Here is one story on how a man became one of our clansmen. Taken from her journal when traveling amongst them.

I sat upon a stool at a County Fair. I was posing as a “psychic” reader of cards and crystal balls. My tent was small and I had put little into it to attract attention to myself. Only a small sign stating what I was doing and a Full sized mirror which I had put the words upon the Frame in several languages. “To See your true self Look at yourself” which means little to any man but a lot to us.

As I watched the crowd I noticed a young male approaching my area. His hair cut short as he was in the military his stance and movements also showed fighter trained. But as he passed the mirror I did happen to look. And a gasp passed from me. He stopped and asked if I was all right. I asked him to look into the mirror. He did so and looked back at me with a wondering look. I asked him what did he see he said himself and the crowd/Fair behind him. I then did something I would not do again For a very long time to come I told him what I saw.

The description was this. I saw him in Black clothing Black laced knee high moccasins. A Lace up shirt and a Black/grey Full hooded cloak. His left eye was patched and the other glinted with star’s sparkle. Upon his head was a black beret with various pins upon it. But this was not all to be seen. A staff held within his left hand glowed with power and understanding. Weapons of various forms could be seen. As well as 2 swords english upon his hip. Oriental stick is over his shoulder. But what else was with the reflection showed me what he was and to be. A panther/wulf stood behind him slightly turned coiled around his right side as if stepping forth. Eyes sparkling as Fireflies in the night with saber tooth and gaping muzzle sharing wisdom Three small dragons were also within an reel of Blood and Fire sat upon his right shoulder. A gold flitted upon the staff’s top. And a Bronze softly guided circles around him. Their name come to me quickly and I gave them to him. He seemed

To listen and yet not to as most mankind does. And yet I felt stirring within him. As he turned to leave and walk away the crowd seemed to think this is when I saw his soul’s shadow and knew what must be done. For it glided silently behind him in the sunset’s light. A 5-clawed oriental/English mixed Black dragon shadow tipped its head to me in acknowledgment of what I was. And that night I packed and left. Traveling quickly home to request his acceptance within our clan. I sent him a stone upon which I inscribed seven runeic symbols which I pulled Forth from a bagged set was unused. And stated each year he was to find a silver or grey dragon to place upon it. My request was granted and I sent it. The first three years I sent him a new pearly dragon. And have sent people and our kind to intersect upon his life to teach and Show him our ways and knowledge. I hope he remembers and truly shows his talents. Without wasting what he has within and without himself.

Then again taking another perspective here is his story how he tells it.

Just back on leave From the Marine Corps at the local county Fair. I was passing through the outlaying merchant/renter area Just at SunSet Saturday I passed a reader’s booth and heard a gasp turning I noticed an middle-aged lady Very good looking appeared to be scared. I asked her if she was all right she said yes then asked me what I saw in the mirror. I looked and saw myself and the Fair around me. She then told me what she saw. Dragons which she gave me the names for. What she calls a saber toothed panther wulf with sparkle eyes. And me dressed as a D & D character I had played before.

But later that year. I received an Stone inscribed with 7 runic symbols. This turned out to be my amulet to symbolize my Dragon Clansmanship and alliance to clan dragon kinship. The only requirement was finding a new dragon to place upon the stone each year upon my anniversary which falls within October.

Since then I have taken up the study of dragons. Being also to form reasons of ideas. And finding the term Dragonostic to settle upon as what I was believing. Find people to talk to and others with similar beliefs. Through the years. Slowly learning what this amulet allowed me to do and what who it helped me become. One year I lost everything including the stone. Later I fashioned another one with the same symbols. And recently have been adding the black colored stones of the earth to hang upon it. And now I relearn what it means to be a Clansman and join within dragons once again. Perhaps one day I will run across the lady who told me so long ago what She saw. And the next day with questions in my mind when I went back she was gone. Did I scare her? Did I do something to make her leave? Or was it her time to go? These questions and others remain unanswered waiting for the day she shows back up. Within my sight. Questions a young man confused and alone had left unanswered so long ago.

Here is placed the names of what was seen Told one ’85 Oct day after a surprised shaken Look was seen upon the Lady’s face as walked past.

Small Dragons

Quenzatraun (Queenie) 1’8” Gold upon the right shoulder

Strangotr (Strae) 1’10” Bronze around left arm

Spredozana (Spree) 1’8” dark red playing around

Toshnotrinikiotosha (Nikki) a panther-wulf companion – protector 4’ at shoulder solid simmering black coloring glittering white sparkling eyes noiseless when moves. Fire flies are commonly mistaken for his eyes. Body is the combination of a panther and wulf head wulfish like with cat influences. Claws of greyness and teeth sharp Fur is smooth as cats and long as dogs Leaves no tracks where it walks.

He was described as such: Dressed in dark leather skins, dark grey cape. Silverclasp. Eye of silver hair of same. Left eye patched. Sword on hip daggers around in various places. Moccasins knee length & side Laced.

But this is history of the past already retold within this before. To be lain to rest with all the tales of old and thought about upon the nights of renewal

And perhaps dwelled upon as a ale of fantasy which some do. For is not this what stories gave heard of.

Two different perspectives one happening who is to say which is right and which is wrong. Or are both so? Even being there would you have seen something different.

As you can see one event can cause several stories to come forth From several people. Each viewing and seeing differently and yet all seeing the some thing. Each story contains the same items but put together differently by each. This is how to view the world. Not by looking For yourself. But looking through the various others involved and factions which are there.

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