Elves are beautiful, wise and gentle lightbeings who used to live on Earth in human-like bodies. Just like in the movie The Lord of the Rings, they left the physical plane when the energy on this planet became too dense for them. As humans began to cut down their forests and colonize their land, they ascended into higher dimensions. The elves are the shiest of all elemental beings. They usually avoid being seen by humans, but in the present time many of them are beginning to work with us again, sharing their wisdom with those who are ready. 

In the early months of the year 2011, I began to have visions of scenes that took place in a fairy tale forest. I saw myself dancing with elves and other elementals such as fairies and gnomes. Some elves were playing merry music and we were having lots of fun celebrating together. Everything around us was glowing in a beautiful golden light. It was simply magical!

At first I thought I was just imagining these scenes or perhaps soul traveling to another dimension while meditating. But as I kept having these visions and later talked to a dear friend about what I had been experiencing, I soon realized that there was more to it than I had originally believed. I was actually seeing scenes from my past lives in my spiritual home world, the realm of the elves. My friend and I then began to explore this world and travel there regularly, retrieving many lost memories and learning many fascinating things about the elves and their home worlds. On this page I would like to share some of what I know, hoping you will find this information just as fascinating. Perhaps some of you will even realize that they were there too, and find the opportunity to learn more about their own spiritual roots.


The elves came to Earth from the stars a long time ago. They have lived in many places over thousands of years. Many intuitives remember the realm of the woodland elves, who had their homes in in Northern Europe — mainly on what we now know as the British Isles. Some close relatives also lived in Iceland and in other parts of Northern Europe.

The woodland elves had physical bodies and were somewhat similar to humans, but smaller and lighter. They were fast runners and excellent climbers. The woodland elves were very much in tune with their natural surroundings, living in and around the trees. They lived very spiritual lives, loved rituals and knew everything about magic, always using their powers wisely. They also loved the arts, music and dancing.

The elves had a very close connection to the elemental kingdom. The unicorns, who were also able to travel to the physical plane in this era, as well as the fairies and other elementals, were their best friends. They also had some encounters with humans, but mostly preferred to stay among their own kind.

In later times, as humans began to conquer more land, cutting down many trees and gradually destroying the woodlands, the elves saw themselves forced to leave their home. They defended their forests at first, but being very peaceful creatures, they finally decided to retreat into the hidden realms, a place outside time and space as we know them. The elves had known how to travel through the dimensions for a long time. As it was becoming increasingly difficult to defend their home against human intruders, a collective decision was made to give up the woodlands. In the hidden realms they could keep their traditions alive and protect their wisdom from being lost or abused by those whose intentions weren’t pure.

If you have seen the movie The Lord of the Rings, you may remember that most of the elves who lived in Middle Earth sailed to the Undying Lands during and after the great war. What I have been shown and told is very similar.
The great time of the elves here on the physical plane was a golden age for the entire planet. The energy here on Earth was very pure, which was necessary for the elves to be able to practice their spirituality and magic without causing harm or being harmed themselves. In fact, they had chosen to come here because this planet offered the perfect conditions for them to continue living as they had lived in their original home world. Before coming to Earth, the elves lived on a different planet. As they like to say, they came from the stars (which is what Tolkien wrote as well). You may be wondering how they were able to travel such a long distance. Well, they didn’t exactly come to Earth in spaceships. The elves had mastered the art of traveling through portals long before they left their home planet. There are several star portals here on Earth, including the one in the area of the British Isles. Avalon, which you may have heard of, was a bridge between the physical plane and the hidden realms, where the star portal was located.
As the energy on the planet began to descend and humans conquered more land everywhere, it became increasingly difficult for the elves to live the peaceful and magical life they loved. They decided it was best to withdraw to the hidden realms. There, they could keep their wisdom safe until those living on the physical plane would be ready for it.

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