answered: "Evil is a dream appointed enemy and friendly intent , " he said , " and you will not dream may employ . "

Easterling said, " You 'll really about how getting on walks. "

Thorstein put on maternity Easterling, and he went away in the summer and is now eliminated.

That summer created Thorstein Assembly and said to Jofridr mistress before he left home : "It so happens , " he says, " you are with child and shall bear a child if you feed a girl than a boy if the food is . "

And there was some siðvandi the land was all alheiðið that the men were félitlir ómegð but was greatly put out for bear children and was always poorly done though .

And when Thorstein had spoken Jofrid answered : "This is óþínslega ," said she, " such a man as you are and you will not do this to have performed such a wealthy man as you are. "

Thorstein answered: "Do you know my temper , " he says , "that nothing would still be if this alarmed . "

Then he rode to the Thing but Jofrid gave birth to a girl during intense beautiful. Women wanted the bear to her but she said there was little need and let there calling his shepherd 's Þorvarður name was and she said, " my horse , take and put saddle on and child west Herdholt Thorgerdr Egilsdóttur and hold it up food in secret so that Thorstein will neither was . and the love eyes slipping I a child of this apparently not bothered I think it's a bear . But here are three marks of silver, which thou shalt have a buyer . Thorgerd will lend you go west and addresses over the sea. "

Þorvarður did as she said . Then he rode west to Herdholt child and got Thorgerdr hands but she had a feed his tenants lived in the Leysingjastöðum in Hvammsfjörður Firth . But she took Thorvarður go north Steingrimsfjordur in Skeljavík and addresses of the sea, and he went outside and there is now eliminated.

And when Thorstein came home from the Thing Jofrid tells him that the baby is brought out that he had recommended the shepherd was running away and stealing away her horse .

Thorstein said she has done well and got a shepherd of men.

Now, six years passed so that this was not certain. Then Thorstein rode to a feast West Herdholt Olaf Peacock 's mags Hoskuldson then seemed to be with the greatest respect for all the chiefs there. Thorstein was well received as it was likely.

And one day the party it is said that Þorgerður sat talking with his brother Thorstein a priority Olaf was talking to other men . But the opposite them on the bench sate three maidens .

Then Þorgerður "How do you think these maidens brother is sitting here against us ? "

He replied, " Quite well , " he says, "and yet one fairest much and she has vænleik Olaf the White and feel our Mýrar . "

Þorgerður answered: "Yes , it is true to say that the brother she has white complexion and our Mýrar But not vænleik Olaf then she is not his daughter . "

"How can it be," said Thorstein , " but is she your daughter ? "

She said: "With the truth to say you uncle , " said she, " then that is your daughter and not me, the fair maiden ," and then told him everything that had happened and asks him to give him and his wife that variants.

Thorstein said, " may I have you to blame for this depending where will come about most things and you have well over smooth vanhyggju mine. Seems to me as this girl that I 'm a great match to own such a beautiful child. , Or what's it ? "

" Helga is her name , " says Þorgerður .

" Helga the Fair , " said Thorstein . "Now shalt thou make her journey home with me . "

She did so . Thorstein was brought out there with good gifts and Helga rode home with him, and brought up with great respect and love of his father and mother and all his relatives .

At this time, there lived a Hvítársíða Gilsbakki Illugi Hallkel Black Horse Shell Sonar . Mother Illugi was Þuríður Dylla daughter Gunnlaugs ormstungu . Illugi was the second most powerful figure in Borgarfjördur Thorstein Egil . Illugi response was stóreign man harðlyndur very well kept and their friends . He had a daughter Ingibjorg Asbiorn Harðarson from Ornolfsdale . Mother Ingibjargar was Þorgerður daughter Midfirth beard.

Children Ingibjargar and Illugi were many but are coming to this story. Hermund named their son, but another Gunnlaugur . Both were hopeful men and cell growth .

It is said Gunnlaug he was home early precocious , big and strong , light auburn hair and went excellently , black-eyed and somewhat nefljótur and agreeable sider face, centrally tapered and hardener great, come on up other men , noisy great in any mood and ambitious home early and with all hard and unyielding as a great poet and keeps níðskár and called Gunnlaugur ormstungu .

Hermund was popular and had their ruler trick on him.

When Harri was twelve years old, he asked his father, movement of substances and said he will go out and see other people's faith . Illugi farmer took it slowly , and said he would not be considered good in other countries he had scarcely ever may negotiate with him at home as he wished.

And one each morning , it was quite small later Illugi farmer went out early and saw that its branches were open and were shut out some sacks of goods loaded and six domains with . He wondered this very .

There was then a man and brought four horses and was Gunnlaugur his son and said, " I have bagged a song , " he says.

Illugi asks why he did so . He said it would be his outfit .

Illugi said : " No one expects you shall take me and go nowhere until I want " and pulled back into the product bag on.

Gunnlaugur rode away from there and came down in the evening to the City and ordered Thorstein farmer him to stay and it will eat him. Harri says Thorstein had been the father and son. Thorstein bade him be times when he wanted and where he was that year amounted to Thorstein jurisprudence and apparently all men living there for him.

Always entertained the Helga on Grid and Gunnlaugur . Thrust whether the good grace to another soon as it actually was, at last. They were very age .

Helga was so beautiful that it is allegedly knowledgeable people that she was the most beautiful woman in Iceland . Her hair was so huge that it could cover it all, and as soft as gold beating and no one thought then what a great advantage as Helga the Fair all Borgarfjördur and elsewhere.

And one day , when men were sitting in the living room of the City , Gunnlaug said to Thorstein : " One thing the law, you have not taught me that fixes my wife."

Thorstein said : "It's a small matter ," and taught his behavior.

Then Gunnlaugur "Now you shall know whether I have understood and I will now take your hand and pretend I fix my Helga's daughter."

Thorstein said , " Do Solvent I think it be," he says.

Gunnlaugur felt already in his hand and said, " Give me this now , " he says.

"Do as you like, " said Thorstein , "but they must know is in this fall should be without measure , and that this should be no underhand follow . "

Then called his witnesses Gunnlaugur betrothed himself weekend and then asked if the night so take advantage . He said he was mega and became a lot of fun so far, those were the present .

Aunund named a man who lived south of Moss . He was a businessman and had the greatest priesthood south because of Nes. He was married and his wife was named Geirný , Gnupur daughter , mold- Gnupur son who settled south of Bray .

Their sons were Raven and TG and Lepton staircase . All voor they promise men but was Raven them in all respects. He was big and strong , handsome man and a good writer and he was very rosknaður he went across international boundaries and seemingly everywhere won well since he arrived.

Then lived south at the helm of Ölfusi Thorod the Wise Eyvind shaft and his son who was lawman in Iceland. Mother Skapti was Rannveig daughter Gnupur mold- Gnupur son and they were sisters sons shaft and Onund sons . Was a great friendship with kinship .

Then lived out Rauðamel Thorfinn Sel - Þórisson and had seven sons and all were hopeful men . They promised so : Þorgils , Eyjólfur and Thore , and they were mostly men out there. And these men are now mentioned were all up at one time.

And this includes were told the best have been in Iceland, the land was all Christians and all people rejected the old faith .

Gunnlaugur ormstungu , before been told , was now either the City or by Thorstein Illugi father of Gilsbakki six years and was then eighteen years of age and have agreed that much father and son.

A man named Thorkell Black. He was a local Illugi and first cousin and had grown up there . He were to become depleted legacy north Vatnsdalur in ASI and asked him Gunnlaug go with him . He did so and rode north two together into an ace receiving the money , and they paid the money out of the hands were preserved with assault Gunnlaugs .

And they rode north , they stayed in the fierce moon wealthy farmer lived there . And in the morning, took the shepherd Gunnlaugs horse and was very sweaty they were . Gunnlaugur struck shepherd unconscious . The farmer would not have been so , and asked for compensation . Gunnlaugur ordered to pay farmer goals . Farmer was too small .

Gunnlaugur recited this verse :

Goals offer I mundangs strong
Mann , chew craft.
Grásíma please gums
glóðspýtis exploit it .
You will regret if thy
allráðr flood of funds
lets pass spoiler
Linn integrates sheep.
That was sweet of Gunnlaugur invited and rode south home again .

Soon after his father asked Gunnlaugur movement material for the second time .

Illugi says : "Now you want to be , " he says. "Have you now , but you agreed with what was . "

Riding Illugi them home quickly and bought a ship in half to Gunnlaug , that stood in Gufuárósi that Audun gram . This wealth would not transfer outside sons flipping the Wise after the slaying of Kjartan Olafsson says in Laxdæla history and became even later than this.

And Illugi came home then thanked Gunnlaugur fine. Thorkell black settled to go with Gunnlaug and was transported cargo their ship but Gunnlaugur was paying while they made ​​ready , and was glad to talk to Helga , but should work with merchants .

One day Thorstein Gunnlaug asked if he wanted to ride horses with him for a long Vatnsdalur . Harri said he will.

Now ride the two together until they come to sell Thorstein named Þorgils station and were stallions Thorstein had four together and were red in color. Horse was allvænlegur and little experienced . Thorstein offered to give Gunnlaug horses but he said he had no need of horses he was going to land.

And then they rode to the other horses stood . Was there a gray horse with four mares and was the best of Thorstein Borgarfjördur and offered to give the Gunnlaug .

He said: " I will not do that than others. Or why do not you offer me what I want to accept ? "

" What is it? " Thorstein .

Harri said, " Helga the Fair Daughter . "

Thorstein answered: " Ei much so quickly ," said he , and took another matter turned and rode down along the length.

Then Gunnlaugur : " I want to know , " he says, " Why you want to reply to me about the marriage . "

Thorstein answered, " I once your vanity , " he says.

Harri said, " This is my equal wholeheartedness but not meaningless. "

Thorstein said, " you must know first what you wanted. Rates Are hired to fines and even lets you owe married ? Does not equality with Helga while you 're so undecided and will not be looked at . "

Harri said, " Where are you going for a husband for your daughter if you want to not give son Illugi black , or where they are Borgarfjördur is more like is he ? "

Thorstein answered: " There is no I in human equality , " he says, "but you were a man like him would ye not against it . "

Harri said, " Who would you rather marry your daughter than me ? "

Thorstein answered: " Mart is good here mannval . Thorfinn to Rauðamel seven sons and all the good conditions . "

Harri said, " neither of Aunund nor Thorfinn is equally worshipful father's because you lack the show with him. Or what have you against which he shared a warrior with Thorgrim the Priest Kallaksson on Þórnessþingi and his sons, and had one it is lying ? "

Thorstein answered: "I drove away Steinar son Onund sight and thought it holds great question. "

Harri said, " Egils NAUST to your father , as much there but few landowners well last Maegan refuse me . "

Thorstein said, " Please open oppress them up to the mountains, but it is not here for you out on the moor . "

In the evening they come home . And in the morning rides Gunnlaugur a Gilsbakki and asked her father to ride to the courts an out to the city.

Illugi answered, " You are a man undecided where you are hired to track type but now you shall work in the courts , and I know that this is not the temper of Thorstein . "

Harri said, " I believe , however, beyond all that I do not like outside you do this. "

Illugi rode home with twelve men down into the city and took Thorstein him well .

Early in the morning spoke Illugi to Thorstein , "I want to talk to you. "

Thorstein said, " Let us go up to the city and talk there. "

And so they did. Gunnlaugur went with them .

Then Illugi " Gunnlaugur my cousin said he had raised his suit to you on his behalf to ask Helga 's daughter . But now I want to know every place should be the case. Has it known to his family and held us . Shall neither save by the hand of our established or trust if it is closer than before. "

Thorstein answered: "The only thing I feel Gunn , to me he seems to be undecided , " he says, "but if it were all like you in the mood , then I'd little delay . "

Illugi said: "This much we must Alienation if you refuse to let us equality between father and son . "

Thorstein answered: "By your words , " he says, " and our Thing-men friendship he shall be holy fiancée Gunnlaugs but not attached to a woman waiting for three years . But Gunnlaugur shall go out and create themselves by good people customs and I will loose all cases if neither comes out or so it seems to me not temper his journey . "

And with this they parted. Illugi rides home but Gunnlaugur to ship. And when they got wind they put to sea , and came with his ship north and sailed to Norway in Trondheim after Niðaróss and low anchor and charged up .

That time ruled over Norway Earl Eric Shelly and his brother Svein . Eric earl had resided in the Hlada father 's heritage was rich chief. Skúli Thorsteinsson was with the earl was his bodyguard and highly rated .

It is told that they Gunnlaugur and Audun annoyed twelve men walked together into the load. Harri was so exhausted that he was in a gray robe and a white long-hose . Sull had a foot down on the grid . Bubbling up from the blood and creeks he walked . And with the suit stood before the earl and them riches and called him. Earl taught Audun and asks him for news of Iceland Audun said that such was .

Earl asks Gunnlaug who he was and he told him his name and kin .

Earl said, "owes Thorsteinsson , " he says, " is that what people in Iceland? "

" Sir, " said he, "take him well . He is the best man's son in Iceland Illugi Gilsbakki of black , and my foster brother . "

Earl said, "What is your footer citizen? "

" Sull is the boss, " he said.

"And were you not limp ? "

Harri said, "I shall go limp while both legs are the same length. "

Then the bodyguard of Earl 's Thore here: " These struggles a lot, Icelander , and that we would be tempted him pretty red . "

Gunnlaugur looked at him and said :

Guard is one,
he is very mean
Believe it observed,
He is evil and black.
Then Thore would take Exar .

Earl said, " Be still , " he says, "no man shall give to such attention. Or how old are you man citizen? "

Harri said: "I am now eighteen years old , " he says.

" But I let on ," said the Earl, " that you do not know the other eighteen . "

Harri said, and rather low , "Ask me nearest forbæna , " he says, "but ask you either. "

Earl said, "What did you say now citizen? "

Harri said, " So that I thought should be that you both my nearest forbæna both yourself hallkvæmri prayer . "

"Who then ? " says Earl .

" That you 'd not know the spectacular death of Earl Hakon your father . "

Earl put so red as blood , and taking a bath meant this soon .

Then debt for Earl and said, "Do my words sir and gave him peace, and he go away quickly . "

Earl said, " If he has gone quickly if he wants peace, but have never replaced and in my country then . "

Then the debt issued by Gunnlaug and on top of the piers . There was all ready to Englandsfar útláts . And then took Skúli Gunnlaug impression and Thorkettle his uncle . But Gunnlaugur got Riches ship for preservation and his money that he had neither a .

Now they sailed Gunnlaugur into the North and the arrival of autumn south of London Dock and ruled until his ship rolled .

Then ruled England, the General Council of King Játgeirsson and was a good chief. He sat that winter in the London area .

One was tongue in England as in Norway and Denmark. But the tongues changed in England when William the Bastard won England . It went from England dialog he was born there .

Gunnlaugur came shortly before the king and greeted him well and worthily .

The king asks what country he was from .

Harri said that was " but I have attended a meeting of thy Lord , that I have ever written a song about you, and I wish ye would the poem . "

The king promised to do .

Here is all covered with the arrow
England as an angel of God .
Lineage lýtr grams and gumna
gunnbráðs primary sequences.
The king thanked him and gave him a poem to reward a scarlet robe skins portrayed the finest leather and loaded equipment in the shot down and made ​​him his man . And Gunnlaug was with him during the winter and apparently well .

And one day in the morning snemnma Gunnlaug met three men on the street once and called the Þórormur for them was . He was tall and strong and evil to deal with .

He said : " Norwegian , " he says, " lend me some money . "

Gunnlaugur answered, " it will be wise to sell the money to unknown men . "

He said: "I shall pay you the said date . "

" Then it should be discontinued , " says Harri .

He lent him the money .

And soon after he found Gunnlaugur king and told him the money-lending .

The king said, " Now, little has been achieved. This is the greatest robber and Vikings owner and not to him but I will give you as much money . "

Harri said, " Evil is us then ," says he , " the court of thy people , walk up on innocent people than let such fellows that shall never be. "

Soon after he met Þórorm and fetched the money to him and he said he would not pay .

Gunnlaugur sang the verse :

Meðalráð ye Módi
metal magic to keep ,
att you have to rob
oddrjóð , for me Höddi .
You may know that I made ​​the name ,
Here I see that opportunity ,
It got the name of Nökkvi ,
naðrstunga , me young .
"Now I will offer you the law , " says Harri , " you pay me my money or go do battle with me otherwise every three nights . "

Then the Viking laughed and said : "To have no word until you challenge me to a duel so go lacking objects, many have brought me this and I am ready . "

And what did they Gunnlaugur time.

Harri says the king empty.

He said, " Now is the allóvænt content . This man dimmer each weapon. Now, my counsel is hereby sword which I will give to you and with this , please weigh the impression it otherwise. "

Gunnlaugur thanked the king .

But when they came back to the combat then asks Þórormur hverninn sword it was he had . Gunnlaugur shows him briefly, but had a loop including a section on the king's gift , and draws on his hand.

Berserker Circle said he saw the sword , " I am not afraid of the sword , " he says Gunnlaugs struck with a sword and a shield him very wide. Gunnlaugur when struck against a king enjoyed the berserk was war casing available and thought that he had the same weapons as he did but Gunnlaugur dealt him his death -blow.

The king thanked him for his work, and this gave him great fame in England and elsewhere .

In the spring as the ship went between countries Gunnlaugur General Council asked the king's leave to sail anything. The king asked what he wanted them .

Harri said: "I wanted to do the thing which I have promised ," and sang this song :

I shall certainly come to visit
vígsdöglinga three
Therefore, I object teasing promise
hjarls and two captains .
I hverfka back before the inheritance,
simplifying gives to red
ormabeð for sleeves ,
odd - given me a bow .
" So, as a poet , " said the king , and gave him a gold ring that weighed six ounces , " but please promise me , " said the king , " come back to me for another fall that I will neither leave you on account of your . "

Then sailed to England by merchants north Dublin. Then was an Irish king Sigtryggur silk beard , son of Olaf rattle and Korman Attracts Queen . He had a short time the State Council . Gunnlaugur went to the king and greeted him well and worthily . The king received him honorably .

Harri said, " poem I have written about you, and I would get a sound . "

The king answered, " people have to be the first to move my parable shall surely obey. "

Harri said those killed and this schema :

ELR black scissors
Sigtrygg the carcass .
And this is where :

May I speak of the return
Why I want to sing
monarch King ,
He is the son complain .
Remember annoyed by me ,
Venrir the gift itself ,
it will grepp products
gold ring save .
Telling me siklingr
if he can hear the
Glorious brag ,
it is killed song.
The king thanked him for his poem summoned his treasurer and said, "What shall pay the poem ? "

He said, " What do you want sir? " he says.

"How is repaid, " said the king , "if I give him two ships of burden ? "

Féhirslumaður said, " Too much is it sir," he says. " Other kings give to brag pay good grip , good sword or gold rings good . "

The king gave him new clothes of scarlet, embroidered with tunic and cloak , with excellent skins and gold ring stood limit . Gunnlaugur thanked him well and stayed there a little while and then went to the Orkneys .

Then ruled the Orkney Earl Sigurd son of Hlodver . He was very nationalistic people. Harri said goodbye earl well and said he had to move his poems. Earl said he will heed his poem , so big a man he was working on . Gunnlaugur moving poem and it was class and well verse written . Earl gave him breiðöxi , sifurrekna all there is improved if, song wages and invited him to remain with him .

Gunnlaugur thanked him for the gift and the same invitation but said he must go east to Sweden and went to the ship with merchants , sailing to Norway and the arrival of autumn east of Konungahella . Thorkell his cousin followed him ever . From Konungahella received the leaders in western Gautland and occurred in the town is named shoes .

Because ruled the Earl Sigurd name was age. Gunnlaugur stood before him and greeted him well , and said he wrote a poem about him . Earl gave a nice sound . Gunnlaugur recited the poem and it was class . Earl thanked him and pays him well and asked him to remain with him for the winter.

Earl had a great Yule winter . And affangadag Christmas come since messengers Earl Eric of Norway north of twelve . They brought gifts to Earl Sigurd . Earl welcomed them, and ordered them for Christmas with Gunnlaugur . There were riots high.

Geat discussed that no earl was more famously than Sigurd . Norwegian men was Eric promised much more and this strife , and they took the decision to Gunnlaug people both sides of this issue.

Gunnlaugur sang the verse :

Tell from Earl
oddfeimu characters , Theimann ,
He has the color noise,
high man is he tight.
Sigreynir has SENA
himself in great gjálfri
east of processed horse
Eric Blue more .
Both sides carefully well with the ruling but Norway better men . The messengers went there for Christmas with generous in money gifts are sent Earl Eirik Earl . They said now Earl Eric ruling Gunnlaugs . Earl was Gunnlaugur has shown itself frankness and friendship and let the words of Gunnlaugur should go for peace in his country . It heard Gunnlaugur then what about Earl had recommended .

Earl got Gunnlaug leaders east of Tenth Land in Sweden he begged .

That time ruled Sweden Olaf the Swedish king's son Eric Victorious and Sigrid Ambitious daughter of the forest - Tost . He was a mighty king and a nice , ambitious man .

Gunnlaugur came to Uppsala reaches parliament of Sweden in the spring , and he caught the king saluted him king . He welcomed him and asked who he was. He said he would be Bank One . There was with King Olaf Raven Önundarson .

The king said, " Raven , " he says, " what man is he in Iceland? "

A man stood up from the lower bench , sink and large bearings, went to the king and said, " Sir, " he says, " He is the best family and himself the bravest man. "

" If he went and sit with you, " said King .

Harri said, " Poem I have to move you, " he said , " and I wish ye would gæfuð and sound . "

"Come and sit first , " said King . " Now there is no room for the poems to sit. "

They did so . They began speaking with him Gunnlaugur and Raven . Told each other of their journeys . Raven said he was gone before the summer from Iceland to Norway and early winter east to Sweden. As soon gets comfortable with them .

And one day, when the team was Congress were both king Gunnlaugur and Raven .

Then Gunnlaugur "Now I wish sir, " said he, "that you have heard the poem . "

" It is now , " he says.

"Now I want to transfer song my lord," said Raven .

" It is well," he says.

Then I want to transfer my earlier poem sir, " says Harri ," if you so wish . "

" I before moving sir," says he , " when I was only about you . "

Harri said, " Where came to our fathers ," says he, "that my father would leave his father 's boat , where all except nowhere ? Shall and be with us . "

Raven said, " Let them courtesy , " he says , "that we write this in kappmæli rates and let the king to rule . "

The king said, " Gunnlaugur the first transfer because he can not relax if he rates his case . "

Whereupon Gunnlaugur killed he had Orta about King Olaf .

When the poem was finished , the king said , " Raven , " he said , " the poem is written ? "

" Well sir," he said. "It's stórort poems and ófagurt and stiff nakkvað provided Gunnlaugur is in the mood . "

" Now transfer your poem Raven , " said the king.

He does so .

And when it was over , the king said : " Harri , " he says , "what is this song ever written ? "

Harri said, " Well sir," he says. "This is a beautiful poem that Raven himself is to see and feel small . Or why you wrote a class for the king , " he says, " or did you not know he kills will be processed ? "

Raven said, " Let's talk this nots anymore. To will be taken if the later is , " he says , and now returns empty.

A little later became a bodyguard Raven King Olaf, and asked him to holiday departure . The king gave him.

And Raven was ready for departure he said to Gunnlaugs " done, now our friendship that you wanted me here for hræpa chief. Now I will some time not disrespect you less than you wanted me here. "

Harri said, " Do not sadden me your threats , " he says, " and we'll never come to that I should be less valuable than you. "

King Olaf gave Raven good gifts at parting , and he went away then .

Raven went east in the spring and came to Trondheim and lived their ship and sailed to Iceland in the summer and brought his ship into Leiruvog below heath and were glad to see his relatives and friends , and he was home on winter with his father.

And during the summer at the Althing met uncles , scratch lawyer and poet - Raven .

Then Raven : "Your full ting I would have courts Thorstein Egil recite his daughter . "

Shaft answered: " Is it not previously fiancée Gunnlaugs ormstungu ? "

Raven said, " Is neither passed the policy now , " he says, " a recommendation for them? End is far more His Proud he will now to Check for or store. "

Shaft answered, " We will do as you please. "

Then they went to the booth multitude of Thorstein Egil . He greeted them warmly.

Shaft said, " Raven, my cousin wants to recite your daughter and you knew his family and wealth of financial and cultural good, great uncle catches and friends. "

Thorstein answered: "She is a hot woman Gunnlaugs before and I will keep all matters to him , they were laid . "

Shaft said, " Are we not now passed three winters were referred to with you ? "

" Yes , " said Thorstein , "but neither is summer and the team is still to come this summer. "

Shaft replied, " But if he is not into summer every expectation crust then we have this issue ? "

Thorstein answered: " Here we will bring another summer and you can see what seems expedient but not ponds now this talk longer time. "

And we did it , and they rode home from the Thing .

Not started this talk secret to Raven asked Helga. Ei Gunnlaugur came out this summer .

And another summer at the shaft they moved wooing exceedingly , and said Thorstein loose all cases we Gunnlaug .

Thorstein answered: "I have a very short daughters to see and I would gladly desperate man would that defamation . Now I want to see first Illugi black . "

And so he did.

And when they found them Thorstein said , " Do you think I will loose all cases we Gunnlaug your son ? "

Illugi said, "Sure enough , " he says, " if you will. I check here now little to contribute when I do not do stuff Gunnlaugs my son . "

Thorstein them to handle and they bought that wedding should be veturnáttum Gunnlaugur if the City had not come out in the summer but Thorstein loose all cases with Raven if Gunnlaugur came and visited the Council.

After that they rode home from the Thing, and postponed the introduction Gunnlaugs Helga thought evil to prevail.

Now tell Gunnlaug he went from Sweden to England that summer is Raven went to Iceland and the good gifts of King Olaf the parting . General Council of the King took Gunnlaug excellently and was with him during the winter with good honor.

At that time Denmark ruled over the kingdom Knut Sveinsson had but lately his father's goods and vow appeared always fight to England for the boy king his father had done a great kingdom in England before he died in the west . And at that time there was a great army of Danish men in the west and was the chief for the Hemi -importance is called the ostrich - son Harold Earl Sigvald brother Earl , and he held the kingdom under King Knut the king's servants had previously worked .

In the spring the king asked Gunnlaugur a vacation for departure .

He said: " Ei possessive you now to leave me such a war now looks here in England because you are my henchman . "

Harri said, " You shall employ my Lord and give me leave to summer departure if the Danes should come . "

The king said, " Let's see them. "

Now the way that summer and winter and the arrival of the Danes not . And after my summer vacation was Gunnlaugur for departure of the king, and went Gunnlaugur thence east to Norway and found Eric Earl of Trondheim in stacks and Earl took him well, and asked him to remain with him . Gunnlaugur thanked him for the invitation and said he had will go first to Iceland toward semi virgin mother.

Earl said, " Now all the vessels gone , they are expected to Iceland . "

Then one henchman "Here lay Hallfred troubleshooting poet yesterday released under Agdi peninsula . "

Earl said, "That may be," he says. " He sailed from here for five more nights . "

Eric Earl then transfer Gunnlaug out Hallfreðar . Hallfred succeeded him celebrated and gave the wind off shore and were well happy . It was late in the summer .

Hallfred said to Gunnlaugs "Have you news of Raven Önundarson wooing of the beautiful Helga ? "

Gunnlaugur claims to have heard though not surely . Hallfred tells him such that he knew of , and how many people said that Raven would not know óröskari but Gunnlaugur .

Gunnlaugur recited this verse :

I am carrying out a little though games,
light horse is now tightly
East wind to Ondra
coasts this week .
Meir sjáumk other , but higher
hoddstríðandi Wait ,
words that I should be
jafnröskr thought Raven .
Hallfred said: "As a company that you would know better than the Raven issues with me . Came I ship my Leiruvog below moor for a few years and I had to pay half a mark of silver carles Raven and I kept it for him. While the raven riding to us with sixty men , and cut the ropes and ran the boat up on clay and create the shipwreck . , I had to sell the Raven autonomy and I paid those goals and my telling him.

And then there was the eintalað weekend and promised Hallfred very vænleik her .

Harri said then :

Remember háðvörum Fiery
ing about while thin
reject hörvi driven
obey ground þýðast
By lautsíkjar were playing
heather , you were younger ,
ells off gims various
coasts that country.
" This is a well written , " says Hallfred .

They took land north Melrakkaslétta Lava Port two weeks for winter and ordered up there .

Thord man. He was a farmer's son because of the smoothness. He joined the struggle with the acquisition of the men and walked them hate him. Then come together with the prisoner Gunnlaug . And the night before was called Thord Thor to a victory . And the day they met they began to struggle . The solution Gunnlaugur both legs away Thord , and smote him a great foot fall while jumping from Gunnlaugs followers, whom he stood , and fell Gunnlaugur them with her.

Then Thord said, " Maybe, " he says , "that it may be no other better. "

" What? " says Harri .

" The cases with Raven if he gets Helga to the anticipated winter nights and I was in the summer of Parliament , it is settled . "

Gunnlaugur answered no trick . It was wrapped leg and passed himself and quite contrary to what þrútnaði .

They Hallfred rode twelve of them together and came south Gilsbakki Borgarfjördur in the pool evening they sat wedding to pay. Illugi Gunnlaug was glad her son and his comrades . Harri said he already will ride down to the city. Illugi said that was not expected and it seemed all but Gunnlaug Gunnlaugur but was unable , however, for the sake of the foot if he was acting not seen and was therefore not go.

Hallfred rode home in the morning to Hreduvatn at North . Because ruled their property Galt and his brother was sinking man.

Now it must be told Raven he sat at his wedding to pay and it is most admit that the bride would be rather sad , and it's right down the long remember the young can and it was now and then .

A startling thing happened at that party that the man asked hungers Thorodd daughter Jofridr is Sverting name was Haf Biorn mold- Gnupur son and was to be expected cope in the winter after Christmas up to Skáney . There dwelt Þorkell hungers cousin , son Torfajokull Valbrandssonar . Mother was needed Thorod sister -Tongue .

Raven went to Moss with his wife Helga . And when they had been there a short while , it was one morning before they rose to Helga watches but Raven slept and he slept poorly . When he woke Helga asks what he had dreamed.

Raven recited this verse :

Hugðumst worm on arm
yl dew you beheaded ,
would , doll , blood
bedr your reddened my
knættit shroud of the
ölstafns lend Raven ,
also learnest it ended
fountain, höggþyrnis tie .
Helga said, " I will never cry, " she says. "Do you have deceived me. Gunnlaugur will come out " and cried Sanctify them greatly.

And soon after he moved Gunnraugs result . Helga was now so stiff with Raven that he could not keep it at home and then they went back into the city and put a little of Raven around her .

Now , people expect to tender for the winter.

Thorkell from Skáney invited Illugi black and his sons . And Illugi farmer created the Gunnlaugur sat in the living room and did not expect .

Illugi came to him and said, " Why do not you suppose Uncle ? "

Harri said: "I 'm not going . "

Illugi said, " Go , save your cousin , " he says, " and do not beat yourself such a desire for a single woman and do not know you and you will never lack women . "

Gunnlaugur did as his father said, and they came to the wedding and were Illugi and his sons placed a priority than Thorstein Egil and Raven -law and his band bridegroom another seat opposite Illugi .

Women sat on the bench and sat Helga the Fair next bride and slipped often Gunnlaugs eyes , and there is therefore recommended not to hide from the eyes if a man loves a woman . Harri was well equipped and had the clothing the good Sigtrygg King gave him and he was much superior to other men for the sake of variety , both power and vænleiks and growth.

Small was double delight for the invitation. And on the day when men were away costume the women drew her walk and got ready to go home. Gunnlaugur went to talk to the weekend and had a long talk .

And then said Gunnlaugur verse:

Ormstungu was no
all covered Dag und hall mountain
slow late Helga the Fair
Raven ruled kvonar name.
Barely saw the white flesh ,
hjörþeys father virgin
Eir was given an aura
young, with my tongue .
And again he said:

Expected on I shop for wages ,
wine forgiven your father
fold nemr whistle pans
flóðhyrs , and mother ,
by Bil did eat
both time und clothing,
Ministers have flesh and black
cunning work , so beautiful .
And then gave Gunnlaugur Helga cloak Ethelred 's gift and it was smashed by most. She thanked him well gift .

Gunnlaugur went out and got the horses were saddled horses and many allvænlegir and bound at home in the yard . Gunnlaugur ran behind some horse and rode to the meadow after a while and there was a Raven and Raven became the openings before.

Harri said, " is to escape openings Raven , " he says, " that the threat Ongar I invite you to her , you know to whom you have worked . "

Raven answered and sang :

Samira us two for one ,
Ullr direct flights , full ,
celebrities Ságu ,
fangs in isomer to operate.
Are very many such ,
morðrunnr , the ocean south
I push him at sea ,
identification foam, women good.
Harri said, " Maybe, " he says , "that many are but I do not think so . "

Then they ran to Illugi and Thorstein and did not know they bred with .

Whereupon Gunnlaugur verse:

Eir was given an aura
ormdags the colorful ,
the provision , nor less
My its equal , Raven ,
all be used while the east
General Council of the movement lived ,
the memory menrýris
málgráðr , the noise pedestal.
And afterwards men rode home either side and all was quiet and tidingless winter . Raven then took advantage of not living with Helga then they Gunnlaugur had been found.

And summer men rode multitude Assembly , Illugi black and his sons with him Gunnlaugur Hermundr , Thorstein Egil and Kollsvein his son Aunund from Moss and his sons , Sverting Haf Biorn .

The shaft was still jurisdiction.

And one day the Assembly 's men went to the Hill of Laws multitude and there was the smell of measuring law business then greeted Gunnlaugur a hearing, and said, " Raven Önundarson here ? "

He said he would be there .

Gunnlaugur ormstungu said: "That you know you have got my girlfriend and held enmity to me just for that. I will offer you the combat in parliament on three nights in every Öxarárhólmi . "

Raven said, " This is a good offer, the hope was to you, " he says, " and this I am ready whenever you want. "

This was evil kin of each of them, but it was the law at that time to provide combat vanhluta who pretended to be the other .

And three nights had elapsed they prepared for combat and followed Illugi black son to combat with great force. But shaft lawyer came to Raven and his father and other relatives of his .

And before Gunnlaugur rate out into the isle he sang this verse :

Now I am out of a penny
alvangs been operated,
highly fortunate greppi loved God ,
done, sprain Hjörvar .
Helga the saddle locks,
header will I loose from the shaft
finally a light sword
ljúfsvelgs , the two split.
Raven answered and said this :

Yours greppr each greppa
benefit happier warm welcome .
Here is bensigðum alarmed .
Prepare eggs for lodge.
It will alone widow
young maiden , though we særumst ,
dry plate of parliament
When courage reports .
Hermund he did for his brother but Gunnlaug Sverting Haf Biorn for Raven . Three boundaries of silver he should resolve itself replaced the wound would be .

Raven had earlier cut down on he was challenged and struck him in the shield Gunnlaugs upward and broke apart when the sword hilt that was carved by a great power. Sword caught flew up from the shield and struck cheek Gunnlaug and shone dist him than not . Then ran their fathers when in the midst of many other people .

Then Gunnlaugur "Now I call that Raven is defeated when he should fail . "

" But I call that you are defeated , " says he , " thou art become sore . "

Harri was mad with rage and angry and said not trying to be. Illugi his father said they would try more time.

Harri said, " I should like , " he says , "that the Raven so we faced each other once you were away from father to leave us . "

And this they did to her , and they went home to their booths .

And the next day at the Law was put into law that should be taken by all the duels thereafter and it was done on the recommendation of all the wisest men we were present but there were all those who were wisest in the country. And that has duel walk later date in Iceland 's Raven and Gunnlaugur fought . It has been the third Congress of attendance , one after the burning of Njal , the third after Heiðarvíg .

And one morning, brothers and Hermund Gunnlaugur went for the axes of the wash then went to the other side of the river , and many women were there Helga the Fair in the team .

Then Hermund : " Do you see your friend Helga here beyond the river ? "

Harri said, " I see it for sure . "

And then said Gunnlaugur verse :

Alin was rýgr to defamation,
shrubs caused by Gunnar
I was low wealth to own
óðgjarn , Fira children.
Now svanmærrar ago
black circles under my eyes
land for oil - Gunnar
little need to look.
They went across the river and they talked Helga and Gunnlaugur while. When they went east across the river Helga stood and stared at Gunnlaug long after .

Gunnlaugur saw them back across the river and sang this song :

Brámáni shone bridge
brims of lights sky
Shake hörvi Greater
hawk Fránn me pain.
But the ray Counties
then gold mens Peace
blepharitis moon and rings
Basic harm me.
After this time has elapsed men rode home from the Thing, and was Gunnlaugur home on Gilsbakki .

And one morning he woke up there were all men except the hospitality he lay. He rested in the locked bed Committee of sediment. Then the twelve men in the hall , all the followers fully armed , and had come Raven Önundarson . Gunnlaugur sprang up at once, and could get their weapons.

Then Raven said : "We no trick should you be stopped , " he says, "but it is my errand here you shall hear. Hómgöngu You told me in the summer at the thought , and that you do not actually have . Now I offer you we both go away from Iceland and outside in the summer and walk to the island in Norway. , there will not be a kin to our stand . "

Harri said: "Say boys brain and this choice I will gladly accept . And here is accepting Raven , " he says, " the article you want. "

Raven said, " It is a good offer, but we will ride first time. "

And this they did .

This was kin of each of the two large badly but did not do for themselves, their fierce as it was presented to establish that the slowed .

Now to tell Raven that he lived his ship in clay weight. Two men are those committees came up with Raven , sisters sons Onund his father. One called Masks other than Olaf, who were both stout men . All kin Raven was quite similar when he went away , he said so , said the Gunnlaug battle scorers he said he would have a serious problem bounty weekend and said either have to fall for one another.

Raven then sailed out to sea when they got wind and came with his ship in Trondheim , and was heard of winter and not Gunnlaugs in the winter and there he waited Gunnlaugs summer . And yet another winter he was in Trondheim named Lifang .

Gunnlaugur ormstungu took ship with Hallfreðar problems please north on the plains and they were very delayed and sailed out to sea when the wind blew and made a small Orkney winter.

Earl son of Hlodver ruled the islands for Gunnlaugur and went to him, and spent the winter of Earl and respected him. In the spring created Earl of war . Gunnlaugur expected to travel with him, and fought in the summer around the Hebrides and Scotland and had many battles and was Gunnlaugur the bravest and the bravest boy and the hardiest of men wherever they went. Earl was centered home early in the summer, but Gunnlaugur took ship with the merchants , sailing to Norway and they knew Earl with great friendship.

Gunnlaugur went north to Trondheim on Hlaðir meeting Eric and Earl was early winter and the earl welcomed him and invited him to remain with him and accepted him. News Earl had previously traded their Raven, and says Gunnlaug he suggested banning them from berðust in his state. Harri said he would employ such Gunnlaugur and was there for the winter and generally aloof .

In the spring one day withal he went outside and Thorkell his cousin with him. They walked away from the town and the golf courses for the man was ringing. And in the ring were two men with weapons and fencing . Was named Raven and other Gunnlaugur . Those who stood by said that Iceland intends light, and were slow to remember his words . Gunnlaugur felt that this was accompanied by a large subject , and here was a great game of drag and withal he went away quietly .

And a little while after he tells Earl he said no longer bother to injured and mocked his retainers matters Raven and asked Earl get a leader in Live -importance . Earl was told earlier that Raven was gone from Lifang and gone east to Sweden and he gave Gunnlaug leave to go and gave him two leaders for the trip.

Now go Gunnlaugur of Hlada the seventh person in Live -importance and the mogul Raven had gone there with a fifth man Gunnlaugur came that evening. Thence withal Vera-dale, and was always in the evening that Raven had been the night before . Gunnlaugur goes on till he came at the last town in the valley is a column named Raven had gone there for moguninn . Gunnlaugur stayed not trip and went in the night . And in the morning sólarroð they saw one another . Raven had come there were two lakes and among lakes courts were smooth. It called Gleipnisvellir . But out in the water were other small peninsula called Ding ness . There were Raven in the peninsula were five. They were his uncles with Raven , Grim and Olaf .

When they met, Gunnlaug said : " It is well that we have found . "

Raven said he would not revile "and now each option is you want, " says he , "that we all fight or two and are an equal number of each. "

Gunnlaug said well too if either is . Then they said relatives Raven , Grim and Olaf, and said he would not stand by when they berðust . So said Thorkell and black cousin Gunnlaugs .

Then Gunnlaug to the Earl : "You shall sit by and provide hvorigum and be a narrative about how our meeting . "

And so they did.

Then they underwent , fought fræknlega everyone . Grim and Olaf both went against Gunnlaug one and ended their business he killed them both , but he was not wounded .

This proves Þórður Kolbeinsson in a poem he wrote about Gunnlaug ormstungu :

Barn before Raven privacy,
hugreifum voyage
THEY Gonda and masks
Gunnlaug a universal heavy .
He was the instigator
hugmóðr fueled blood
Ullr ruled push falls
unnviggs , three died .
Raven sought during and Þorkell black cousin Gunnlaugs fell Þorkell for Raven and gave His life . And all their comrades fell at last . And then they fought with two large strokes and safe onslaught is granted each other and pursue only one in intensity . Harri had the sword Ethelred gift, and it was the best weapon. Gunnlaugur struck them at last to Raven huge hit with the sword and escape Raven leg . Raven fell but not to either override and then strain and one favored since the residual balance .

Then Gunnlaugur : " Now you're consensual , " he says, " and I will not fight you anymore maimed man . "

Raven said, " So what , " he says , "that really has the games on my part , but I still would well suffice if I had anything to drink . "

Harri said: "Fraud me not , " he says , "if I bring you water in my helmet . "

Raven said, " I will not betray you, " he says.

Gunnlaugur went to the doctor and fetched a helmet and brought it to Raven . But he stretched out against the left hand but struck in the head Gunnlaug with his sword , and that was very great wound .

Then Gunnlaugur "Ill sveikstu me now and unsportsmanlike left you where I trusted you."

Raven said, " Yes, " he says, "but it worked for me I love you not hug his holy of the beautiful . "

And then they fought still intense , but it ended at last Gunnlaugur bar of Raven and Raven had since died. Then the leaders of Earl and bound head in Gunnlaugs .

He sat while and then sang this verse :

But we did meet against
mótrunnr in flight Spear
while utterly difficulty hearts
Raven advance equal basis .
Here were many morning
metal flew on Gunnlaug ,
hergerð spirit of hard
circle þollr , Dinga ness .
Then , they were dead men and brought Gunnlaug his horse after it and brought him up into the Live -importance . And there he lay for three nights and received all of the priest and then died and was buried in the church .

All seemed great harm to both their Gunnlaug and Raven , with the events that happened to their executions .

And the summer before that tidings out here in Iceland, dreamed Illugi black and was the home of Gilsbakki . He thought that the Gunnlaugur come in his sleep and was very bloody and sang this song to him in his sleep . Illugi would , indeed, he woke up and said that since the other :

I knew Raven , but Raven
sharp egg came into the shin
hjaltugguðum chop
rhythm fish like armor ,
then hræskærri warmer
received fen ari wounds.
Divided the baseline scepter Gunnar
Gunnlaugs head bush.
It happened south of Moss the same night that Onund dreamed Raven came to him and was all bloody .

He sang this song :

Skins swords and sword
sword - din I did.
Were tested in stripes
randgálkn for ver beyond .
I bloody think blood
Blood gögl of Skorrastaðir .
Sárfíkinn received wounds
sárgammr still on the march .
And in the summer after the second parliament said Illugi Onund corresponds to the Hill of Laws , "What do you want me for my son, " he said , " your son is Raven betrayer of trust ? "

Aunund answered: "Remote Returned I think so , " he said , " adding he dearly as I thought at the meeting. Nearest and I will benefit beg you for my son. "

Illugi said, " Teach them the Nakki the womb , your cousin or your ættmanna . "

And after parliament 's summer Illugi was always very sad .

It was said in the fall that Illugi riding home from Gilsbakki with thirty men came to Moss early in the morning . Aunund came to church and his sons but Illugi took two of his uncles . Was named Björn than other Thorgrim . He slew the Bear fóthöggva Thorgrim . Illugi riding home after that and this was no rétting of Onund .

Hermund Illugason chassis by Gunnlaugur little brother and was not his but avenged that if this were done.

A man named Raven and the brother Onund at Moss. He was a great sailor and had a ship that was in Hrútafjörður. The spring riding Hermund Illugason home one anyway and north Holtavörðuheiði and so Ramfirth and out of Borðeyri to ship merchant others. Merchants were very prepared. Raven was number one in this country, and many men with him. Hermund angry at him and thrust the spear through him and rode away. But they were all terrified members Raven Hermund. Ongar arrival compensation for the slaughter of this and this leaves their replacement Illugi black and Onund at Moss.

Thorstein Egil married his daughter Helga time went to that man's name was Thorkell Hallkel. He lived in Helga went home with him and became his devotees little because it will never cease to think Gunnlaug though he was dead. But Thorkell was a doughty man, and wealthy in money o

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