Sitting on the mountain top a lone grey and brown wolf cries at the silver sliver moon. The mist rises from the ground covering the wolf until only the brown shimmering eyes are seen. The cry echoes through the valley remaining unanswered. The wolf tracks can not be seen on the dew dipped leaves scattered on the forest floor. A crackling of tree branches enters the scene. The wolf crouches in the thicket unseen. A black dragon walks slowly by the wolf. He stops turning to the wolf. Machlene why do you cry? I heard you and came to see if I could help.

Merlyn Machlene Wolfencat - Long brownish black fur with traces of grey. Wolf face with feline ears. Delicate featured paws, sleek panther body, shimmering eyes of brownish translucent hues. Soft inflection voice, curly tail, long retractable nails with pin point tip, and soft fur.

A meadow surrounded by old trees full of knowledge. Lit by a soft full moon and glimmering stars. A soft breeze blows through the meadow in the spring flowers grow and small animals are starting to come forth. In the summer the breeze still flows warmer and full of the smell of grass, birds are heard and the spider’s web glistens along the edge. The fall brings late flowers and multi-colored leaves flutter within the breeze. Winter leaves it all white and dearly waiting for spring. Here and there grass and plants can be seen waiting as well in the cool breeze.

It doesn’t make me alone it gives me the choice of when to have company.

The stars sparkle above like jewels scattered upon deep black velvet. But with softly watching the lines of constellations can be thought of and where can be found along with when. And the travelers will know this and no longer will wander lost and alone for within the stars is all they need to know and much much more than even they can see or think.

An though meaning of the words change, through tone and speech the words remain the same. Only those reading them will ever see the difference and true meaning behind the speech and tones.

You within yourself sees and knows what is. Only reflecting out what is whin does anyone really know though others speech or things are seen. Only reflection from within do you truly see. Not from others but form yourself whin. But what happens when in the seeing and knowing it lacks the wisdom to go with the knowledge?

Before the dawn a whisper was heard causing the spiral to change to a hex-a-flex. A spark was seen and things began to grow a new. Seasons and things rotate in may planes. Points travel to and fro. And yet the center of the spiral stays constant in one place and one time yet stretching forth the arms of the spiral to reach and touch so many yet so few realize the touch and are graced only with the knowledge of life not knowing the wisdom of life also. And slowly as a spiral grows all things touched drift to the center to become part of the one place one time. Softly settling into place as it should be.

A place beyond time and space purplish hues swirled.

Colors among colors the same yet differently slowly mixing into circular patterns slowly reaching forth and back to the center at the same time. Each traveling their own path and yet all connected at the start or is it the end. Both is the center yet is the end also the start or is the start of something the end of something else. One is all and all is one - and yet all is none and one is all with one.

Slowly twisting turning spiraling all is turned all is found and reached, upwards, downwards. In all directions reaching pulling inward outward. Seeing, hearing learning. Watching, waiting, comprehending time for all and again perhaps nothing at all is done.

Shadows dance, molecules bounce forming forms and silhouettes, changing, mixing, molding, moving constantly. And slowly ever so the mind forms images colors which turn to emotions and common thought. But still the original form of nothingness spiraling shallowly into forms is the ray all ideas star only a glimmer or hazy image that only the individual who sees or feels can find.

Unseen yet seen the hues shift spirally into an image until it can be seen clearly as one allows the vision to spiral and change to forms, with rays of thought and sparking emotion. Then again it’s nothing and maybe it’s nothing as one chooses in the flash of an eye.

And yet the harder one tries the harder it arrives. But only if one truly wants will it actually happen. Slowly effortlessly and easily is the task of seeing feeling and having the focus of the spiral come forth to encircle one's being to encompass the whole, yet to always be just for them only. To be yet not to become. See and comprehend only if you truly accept it will it be yours.

You sing for yourself, very few times you sing just for others. Therefore, your words are for yourself and are translated into emotions, feelings, and thoughts not exactly words per say.

Dragon, I cry for you. I have felt the longing of your heart for your way of life. Not being able to fully participate and practice what you belief. My tears are for you for it should not be this way. All should have the freedom to be. You have touched me like none other and yet even that shall soon fade away. I cry for the loss of one so dear as you. Is not the majority one and when it’s one does not the loss effect the all? Why then should the whole suffer when it need not be so? Or do I only have understanding without the wisdom of the full knowledge of the ancient ways?

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After a festival's time of answering weighty questions such as these, I'd sleep like a log! Only a mad man could possibly remember the place and time for each piece of kitchen ware, weaponry, cloth, and chain within a span of 1,000 years!! Surely there must be an easier way, a place where he could post all this knowledge...

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