Dear Friends,


     Welcome to the 2005 season of the Vermont Renaissance Festival!  I would like to thank all the merchants that came last year and helped make the festival the success that it is.  Without their continued support and input our success would be unattainable.  We have some very exciting things in store for you this year, so we hope you will join us again.


I would also like to enjoin new merchants to come and check us out.  We have a growing reputation as a professionally run festival with an excellent feedback process.  Being merchants ourselves, we understand what it takes to be successful in this market.


Last year VTRF returned from its 2003 hiatus with record numbers of patrons; over 7000 over three weekends.  The addition of a Joust and our high quality stage acts make us an excellent entertainment venue for families and rennies alike. This year, along with our expansion into larger markets, we are extending our season to four weekends and are looking forward to once again breaking all of our previous records.


Come and be a part of VTRF and let our success be your success!




Pacita Prasarn

Merchant & Act Manager

The Vermont Renaissance Festival



Marketing Highlights 2005


The Vermont Renaissance Festival understands the importance of advertising to prospective merchants.  Each year we increase our advertising budget and expand our markets in order to provide the patrons we all need to prosper.  Here are some of the highlights for this year.


Extension of dates to four weekends

This year we have tentatively extended our run to four weekends.  In our market research, the greatest method of getting people in the door is by word of mouth.  This is also evident in the increase of patrons as the season progresses creating a snowball effect.


Expansion into a larger market

We will be expanding our advertising campaign to include metropolitan Springfield, MA.  Being one of the largest population centers in the region, with hundreds of thousands of residents, we hope to tap into that market through a proven and successful print campaign.


Continuation of campaign

With over 7000 patrons through the door last year, our advertising plans have proven very successful.  We will be continuing our quick growth through print, direct mail, posters, web presence, and more.


We hope you will join us in making this our most successful year!




Jordan Weinstein

Promotions & Marketing Manager



Vermont Renaissance Festival 2005 Merchant/Vendor Application


General Information- The Vermont Renaissance Festival 2005 will run four weekends on Saturdays and Sundays June 25, 26, and July 2, 3, 9, 10, 16, 17 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.  We are located at the Guilford Fairgrounds in Vernon, VT just off exit 1 on I-91. 


Fee Schedule- There are two separate fee schedules.  One is for tented merchants with a space and one is for wandering merchants with minimal space requirements.  The type of merchant who meets the criteria for minimal space is on the following list; wandering merchants (wearing merchandise on a tray or carrying it in a basket or bucket), pushcart merchants, people reading tarot, palms, doing astrology or past life charts using minimal space (i.e. a blanket) and not tented. Your fee must accompany your application.  The fee will be returned if you are not accepted. Upon acceptance, a contract and a complete set of festival rules and info will be sent.  However, if you cancel your participation after signing and returning your contract, you forfeit the fee.

Postmarked 2-1-05 and before

v  Four weekends - $350

v  Three weekends - $300

v  Two weekends - $250

v  One weekend  - $150

v  Four weekends wandering merchant - $200

v  Three weekends wandering merchant - $150

v  Two weekends wandering merchant - $100

v  One weekend wandering merchant - $50

Postmarked 2-2-05 to 4-3-05   

v  Four weekends - $400

v  Three weekends - $350

v  Two weekends - $300

v  One weekend -  $200

v  Four weekends wandering merchant - $250 

v  Three weekends wandering merchant - $200

v  Two weekends wandering merchant - $150

v  One weekend wandering merchant - $100


Products & Jury Procedure- All crafts must be in keeping with plausibility for the period of history between 1400 and 1605.  Obviously modern materials or blatantly modern subject matter are not acceptable.   Imports and mass produced items are not allowed except by special permission for those items deemed not in direct competition with an artisan or vendor on the site.  This is a juried faire.  The jury date is April 4th.   If your merchant packet has not arrived by that date you will be put onto a waiting list.  The waiting list will be juried on May 1st.  Items will be judged by the following criteria, the first being most acceptable and the last being least acceptable.


v  Artisans making themselves, demonstrating, and selling historically plausible items.

v  Artisans making themselves and selling historically plausible items.

v  Merchants selling historically plausible handmade crafts.

v  Merchants selling hand made items that may or may not be historically plausible.

v  Merchants selling items that are not handmade and may or may not be historically       


Jury Categories- In order to ensure that all our vendors have an enjoyable and profitable festival run, The Vermont Renaissance Festival limits the number and type of vendors it hosts.  To assist in this endeavor, merchants must apply to specific slots.  As above, preference is given to merchants who are artisans selling a specific type of item.  In order to apply for a particular category, at least 75% of your onsite selling stock must fall into that category.  Please check off what category you are applying for.  Email or call 802-463-3783 if you have any questions or are unsure about which category you belong in.


Blacksmith Ironwork
Chainmail– Including chainmail jewelry
Swords– Including knives, not including leather sheaths
Fiber Arts– Such as spinning, embroidery, weaving, and related supplies
Clothing– Not including children’s clothing or leather
Jewelry– Specifically body adornments.  This does not include accessories such as (but not                  limited to) purses, pouches, decorative objects/sculpture, fans, hats, large hat like headpieces, or chainmail.

Accessories – Including purses, pouches, fans, hats, and hair accessories.

Children’s Fare– Including clothing, games, toys



Musical Instruments

Leatherwork – Not including clothing

Leather Clothing

Decorative Arts Including sculpture, house wares, art prints

Jury Categories – continued

Services: Tarot/palm readers

                 Hair braiding

                 Face painting

                 Henna painting


                 Costumed Photography

Double Category Merchant – Merchant stock is comprised of 2 categories at roughly

                                                   50/50 each category.  List categories in application                           

Triple Category Merchant – Merchant stock is comprised of 3 categories in roughly

                                                  even percentages.  List categories in application.

Other – If you do not fit into these categories, tell us more about your product or

              service in the application.

Food – People interested in selling food items should contact Pacita directly for more information.


Booths- All tents and portable booths must be pre-approved by the festival.  You MUST send a photo of your setup.  VRF is looking for an attempt at period setups.  The modern tents that will not pass the jury process are as follows:  Colored plastic dining flys, blue tarp, mesh screen tents, and cabin tents.  This list is subject to change.  


Site- Merchant check-in and set up on site will begin Friday June 24 at 12:00 pm and no earlier. If you are arriving on a different weekend, you must make arrangements with Pacita. Because of site restrictions you MUST let us know if you will be leaving your tent/booth set up during the week. There is no extra fee for leaving your tent set up during the week. The Vermont Renaissance Festival LLC is not responsible for tents, belongings, or merchandise left on the Guilford Fairgrounds during the week. You must be offsite by 7:00 am July 18. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS! Limited electricity and water will be available on a first come first serve basis. Let us know of your needs in the application.


Camping- Merchants are allowed to camp onsite with their booth on Friday and Saturday nights.  All modern tents must be taken down and vehicles moved to the parking areas at least 45 minutes before gate opening.  There are no shower facilities onsite and no ground fires are allowed.  Quiet hours will be enforced.


Costumes- All participants are required to be in costume from 45 minutes before the gate opens to one half hour after the gate closes on Festival days.  Participants supply their own pre-approved costumes.  This includes shoes and accessories.  All participants will work to develop a minimum standard in dialect, dress, decorum and booth display.  Period containers and utensils must be used while on the festival site.  Prohibited items of attire include but are not limited to: Wrist watches, cigarettes, neon colors, bright prints, tennis shoes, modern print bandannas, tie-dye, spandex, unnatural hair colors, and extensive visible piercings.   A festival costume guide is available to accepted participants. 


Photos- VRF requires each merchant to send a photo of every category of merchandise that merchant intends to sell at VRF.  For example, if a merchant sells 3 sizes of feathered purses in 15 different colors and flat caps in 25 different prints, that merchant needs to send two photos, one of a purse and one of a cap. Attached to your photos should be a short typewritten description of each item, materials, dimensions and price.  Please number both your photos and your descriptions to correspond.  If you do not send a picture of an item with your jury packet, you will not be allowed to sell it. 


Resume- VRF would like to know a little bit more about our merchants. Let us know what other faires and festivals you have done, other talents that you may have, how long you have been a merchant, etc. If this is your first time merchanting, let us know that too. We offer some great resources for people who are new to renaissance festivals.


Tax- All accepted merchants must provide a current Vermont sales tax certificate to management.  You can get Vermont sales tax information by calling 802-828-2551 or faxing a request for a sales tax license at 802-828-2720.


Insurance- All accepted merchants must have liability insurance and provide to management a copy of a current policy.   The Vermont Renaissance Festival LLC cannot provide insurance for merchants.


Contact/mailing information- Applications can be mailed to: Pacita Prasarn c/o The Vermont Renaissance Festival, 122 Westminster Street, Bellows Falls, VT 05101. Tel/fax 802-463-3783


Application check-off list

_______Completed Application

_______Signed Promotions Release


_______Setup/Booth Photos

_______Merchandise Photos

_______Costume Photo of each participant working at your booth

              (You must have an approved costume before you may participate.)



Vermont Renaissance Festival 2005
Merchant Application


  1. Contact Person:__________________________________________


  1. Business Name:__________________________________________


  1. Street Address:__________________________________________


  1. City:______________________________ State:_____ ZIP:_______


  1. Telephone: Day: ________________ Evening: _________________


  1. Website: _______________________________________________


  1. Email: _________________________________________________


  1. Category (choose from list above):___________________________


  1. What are your booth's size/dimensions? ______________________


  1. Do you need electricity? ____________ Water? _____________


  1. How many people will work in your booth? _________________


  1. What are the legal names of the people who will work your booth? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________


  1.   I am applying for:

       1st weekend___ 2nd weekend___ 3rd weekend___ 4th weekend___


Promotions Release Form
I, ___________________________, give The Vermont Renaissance Festival permission to use the enclosed photos, videos, and media in their promotions campaign.
Signed _______________________________ Date ___________________



I, ___________________________, give The Vermont Renaissance Festival permission to link my website, ___________________________________, to The Vermont Renaissance Festival’s official website.

Signed _______________________________ Date ___________________



I, ___________________________, give The Vermont Renaissance Festival permission to use any photos or videotape taken during the event of me, my employees, my setup, or wares in any promotional capacity that the Vermont Renaissance Festival sees fit.

Signed _______________________________ Date ___________________


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