Labradorite, often referred to as Black Moonstone, is a Stone of awakening and changes. It has the ability to open your magickal and psychic abilities. It is a Stone that vibrates a powerful protection for all situations, to remove negativity. Being that it repels negativity so well, it cannot be used in darker magicks, or for ill will towards others.

Labradorite is named after the most common area it is found, Labrador Canada. It is also found in Greenland, Scandinavia, Finland, Karelia, Russia, Italy, Mexico, Madagascar & the U.S.A. In Finland it is known as Spectrolite. Spectrolite is a form of Labradorite, it just has more play on colours then normal Labradorite. Labradorite comes from the Feldspar family, and is closely related to the Moonstone, with the same vibrant blue colour flashes. The Moonstone having a feminine energy and Labradorite having masculine energy. I often will use both stones on my altar to represent the God and Goddess divine. There is also a yellow Labradorite that shows the play of colours as well, that is very rare and goes by the name Fire Labradorite. Also there is a form that goes by the name Yellow Labradorite, that does not have the play of colours that the other forms have. Labradorite comes in a variety of colours including blue, grayish-blue, blue-green, lavender-blue, and can even have pinks, purples and flashes of yellow.

This Stone was known as a Stone of Magickal powers in years gone by. The users were said to possess a powerful range of abilities. It is said to be a Stone of Synchronicities & Serendipity. This makes Labradorite a Stone of change and manifestation in your life. When situations arise that we often consider to be coincidences and luck, are actually us being shown we are on our right Spiritual path. Like getting signs when we want to know something, or being at the right place at the right time. Those who work with Labradorite seem to have a flux in these perfect situations happening. Labradorite can help you discover what your life's path is meant to be, and why you have incarnated here at this time. It can cleanse you auric field of negativity, as well it will seal in your energy to prevent feeling drained or allowing others to drain you of your energy. A Psychic Vampire cannot pull the energy from someone who uses Labradorite. It can stimulate psychic communication within the Throat Chakra. We are all born psychic at different levels of strength and with different gifts...Labradorite can help you discover what those gifts are by bringing them to the surface, and help you strengthen them. It is a wonderful Stone to wear as jewelry or sleep with under your pillow, giving energy where necessary and helping protect from outside negativity. For healing the body, Labradorite is beneficial for many different issues. It can help ease pain in the body, such as pain caused by Rheumatism or Fibromyalgia. It can heal respiratory issues such as Bronchitis and Asthma. It can assist in healing gout, balances hormones & balances the menstrual cycle. It can help with disorders of the brain. Labradorite is also a wonderful Stone for stress relief. It aids in a healthy metabolism and digestive tract.

Labradorite is said to have a powerful effect on all Chakras, but not so much on the Solar Plexus Chakra. It is especially helpful for the Throat, Third Eye, Crown & Soul Star Chakra. The Planetary connections of Labradorite are to the Moon and Uranus. This Stone is not part of the modern Zodiac Birthstone chart, but in the Ancient Charts it vibrates best with people under the signs of Aquarius, Sagittarius, Scorpio & Leo.

Blessings~ Amethyst )O(

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