Drago's Adventures at the Vet Home


Day one arrived about 1030 in morning and started in here. After answering several pages of questions.  I found that the pee testing was also a requirement. Thus the body and their time did not agree. So I was put in a waiting area. That turned out to be the common seating area and where now the chairs have been removed and the sleeping cots set.

Meals I have found are 730, 1200, 17oo you stand in line and sign a roster.  Pick and choose food then sit eat throw away plate and return to what you were doing. For me it was sitting in the common area most of the day.

Showers are mandatory for cot allowance it seems.  Simple folding metal cots with a grey plastic covered 3-inch mattress.  In addition, a sheet and blanket are given out as the settings for them are done.  My pillow is my highway coat and liner stuffed in my hooded pullover.

Perhaps on the morrow I will be told more of how things are to progress. If one leaves they must sign out. Then back in when returns. Must be back by 2300, will find out if that is when things close down then.

I also have been told that when the medical clears you and a bed is available up stairs you are moved from common room to a 6 or 8 person room.

Showers to use right now are on the 2nd floor. Know nothing of the third at this time. You are given a simple shower kit. Moreover, right now no big towels are viable so got two what I would call dishtowels and two hand cloths to assist and dry with.  Currently they hang off the edge of the cot to dry overnight.

This eve in the common, area is a big TV it is ran with a vote with what is watched.  So far this eve true grit and a dvd movie that stuck in mid play so now we have the basketball game weeeeeeeeeeee.

Everything here is sign in sign that and if one messes up he sheet we have to refill out and resign allover that just happened with the cot list. Is first in line get the metal cot and mattress.  When those dozen are gone then mattress on floor is what is left.

I have reshuffled the bag contents. Now all the clothing and black bag of stuff is in the new brown bag that found this winter on a trip to the market in Dec it still had the red holiday bow on it when I found it.  New still folded up and ready to be given.  The back pack has the rest of things. Like meds laptop camera and other things that are small and easy carried. Been told where to store the clothing bag in a hallway with the other ‘common roomers’.  If important then keep with you hence why the shuffle to ensure if something goes it is clothing and not the other things.

So far some seem friendly. I have already been tagged with it is the Viking by the director here.  In addition, by one of the staff Hercules when I helped move the benches out of the common area so cots could go in.  Because I picked up the metal one in the center by self and moved them.

The outlets are limited, also in demand. Many here have some sort of cell phone that needs charged.  I was quick enough to get near one so could pug the laptop in to type this eve. Moreover, seemed to upset someone else that had sighted and planned to be where I currently am.  Nevertheless, was doing other things when the chair to cot common area shuffle started.

There are two resident dogs here an older white muzzled black lab, which has been dubbed ‘Sarge’.  The other is a cinnamon Shepard dubbed ‘Major”.  Very friendly and tolerates many things I see throughout the day.

I figure that after the 1700 meal I will sign up for shower and get it out of the way. Will at that time change into the track paints I have brought to sleep within.

A 1930 bible class in the mess hall was also called for those whom wanted.  Not mandatory that is good.

Oh desert has been called must go see.  To put that into perspective.  It is now 2157 and a lemon crumb like square just was consumed.  Lunch was two hot dogs with a bean mix and French fries.  Eve meal was meatloaf, mixed veggies, mashed potatoes with gravy.  Hell this is more than I have been eating per day at where I just came from for several months.  I did have one last pkg of the Italian sausage I have grown to enjoy before I left this morning as well.

All the items that were walked away from were stacked in a neat and orderly way in the room I was within. I do not know what or how he is to react nor do with them. After two weeks I have had no place to be. This place was the last resort for me to be at.


It did bother me that within he questions the drinking was repetitively brought up and hashed about.  How long did I, how long have I not, And other questions of it.

AN Hour left till pill time and their sign in dead line. Then I will find of what happens then.  I will see if I can do this each eve, the next step is finding a hot spot or open wireless system to get things going in that area as well.

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Upon the 9th I went to the Dentist place and started the process of teeth fixing. A basic looking today with x-rays on next Wed.

Yesterday I went and retrieved some inventory so now the fun is to feature these so people know they are within touch and I can get these items to them if bought. Denise will be going to want to skin me.

Looks as well as a cheap Dell is in the future perhaps. 350 I have been told. Still wan the 600 something Toshiba from Wal-Mart but I will have only so much to get what I can. First to replace the one so kindly loaned to that was stolen. Then to get something for myself to use. Then for internet use for Isabell and that will also bring contacting me to a closer level and cut her family filter out. Still waiting to see if she did use the form and get a free phone via the government as I sent her. But neither words nor knowing of things for she has been long while none contacting me once again. With the house phone being crippled of long distance no calling from there. With the Mother’s computer being taken out of working able no contact that way. And she was the one who stated that I was to keep the laptop so it would make contact faster and easy for us. Yet with her mother’s words of not welcome I have not contacted there for not to stir the non welcomed words given me. Isabell follows her families lead and lose each time to them.

If I am declared broken and have a monthly giving. There is a way to automatically perhaps to get a house for that giving will arrive and a house could be auto paid for out of it by a third of total. Kicker is there has to be at least 2 in the house. That means she will have to agree upon it being done. Unless I can wrangle something. Then send her the keys and address with a statement it waits for her and see if she come to it.

I also got some what in trouble yesterday for I left out before the councilors arrived at 0700. They did not see me and knowing that Dad had surgery they thought I had skipped out to home. It is good that I arrived before their 1500 change of shift for they were wondering of my non appearance in the morning routine. So from now on I will make sure the two that are watching do know where and what I do. Hence this morning I walked up to one and waited till he noticed me as he was talking to another, then went off doing things. After wards I asked him if he realized why I did that he had not. So I told him so he knew I was still around. For again this morning I left early for the Dentist appointment at 0800. Which I had to walk to so left just before 0700 to ensure getting there on foot.

On the morrow I take this unit down to across the hall to update and perhaps get on line for a bit as well. Makes a good jukebox and typewriter for me. Need to switch out the CD drive for a DVD drive from one of the other units. So can play movies as well. Do have a Princeton flat scree monitor with built in speakers which have a decent sounding to them.  A window xp home edition service pack 3 OS. With Intel Pentium 4 CPU 1.70 GHz. 256 MB of RAM. This means a really slow internet browser. With a 111 GB hard drive. So now you can see that I can find what and of it but have no clue the transliteration into understanding of what it is for Drago.

Well on the tenth, I went for more necklaces. And came back to loud music and food. This continued to the eve meal as well. Why music has top be played so loud that all can hear it 30 feet from the over echoing room it is in I will never understand. But that was the afternoon. With the ‘yelling talk’ above it I hid in my room allowing the head to clear from lunch then back and was assaulted again with the excessive volume for the eve meal.

Got a bit done on Derrick’s laptop last eve. And will see what the results are when I can. But have much more ‘Faire’ files to load up into that group as examples history and way things can be typed.

Also got a hot iron so could burn leather things for Runes sets and necklace thingies. This will be the Sunday’s adventure. Wonder how long I will be allowed to do so before the smell of burning cured flesh is too much for them.

Denise has been on my mind as well. She does so much for the Hearth. And I have done nothing much to balance the actions she ahs done. Nor not enough at times tell her thank you and appreciated what she has done. I really need to try all I can to get back to doing what I was doing that she does right now. This way she is less in the frustration of things. Many things have been thought of that are good thoughts. Many things pushed aside and behind others to be done. And still more things are thought of but the original are not finished. Or is that has been set aside has been for gotten just to have it rise and show self to do once again when it is not good to do so.

Time is what takes. And people as well. I was asked of historical articles and Hearth advert for a web magazine the last night, and had to turn it down unless they had some one to do it. For I would not ask the two whom are currently doing things to do one more something.

Right now Café Press needs to be finished and up and running for the Hearth. As well the Solstice Artist Group updates approach.

And still none really want to help nor seem to share the thoughts of the Hearth as those two do so, but first the original things and artists need to be found dealt with and gotten to use the Hearth before many other things are done. And with the happening that has happened with me and things of me it does not help any one either. This also tests, nerves and tolerances. My frustration of not being able and not doing of things.

Hopefully next week end will help the cause to find another laptop and then a second for me. Will see what and if. I think I have enough Iron and things to do so in the bag of inventory.

Did not get the computer updated yesterday but will endeavor to do so on Monday. So now I have Tues afternoon Wed and Thursday as well filled with appointments or class perhaps Monday as well for the next week. After the weekend show I plan to start redoing the Company plan and getting that settled back into being created once again. In the mean time I try to get things done each week.

Well today I called Dad hinted at things sent. Tried to ask him of things and talked more of the weather than him. Will see what he thinks when the items arrive I sent to him. Hope fully they will arrive correctly.

Today was spent with a new hot iron, leather, and waxed thread. Making many kids necklaces in leather. Two Rune sets. Also simple strap bracelets.

The Runes are of darker leather. Burned symbols into a round disk. Made two sets, have no draw string bag for them. But are simple and easy.  Non colored the symbols to allow one to do so they can make them theirs. As the bag also could be said of same thought.

The strap bracelets are just that a simple strap of leather about 4 inches long. With a waxed thread laced through the ends and knotted so is adjustable.

Necklaces are of various shapes, colors, simple bind runes and symbols are burned into them as well strung with a 30 inch waxed thread cord.

Then I ran out of waxed thread cord with a few left. But still have a bag of leather scraps for more to be made of as well. This could get interesting. Now just have to figure out a price for them most times it is one for three two for five type of thing. But do not know if that will fly in this market. Will see next weekend. Will try to get pictures as well of the newest creations, and up on the Hearth.

Right now so far I can not up load pictures for some reason of connection I believe. So will endeavor to do so some how.

This eve I have typed of the day and things. Now to face the rest of the day with out something to occupy my mind from the of the day. I have not gotten to borrow Derrick’s computer to check messages this day yet. So do not know what is there awaiting me either. So for now I sit here sorting out things and preparing for the week to come.


Another Monday has passed this one dated 13. I did get the drive switched to DVD/CD and it worked without arguing with me. As did the other rams I put in so now have a 516. Next extra step is to see if can get a 2nd hard drive into this old one. If so will find the next size down from this one and place it in here. We have one for parts and so far it has worked well for pieces.

Also got the DVD disk files moved into this one so next week I can start to work once again. But this week will be organize files and finding just what I have and what I do not have. Found a music one that I did not know I had as well so some of the music is once again being enjoyed as well.

So far across the hall the internet has been out. And on the morrow I will earnestly pursue those in power to get it regained. With the thought of it is a resource that is not not being fully used nor maintained for those here at the center. They got me over there and I have put in to much thought of me vs. plastic to let it just sit there. Have some more units that came in as well. But these look to be processor III. And were servers that had the hard drives taken out.  So is power fan and system but no real operation value. Will see I asked Scott the Microsoft programmer to stop in and look to see if my ascertainment is correct or not.

Also there was a class this Monday two more and I can get out of them. They really are not telling me anything I do not already know and are geared to those whom are lacking the entry level back into sociality. I.E. they have been systemized to long or much and are more dependent upon the system then themselves. So they have to learn parenting and life skills or so the class is called. But seems more of a lack of preparedness and thought upon the subjects covered. And only when convenient are held by the one who runs them.

Well Odin’s day {15th} and things are not as well in some ways than others. Finn got silver paint pen but is not going to the show now. So I am stuck with out a ride or way to get there. Got 19 pictures of my teeth taken this afternoon and assigned to a Student named David. And in July will find out what happens next. Mom typed Dad got his hooks, just have not gotten back to him yet about them. She typed he checked them all out and made sure he checked the mail after I stated I sent him something. Yesterday’s class was of good banking and things of that nature. Threw in the rebuild company plea and will see what comes of it.  Also the connection across the hall still sucks. Time to once again hijack Derrick’s laptop and get messages cleared and things barley dealt with.

Was hoping to get to the show and sell a few things perhaps enough to get laptop and if really good to get two but that is shout to hell now. And will have to figure out something else. Well at least I have a bag full of some things that can be refeatured on the Hearth for sale and per haps will cause a stir of want unto someone who looks.

Four days later upon the day of the Father Celebration I sit here and type. The show was not gone to. Pills were not sent in time. I called home and talked to the girls for Dad went out side. This is also the traditionally the weekend that Isabell and I met and the adventure started in 1999. Wonder what is to come of things next week.

As I sit here reading book after book. I was taken to the seeing of the new x-men and green lantern movies. That was nice to do. Found a four screen viewing within walking distance. So now have up dated my knowledge of what is coming out to enjoy seeing.

This week brings the cry for internet to a new height. And the re featuring of the items I have and the posting of the items I have made to sell as well. Perhaps I will stir interest. Then again I do not wait upon it. For it seems few want what I offer upon the Hearth. I sell so much better in person then via a separated contacting. Also I know it is a different way to do things then the ‘normal internet’ style. But I still believe the internet has taken something form people and to have a semi interactive sales and members site is a way to return it upon a personal level.

Then again I most likely and stupid and foolish for thinking within this manor.

Will see what the day brings upon the morrow. I really need to get back into the habit of typing something each day. Thoughts feelings or even a rambling perhaps. But this weekend the hollow struck fully and I have not wanted to do or be much and this day still it settles deep within knowing this is when I started to find life once again just to lose it as well many years later. How can one earn what has been lost once again. Yet will they ever be allowed to do so no matter what they can attain?

Upon the 20th I traveled to the Hospital to find that I still had not been assigned a Doctor. But asked if could arrange one any way they gave me an appointment in the first part of July. Will see which and what comes of it.

Today the internet next door returned. As did over 30 more units arrived. ZI have gone quickly over them and made basic first impressionable notes. As well as thoughts and words to the boss here to get more surge cords and things in place to get them set and ready perhaps even for them to sell if I am good enough. I got 6 more flat screens available for the computer room. After that it is the standard big ‘TV’ style monitors left. Will see about mice with optical and wheel vice the two button ball ones. Also USB vice the standard colored purple or green cords on them and the key boards.

The new units in have a back with a many usb slot column that would be a good thing I think to have. But till get XP set on them I will not know of Ram or hard drive sizes either. Many have either a pass word to be done over or seem to be missing things. Will see as I can wrangle help from the experts here that know better than I what and is to these things. I am basic house hold plug in and settle simple maintainers that most computers come with. Will see what this brings this week.

So now in July have Doc, Dentist, & Councilor appointments. Along with the Wed normal. Monday, Tues & Thursday classes. And what ever they bring up to throw me into. I missed the Bible sermon this afternoon damn what a shame. Seems to be able to get things from helping people we have to be bible beaten. And tonight there is another bible study this eve as well. Another thing I will not be going to. Nor the one on Wed or Sat morning either.

Upon the longest day I have had rain, thunder, sun and wind. It has been interesting. I am going to get some type of Dell education I thinking. Good thing today was my pills finally arrived. Not only were the ones I running out of but two others as well. Also my complete Service records as well came in the mail medical, dental and SRB this will be good to show the CCS and other things they want as medical background.

There are 12 units pass worded that will be XP reinstalled to see what and if can be used. About half as many flat screens waiting for them with keyboard and mouse. The rest sit in a three stacked pile with my first impressionable notes upon them.

I have found one that has a secondary slave hard drive flat cable {in one that does not turn on} it has drifted into my region. The multi USB unit has been looked at and hard drives could be swapped. Then the next to largest hard drive to float unmounted will be also purloined. Then will also watch for the highest RAM count and see what is found. Patch worked from many the “Franken Dell” is to be born. This will be interesting to think the very least. But I will have an time learning how to part a unit and create something. Already the knowledge of switching a disk drive is coming handy. Now finding what will also be next. RAM is two side clips and out it comes.

Arranged for XP install disks today and have office 2010 as well but have to figure out the corporate key it needs. Each one will be simple browser units. Slow, steady and small of space. But will work for the simple of Internet and being an over grown typewriter/ calculator jigsaw puzzle [jukebox {optional}, movie player {optional} if put in media player].

Drago standard of will be Adobe, Java, Avast {with Pirate language}, Spy Bot, Skype, Fire Fox, Soft Ware Informer, Picasa, Fast Stone, PC Wizard and simple XP. Even may put Open office, Pidgin and Goggle Earth upon them {I got them already}. Dragging Disk Cleaner and Defrag to the menu list where can be found easy. Fire Fox will carry weather, Lazarus, Cool Previews, No Color, and Adware. And what basic comes back into mind when I do so.

Then the standard silver theme. Screensaver for the DVC-MVF I have placed on all others. As well as the power settings. An also the other things that are done in common of the others.


Today it was setting up a printer for the Miss Smith. And trading out a unit for the Sober Solider office which did not take my advice and got a Trojan Worm so will just reformat and install XP again and kill the little annoyance. As well as trading out three flat screens with speakers in them for the offices. And again other printer drivers found and installed.

But this has also got me more music to enjoy and collect in this noise maker as well. Think I will have an interesting selection by the time I am done. So each day I will be taking this down and updating it one way or another as I learn see and set up the rest that my small computer talents will allow me to. This I find highly amusing that Drago is more computer knowledgeable then others. Also they are referring me to as the computer guy or one semi in charge of the Computer Room. This is really scary. Then again it keeps me busy and am still making things just not something I ever thought that I would be doing.

Well last night was interesting which lead to a dull day. Part way through the eve the power went out and continued to be out all day. Seems something in these two buildings has failed. But the solution to this temporary was a Generator to power the basic things. But not good enough for the elevator. Kitchen is gas so the means were simple and done in the dark and non vented kitchen.

I spent the morning disrupting Mr. Chambers day with the telling of records arrived for CCS and discharge reasons. Also by placing the he call to get answers to things for me because I am not getting results. Also gave Mr. Williamson the copies of discharge reason as well. Will get them back when he copies them on the morrow.

So now I wait till Friday for to find out what the USMCL is doing of finding out of my paper work. That is after they lost it and I refilled in last week of it. Also I will disclose the fact of records arrival and the of things to him as well.

Other than spending most of the day reading. Derrick now has a car and he took me along for a drive in it. It being a black gray inside Ford Focus 4 door. Much better than I thought it would be considering the pushy tactics upon him and the ‘ol boy shopping network’ that seems to be used here. But it seems to have worked out this time for the better.

So another evening to get through rain thunder and wind. Sticky muggy and just not comfortable. Cool air thingy is not on either this will be interesting.

Will take this back down in the morning and hopefully get something some with the research I have tried to restart. I also wait for the XP disk to reload and restart the 12 as well.

Seems also the push to place into apartments has started. For now the focus for these places is to build centers to ‘house’ and arrange things to be vouchers into being for those whom have already have disabilities, SS or veteran pensions. Will see what this will do with me and the speed the records or the declarations have upon my being.

Well this weekend was gone and done sooner than I realized. Got a D-Day card from Powder monkey and a production one as well on Friday. Put me in a foul and not wanting to do much mood. With reminder when arrived. Then again I have the computer screen savor with his pictures the girls and all of Isabell’s so I ‘see’ them each day at least in the screen. And in my mind I try to ‘hear’ the I can remember once again.

Read many books and background musiced the world away. Have a pile of books ready to be read and to lead my mind from thinking as well.

Went to the apt this morning and I got BUS TICKETS>beware world. Also on the 30th I go back to get July’s monthly buss pass as well. Question and answers. Forms and into the computer I have gone at MRS. As well as providing about a inch of photocopies of filed papers I recently got, medical and discharge as well as the help of Denise with SS.

I got a 3o something page document to type upon answ4er and fill in the out of my mind as well. This will; be interesting. Tuesday will start on that. Will read through it today to set mind of thinking of what and of.

They found that I blunt and not candy coat the answers and want me to ‘soften’ and coat answers to be more acceptable with people when I am asked of things. This will be interesting working upon that goal.

Will perhaps type more later right now was a quick out of mind experience to try to up get what and things here.

Well the world has passed another week and Friday is just another sleep away. All week has been fast. After bus tickets I can get places again.

Got more things to put on the web site back for sale. That will be Sunday most likely when I can get to them after figure out which picture is what so can find things to refeatured. I got things for most all depts. Represented.

This morning as well got a monthly pass for buss so all month can go there and back again as I need to. Also need to call MRS as well Tuesday for he wants to talk to me some more of things needed to set things up. Also the requirements of 10 apply for job places per week were sprung upon me this morning as well.

Computer room is going well got many reformatted and are switching old CD drive for newer DVD drives. As well as more ram when I can do so. Also bigger hard drives. Got 40 GB to update the 14 to 18 ones that are in them now. Got to figure out ram and how to reconfigure the parts for better numbers.

I did get 1GB of RAM in this one right now as well. That is double what I had. So will find if it helps or not as well go. Need to take this in the morning and update it as well. Have gotten all the music from across the hall into it and have a quite older selection to enjoy.

The ‘newer’ models have four slots for ram so if I can I will be able to 40 hard drives and 1 ram them as well with XP. Again basic browsers and access of internet. With typing documents as well.




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