[ This story hefzt not from lokleysu that is merry men lie to the scheme Anar and fun with ófróðligum sentences , rather proves she conquered herself properly genealogies and ancient orðzkviðum when they have iðuliga of the things in this æfintýri writing. [ Not pr. in all versions ] ]

1 From the caller and his sons .

Cycle was another king , who ruled East Gautland . He was the son of King Gauti son of Odin , was king of Sweden and came out of Asia and most famous royal family are descended in the northern lands . This king , ring, was the brother Gautreks ins soften at fatherhood , motherhood, but he had noble . Cycle King had buckles, daughter of Earl Seafarer Smaland she was a beautiful woman and good looking . Her brothers were Dagfari and Nattfari . They were retainers of King Harald teeth, who ruled over Denmark , and most of the north .

They had one son , who was called Herraud . He was tall and good- looking, strong power and good at sports , so that few were his equal . He was liked by everyone , but not had much affection from his father , and caused That the king had another son born mistress , and loved him more . He is named funds. The king had him in his youth , and he was now a full-grown man . The king gave him a domain name great , and he was adviser to the king, and compiled tax him , the war and tributes , and he was all oral and lending, and thought most of it further útheimtunum , but stuck in scented and wages, the Netherlands, he was the king and wanted him always full of love, and began one of the proverbs of his name , that he is called sjóðfelldr others , he is the best interests and keep the best- by .

Sjodur prepared to fork those who were then called fésjóðar that contain silver that which was taken into the king's debts . And that , he took more than planned , he made there at smápunga , and called it gutted , and umvendi him because of cost, but land areas adjacent to the óbrigt . Not the funds charm blessed by men , and the king loved him dearly and his rule over everything .

2 Lineage Bosi and uppfóstr .

Man Thvari and was called Bryn - Thvari . He lived close to the king's residence . He had been a great viking in the first part of his life , and when he was raiding , he could shield one is named Brynhild . She was the daughter of King Agnar Nóatún . They fought , and were wound Brynhild , thither that it was consensual . Thvari then took her to his house and great possessions with her. He did make it at whole , and it was then knotted and bömluð , and was therefore called Brynhild unfortunate . Thvari married her , and she sat on the bridal bench with helmet and breastplate , but were love them good . Thvari the military and settled in the estate , and had two sons , and called forges a senior , he was not a tall man , handsome and clever at all sports and so skilful that he put on all phoney hand. Bosi named their second son . He was tall and very strong , dark colored and not very beautiful and like his mother at the mood and creativity, Katrina was ok keskimáll and þráfylginn that which he took up, and not very circumspect with whom he had. His mother loved him dearly , and he was named after her and called Bogus - Bosi . He had many pranks, both in words and deeds, that he was the authentic name.

Splash woman named . She had been the mistress Thvari . She fostered his sons . She knew much magic . Carpenter was her great eftirlátari , and he was much at her. She offered to teach Bosi magic, Bosi said he did not want, that it was written in his story that he gained anything by trickery, as his manhood . Was much closer on their age Herr Aud king's sons , and male , and the friendship between the two of them was always Bosi royal garden , and they put Herraud layer together . Sjodur that Herraud gave Bosi clothes off , because that 's were often torn asunder . Bosi thought and hard game if he was playing with the others , but no one dared to complain to Herraud because he spoke up after Bosi . Now the request of the IMF , that retainers should hit it out of the game.

3 Herraud went to war with Bosi .

It was now some time that the court had soppleik , and they played a great match , and they did now Bosi game , but he was hard to turn, and went hand out items on a single monarch . The next day he broke a foot in the other. A third day at his two men , but many wicked him. He struck the eye out with one Soppi , while another struck him and broke his neck . They ran for their weapons and wanted to kill Bosi , Herraud stood beside him with the men that he would provide , and were prepared to itself , that they would fight, before the king arrived . But the proposal Fund did King Bosi peripheral , Herraud came before him , so that he had not got .

A little later Herraud begged his father to take a warship and sturdy men , for he died will leave the land and gain more fame , if it was possible . King bar for that matter Fund , but he said he believe that sneyðast would féhirzlurnar , ere the Herraud arbitrary as he pleases . The king said that they would try to do it , and it was so that the king would be , and was now equipped travel Herr Blank with high fékostnaði , and he was a difficult at all, and the brothers little together . He had five ships from the land , and most of them were old . Brave men he had with him, and much treasure in gold and silver , and now he sailed away from a Gotland and south to Denmark .

One day in bad weather, there was a man standing on a cliff asking craft . Herraud said he did not make the hook to him , but says ready to go , if he can reach the ship. The man jumped off the cliff and came down on the lever outside Styria , and it was fifteen cubits long run. Since people recognized Bosi . Herraud received him well, and said that he should be the forecastle-man on his ship . From there they sailed to Saxony and plundered wherever they went. They got a lot of money , and they did so five years .

4 Bosi killed Fund fell and was disgraced .

Now , back home in a Gotland , then Herraud was gone off , checked Sjodur féhirzlur father. Were all the empty chests and so the bags , and he was frequently it same mouth : " I remember , " he said , "that it was otherwise a look at this treasury . "

Then Sjodur compile royal taxes and tributes , and he was rather in most demands. He came to Thvari and waited until the expedition as elsewhere . Thvari said the older campaigns and said the war should do. Sjodur he said more are at the war than other men, and he said the oil has Herraud went out of the country , and asked for compensation for the men who had hurt Bosi . But Thvari said that a man should at guaranteeing himself himself , if he goes to the game , and he could not draw out his money for such things, and broke them in conflict with them. Runway boil them up branches Thvari and took away two gold chests and much wealth besides the weapons and clothes, and they separated after doing this . Sjodur went home and had great possessions , and told the king of his journeys . King said it was bad, he had kidnapped Thvari , and said he believe that he would serve That ill . Stipulate no blame for that.

Now to tell Herraud and Bosi, that they expect to sail home from war . They had heard that the Fund had kidnapped Thvari . Herraud make peace for Bosi and reconcile him to the king . They had such fierce weather , that their ships were separated, and all were lost , as did many had taken, and he came with two ships in Elfa cut, but Bosi drove to Vindland .

There was a fund with two ships , just come out of Eastway , and he had a treasure for the king . But Bosi knew that, he ordered his men to arm themselves , and set off to meet the Fund , and asked why he would add that he had kidnapped Thvari . Sjodur he sang phase daring , he dared to speak such things , where he was an outlaw of the king , and told him to let if he did not lose more . They both seized their weapons, and fell in battle with them, and so ended Bosi death Sjodur . He spared those who were back , and took the ship and all that was in it .

When he got wind , he sailed to Gautland and found Herraud , his foster-brother , and told him the news , but Herraud told him that he could not improve his king, - " or why do you come to meet me , so close me you have killed ? "

" I knew , " said Bosi , "that I would not be able to avoid you if you wanted to strike ill , but I thought me where I have all the confidence that you observed.

"You could , " says Herraud , "that would be a great loss at a small fund , though I was bound, and I will go see my father, and try if I could reconcile you . "

Bosi said he did not expect much relieved by the king , but Herraud said that no deed was no harm in trying . He went to her father and went to him and greeted him respectfully . His father took him fáliga , for he had heard before Bosi and funds.

Herraud said to his father : " It is right at, who you are , we Bosi , my partner , because he has much mishap . Fund he has killed your son , though there was some way, and we will provide compensation and as much as you will choose, and thus our faithfulness and favor, and such services as you will require it . "

The king answered angrily : "Great pains , the Herraud that this scoundrel , but many would think better of you to avenge your brother and insult ours . "

Herraud said: " Small was a great loss at the Fund. , And I know not whether he was my brother or not , but you valued him greatly , and it seems to me you should respect me very much , since you will not take the place for my prayers , but I Methinks I offer a better person in the fund in the service that he had . "

The king said very angrily , "All your curse , you provide Bosi , the great spoil it, and when I get him , he will hang higher than men know examples that any thief has hangit so high . "

Then answered Herraud very angrily : " Many people will say that you guys do not befits . Now with this, that you want me respect , then you must intend that one of us two shall Bosi walk, and I will so protect yourself as me and my life to last and courage and will Yet it many recommend that enough expensive will then purchased a slave woman 's son , if you give us with . "

Herraud them away angrily and did not stop until he found Bosi and told him how father and son parted .

5 Splash was king for prayer.

Cycle King now lets blow their team together and went to meet them foster brothers, and fell there when in combat with them, and the king had half a point more or three such. They Herraud and Bosi went off well , and killed many men , but were they ofrliði served and were removed and placed in chains and cast into prison , but the king was so angry that he wanted when slay them , Herraud was so popular, that all he had said before , and was first divided the spoil , acquaintances , and buried the dead. There were many men dagþingan the king , that he should take the place of Herraud , and he was brought before the king. The king ordered him peace , and there were many good , but Herraud says no mercy will accept , unless Bosi has both life and limb peace , and the king said its not likely. Herraud said the man's death should become that hired death Bosi , and no king spare rather than another . The king tells them that there would not be bad , that he had Brek , the woe . Then was the king so angry that they could not speak with him , and bade lead Herraud back in prison and would kill them both in the morning , the king would not settle for anything less , and now seemed most unpromising outlook.

This evening was splash woman spoke with Thvari and asked whether he was not going to offer money for his son , but he said he did not want to draw out his money , and said he did know that he could not buy the man lives who should die and was doomed , and asked where currently would come her magical that she gave no Bosi point somewhere , but she said not a mega göngumannligar go but him.

This evening it matter came splash into that room, who called the king slept , and lifted up the prayer later called Buslubæn , and she has welcomed happened since , and there are many words and ill , those Christians must solve the mouth to have, but this is the beginning of it :

" Here lies King Hring ,
Hilmir Gothenburg ,
monophonic other men
all men ;
plan your son
himself at murder,
They will be exceptionally
of Corruption widely.
Hear the prayer splash ,
soon will she sung ,
so that should be heard
and all unnecessary ,
those who hear,
but that their fjándligust ,
that I will Fortas .
Mistaken witness,
be monstrous disgrace
shake hammers,
Home -mail list ,
worsening weather conditions ,
be monstrous disgrace
unless you Hring king
Herraud peace
and it Bosi
RESOURCES provides.
So I shall þjarma
you at the chest,
at your heart
serpents Gnägi ,
but your ears
never hear
and eyes
Suburbia reversed ,
unless you Bosi
rocks of supplies
and it Herraud
fury give up .
If you return ,
mechanical wear of anger,
of the steering wheel
jump in hooks,
rupture refluxing ,
drifting sails above ,
but aktaumar
any liquidation,
unless you Herraud
fury give up
And so Bosi
waits for reconciliation .
If you ride ,
altered leashes,
heltist horses;
but hrumist complete,
the streets all
and data paths
troðist all
the trolls before you,
unless you Bosi
RESOURCES provides
and Herraud
fury give up .
If you bed
as a straw fire,
but the throne
that hafbáru ;
However, you later
noticeably worse,
but if you want to virgins
people have fun ,
the road you are mistaken ;
or would thula long ? "
Then said the king: " Be quiet , vandals soaked , and importantly away, elligar I will let thee hurt forbænir for information. "

"Things have knowledge now been found , " says splash , that we will not understand until I have my wish. "

The king would then stand up , and he was dealing with the covers, but some youths awoke not . Splash made ​​them facing another third of prayer , and I will let That pass at writing about it , because that is all that needs solving have him , but not least so by having him that he is not written. Yet this is where the beginning :

" Trolls and Elves
magic and witches,
inquest, Giants
Burn your palaces,
hate thee Rime Giants
horses Streeter thee ,
straw Stangl you,
but storms year for you,
and woe be to you ,
unless you want mine does. "
But is the mantra was there, King said to her, " Until you speak evil of me anymore, then I will give Herraud life, but Bosi carried out land and be killed , I can almost áhent him . "

" Then take your place better, " says splash .

She started them up That verse is Syrpa Verse is called , and most magic is a process and not the promises that provide after sunset , and this is where the proximal end :

"Come here agitators six
Tell me their names
all unbound ,
I will show you :
learnest you not be determined ,
so that my right thickness,
then shall thee dogs
Gnägi to death ,
but your soul
sink in hell . "
[ Here are the runes ]

" Advice Now these names , so that it is appropriate , elligar repel all that to you, that I have asked for the worst , unless you do my will. "

When did splash out prayer , the king hardly knew who he wanted to fight her persuasion . "Who is now your viii ? " said the king .

" Send them pre durability, " said the old woman , " then double vision on how they walked , and they guarantee themselves for themselves. "

The king then asked her away, but she desired it should , until the king swore her confidentiality angry , that he should keep that which he had promised her , but then would Buslubæn not overtake him . Disappeared Crone them away .

6 The king sent Bosi pre durability.

At the morning the king and gave up early blow to the assembly , and they were brought thither Herraud and Bosi . The king then asked his advisers what he should to do, but most of them begged him to spare Herraud .

Then the king said to him : " Weak want respect me , " he says, "but now I will make a prayer That my friends , at Bosi shall have peace, life and limb , and he shall go out of the country and not come back until he gets me this gammsegg that have written everything with gold letters outside , and we sense the truth, but elligar his name shall every man's oppressor . Herraud go whether he wants that follow Bosi , or do what counsel for themselves, as he will, no sense we lived together at so be prepared . "

They were then released both, and they went to Thvari and were with him for the winter. But when spring came , they were going out of their country and they had one vessel , and the twenty-four men , and they went often at reference splash , and keeps them in the East and came under Bjarmaland and seized a deserted forest .

7 They stayed at Bosi Hóketils .

Harek named the king who ruled over them . He was married and had two sons. Was named Hærek , the other Siggeir . They were brave warriors and retainers Goðmundr King Glaesir Plain and defenders of his land . The daughter of the king named Edda . She was fair to look ok on most things well known.

Now to tell the foster-brothers , that they had come under Bjarmaland and the forest is named Vínuskógr . They set up a tent very far from human activities.

In the morning Bosi said his men that they did many would go ashore to explore the forest and know why they would be motivated. " But you shall await us here a month , but if we get them brought back , ye sail wherever you wish . "

Who they thought a lot about this , but it was so that they would be . Then they foster brothers in the forest , and had That one food , which they shot , animals and birds, but sometimes they had only bears and juice. Forest sounds much destroyed their clothes .

One day they came at húsbæ one . There was a man there , and cleaving . He greeted them and asked their names . They told the truth and asked what was the name of a man , who said he was named Hóketill . He told them available nights pay , if they wanted , but they favor that. Karl accompanies them to the living room , and there was a small population . Mistress was old. Daughter they had hoped, and drew her robes of visitors, and they were given dry clothes . Then basins were allowed to advance , and they were built table and given a good beer to drink, and sidebars farmer's daughter . Bosi search often hýrliga her, and stood with his foot on the grid to it , and this trick she played him.

The evening was followed to sleep with good packaging out. The farmer was in the locked bed , but farmer's daughter in the middle of the cabin, but the foster-brothers were placed in the bed with the door trim outer . But when people were asleep , stood Bosi and went to the bed of the farmer 's daughter and lifted her clothes . She asked who was there . Bosi said to himself.

"How goes you hither ? " she said.

"For that I was not available there, as were prepared for me ," and said it will under the clothes with her.

"What do you want here ? " she said.

"I will tighten my earl with you, " said Bogut - Bosi .

"What is this Earl ? " she said.

" He is young and has come of age in the catch first , but the young earl harder. "

He gave her fingrgull and went to bed with her. She asked now , where Earl is . He asked her to take between his legs , she pulled my hand and asked ófagnað his own Earl , and asked why he was carrying a creature that, just as hard as wood. He said he soften the dark hole. She bade him go as he wished. He centers now Earl from between her legs . There was not much street space, but he delivered the go. Low them now for a while, as they like , before the farmer's daughter asked if the earl would have been able Herz . He asks if she wants to tighten more , but she said that she well too, if he deemed required.

Distinguishes them not , how many times that they played that night , but the learnest that Bosi asked if she did not , - "which that search was made at gammseggi it, that makes sense sworn brothers are after sends and gold letters has been written off . "

She said she would not pay him less gold and a good nights entertainment but tell him this, he wants to know - "But who were you so angry , that ye wants dead , and send thee pre durability ? "

"It went bad for everything, and there will be no famous from nothing, " he says, " and they are many things that often turn to good fortune , though háskasamliga is created . "

8 The members reached gammsegginu .

" Here in this forest stands a great temple . Thats a Harek king who rules over here Bjarmaland . Göfgat gods That is that which is called Joma . Dearly That gold and treasures . Therefore governs the mother temple of the king's Kolfrosta called . She amplified by the sacrificer mood, so that it comes no part of the surprise. she knows that for a konstrum her that she should at surviving the whole course of this month , and that she disasters east of elegant field and was in the off break , sister Goðmundr king and think that it should be Priestesses by himself . Nor , however great loss , because she is the most beautiful of maidens and kurteisust , and it would be better , that it moves ahead . "

"What 's carefully qualified in the temple ? " Bosi said .

" Gamma is there, " she said , " so cursed and cruel, he kills all that are to be his monstrous disgrace . He looks directly against the door and know what is the time came , and it is no life at expected, the Prices for his plug running or poison. thrall in the temple , he monitors the food goddess . two years old heifer , it needs to measure. Under these gamma 's egg at whatever you 're after send. refuge sprout alone in the temple , trylldr and worshiped and sacrificed . he bound with iron shackles . He should shoot the heifer , and mix them ólyfjan with it, and flip all of them , that of eating . Hana shall moduleCan to break the king's sister , and she will then also trolls, the priestess was before. Now I think unexpectedly of that you will defeat these monsters , with so much troll mood as in her own . "

Bosi thanked her now her story and made it dang good spirit in the entertainment salaries , and left them both well, and they slept now up to date . In the morning he went to Mr. Blank and told him what he had heard , and they stayed there for three nights , farmer's daughter and told them what they should aim for the temple , and bade her good for them at parting . Then they went their way .

And one morning, they saw where a man was great in the gray cloak . He led a bull. They thought they could know that he would be a slave , and they now set at him. Bosi broke his bat hit so big that it was his bane . Then they killed the heifer and flakes of her belly and stopped up with moss and heather . Herraud went cloak slave and led by a heifer skin , but Bosi threw a coat over his slave , and carried him on his back , thither they saw at discretion. Then Bosi his spear and drove in the ass slave and below, by the side of him , so that Odd came out of his shoulders . They go at the temple . Herraud entered the temple in slave costume . Priestess was asleep. He leads the heifer in the Basin, but does bull . He ran a heifer . Moss Belg Rinn was a relief for , and drove grids head out of the wall and broke off both horns . Herraud gripped them in both ears on him and neighboring circuits , and been thrown out of the neck so he passed.

Then the witch woke up and leaped to his feet . In this Bosi came into the temple and carried the slave up over his head on the spear . Gammrinn startled now by swiftly and swooped down out of the nest and tried to swallow him who had come into . Swallowed him now above the slave at the waist. Bosi pushing the spear , so that it was up to the neck Gamma , until that stood in the heart. Gammrinn now put the claws in the nations of the slave body balance and set vænghnúfana the ear Bosi , so that he fell unconscious . Fell gammrinn and then on top of him, and were his four offenses menacingly high. Herraud settled against hofgyðjunni , and their onslaught was the hardest , and the old woman had badly cut nails , and she tore his flesh down to his bone. They came thither at that Bosi had fallen , and there was very bloody . Woman became slippery in gammsblóðinu , and she fell right back , and were then able change much with them, so that there were various sub . Bosi raknaði then we griðungsins and clutched his head and drove on the nose of a giantess . Herraud then snapped her hand in axlarlið balance . It took them at Thrive 'game , but the animation fragments of her was a great earthquake .

They were past the seas and studied that. The Vulture nest egg they found , and it was all over with gold letters written above . They found so much gold that they had enough to bear . They came to the cascade , the Joma was. Of him they took the gold crown , set with twelve precious stones , and men that which cost three hundred marks of gold , and out of his knees took the silver cup so large that no four men would drink from . He was full of red gold. But Pell this, the tent was Jómalann , was worth more than three cargo of drómundi those richest crawls Grikklandshaf . It took everything to himself.

They found afstúku only in moderation, and it had very secret liga . There was a stone door blocked mightily , and they were at all day at break it up, but before they came . They saw a woman sitting on a chair . If they had seen another friendly . Her hair was bound to chair the bride, it was a pleasant thing as straw or gold bar rails. Járnfestr was around her middle , locked at closely about her. She was weeping much.

When she saw the men , she asked what caused ókyrrleika them, " who has been in the morning , or why do ye both your life seems so evil , that ye hither fýsizt of trolls , because they , as a recruit will already kill ye both , ye sjáizt here? "

They said that many said deadline. They asked at what it was called , and why she was there so harðliga held. She said she called the break , and be a sister of King Goðmundr east of elegant fray. " But the troll woman , as counsel for , attended me thither with witchcraft and think that I should make sacrifices in the temple , and be here abbess , then she 's dead , but I would sooner be burned . "

" A good time to be a man , " says Herraud , " is delivered thee out of here. " She says she knows that would no can do .

Herraud said, "Would you have me , if I get out of here ? "

" No one I know so sad human person, " she says, " that I would not want to own rather than be at blótuð here in the temple , or what is your name ? "

" Herraud title I , " said he, " son of the king's ring of East Gautland , but if you need to fear hofgyðjuna , since we Bosi have sung the header junction of her , but that you may believe that I concentrate just honor of your being , If I lack thee hence. "

" Do I have more mortgage than put themselves at me , " she says, " if it is to encounter my cousin . "

" I will not for their marriage ," said Herraud , "and I will be here no undue delay in having , as I shall deem you in no varboðinn and shall unloose thee as before . "

" I do not know the man , " she said, " that I 'd rather have than you, of those that I have seen . "

They solved it now . Herraud asked if she would rather go home with them and do his wedding to her or send her east to his brother , and she sees him ages ago . But she elected to go with him, and promised whether another faith .

After that they took out gold and treasures out of the temple , after they put the fire in the temple , and burnt to ashes , so that no one except the ash recovered , and went away with that which they had taken, and did not stop until they Hóketils came to the man , and stayed not there long , and gave him much money and brought in many horses gold and precious things to the ship , and their men were glad to see them .

9 From Brávallabardaga .

After this they sailed away from Bjarmaland , the wind blew, and then not told about their journey until they came home Gautland , and they had two winters away been. Now they went to the king , and brought him Bosi egg, and was then broken slot on Hispanic heap and were there for ten marks of gold, and the king had skurnit for borðker . Bosi gave the king participated Kerim , he took off Jómalanum , and they were now reconciled .

At that time they came to the court of King Dagfari and Nattfari , brothers queen, and they were sent by King Harald Hild tooth for help , because then acting time battle Brávöllum , is the most has been in the northern lands , which tells the story of Sigurd ring father Ragnar Shaggy . Cycle King asked Herraud going for himself , but that he should look after the bride of his while , and then they should be happy about all that they had gone in between . Herraud made ​​now that his father asked and they went Bosi the brothers with five hundred men and King Harald . In this battle, King Harold fell , and with him one hundred fifteen kings , as stated in its history, and many other champions , who were kings more . There fell Dagfari and Náttfari , but they Herraud Bosi and were both wounded and sick , however, both out of the battle . Those who had been the transition to a Gotland , later will say , while they were away.

10 The fall of the king's ring .

Now, because that should be a time say more than one , then now 'tis clear, as has been received in the story, and he's now at first take , at the break , sister Goðmundr king disappeared off of the elegant court. And the king misses her , he let her look both at sea and on land , and no one knew it at the news. The brothers were then with him , and Hærek Siggeir . The king asked Siggen binding on break after a search and win this for her own word . Siggeir said he believe that he would not find it that easy , if priestess in Bjarmaland did not know her. They expected now from the land , and had five ships and went to Bjarmaland found him at the king and told him his errand , but he told them to go to the temple and said he would not be available for free if Joma or goddess did not know her. They went to the temple and found a öskudyngjuna , and there was no recovered any of it, there had to be at .

They go through the forest and came to town Hóketils man and heard on whether they did not know you, the temple was destroyed . But the man said it was not known , he said , however , that the two men had gauzkir legit Vínuskógi a very long time, and one named Herraud , the other arches - Bosi , and he said that the virtue nearest to that have made such a big question. But the farmer's daughter said she found them on the road , then they went to the ship , and they had a break , the sister of King Goðmundr elegant Fields and told her to look for him shall , if ever I wished her to find.

And they had this guide , they said this king , and they gathered now force all Bjarmaland and saw three ships and twenty and sailed to Gautland and came there at the time that the foster brothers were in the Battle of Brávöllum , and dialed king This small home , and they offered him the battle or give up the maiden . The king chose rather fight, and there were a rapid transition. Fell including ring king and most of his forces . And they took the maiden , and plundered all the money and then went away and did not stop until they came home in elegant court, and became king Godmund glad his sister and thanked them for the trip , and she was in the famous words . Siggeir asked to break now , but she was reluctant and said it was makligt that he enjoyed themselves , it is delivered out of the hands of trolls .

The king said Siggen well have her oaths not and said he should hire a wedding at her - "and will not benefit the foreign princes to marry thee , if thou wilt not care advice obey ," and was now so that as the King wanted.

And let them now expect their wedding , because they now see their good , but it could be that direct damage would be on the invitation.

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13 Brúðarrán .

That now bears a startling thing that when they played the glacial palace loved that a man walked into the hall . The man was tall and good-looking . He was a scarlet robe and silver belt around him, and a gold band on his forehead . He was shut and went reassuringly others , until he came to the king . He brandished his fist and pulled up so quickly nasal king that he flew out of the three tenn glands , the blood jumped out of his nostrils and mouth, and he fell down unconscious .

Sigurd is now this . He now throws Harpa up in the bed and slammed both fists in between the shoulders kvámumanninum , but he was ahead , but Sigurd after him and they Siggeir and everyone else, but some Styrmir the king. CONSTRUCTION took in hand the bride and brought her up in the bed and locked her in the stomach harp , but they pulled it out of the window , as there were , and so built with , and rushed to the ship and then went out on that. Then there 's the king had shorted . Sigurd went out and the ship he came , but Siggeir after him with drawn swords. Sigurd turns them back towards him and pushed him submerged ; took his men to pull him ashore worse than death . But construction landfestina struck , and dragged the men sail up and made both sail and row and hurling out to sea could. Hærek rushed to the ship and many other men with him , but the shipping was observed hrundit , there fell a flask sea, and they were to land at present and have had at their hugarmót after doing this , and all the men were worse than ráðlausir of drunkenness .

King unravels it and now , however, little power , and looked at the men close to him , but he was very power pulled. Turned feast in sút and grief. But the king was encouraged , they counsel , and the elements came together at liquidate not crowded and expect haste to go after the foster-brothers .

And let them now expect , and subordinated the story back to their Kumpáni that they sail , thither at ways parted and one lay Bjarmaland . Asked Bosi Herraud sail home to Gautland , but he said he had an errand to Bjarmaland .

Herraud claims not to understand him , - 'and what is your errand thither ? "

He says that would later appear . CONSTRUCTION offered to wait for the five nights. Bosi said that they would 'well fail , and they go on the boat to land two together and hidden in a secret boat somewhat, but they came to town , where a man and his wife lived . They had a daughter -friendly . They were well taken and given them a good wine to drink in the evening .

Bogus - Bosi search hýrliga a farmer 's daughter , but she was very tileygð to him in return. A little later they went to sleep. Bosi came to the bed of the farmer 's daughter . She asks what he wants. He asked her candles her residual limbs . She asked where the tube stops was. He asked if she had none. She said he did not have , that he was eligible glorious .

"I get him evacuated , though narrowly see," he said.

" Where is your stump ? " she said. "I get nearly what I can assume cylindrical bars smaller. "

He asked her to take between his legs . She pulled at his hand and asked ófagnað his own residual limbs .

"What seems to you like this ? " he explained.

" The shaft pounding my father, and if broken the back of it around. "

" Feelings are thumbnail image , " said Bogut - Bosi , he drew a ring from his hand and gave it. She asks what he wants to the contrary .

"I will trust your sponsa , " he said.

" Do not I know how it be , " she says.

" Lie to spreading , " said Han .

She did as he asked . He then went on between her legs and poses below the groin , so that everything went up under sternum coil .

She drew a hard and said, " You run into sponsa 's eye of men , " she said .

"I shall get it back out , " he says, " or how were you with ? "

"As heartily as I had drunk fresh mead , " she said , "and do thou that vakrast þvegilinn in the eye , " she said.

He saves now not until her nausea at all , so that it lay at retching , and bade him at risk . They were now resting , she went and asked what he was human . He told the truth and asked if she would be somewhere in love with the king's daughter Edda . She said she often comes into the chamber where the king and be well taken.

" I will have thee sponsor , " he said , " and I will give you three marks of silver that thou king of the forest to me . "

He took out his purse now three walnuts . They were the Gold saw . He gave them to her and asked her to tell the king that she knew one of the grove in the woods , at those nuts would be enough .

She told the king not upporpna for one and told her that normally follow a gelding , " is called Skalka , and is so strong that he has twelve men power , whatever must try . "

Bosi said that that would not care if there was more that we see.

Early in the morning she found that the king's daughter and her sons gullhnetrnar and said he knows where those might be enough to find.

" Let us go thither as soon as possible , " said the king's daughter , "and with me and slave . " And so do they .

They were Kompas now come in wood, and turn to meet them. Bosi greets jung lady and asked why she went so lonely. She said no stop haven for that.

"That is now the face wants , " said Bosi , " and made now is whether you like to go with me or do I willing skyndibrúðlaup to you here in the woods . "

The slave learns Now, every guy so bold phase is that such promises at the swallow . Herraud asked him to be quiet , loves company boom. The slave struck a large bat to Mr. Blank , who drew the shield . Blow was so heavy that it broke everyone. Herraud ran a slave , but he took a tight turn, and were mightily of the turbulence , and the servant went nowhere on the heel . Bosi came at fætrna ahead and took the slave , and then put a noose on his neck and hanged him on the oak .

Then put Bosi king of the arm and carried her to the ship , and launched out and went to where they found a note. The king's daughter received a little off, but when construction had words with her, took her around the apprehension , and sailed home Gautland .

14 From the battle.

That began now , that the brothers had complete his men and the immense help. But it had Godmund reigns heavy puff sounds Herr Aud , that he was not ferðugr to go on this trip , and they should have a brother and avoid problems. They had forty ships of elegant stadium, but increased though many of traveling. They came to Bjarmaland found him at the king, his father , and they were Herraud Bosi and just left there. Harek king had them complete certainty of it, they had taken away his daughter . He had dwelt team and had fifteen large ships . Bad he is in a journey with the brothers , and they all had sixty ships and sailed to Gautland .

Now to speak of the Herraud and Bosi, that they collect items , because when they come home, and wanted to be ready, if they would give chase , but keep the wedding is good to be empty . Thvari had caused to construct spears and axes and arrows , while they were away , and came together, great crowd .

The news now that they are to land the lead Harek king and his sons , and he had now no þusulaust . Herraud had now put out their ships against the machine, he had a great team , and free , and though much less than they Harek . Laid his ship against King Þvarason construction , but Bosi against Hærek , Herraud against Sigg Eiri , and it was not that reason to ask , and the success of the fight very hard, and were Scotch passionate of either party .

And when the battle had been long established; ruled Siggeir to boarding Herr wealth and became quickly Deprivation . Tailor named forecastleman Herr Aud . He hurled a spear at Sigg Eiri . He took a halberd in the air and shot back at him that sent . Halberd flying through formats and so far skipsstafninn that he penetrating him with . Herraud turned now against Sigg Eiri and laid him with his bill , so that went through the shield , but Siggeir swiftly so hard shield that Herraud became available bill sounds , but he struck Herr Aud , and came to the helm and took a quarter , and followed where it right ear. Herraud sparked up a large cleared of panels and struck on the nose , so that the hjálmblikit walked at his face , and broke his nose and out of it all tenn glands , and jump backwards back to his ship and also fell unconscious and was some time .

CONSTRUCTION fought valiantly . Harek King came on his ship with twelve men and crashes fixed . CONSTRUCTION now turned against him, and smote him with the sword , the splash woman had given him , because he bit the no votes available weapons . Blow came in front of tributaries tenn glands , and they broke out of it all , and know this gómbeinit broke both circuits fissure , and leapt out of the blood much . But this impulse drew him so that he was at the kite and venom spewed out over the ship , and saw many people killed . He swooped down at Smith and swallowed him and swallow him down himself .

They saw now , where a bird flew down from the land , who skergípr name. He's head so big and scares meet that it is generally hell , and settled against the dragon , and it was their onslaught scares glorious . But it ended their business, that they both fell down and fell skergíprinn down into the sea , but the dragon came down in the ship Siggeir . Herraud was there, and then let go of the club with both hands . He struck a Siggeir , and came under the blow ear and broke in his head , painted all time, but he flew overboard and came up again .

Harek King unravels now over and was at one barked and grabbed to Mr. Blank with his teeth and tore him all the armor and fastened tenn glands in the breast of him and tore off his two nipples down to his bones , but he struck out against the trýnit the reef , and took off in front of your eyes . Was Herraud the Modra so that he fell on the back, but Galt he trod under his feet , but could not bitten , by the trýnit .

Then came glatunshundtík high on the ship and had large vígtenn . She tore a hole in the scrotum on the reef and traced where the intestine and jumped overboard. But Harek was in human shape and cast themselves overboard after her , and they sank to the ground , and neither came up again , and it seemed to men that would have been the splash woman , because she saw ages ago .

15 They foster brothers won .

Bogus - Bosi is now a ship Hraerek and fought alldrengiliga . He saw his father floated by the board much power pulled. Now he jumps overboard and helped him and brought him to his ship .

Then Hærek arrived at the ship , and had killed many men. Bosi came up on the ship and was very Modra , but he struck out against Hærek and cut the shield and clove him down through the whole of his foot and the ankle-joint . Sword was wind axis and jump down the middle . Hærek struck back . Bosi turned on his heel . Sword slipped the helmet and down on his shoulders and pulled him all the armor , and he put his wound scapula , and went so down about everything behind that all the garments were torn apart by him , so that he was naked , painted all along, and a left foot hælbeinit . Bosi snatched up one axis , but Hærek would then run for the board. Bosi broke asunder the high jump , so that a drop-down where the item . Had now fallen , and the greater part of their assistance , but they favor peace , who survived .

They are now examining their team , and it was not by more than a hundred people warlike , and they had sworn brothers now major victory at boast. Divide the men now prey , they were healed , the healing were .

16 Herraud Bosi and settled at states.

Then they expected their wedding Herraud and Bosi , and now no lack of resources both abundant and good, and the feast lasted a month , and were men with honorable gifts away redeemed . Herraud took the title of king of all the States, as his father had led .

A little later they gathered his forces and went to Bjarmaland , and asked Bosi himself with the receipt and considered this for that Edda should the country after his father , now had become his wife , and he claims so goes megabytes population on casualties , they had gotten him that a king over them, and empower them with the law and just compensation . And by that they were leaderless , they saw no choice oriented than take it to the king. Edda was before they knew that all good practices . Bosi now became king of Bjarmaland .

He had a son by his mistress , whom he pulled from Earl . His name was burning a sókndjarfi , he was the father Vilmundar distracted .

Bosi went eastwards to elegant field and accept the Godmund king and Herraud . They break dearly . Their daughter was Thora -Town , Ragnar Lodbrok had.

Thus hath said been, at the gammsegginu that, they attended to Bjarmaland , has been found yrmlingr saw gold chromatogram was , and gave Herraud king he daughter of tooth gift , but she had put gold under him, and he grew so great he lay in the lap of her bower , and became so fierce that no one dared come near him that unless the King, and he who brought him food. Old bull had a worm problem, and thought him the greatest meinvættr . Vow Herraud at the King married the one man Thora , his daughter, who dared to go into the chamber to speak with her ​​and hired by the worm. And that no one dared do before that but came Ragnar , son of Sigurd circle. Anyone Ragnar was then called Lodbrok , and he took the name of his clothes , which he had built on , he got the worm.

Ok here we end here now history Bogus - Bosi .

[ ok signi then scta splash anyone here have heard , read and write , here EDR EDR gotten anything for the good done at AMEN . [ not printed in all versions ] ]

11 Bosi got news of elegant fray.

There is now a talk at record that they Herraud Bosi and came home Gautland two weeks after the Siggeir they sailed away . Miss them now friend instead and now take their matters , and attended Bosi father to counsel , but he said that they would be too late if they gathered a large army , and so he said that they would rather reach the king with deep set tips and snares events, and this was now decided that they lived in one vessel and thirty men. Carpenter was to go with them and have all the history of their journey . Karl suggested that many expected and the splash . They sailed now, when they were ready . Carpenter had always wind when he directed , and was their journey with more haste than líkendi would in thickness , and they had now accustomed shorter east of Field, elegant and laid his ship under a deserted forest . CONSTRUCTION has covered the helm of their ship .

They went on shore Herraud and Bosi . They came to húsabæ small and kyrfiligum . There lived a man and woman . They had a daughter, friendly and well understood. The farmer offered them nights pay ; they accepted . There were a good living spaces .

They were processed liberal bone, and were taken aboard and given a beer to drink . The farmer was aloof and rumors . Farmer's daughter was a humanitarian gust , and she sidebar visitors. Bosi was glaðkátr and made her smáglingrur ; she did it and so in return.

The evening was followed to sleep , but when that light was slokit , then came Bogus - Bosi there, farmer's daughter lay and lifted the cloth of her. She asked what there was, and bows - Bosi said to himself.

"What do you want to here ? " she said.

"I will water the colt vínkeldu my computer, " he said.

" This will set can be , my liege ? " she said , " no he wont like these pit houses, which I have . "

"I shall bring him his place, " he said , "and putting it submerged , if he would not otherwise drink."

" Where is your colt , hjartavinrinn mine ? " she said.

"Between my legs , my love , " he said , "and take you to him , and yet still, because he is very sullen . "

She was now göndulinn at him and stroked his and said: "This is fimligr stud and yet very hálsaðr right . "

" It is well fit for the head , " he said , "but he was better around your Mac , then he has drunk . "

"Look now at all, " she says.

" Lie to the gleiðust , " he said , "and that kyrrast ocean . "

He sharpens the colt now rather ótæpiliga , so that he was the wound. Farmer 's daughter became very heartily at this, so that she could hardly speak. " You will not drown the colt ? " she said.

"So he must have he hates the most , " he said , "because it is often óstýrinn me because he had not able to drink it your request . "

He is currently at , which he likes , and then rest . Farmer's daughter wonder now , where moisture will see here, she has legs , for all covered bedr played at once lauds under it.

She replied, " That may not be that your colt has drunk more than he has done good , and if he vomit up more than he drunk ? "

"Causes one to him now what , " he said , " because he is so soft that the lung . "

" He will be ölsjúkr , " she said , " that other drunkards . "

"That 's for sure, " he said . They enjoy themselves now that they like , and the farmer's daughter either above or below , and said she has old colt ridden slower than this .

Ok after many comedy She asked what a man he is , but he tells the truth , and asked in turn, what there was frequent in the country. She said that it was now a new one, that the brothers Hærek and Siggeir had got the break, the king's sister , the slain king's ring in a Gotland , - "and so they are famous now become a movement that, at no strife now the like in Eastway , and king has given his sister Siggen , and is this even against her will , and now at brúðlaupit be within three nights . Yet they are so aware of themselves that they have spies in every street and in every port, and is not the come as a surprise , but the age seems to panic, they did many covers and Bosi come visit at Virgin . king has caused to a house so huge that it has hundreds of doors , and is equidistant between them all ; hundred people can sit in rúmliga between each door ; dyrverðir two are at each door , and the meadow where to go inside , the one who is not known to any doorway, but the one who is known to any , should be taken and kept in custody until that is tested , each man he is. Blanket stands in the center of the hall floor, and he's five platforms at a walk. brúðrin there shall be and groom , but the court must stay awake all around , and they can not come as a surprise .

"Who is with him ? " Bosi said , "those he holds most ? "

"He called Sigurd , " she said , " he is a consultant king and also a great champion of musical instruments that his corpse is none , except at places and is sought , and though most of the harp beat. He has now gone to the mistress of his : it is one farmer's daughter army of wood, and he let sew him clothes and Rt instruments himself. "

And fall away because now their talk , and sleep them off on to-night.

12 From brullaupsveizlu .

Early in the morning came Bosi to Mr. Blank and told him what he had news that night; he , and then busked them from the farmer , and gave Bosi his daughter fingrgull , and they go at reference her , until that they saw the farm , Sigurd was . They saw where he went , and one boy with him , and headed back to the palace . They were now on the road for Sigurd. Bosi halberd ran through him , Herraud strangled the child to death . Since flea Bosi pods of both of them and went to the ship , and told Smith what they had accomplished . They did now counsel . CONSTRUCTION Bosi moved to another nágrímuna , but went himself to another and into the costume , the boy had had, but in the Bosi , Sigurd had owned.

They said Herraud all, how he should carry himself at , and so they went back to the city and came to the hall door , which Godmund King was . For he taught Sigurd , who greeted him well, and leads him , and took him to the king and féhirzlum ölgögnum and basement and have appointment , each ale First, make , and says byrlurum for how eagerly they shall pour . He said that it most pertinent that men be it the first night as drunk most , because where most of the evaporator . This was the second ruler of the place designated and brúðrin a guided and a bench and with her many maidens modes .

Godmund king sat on the throne , and groom him. Hærek served the groom . It is not reported , the rulers were placed , but it gets for himself , Sigurd struck the harp for the bride . But less were born into , struck Sigurd agreed, that people said that no one would deal like him , but he said a little mark at first. The king asked him not to spare . And as a came That memory, the signal was Thor , the time Sigurd stroke , and took to stirring all that the liquid was , knives and table dishes and all that , which no one thought of , and the number of people jumped up out of their seats and played on the floor, and went this long while. Then came in. That memory is devoted to all the Aesir. Sigurd time still stroke and configured so high that dwarf painted squares in the session hall . Rose up all who were inside , unless the bridegroom and brúðrin and The king , who was now all in motion and went all into the hall , and went for a long while.

The king now asked whether he might get something more stroke, but he says after a few smáleika and asked fólkit rest first. Now men sat drinking . Struck him Gýgjarslag and Drömbuð and sockets Rand Sound. Then came the memory of Odin . Then Sigurd ended up Harpa . She was so big that a man could stand right in the belly of it : it was all that gold saw . Since he took up the white glove gullsaumaða . He struck now that trick , called the Hidden Feykir , and jumped the edge worlds of women , and they played above the cross- trees . Then jumped up and all the women The men , and nothing was seen that still hated .

But this memory was gone by , came in. That memory, the signal was Freyja , and had afterwards to drink . Sigurd took them on a string , which lay athwart the ropes , and asked the king expect Framework slag . But the king drew so with that he jumped up and so did the bridegroom and brúðrin , and played no vakrara but now they , and went this long while. Carpenter was now in hand bride and played all vakrast . He took the place settings of the chair and threw up in the bed , when he saw an opportunity .

But from Herraud is this tale that he lets his men hurt all the ships of the sea were , so that was not seaworthy . Some had him at home in the city, and they took to the sea of gold and treasures , smiths had their contribution ready to hand . There was now much lobster . Some were down the hall loved and felt what was inside , and pulled out the window that which was cast up in the bed , but some get to the ship and turned the living room from the land .



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