Accurate measurements are essential to your satisfaction with your finished garment. Please be sure to measure within ¼ inch to ensure good fit. Please fill out all items regardless of garment style ordered. This gives me a better idea of your body type. Please circle the appropriate choice in lists. If you need additional descriptions on how to measure, click on the title of each blue number or letter as well as consulting the image below. Clicking on a title will open a new browser window, you may then scroll down as need be or close that window and click again when needed.

1. Head: hat circumference: ______
2. Hood height: base of neck to eyebrows: ______
3. Neck: circumference at base: ______
4. High Neck: circumference 2" above base: ______
5. Front opening: collar bone to neckline: ______
6. Shoulders: neck at side to point: ______
7. Total shoulder to shoulder: _____
Yes, this measurement is redundant with the previous and the following; it is used as a double check, as this is an essential area of fit.
8. Sleeve: center back of neck to wrist bone: ______
9. Upper arm length: shoulder to elbow: ______
10. Biceps: circumference: ______
11. Forearm: circumference: ______
12. Wrist: circumference: ______
13. Fist: circumference of closed fist: ______
This gives us a check to make sure a band cuff will fit over your hand. If you don't provide this measurement, we assume you don't know how to make a fist, and we can embezzle your charge card account without fear of physical violence.
14. High Chest: under armpits: ______

·                     IMPORTANT NOTE (click)

15. Chest/Bust: at widest point: ______

·                     IMPORTANT NOTE (click)

16. Under Bust (Ladies only): circumference at level of bra strap: _____
17. Back Width: from crease at arm to other side: ______
18. Physical Waist: circumference where you wear your waistband: ______
19. Garment Waist: circumference where you wear your waistband, at the Tightness you prefer._______
20. Hips: circumference at widest point: ______
21. Back Waist: base of neck to waist: ______
22. Front Waist (Ladies only): from neck at side, over bust to waist:______
23. Rise: sitting, side waist to chair: ______
24. Crotch Length: front waist, under to back waist: ______
25. Thigh: circumference at widest point: ______
26. Calf: circumference at widest point: ______
27. Ankle: circumference: ______
28. Heel to Instep: circumference around foot: _______
29. Waist to Knee: at side, standing; waist to top of knee: ______
30. Outseam: at side, standing; waist to ankle bone: ______
31. Inseam: inside leg, groin to ankle bone: ______
32. Base of neck to heels: ______
33. Height: ______
34. Weight (approx.): This has no particular use. We just get curious. (Besides, if we ever give up sewing, we could be come blackmailers…) ______
35. Shoe size: ______
36. Glove size: ______ (S, M, L, XL or number, if known)
37. Shirt/Coat size: ______
38. Bra cup size (Ladies only): ______


Ease is the amount of "space" in a garment. It allows you to move and be comfortable. These questions tell us important information, allowing us to fit the garment to your preferences.

Everyone wears his or her clothes differently. Some prefer garments to be snug, such as jeans. Others prefer them very full and baggy (such as jeans?!). Ease is the difference between your actual body measurements and the finished dimensions of your garment.

Keep in Mind: If you order a garment too loose and decide you want it tighter, we can take it in. But, if you order it tight and want it looser, we may not be able to enlarge it.

1. CHEST: How would you like this garment to fit in the chest/bust? (please select one):
a. Very loose
b. Loose
c. Slightly loose
d. Snug
e. Tight
f. Very tight
g. Not applicable.

2. WAIST: How do you want the waist of your garment to fit? (please select one)
a. Very loose
b. Loose
c. Slightly loose
d. Snug
e. Tight
f. Very tight
g. Not applicable.

3. HIPS: How do you want the hips of your garment to fit? (please select one):
a. Very loose
b. Loose
c. Slightly loose
d. Snug
e. Tight
f. Very tight
g. Not applicable

4. NECKLINE: How do you want your collar to fit:
a. Very loose (1 ½ - 2 inches ease)
Loose enough to slide three to four fingers inside.
b. Loose ( 1-1 ½ inches ease)
Loose enough to slide two or three fingers inside.
c. Slightly loose (1/2 - 1 inch ease)
Loose enough to slide one finger inside.
d. Snug (1/4 - ½ inch ease)
Loose enough to move the collar easily about the neck.
e. Tight (actual neck dimensions)
No garment movement on the neck whatsoever. (Also known as "eye-bugging" tight)
f. Not applicable

5. SLEEVE LENGTH: How long do you want the sleeves on this garment?
If there are both under and over sleeves, please note length for each.
a. Over hands to knuckles (court length)
b. To wrist (practical)
c. To forearms (3/4 length)
d. To mid-forearms (bracelet length: approx. 2 inches above wrist)
e. Elbow length
f. Short sleeved (above elbow)
g. Sleeveless
h. Not applicable

6. SLEEVE WIDTH: How wide do you want the sleeves on this garment? Indicate the "Drop" you want.
a. Tight to wrist
b. Narrow (1-2 inch drop)
c. Straight (4-6 inch drop)
d. Wide (8-12 inch drop)
e. Flared (14-18 inch drop)
f. Angel wing (18 inch drop or larger)
g. Specify actual drop: ______ inches
h. Not applicable

7. HEM LENGTH: How long do you want this garment to be? Pick one and provide measurement of distance below waist. If ordering more than one garment, specify for each.
a. Waist (no tuck-in or overlap at waist) :______
b. Groin length (tuck in or wear outside as tunic) :______
c. Mid thigh (short tunic or mini skirt) :______
d. Knee length :______
e. Mid calf (longest recommended for most men):______
f. Ankle length (you will have to manage you skirts on stairs and in the bathroom) :______
g. Top of foot (you will have to manage skirts on steps and ramps) :______
h. Touching the ground (you will have to manage your skirts if you move):______
i. Touching the ground wearing high heels/boots (mainly for weddings) :______
j. Pooling on the ground (be prepared to carry your skirts all the time) :______

8. What do you plan to do in this outfit?
a. Sit, stand, pose, on stage etc.
b. Some walking around, light activity (parties)
c. Everyday living activities (some moderate activity)
d. Athletic/combat/heavy activity


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