And now a new start to an old game. Of groups and spider webs. Of information and helping. . Then every seven will have a spider web placed for order and ways to settle things.
Each before existing with in this idea must present a letter of introduction one from the faction wanting to enter and one from a faction asking if they may. Both being given at the same time to the chancel to be seen and decided on the action.
A shield then is made and sent to the joining faction showing the symbol they will go under for time to see. And a structuring will be done within the fullness of one moon to ensure that all is correct and understood.
A report from each spider’s web is given. Where they are. Who they can reach out to for data and help. What they think of their web. How they would go about securing and making it better of they would be offered the chance.
A request from all factions concerned of heard from Data upon subjects matter. Who involved with each style and cast. And what their outcome and ideas are. Along with factions opinion and in put with the subject matter.
Accessing the faction concerned spider web with their full understanding and help. Finding 1-3 persons in such to directly deal with all the time by the roaming one that can be most helpful and informative within such groups.
Financial support for the roaming one. Thought the subject is new. Do they truly care? have they completely washed their hands of helping? Or have they only down graded the subject’s importance and annoyance that none have come forth before as this. Would each faction help the roaming one? On a small scale per the month they are within their area? Even if only expenses basic as shelter, food, gas and common since items when needed.
Will any and all of a faction people help if asked? And if so how to contact and see what type of help they are available with.
Point to point staying. Would the faction and contact be able to put up the roaming one for a little while when it the area? If so how long and what stipulations would have to be made.
Roaming one’s concerns of transport, equipment, bills of their base. How is each to be taken care of for each cycle. And would a roaming one have nothing for their work. If so no good would of it from them.
Area staying will be maxim at 14 day period is all that can be stayed in a area. Unless ...... They way time is not wasted and more area can be reached.
Contact with the chancel should be every 3 days unless others wise needed or requested. By which ever means is best for the time the roaming one is there.
Symbols of each faction and spider’s web will be on file. And certain “calling cards” will be issued to the roaming one to ensure that the one’s who receives it will know who/what is in the area or who needs help from the roaming one. This way no voice only pictures will relay what is needed to be know between the faction and the roaming one.
Factions will have agents that are available to accompany the roaming one when within their area. Using their contacts and knowledge to help and advance the roaming ones progress and thoroughness of helping them. Also they will conduct a tri-monthly sweeping of a 70 mile diameter circle around them for data information and sources that the roaming one can use and have availability to. On what ever outstanding issue is currently within the web. Issuing a report to the chancel upon finding anything. And a continual listing of their contact points and people within their faction.
Crowded into a 140 mile circle shall be the spider web. And shall conduct themselves as such. Multi factions can exist within this. But the whole shall be a spider’s web each knowing what the other does. Independent on issues with in themselves. But together on information and data gathered. And shall be more depended upon as a whole then individual groups, For backup and help to the passing through visitors and roaming one. And again shall shearch and report just the same as all the rest do to the chancel. But only twice a year will the chancel issue a report of all there is new to the council to add to the data already known. Thus combine reports already given and ensure the correctness of them.
Special ones will be used for thought and help in figuring. Only known to the chancel and the roaming one. Anyone else will only be known by a letter of introduction accomplished by a letter from the one as to what they wish to do or know. And a letter of acceptance help is returned to the chancel. From them detailing the contact diameters and allowance of contact given to the one who needs wants.
Fixers are one with the means and equipment/knowledge to wipe out and find what ever. Those few that know mind or action id best taken. But if have to can be quite destructive. Either noiselessly or very queit and serene. Used only after the roaming one has extinguish all other avenue and options. Or they need help to capture a simulation before the fall out can get out of hand.
Old tiee are the one the roaming one has known before. and know what can be done. Are listened to and their words are done. For they know the roaming one before they were do deemed. And have reasons for their requests and words. Even if no other wants the same. The words of them should be heeded and thought over before actions are taken which could bring bigger abd badder down upon faction and those within the webs.
Favors should be limited to those who ask for them and not everyone there or behind them. be it asked of or told they owe them or us one. Be care full of the wording and degree of favor given. And taken. For the balancing action will prove one’s worth to the world and deed gone before.
Orginatizations within the areas the that the roaming one deals with should be only one person contact for the most part. That constant person should be one delt with on a constant basis. And neutral standing. Through them is the scess and inquires delt. And any toward the roaming one as well. Unless otherwise needed for action dictates.
14 in charge of the chanel
7 in charge of the spider web
3 in charge of a group
A group is any more than three pople caliming toghterness. Being a called : coven, assembly, household, haven, clan, tribe, group, or whatever denotes such.
Each one shall elect one to represent them to the spider’s web thus the spider’s web is made up of only 7 of these. And shall have rule over inter-active desisions with them.
The spider web shall elect three to represent them within a chanel thus the chanel represents 4 spider webs with two old ones chosen by the twelve. Theses two shall be from out side all the groups and spider webs concerned with by the 12. And all have equal voice within desisions.
And a grand council fo 21 shall resign over the chanels comprised of three from the chanels thus the grand councial represents 7 chanels. Two of the three shall be from the chanel’s web’s members, one shall be a old one representing that chanel as voise of the coincil. So there is acctually 7voices to vote and choose and 14 voices to base their decisions on that are equally listened to.
Only desisions that are votes on can be inacted with 2/3 vote of the action. All shall be written and recorded. For all action are public record as to prevent any from saying that anythinbg was not done correctly and justly.
For larger groups 21 to 30 or more the posistions of officers being Cronicler/Libarian, Point of Conact, Tresury/Resource and Bladearm shall be made.
These are non voteing ranks but shall hold records and keep their items streightened for all to see and have acess to.
The roaming one shall travel around to the places where they are needed. Conducting rituals when nessary and filling in where they must. They only answer to the Council but hears all from who ever they meet. The hoilidays they are to hold to are marked as Dragonistic on the yearly calander. And only will be allowed three students at a time from only half of the population of the world. The students’s reasoning has already been established. The roaming one will be made welcome to all events held by those under the conical

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