Drago's Adventures at the Vet Home


Day one arrived about 1030 in morning and started in here. After answering several pages of questions.  I found that the pee testing was also a requirement. Thus the body and their time did not agree. So I was put in a waiting area. That turned out to be the common seating area and where now the chairs have been removed and the sleeping cots set.

Meals I have found are 730, 1200, 17oo you stand in line and sign a roster.  Pick and choose food then sit eat throw away plate and return to what you were doing. For me it was sitting in the common area most of the day.

Showers are mandatory for cot allowance it seems.  Simple folding metal cots with a grey plastic covered 3-inch mattress.  In addition, a sheet and blanket are given out as the settings for them are done.  My pillow is my highway coat and liner stuffed in my hooded pullover.

Perhaps on the morrow I will be told more of how things are to progress. If one leaves they must sign out. Then back in when returns. Must be back by 2300, will find out if that is when things close down then.

I also have been told that when the medical clears you and a bed is available up stairs you are moved from common room to a 6 or 8 person room.

Showers to use right now are on the 2nd floor. Know nothing of the third at this time. You are given a simple shower kit. Moreover, right now no big towels are viable so got two what I would call dishtowels and two hand cloths to assist and dry with.  Currently they hang off the edge of the cot to dry overnight.

This eve in the common, area is a big TV it is ran with a vote with what is watched.  So far this eve true grit and a dvd movie that stuck in mid play so now we have the basketball game weeeeeeeeeeee.

Everything here is sign in sign that and if one messes up he sheet we have to refill out and resign allover that just happened with the cot list. Is first in line get the metal cot and mattress.  When those dozen are gone then mattress on floor is what is left.

I have reshuffled the bag contents. Now all the clothing and black bag of stuff is in the new brown bag that found this winter on a trip to the market in Dec it still had the red holiday bow on it when I found it.  New still folded up and ready to be given.  The back pack has the rest of things. Like meds laptop camera and other things that are small and easy carried. Been told where to store the clothing bag in a hallway with the other ‘common roomers’.  If important then keep with you hence why the shuffle to ensure if something goes it is clothing and not the other things.

So far some seem friendly. I have already been tagged with it is the Viking by the director here.  In addition, by one of the staff Hercules when I helped move the benches out of the common area so cots could go in.  Because I picked up the metal one in the center by self and moved them.

The outlets are limited, also in demand. Many here have some sort of cell phone that needs charged.  I was quick enough to get near one so could pug the laptop in to type this eve. Moreover, seemed to upset someone else that had sighted and planned to be where I currently am.  Nevertheless, was doing other things when the chair to cot common area shuffle started.

There are two resident dogs here an older white muzzled black lab, which has been dubbed ‘Sarge’.  The other is a cinnamon Shepard dubbed ‘Major”.  Very friendly and tolerates many things I see throughout the day.

I figure that after the 1700 meal I will sign up for shower and get it out of the way. Will at that time change into the track paints I have brought to sleep within.

A 1930 bible class in the mess hall was also called for those whom wanted.  Not mandatory that is good.

Oh desert has been called must go see.  To put that into perspective.  It is now 2157 and a lemon crumb like square just was consumed.  Lunch was two hot dogs with a bean mix and French fries.  Eve meal was meatloaf, mixed veggies, mashed potatoes with gravy.  Hell this is more than I have been eating per day at where I just came from for several months.  I did have one last pkg of the Italian sausage I have grown to enjoy before I left this morning as well.

All the items that were walked away from were stacked in a neat and orderly way in the room I was within. I do not know what or how he is to react nor do with them. After two weeks I have had no place to be. This place was the last resort for me to be at.


It did bother me that within he questions the drinking was repetitively brought up and hashed about.  How long did I, how long have I not, And other questions of it.

AN Hour left till pill time and their sign in dead line. Then I will find of what happens then.  I will see if I can do this each eve, the next step is finding a hot spot or open wireless system to get things going in that area as well.

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Pancakes again with sausage patties. Grabbed an English muffin as well.  Opted for oatmeal wallpaper paste.  Put blue berries in it were better.  Well nothing to really do.  Seems their van has broken axle and will not be up and going again this rainy day.  Therefore, I dug this out of the backpack to type a bit.  The 5 am waking and getting up is better.  About 20 of us await the rooming positions.  Will see what happens.  This day they put out the flag again this time the pledge of allegiance was mandatory group recited.  Somewhat hard not to when you are right there with everyone, must follow example it seems.  Wow that was a grade school flash back of doing things.  Was going to ask of the where to go and if close enough I would walk but in 40 degree and rain I have decided not to walk.  No need to chance a cold and get wet.  Guess from the second hand listening the Director here will take us down in his van on Monday.  One can only wait and see of the happening.  Do not know what the weekend will bring.  Taking it one day hour by hour at a time here.  Cannot really explore area until fully processed.  Because have to be here if they want to do or have answers given.  The waiting has gotten to me a bit.

Well coffee is still around from the morning meal so seems I will purloin a cup for something to drink.  The taking of pills is better.  They leave ‘snacks’ {leftovers} out on the counter over night for people to have.  Therefore, I can take pills and eat something at 530 and it is better than taking on empty tummy which they rather me not to do.

It seems the gear here is to get a job and an apartment.  Will see what I am told or pushed into after they get a permanent person assigned to me.  This should be interesting.  A few have asked me what I do and know.  The blank to unknowing stares are interesting almost comical.  Hell one person responded with he never used the word blacksmythe before.

Hell hazelnut flavored coffee that is interesting.  In addition, not expected.

Wow, that was exciting.  A supply truck arrived.  In addition, drafted for unloading.  Four pallets worth.  And still I am getting looks of what I pick up and move. I do not think of it much but it seems that forklift is something I do well.  Things went into two locations kitchen freezer and dry goods.  Made a chain of unloading in the kitchen.  In addition, a semi one into the hallway of dry goods.  20 minutes later poof all unloaded.  It does not take much with ten or so people that can move things.

Therefore, now at 1020, the typing continues and what am I going to do creep back into the mind.  Well will continue later.  For I have lost mind in the moving of things.

Lunch was simple as was the eve meal of meatballs cabbage and rice.  Fruit was put out during the afternoon.  In addition, was well found.  More things arrived after the eve meal to unload as well. 

I have found out that the second and third floors have a corner window, which has direct sight to a wireless network and works as was told sparkling.  As soon as I am out of intake and upstairs, I will be in place to gain wireless once again.

A few this day was already rotated up now there is about half of us left and each day two or three arrive as well.  Some leave some arrive well that is the pattern so far.

AMC this night Walking Dead marathon has caught much attention and is watched as I type.  Not much else but wait and see.  Monday is slated for Hospital may it work.  A TB test is mandatory as well.  After that will see what they do to me.

Saturday we are allowed to sleep until 6 am.  Then nine was when first meal served.  Seems on the weekends it is minimal attempts at things.  Lunch was the same way.  Leftovers or easy things to prepare.  Really not much to get type of.


The day TV has been and DVD showing has been suspended for sports games regional broadcasting.  Therefore, I am typing and talking to others sitting here in the mess hall.  There is still conversation of the Thursday meeting happening with me at times.  Moreover, the mandatory Tues and Thurs here will continue it seems.  Will have to wait until those days for the finding of happenings.

Colder and rainy today.  So am still going stir foolish.  Have found there is starfucks near here as well.  I hope that soon will be able to get out and explore but still intake as “Cots” is designation.  That means I sit wait and have little allowances to get anywhere right now.  I hope that however next week will change that.

Well I have found the games on here now.  I have always liked Mahjong; this has several layouts to enjoy.  The common card games.  A ball game where the mouse is used to draw a line to bounce it from and into a hole.  Chess I am very rusty from usually I lose but it goes with most of the pieces going away for both the laptop and me.

 Well another day done and gone.  Chicken rice and veggies.  Movies throughout the day some not likeable others are being replayed for some saw parts and want to watch full of them.  Seems there are many copies of movies DVD floating around here.

Started to snow just around the end of afternoon.  Light and wet will see how much accumulates overnight.

Figured out the best style cot for me it is the ‘rope’ style ones without any ridged across supports to cut across the ribs/midsection.  Many have been juried to work with nylon ropes along edges as well.  However, they still work.

So far, those whom have asked of me find that being a Medieval Festival Renaissance Faire Artist is something they do not understand.  Therefore, I fall back upon the ‘think of the King Author and Round Table’ line.  Today one person actually thinks they have seen me from a show the know a Maille artist that by their description I think I could as well.  Smaller world now once again.

Almost 2200 and we are set for the eve.  Movie remake of the Mechanic is playing for the second or third time this weekend.  Nevertheless, it is a good remake of Bronson’s movie.

I even got away from the many lights that stay on by heading to the far corner of the common area from them.  It may help me sleep some.  However, I still am waking up a couple of times after the TV is off and the lights that are shut off are dowsed.  I have the watch set to beep each hour so I can tell the passing of time during day.  Also for the five up and get going for the common week.

Here the outside wall is glass blocks vice windows and the outside lights as well shine through.  The effect of someone outside walking past is blurry of color and an interesting visual effect I rather like also.

Sun 3-6

Today the day started like the others.  Wake up cots away and a simple breakfast.  The movies started early.  I decided to type words and things as well when I am here when the time mind and words are within balance.  This should be interesting.

Lunch was simple for this afternoon an Abrahamic Church group came and brought food to eat.  In addition, it was a trick of treats for a sermon as well.  Singing and preaching.  This time it was optional as well.  Iron Man 2 held my attention instead.  Afterwards an early eve meal was served.  Chicken ¼ and spaghetti with veggies.

However, I did get a question in of if they knew of any teaching Groves or Covens.  Which I was told no.  Did have a semi interesting Q&A few minutes with the two preachers.  Prodisent based Bible belief system.  Moreover, they have to listen to me for a bit as well.  I could see that when I referred to Christian based as Pagan at one time as well not well seen.

The conversation was one that showed the non-knowledge or acceptance of another practitioner asking things.  Also the non-wanting to help and closed ‘nope’ and ‘don’t know’ felt within in it as well.

The Last Air Bender was also played.  Right now basketball has been found and taken over.  Will see what happens next.  Only 1921 right now but the day has gone faster than others because of the afternoon activities have.  Helping unloading things when asked.  Also a few more conversations with people.  They ask me I answer.  They greet I respond. Guess that is the best I can do.  Slowly looking at faces and remembering things of them.  Names so much but never have been well with them.

Dominoes seem to be the game of choice here.  Sometimes see cards and chess not often.  Will have to figure out the points system used if asked to play but right now am just watching.

Not much snow overnight, cold still but without going outside it is easily dealt with.

Coffee, red stuff and melon was set out for the eve to snack upon dus is good.  Off to coffee a cup.  Will return.  No sugar but thick coffee is still available.

Well a few hours left to the eve.  Cots to but out.  Then the attempt of sleeping within the common area.  TV is on till 2300.  Some lights get dowsed but still bright enough to read at arm’s length by.  Five comes and I have gotten the up and away down to less than 15 minutes.  After that, it is sit wait for 730 morning telling.  Then 0800 breakfast.  Perhaps a Hospital visit.  Also perhaps someone that will start to talk and help get things restarted within what I have been doing as well.

I am planning to take this with me to find a wireless hot spot when out.  If works then you will be reading this.  If not then when I find one it will be read.

Tonight setting up cots it was a shuffle.  Shuffle again.  In addition, once more.  Basic they try to get all cots into the common area.  Nevertheless, when set up there is no order.  So the spacing between is different each time.  Six can fit on each side.  I try to gain one at or near an out let.  This eve I headed to where one was but another had already gone there.  Where I was last night.  Therefore, I shuffled down to the other one available.  Then someone else wanted to drop into a space so the cots needed to be shuffled in spacing.  Then the one whom went where I had been wanted to change for it was too close to the TV and he could not watch it easily.  Therefore, I went to trade places.  Figuring that just pick up stuff and move.  Well that went about half way.  Seems he wanted the frame he got specifically.  I just wanted to move things for the simple of it.  What was done was he grabbed mattress and stuff to move.  I stated that just to switch stuff.  The frames were not moved.  So after he lay down it was commented that he did not like that fame and was the reason he wanted this one.  Hell Next time I am going to state no and just not try to become nice with others.  Well that is the rant today.


Well this morning was taken to the Vet Hospital, after 5am up, 0730 tell of things, and 0800 breakfast.  Nevertheless, it ended in being a bust.  For because I had not been there before I had to ‘register’ which took from 9am till 1200.  At which Time I was told that the TB test could not be done nor the mandatory assessment.  So will have to try again on the morrow.

I walked back.  Yes walked from there to where I am now.  However, the interesting was I did not know where or which to go in.  I just went by instinct and was only two streets off from Target Street.  This was good then.  Nevertheless, got back after the lunch.  When the Director told me to go get food the one in charge of the mess hall told me it was closed.  When I stated I had been sent he did not care.  I did not pursue further.  Just not worth it.  However, about an hour later they put out ‘snacks’.  Got a bag of chocolate cover cranberries.  Some power bars.  Moreover, a small can of almonds.  Altoids in peppermint.  Guess I did well any way.

At 1400 mandatory ‘Parent Support’ i.e. a Dad parent support for those dads of addict habits and broken home advice and counseling.  It lasted for hour & half.  Again 5 minutes warning and jumped into knowing of existence.

Dinner was easy and simple chili & hot dogs.  Then followed by 1900 Bible study which is by choice, in the mess hall.  I left to find stupid upon the TV.  Now at 2115, Cots are out and I am typing once again.

I did find the starfucks on the walk back, think got the Skype message out.  Did not find signal at the Hospital but will try again.

So into the morning I will find if I walk or are taken down to try again.  May it all work out upon the day.

The other adventure is to figure out the laundry situation here.  There are machines that take tokens and soap to find.  What and how of it as well, should be interesting.


Ok, today returned to the Hospital.  Got the TB test prick bubble.  Get to go back Thor’s day to get it looked at.  After that was more paperwork, answers, as well as more data required.  Found out that this is more geared toward drug rehab and recovery, which I already knew.  Nevertheless, it is good to get it confirmed.  The Lady in charge of the social services almost sent me away to a different place.  However, because I am a Vet allowed me to stay for now.  I am still in the intake/’cots’ entrance level.  Nevertheless, will see what the week brings and if I am upgraded.  Then I will be given a permanent worker to help me.  I hope they know more than many I have been talking and answering to.

As people found out this day, I found wireless in the area, between here and the Hospital.  Called Vicki, Mom, Denise, and Finn.  Got messages through to people.  Forgot to ask Denise to re add Vicki to the Admin group.  Therefore, she will get the updates as well.

Finn came and visited me here.  That was much enjoyed and appreciated.  He offered to send me back to Maine.  I feel if I do that it will be a step backwards.  All things are here and need to face things.  Also right now here holds perhaps programs to help.  Alternatively, the direction I need to do so.  I did ask him to get things from Magic.  If he can then he will have access to them so they can remain in inventory on the Hearth and the chance of selling is still there.  Will see what he does.  He did say he would visit and stay in contact.  Also he would see of bringing Broken down here to see if the Director Coleman can offer or point into direction of help[ for him as well.

Another mandatory AA meeting this eve as well.  Sat in back and remained quiet.  Know Thor’s day there will be another one.  Well to get things I must go to things.  In addition, I even have a sign sheet to indicate those I am at so people know.  In addition, if go to enough of them in same subject seems I will get certificates of completion of them.  Ok then I gets PAPERS.

There are fewer down here with me this eve.  From several and over flowing into other halls and rooms to not even filling up the common area.  They have said the estimate is 7000 homeless veterans in the area.  Well I wonder of how many actually know of this place and programs here.  I found it on my own.  Seems few do so.  Many are referred through Salvation Army or Social workers.  I am a rare here, even so because of the non drink, smoke, and drug of my living.  Still I seem to be doing well some here talk to me each day others still are welcoming or introducing themselves.  Overall, it is friendly.  Only a couple of wrinkles so far.  However, nothing too lasting.

Also today were a class of Credit Union vs. Banks and the offering of them.  Nevertheless, was interrupted within it by the Finn visit.  That is ok then with me.  Bet they will be back at some point and time.

I did ask for a schedule of the happenings here so I could be informed of what and when.  I really do not like the last minute telling must do things.  I like better knowing what is to be and when so I can either be ready or find something else to do.

Things to think of seem to come some times and others not so much.  The Sat/Sun was best for this.  During the day now with the Hospital trips I have less board out of mind.  Woden’s day will bring whatever it will but will see if I can get some more thinking time.  I know when I am finally cleared that whomever they assign me will be challenged.

In addition, the Hospital will be doing some type of assessment on me as well.  In a week or two to be set and told of me.  So no longer to Lansing CBOK.  I still have enough pills to last till through then.  This is good.

I was stupid and did not grab the papers Denise did for me via the internet for SS system. I do not know if they will ask me of them.  Nevertheless, on the chance of so perhaps a copy could be found.  Mine is packed in the purple box marked office.  Somewhere in the pile of things unknown the status of.


Rain, wind, and cold morning.  Knee stiff and sore after two days of walking.  Again, in the morn I go to find what needed to be found.  Nothing much of this day.

I did type up some answers to pkg questions and set them to send to War Mouse as well.  Found on the few disk I have left some old PDF of data.  Perhaps they will help as well.

The only excitement was the mouse in the chow hall.  I saw it as I was typing this morning before the mid meal.  However, after the meal it was an all-out scrabble in the mess by several to get it.  Which they did so no more mouse.

This eve more movies.  As a non-mandatory AA meeting was held.  Now I sit at 2106 typing this.  Several came in this day.  Will see what happens.

The meal this eve was BBQ ribs.  I had thought of handles when the bones were revealed.  I really do not think as many others.

Pancakes and ham, cereal, blueberries has been the main morn meal the past few days.  With chicken otherwise.  Chocolate milk was also placed out today.  As well were several cuts of commercially done dark cherry pie.  Moreover, in the eve left overs are out as well.  Going to go look will continue when return.

Well with bowls of beans, scalloped potatoes, corn, seems that is what is being placed most out.  Two slices of salami as well with some sliced begets.  So that is the eve offering.  A little early for pill as well.  In an hour, I will check to see what is there when closer to taking it.  The eve offering has helped with pill not bothering.  This is good.

Other than that, nothing really has happened.  I did ask if there was schedule or even a regional map of area to be had marked with things of use.  I did find out there is a laptop person somewhere close.  I will pursue that as well.  Perhaps I can arrange to fix mine.  It was told he is Veteran friendly as well.

There are so many bible’s here it is almost a revival atmospheres at times feeling.  Many of the courses are God and Jesus based belief of support and gives you.  Today there was even couple of people who came and set up a table in the mess.  Containing bibles, new testaments, tracks, and things.  Even a bowl of candy to attract to it.  I left them alone.

Tonight for some reason I am not quite a good mood for some reason.  It has now been a week here.  I am still in the intake section of ‘cots’.  I have been TB pricked.  Four sections of paperwork filled out.  Several mandatory meetings for AA and a couple other things.  No councilor of any type assigned to me yet.  Nevertheless, I wait to see what will happen yet this week.

People are noticing the speed in which I eat.  I have always eaten fast.  Moreover, some are noticing it this day.  Wonder why of this.  Just like the face, hair many ask of it seems it is different and not normally seen in the area.  So unlike the stereotypic of long hair scary.  Most here are short to shaved heads.  In addition, no facial hair.  There is a few with tattoos that are socially noticeable.  Many ears holes left and right.  One bridge of nose as well here.  As well as one, that has face tats.  Many canes.  I have seen ages from mid-20’s to almost 70 here.  One with a pants vs. belt problem as well.  Several talk to me.  In addition, a few I have already pegged as walking attitudes in way of movement, facial telling and over hearing of words.  Nevertheless, over all I am left to myself to do as I have been.

Well that read, as I am either rambling or just dumping things out of head.  Therefore, I will stop for the eve.  I hope these are helping place things in knowledge.  I am going to face my e-mail accounts if I can find wireless on the morrow.  That will be an adventure.  Therefore, I set this in the Skype box and hope it is entertaining for all.

Thor’sday 3-10

Was driven to the Hospital this morning to have the TB test looked at.  In addition, was cleared, given a copy of the results.  Then sent on total time less than 10 minutes.  Was going to try to find wireless again but the Personnel that took me there, picked me up along the side of the road.  To bring me back.  So now, I sit in the mess typing and reading the files I have found.  Pancakes again with ham this morning skipped the oatmeal and cereal.  However, did have blueberries on pancakes.  With an English muffin, ham sandwich.  The biggest thing this morning was that coffee was not made and the coffee zombies were twitching in withdrawals.  Moreover, as I sit here at 936 another one just did the coffee wanting and finding of nothing.

This morning was an action of error as well.  I know I do not sleep much.  I know that they turn down volume at 11 on the TV if not just turn it off.  I know we are to get up at five.  However, this morning as I semi slept I was disturbed by two getting up and setting the morning actions we do here.  I looked at my watch it read four.  I looked down the hall to the clock on the wall in case I had messed up the setting on mine.  It also read four.  This was done a couple or three more times.  As my mind slowly came to speed.  Then the body and mind pegged the fact I was awake and it was time to get up.  For others were as well getting up.  No going back to sleep this time.  Even the security guard wanted to know if I relied what time it was.  I told him I did and that I WAS UP AND AWAKE.  Moreover, during the four hours until meal I harassed the one who started the morning at four.  In addition, in light and humor spoke of things that could be because of disturbing the sleeping monsters in my head.

I fear it will be a long day for me because of this.  Cool today rain trying some wind.  Hear forecast of 2 inches of snow overnight.  Even the mandatory AA meeting tonight will be interesting.  So off to reading and perhaps typing more up.  Until this eve or I get an idea or board whichever comes first.

Lunch was hotdogs, French fires, mushroom soup, and veggies.  Looks like the coffee is ready as well.

Think I got a line on laptop repair will find out more of it as I can.  Know the location now just have to find out specifics of what and how.

Well fried chicken, mash potatoes, and cabbage for eve meal with small bread loaves.  It was good and better with the hot sauce that was put out.

The mandatory meeting was again done.  However, I and the one in charge of it have come to a common ground.  This is good.  Still have to find the ‘Pagan”/Practitioner versions of things but that means an internet connection.  Working on that as well.

Was asked of help by a couple of people with basic use of a laptop.  Never thought I would be showing others how to do things with computers.  I have self-taught what I know for two or so years now.  I am no expert.  Nevertheless, will see what I can do for them.

Little other of things to add this eve.  Did find an old resume, and revamped it a bit for reference.

I also helped unload a washer and dryer this day.  Nevertheless, found also they are not used to one that does things and not shrink of the doing.  Took out of the truck by self and that was the surprise to them.  I wonder of these people at times.

Sat 3-12

Well I got lazy last night and did not type.  I just felt aggravated and not in good or well mood for some unrealized foundation.  I think it had to do with the finding out of the death of the Compaq.  The laptop that lasted a bit over a year for me.  Most data was recovered from it.  The music and general pictures were not.  I may go and ask of that on Monday perhaps.  Nevertheless, that means the officially declaration of no laptop has happened.  Moreover, this borrowed unit is all I got.  However, the two disks of records and documents are well in hand.  As well as the family pictures, that is the much important ones to have.  Now I have pictures of Ahban the Girls and Isabell again.  Family as well.

Chicken again last night with small baked potatoes and veggies.  This morning at the 9-brunch ham, sausage, hot dogs.  Grits, oatmeal, milked cereals.  Yogurt, which has artificial sweeter strawberry, damn.  Blueberries and other fruit.  Some pastries.  Coffee and milk.

Bible study as well is happening.  As I type this in the mess.  I have been asked three times so far.  I think they got the I not doing so by now.  I just heard them talking of the bad things done to Christians.  Like burning of them.  Hell, they burned a whole bunch of my family as well.

Still have not gotten out to wireless.  I really need to try to do so.  Knee buckled this morning.  Someone saw it do so.  In addition, offered a knee brace.  Will see what happens.

TV on AMC westerns this morning already.  Last afternoon and early eve was Basketball and ESPN, as much as I enjoy that idea.

Did not sleep well, kept waking up when things moved.  It seems that is what I have been doing more and more lately.


Today was interesting the staff on duty did not have things put back where each morning they are so things are semi put away.  I.e. the benches and chairs in the common area were not really put out as they are usually each day.

A Group put on lunch.  They laid out tablecloths.  Plastic ones red, white, blue. Chicken, soup, ice cream, brownies, soda, were some of it.  There was also like a coffee cinnamon bun thing, berries in muffins form Pandora bread.  In addition, a christen prayer as well.  Even meal was the left overs and banana pudding as well.  Chicken is the most meat we have here.  Moreover, the ham or hot dogs.

I have been playing the dominoes to the rules here recently.  Points are five, ten, 15 etc.  Some here are aggressive to the point of wanting to kick them of how they play.  A few that have me play do so to enjoy the game.  Yes, five houses 50 points each to win, i.e. 250 points.  However, the enjoyment of playing is lost on some with the slamming of tiles and the cutthroat type of mentality they portray.  It is not fun and relaxing and enjoyed by me. I am one of a small percentage that thinks this.  I have gotten the one called Mel to play through the hand if points out during it.  Vice the it is done and stops the hand.  If they point out with one tile, they will just end it.  I enjoy playing the hand through to the end.  Points are not the only reason to play.

Was planning to get out this day but cold and over cast did not help.  Between head and knee, I did not move much.

More AMC today.  Movies I have seen mostly. However, they do entertain the crowds.

Therefore, at 1909 I sit in the mess and type these words.  Later cots shall be put out and the attempting to sleep will continue.

Yes, I reset the watch to an hour more already.


Breakfast pancakes oatmeal and fried baloney with blue berries.

Major the dog killed a rat in the back yard this morning as well.

Lunch was not much but reheated leftovers as was the eve meal.

I was asked to day what I have to look forward to.  My first thought was Isabell and Ahban.  Then the second thought was I am out of sight out of main and no longer thought of by her.  In addition, the rest of the day was not well.  The hollow inside grows today.

Did get out for a bit to wireless but not good enough.  There are over 5000 messages in the site accounts.

I want to earn my way back to her but I cannot with a distance of 14 hours and not wanted by her mother, sister, and grandmother.  I lose to her family each time.  She says it is my hang up not to call there.  Nevertheless, I do not feel welcome to do so.  She has been stopped using mother’s computer for several reasons.  As well as the house phone has not long distance upon it.  I really cannot get mail here other than official things.  Therefore, I am lost to her.  He is lost to me.  Now I fear I have no reason.  She says I need to live for me.  Yet I live for the chance to have them return to me.  Yet the hollow within does not allow me the glimmer of hope I once had.  May her family enjoy the low I am and use this to prove to her that I am nothing, no one, and never will be?  I quit.


The eve not well for me and the mood darker as it progressed.  Was in the mess reading a pdf file minding own self. Then was called by name.  Told if not part of the small bible study group to get out was.  They were on one end of the hall I on the other.  Seems that the christen ways here are mandatory at times.  Moreover, the individual is left out.

Mood not better just trying to get to sleep and go from there.  But then again TV is one the volume loud.  Does not be turned off just gets lower volume.  Seems the security guard watches it.  The lights are only partly turned off.  Still enough to read by.  In addition, the mess is filled with loud and noisy people again which can go until 12 or even 2 in the morning at times.



There are no birthdays today

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Patchwork Merchant Mercenaries had its humble beginnings as an idea of a few artisans and craftsmen who enjoy performing with live steel fighting. As well as a patchwork quilt tent canvas. Most had prior military experience hence the name.


Patchwork Merchant Mercenaries.


Vendertainers that brought many things to a show and are know for helping out where ever they can.

As well as being a place where the older hand made items could be found made by them and enjoyed by all.

We expanded over the years to become well known at what we do. Now we represent over 100 artisans and craftsman that are well known in their venues and some just starting out. Some of their works have been premiered in TV, stage and movies on a regular basis.

Specializing in Medieval, Goth , Stage Film, BDFSM and Practitioner.

Patchwork Merchant Mercenaries a Dept of, Ask For IT was started by artists and former military veterans, and sword fighters, representing over 100 artisans, one who made his living traveling from fair to festival vending medieval wares. The majority of his customers are re-enactors, SCAdians and the like, looking to build their kit with period clothing, feast gear, adornments, etc.

Likewise, it is typical for these history-lovers to peruse the tent (aka mobile store front) and, upon finding something that pleases the eye, ask "Is this period?"

A deceitful query!! This is not a yes or no question. One must have a damn good understanding of European history (at least) from the fall of Rome to the mid-1600's to properly answer. Taking into account, also, the culture in which the querent is dressed is vitally important. You see, though it may be well within medieval period, it would be strange to see a Viking wearing a Caftan...or is it?

After a festival's time of answering weighty questions such as these, I'd sleep like a log! Only a mad man could possibly remember the place and time for each piece of kitchen ware, weaponry, cloth, and chain within a span of 1,000 years!! Surely there must be an easier way, a place where he could post all this knowledge...

Traveling Within The World is meant to be such a place. A place for all of these artists to keep in touch and directly interact with their fellow geeks and re-enactment hobbyists, their clientele.

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