HERBAL GRIMORE'Corn Flowers: Sprinkle in the area where you and your mate argue the most. It is purported that it will help to alleviate discord and strife. 


Damiana: Let some soak in a glass of wine for three hours. Thereafter sprinkle a small bit outside your front and back doors. Do this faithfully each day for 21 days, and it is said that before long your wandering lover will return to you. 


Dill Seed: Add a few grains to bath water before going out to meet a person of the opposite sex. Said to make one irresistible (I could never get this one to work for me!). 


Laurel: Worn by brides to guarantee a long and happy union. 


Marjoram: To attract a husband, put a little in the corners of each room in your house. Remove and renew about once a month (how long are you supposed to do this?!). 


Orris Root: A love root, carried to attract the opposite sex and to make them love you dearly. 


Rosemary: Give a special friend a sachet filled with Rosemary. This is supposed to induce warm feelings in another. 


Skullcap: Supposedly if you place a wee bit in your lover's shoes it will make that person unaffected by the charms of others. 


Spikenard: Brew into a tea and wet the picture of a loved one with the water so they will never leave you. 


Sweet Bugle: Crush a handful and place under your mattress to attract new lovers and possibly marriage prospects. 




Calendula: Sprinkle dried bits of this flower under the bed. Makes all dreams come true and protects the sleeper from evil. 


Dandelion: Sew tightly in a red flannel bag and wear around the neck to make wishes come true. 


Huckleberry Leaves: Burn in the bedroom before going to sleep to make all dreams come true within seven days. 


Job's Tears: As you count out seven seeds, concentrate on a wish you have in mind. Carry these seven seeds with you at all times for seven days and your wish should have come true before the week is gone (this one actually worked for me but it was a reasonable wish - I still haven't won the lottery!). 


Lavender: Place some Lavender under your pillow just before retiring and think about your wish. If you dream about anything at all connected with the wish this means that it will come true. 


Lotus Root: Mark one side of the root "yes" and the other side "no" and then make your wish as you toss the root into the air. You will then know if your wish was meant to be. 


Spearmint: Write your wish on a piece of paper and wrap in a few Spearmint leaves. Place these in a red cloth and sew it up with red thread. Keep it in a safe and secret place. By the time the scent is gone your wish should have come true. If not, this means that it probably won't for a long time to come. 




Ague Weed: This can be mixed with any incense and burned to break the power of a hex that has been placed on you. 


Bay Leaves: One in the corner of each room of a house is believed to protect all who dwell there, as well as the house itself. If you carry it on your person it is reputed to protect against witchcraft. 


Bladderwrack: To be carried by the traveler as a protection, especially when traveling by water. 


Blood Root: Place on windows and doorways to protect against curses and evil spirits from entering. 


Cinquefoil: Take an egg and cut a small hole in one end. Drain the contents and let the shell dry. Then stuff the shell with Cinquefoil and reseal the hole with tape. As long as this egg is kept in the home it will be protected from evil forces. 


Clover: Soak one tablespoonful in one cup of vinegar for three days. Then strain and sprinkle the vinegar in each corner of very room. All alien spirits will leave the premises. 


Elm Bark: To eliminate slander against you bury some in a box along with a piece of paper that contains the name of the individual who is speaking adversely about you. 


Pearl Moss: Sprinkle this across the front doorway of the home to only allow good spirits to enter (this actually works well in conjunction with the below Sulphur one). 


Sulphur: Burn at midnight near your back door to ward off evil. 




Alfalfa: Kept in the home to protect the owner against poverty. 


Basil: Soak a heaping teaspoonful in a pint of water. This water is then sprinkled in a place of business to attract money and success. If you have a job interview coming up, you can sprinkle this outside of the building where you hope to be employed (careful though - if someone sees you it won't help your job prospects very much!). 


Cascara Sagrada: Used to help win court cases when brewed into a strong tea and sprinkled around the bed the night before a court appearance. 


Camomile: Brew and use as a hand wash before playing card games or gambling. 


Dragon's Blood Reed: Carry in your purse or pocket for good luck. Here's a new one on me - supposedly if you place it under your mattress it aids in curing impotency. 


Galangal Root: One of these carried to court is said to make the judge/jury feel favorably inclined toward you. 


Irish Moss: Ah, me friends, 'tis said that if one places this under the carpets in their home that it will bring vast fortune. 


John The Conqueror Root: Just before going out to play a game of chance, wash your hands in water in which it has been boiled. 


Little John: Place one in Holy water to bring good luck to everything you attempt. 


Low John Root: It is said that if one wraps money around this root the money will multiply threefold. 


Silver Leaf: A potent good luck charm when kept in the home. 


Tonka Beans: Carry with you in a red flannel bag to attract good fortune and financial success. Particularly helpful before a business negotiation or job interview. 


Violets: Sprinkle some petals in the corners of your home. It is aid to invite positive entities that can assist with healing and bringing money and luck unto you. HEALTH *Illness should be treated by a medical professional! None of these are meant to replace the advice, treatment or medication prescribed by a qualified physician. However, it can't hurt to use them WITH the proper medical treatment. 


African Ginger: Place under the pillow to cure a sore throat. 


Ash Tree Leaves: Place one tablespoonful of leaves in a bowl of water and leave it in the bedroom overnight while sleeping. In the morning it should be tossed out and then redone each night. Allegedly this will help to prevent illness. 


Betony: Strengthens the body when worn as an amulet. 


Caraway Seed: Place some in a small, white bag and sew with white thread. Hide in the crib or bed of a child (this means tape it UNDER the bed so there is no possible way a youngster has access to it!) to keep the child free from illness. 


Coriander: Carry the seeds in a small bag to ward off disease and migraines. 


Dill Seed: Tie some in a cloth and smell to help cure hiccups (this one didn't help me much). 


Dog Grass: Sprinkle around the house to overcome depression. Do this for seven days and hopefully you will no longer despair. 


Eucalyptus: Said to protect against colds if stuffed into the pillow one sleeps on. 


Holy Herb: Use in bath water if you feel your sickness has been caused by a hex. 


Masterwort: When sprinkled in shoes it is supposed to prevent tiredness and weakness. Mixed with oil and rubbed on the neck should help alleviate neck pain. 


Mustard Seed: Carry with you at all times a few grains in a small bag, wallet or purse to guard against injury. 


Quince Seed: When a few are carried in a red, flannel bag it will protect the wearer from physical attacks and harm. 


Rose Buds: Place around sprains and bad bruises to help them heal quicker. 


Rue: To relieve a headache lay down with some placed on the forehead. Wear at night next to the heart to regain health from minor illnesses. 


Rosemary: Holding some while reading or completing tasks is said to improve memory. 


Thyme: Burn in the home to attract good health to all occupants. 


Valerian: This sewn into the pillow is supposed to calm nerves and bring about peaceful sleep. 


Vervain: Worn as an amulet, Vervain is noted for its healing powers in curing fevers and poisoning. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Making Herbal Charms


Herbal Charms are simple to make, and have many uses. They can be hung or placed anywhere inside your home, wherever you feel they would benefit you the most. They can also be worn, whether during ritual, or in a time when you feel you need their specific energies/influence. They can also be placed outdoors, hung from eves, nestled in the garden, or hung from trees. Charms are used for many purposes, and can be powerful talismans. Charms can be made from any type material, and can be plain or embroidered with symbols, symbols can also be drawn or painted on. Cord can be threaded into cloth in a drawstring fashion, or simply tied. I tie mine, it's easier! 


What you will need:(Refer to individual charm 'recipe's' for specifics such as colors, herbs, etc)


a.. Cloth - cut in circular shape, approximately 6 inches in diameter (or desired size)


b.. Cord or Yarn - 3 strands, cut in 3 ft lengths ( or desired lengths to be braided) or use a single cord if preferred. 


c.. Paper �?" I use any type, but you may prefer hemp or something you consider special for writing


d.. Pen - One that is dedicated to magickal writing (anything special to you-even a Bic will do, so long as it is dedicated, meaning you use it specifically for the purpose of ritual or spellwork)


e.. Cauldron �?"or any fireproof container (dedicated for use in spellwork) 


f.. 2 candles 


g.. Incense


h.. Salt bowl�?" any type


i.. Water bowl �?"spring water, well water, river/lake


j.. Mortar & Pestle


k.. Herbs, gemstones, and coins, feathers, etc, according to specific charm






1.. Identify purpose of charm.


2.. Gather all materials. This includes all herbs, gemstones, & necessary tools. Gemstones should be cleared of all prior energies. You can do this in many ways, but here are the most practical for me.


1.. Gently wash stone with cool water, place outside atop another stone or on the earth for 1-3 days. The stone absorbs moonlight and sunlight, and is naturally refreshed. This is my preferred method.


2.. Rinse stone with cool water. Dry well. Place in a bowl of salt, completely cover the stone. Let rest for 24 hours, Uncover and rinse well.


3.. Bury stone in the earth. Let sit for 1-7 days. (Don't forget where you buried the stone/s!) The longer the stone remains in the earth, the more earth energy it absorbs.


4.. Place stone in small bag, tie off. Place bag in a body of water, such as a Lake or Stream, for 24 hours. This is a nice concept, but it freaks me out to think that my stones are so far from home, and could wash downstream�?�



Gemstones do not need any further treatment. Once they are cleared they should be placed in a dark place (such as a box to contain energies) until ready for use. 


CandlesCandles (unless homemade for specific purpose) should be dressed, and dedicated for the purpose. Focus on the intent of the charm, massage candles with Essential Oil of choice. I massage from middle to bottom first, then from middle to top. You may also wish to carve special symbols into your candles, but it is solely up to you. If you prep candles in advance, wrap them in a white or light colored cloth and store in a dark place away from direct sunlight until ready for use. The light color (white) deflects energy, so your candles will maintain their purpose. Or, you may store candles in an airtight container, like Rubbermaid, and keep in a cupboard or somewhere out of sunlight. (Just a sidenote - I wouldn't use the rubbermaid for food after you have used it for candle storage, it absorbs the scent of the EO. Also, do not store other candles with your dedicated ones!) 


WritingI use magickal writing in much spellwork. If you choose to use writing, you will want to prepare your writing in advance. Think about your purpose, and write it out on scratch paper until you've decided that it is right to you. When it feels right, you will know it. It will roll off your tongue, and have a certain "feel". Memorize your writing, if possible, but keep the written copy with you during ritual just in case! You will be chanting it as you prepare your charm. I often use a magickal alphabet such as Theban, to rewrite the chant during ritual, just prior to assembly of my charm. (Theban and other magickal alphabets can be found in Silver Ravenwolfe's books, To Ride a Silver Broomstick, and To Stir a Magick Cauldron.) 


I will not be using my personal chants for the following charms. I feel it is important that each individual write or speak their own heart, it lends more personal power to the spell. 


Ritual:Make sure all items are placed on the alter, alter cloth, or in the ritual space before you begin. It is no fun to find that you are missing a key element once you are knee deep and shoulder high in ritual! Do not forget your notes, or BOS! Man, I hate it when that happens! 


Spend a moment in relaxation and quiet meditation. Meditation will vary depending on intent. Ground and Center. Raise power, define circle. Follow your normal methods for opening ritual. Once you have drawn circle, and are in the appropriate mind state, you can begin to assemble your Charm.



1.. Visualize your goal with as much emotion and intensity as you can! Feel your goal with the desired emotion, see your goal materialize. This is a key part of all magick. Try to hold the visualization strong in your mind throughout the entire process. 


2.. Begin chanting your purpose (you don't have to chant if you don't want to �?" but it helps to read your goal aloud at least once, to reaffirm)


3.. Translate your chant into writing while visually projecting it on to the paper. (or copy it from your draft) You may use English, or any other language/alphabet you are comfy with, and holds power for you.


4.. Place cloth for charm atop paper containing your writing.


5.. Charge stones by holding in your hand for a minute or so while visualizing your goal.


6.. Charge herbs by grinding together with mortar and pestle, OR in the same manner as the stones were charged. (Some herbs will NOT be ground) 


7.. Add all ingredients to center of cloth, while projecting your goal. (Don't overfill cloth, you want to have enough room to tie)


8.. Carefully slip magickal writing from underneath charm cloth, ignite with candle flame, let burn to ash inside cauldron or fireproof container. 


9.. Place ash from writing atop all other (already assembled) ingredients


10.. Braid your cord (if appropriate) 


11.. Tie off bag with one knot


12.. Pass Charm through salt (earth), candle flame (fire), incense smoke (air) and sprinkle with water (uh�?�.water? ?) 


13.. Hold the charm in your hand, or drape around your neck. Charge it with as much energy as possible. 


14.. Tie additional knot(s) in cord, bind spell. 



Relax, ground energy and open the circle in your usual manner. Cakes and Ale, anyone? 


Now, on to the Charms! 


Dreams(Increase dream cognition)



Moon Phase :WaxingCandle color: BlueIncense: Vanilla Cloth: Dark blueCord: Silver, Gold, Royal blueHerbs: Marigold petals, Cinnamon, & YarrowStone: Moonstone or AmethystAny dream symbol, such as paper stars, star confetti, a silver earring, or silver & gold glitter. 1 small white feather



Dreams( To aid sleep)


Moon phase: AnyCandle color: light blueIncense: Sandalwood (replace with whatever is relaxing to you)Cloth: Pink or blueCord: White or SilverHerbs: Lavender, Hops, MugwortStone: MoonstoneDream symbols, if desired



Love(To attract a lover)


Moon phase: Waxing or FullCandle color: RedIncense: Rose or AmberCloth: RedHerbs: Roses, (both dried buds and petals, preferably red or pink) Lavender, poppy seeds, and/or cherry blossomsCord: Red, white and pinkStone: Rose Quartz or AmberIf trying to attract a lover for a long term relationship, also use a gold or silver ring in charm.



Love(To strengthen existing relationship)


Moon phase: Waxing or FullCandle color: Red & pinkIncense: Dragon's Blood, or AmberCloth: Yellow or pinkCord: RedHerbs: Lavender, Thyme and Willow leavesStone: Rose Quartz or Sapphire



Self Confidence



Moon phase: Full or waxingCandle color: RedIncense: FrankincenseCloth: PurpleCord: Purple, silver & goldHerbs: Yarrow & Thyme, with Gardenia or LavenderStone: Tigers Eye or AmethystInclude personal item in charm, such as a lock of hair, or piece of jewelry. 






Moon phase: AnyCandle color: WhiteIncense: Sandalwood or PatchoulyCloth: BlueCord: Blue, white and silverHerbs: Angelica (if you have access to it) Foxglove, Mugwort & Moss OR Anise, Clover and Fennel. Stone: Tigers Eye or Obsidian



Addiction(to overcome) 


Moon phase: WaningCandle color: SilverIncense: SandalwoodCloth: Silver or WhiteCord: Blue, purple and silverHerbs: Caraway, Nutmeg & ThymeStone: Large Amethyst





Moon phase: WaxingCandle color: GreenIncense: JasmineCloth: Green Cord: Green (use light, medium and dark green braided)Herbs: Mint, Vervain, and WheatStone: Jade or Opal



Include 3 coins in charm, a penny, a nickel and a dime. Add one piece of jewelry (for the gnomes) that is silver, such as an earing.


Divination(Wear charm while using divination tool of choice)


Moon phase: WaxingCandle color: Purple or Dark blueIncense: CloveCloth: Deep purpleCord: SilverHerbs: Clove, Cherry, DandelionStone: Tigers Eye or Jet



Happy Garden


Moon phase: Waxing or fullCandle color: GreenIncense: Any floral or fruited scent (rose, jasmine, peach, apple�?�etc)Cloth: Brown or greenCord: Yellow, orange & redHerbs: Any you have grown yourself. This can include anything from dill, basil or chives to grasses, clover, alfalfa, dandelions, and even leaves from trees or shrubbery, or houseplants for that matter�?�anything at all that you have helped care for. Stones: Jade or AgateAdd Essential oil to herbs in the charm to please the Fae . Try adding a drop or two of jasmine, rose or other floral scent. This will please Ondines as well! 





Moon phase: AnyIncense: LavenderCandle color: BlueCloth: BlueCord: WhiteHerbs: Lavender, Pennyroyal, GardeniaStones: Aquamarine, Blue Tourmaline ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CELTIC HERBS Alder: A druid sacred tree. A whistle made of Alder is the basis for the old superstition of whistling up the wind.


Apple, Domestic: A Druid sacred tree. Apple cider can be used as a substitute for blood. 


Ash:A druid sacred tree. Druid Shamanic wands were often made of ash. 


Betony: A Druid sacred herb. This was a magical herb used to expel the power of evil spirits, nightmares, and despair. It was burned at Summer Solstice for purification and protection. 


Birch: A Druid sacred tree. The bark was used for purification, especially during childbirth. 


Blackthorn: A Druid sacred tree. It's thorns were used in negative magic. 


Broom: Also known as Scotch or Irish Broom. A Druid sacred tree. Burned at the Spring Equinox, it purified and protected. 


Catnip: A Druid sacred herb. Chewed by warriors for fierceness in battle Cedar: A Druid sacred tree. Ancient Celts on the Mainland used cedar oil to preserve heads of enemies taken in battle. To draw Earth energy, to ground yourself place the palms of your hands against the ends of the needles. 


Cherry, Wild: A Druid sacred tree. Chips of the wood or bark were burned at Celtic festivals. 


Club Moss: A Druid sacred herb. Among the Celts, only a priest or priestess could gather club moss. The plants and spores were collected in July and August for use in blessings and protection. 


Elder: A Druid sacred tree. Sacred to the Celtic White Lady and the Summer Solstice. The Druids used it both to bless and curse. Elder wands drive out evil and negativity. Standing under and elder tree at Midsummer, like standing in a ring of Faery Mushrooms, will help you see the Little People. 


Eyebright: A Druid sacred herb that promotes clairvoyance. 


Ferns: The Druids classified ferns as sacred trees. Uncurled fronds of the male fern were gathered at Midsummer, dried and carried for good luck. All ferns are powerful protective plants and faeries are especially attracted to them. 


Fir, Silver: A Druid sacred tree. Also known as the Birth Tree. Burning needles or sweeping around the bed with a branch blessed and protected a mother and her new baby. 


Foxglove: This is a Poisonous plant! A Druid sacred herb, associated with the Little People and Otherworld beings. 


Furze: Also known as gorse or whin. A druid Sacred tree, whose flowers were associated with the Spring Equinox. 


Hawthorne: A Druid sacred tree. Wands of this wood have great power. 


Hazel: A Druid sacred tree. Faeries are attracted to hazel. Healing wands are made from its wood, as are water divining sticks. 


Heather: A Druid sacred herb. Associated with Summer Solstice. 


Holly: A Druid sacred tree, sacred to the Winter Solstice because of its red berries and evergreen leaves. 


Hops: A Druid sacred herb used for sleep and healing. 


Ivy, English: POISIONOUS! A Druid sacred herb. Connected with the Winter solstice. 


Juniper: A druid Sacred tree. Its berries were used with thyme in incenses. 


Marigold: A Druid sacred herb. The Druids believed that Marigold water made from the blossoms, then rubbed on the eyelids helped one to see faeries. 


Meadowseet: One of the three most sacred hers to the Druids. The other two are mint and vervain (verbena). 


Mint: A Druid sacred herb. Burning mint cleanses the area. 


Mistletoe: POISIONOUS! It was the most sacred tree of the Druids, and it ruled Winter Solstice. 


Mugwort: A Druid Sacred herb. Was placed in barns to protect cows from the influence of faeries. The herbs powers are strongest when picked on a Full Moon. Gather at the Summer solstice for good luck, and rub on ritual tools to increase power. 


Nuts and Cones: Sacred to the Druids; very magical, especially in fertility magick. Small cones or acorns were sometimes used on the tips of wands used by the Celts. 


Oak: A druid holy tree. The oak was the king of trees in the grove. Magick wands were made of its wood. Oak galls, sometimes called "Serpent Eggs", were used in magickal charms. Acorns gathered at night held the greatest fertility powers. The Druids and other magickal pracitioners listened to the rustling leaves and the wrens in the trees for divinatory messages. 


Pine: Sacred to the Druids, the pine was known as one of the seven chieftan trees of the Irish. Burn the needles inside for purification. To purify and sanctify an outdoor ritual area, brush thr ground with a pine branch.


Rowan: Its seeds are poisonious! A Druid sacred tree and sacred to the Goddess Brigit. A very magickal tree used for wands, rods, amulets and other spell objects. A forked rowan branch can help find water. It is believed to be a powerful charm against evil spirits. 


Rue: The ancient Celts considered rue an antimagickal her; it is a defense against spells and drak magic. If burned it routs negativity and gets things moving. 


St. John's Wort: A Druid sacred herb. The Celts passed it through the smoke of the summer solstice fire, then wore it into battle for invincibility. The people of Scotland wore it as a charm against faery influence. 


Holy Thistle: A Druid sacred herb. Primarily for protection and strength. 


Thyme: A Druid sacred herb. Repels negativity and depression. 


Trefoil: Aslo known as shamrock, or searaog. A Druid sacred herb, w3hich symbolizes all triple deities. Always leave something in payment when you take trefoil, because it is a favorite herb of the Little People and faeries. A pinch of Ginger or a little milk poured onto the ground are acceptable gifts. 


Vervain or Verbena: A Druid sacred herb, common in many druididic rites and incantations. Offerings of this herb were placed on altars. 


Willow: A Druid sacred tree; one of the seven sacred trees of the Irish. the willow is a Moon tree sacred to the Goddess. its grooves were considered so magickal that priests, priestesses and artisans sat among the trees to gain eloquence, inspiration, skills, and prophecies. 


Woodruff: A Druid sacred herb which acquires its scent after drying. 


Wormwood: An accumulative poison! A Druid sacred herb which was very magickal as well as sacred to Moon deities. Burn on Samhain to aid evocation, divination, scrying and prophecy. Combine with Mugwort for added effect. 


Yew: The berries are poinsionous! A Druid sacred tree. Sacred to the Winter Solstice and deities of death and rebirth. The Irish used it to make dagger handles and bows. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~HOMEMADE HONEY9 white clover flowers9 red clover flowers2 wild pink roses2 lbs. sugar1 pinch alum1 cup water


1. Bring all ingredients except alum to a boil and stir slowly. 2. Stir 60 times (no more, no less). Add alum. 3. Strain mixture through cheesecloth into clean sterilized 6 oz containers. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Druidic Herbs 


Brooklime {Water Pimpernel} - Veronica Becabunga Part used - Above ground portion Herbal Uses - Poltices, Diuretic Infusions Magical Uses - Water Safety {mix with Watercress} and Visionary Capacities - to strengthen the 'third eye'. {Herb of Mars} (CAUTION}: Pregnant women should AVOID}


Figwort - Scrophularia Nodosa Parts Used - Above ground portion & root Herbal Uses - Internally or externally as a tea, poltice, or tincture Homeopathic Uses - Hodgkin's Disease, conditions w/enlarged glands, breast tumors, eczema of the ear, scrofula, hemorrhoids, skin cancer Magical Uses - Protection and to attract health, peace and joy. {Herb of Venus}


Madder {Dyer's Weed} Rubia Tinctorum Part Used - Root Herbal Uses - As a tea, infusion or for dying fabrics Homeopathic Uses - For spleen ailments Magical Uses - For a young woman's coming-of-age ceremony.{Herb of Mars}


Mandrake - Mandragora Officinalis, M. Vernalis, M. Autumnalis Part Used - Root Herbal Uses - Poltices, Salves, {Anesthetic} CAUTION - Not recommended for home use -TOXIC Homeopathic Uses - restlessness, excitability, bodily weakness, epilepsy, hydrophobia, sleep Magical Uses - Protects against demonic possesion, Used as a puppet, Placed on mantle to bring prosperity and happiness, To attract love and repel diseases, Exorcisms, Travel unnoticed CAUTION - DO NOT INGEST! - {Herb of Mercury}


Meadowsweet {Queen-Of-The-Meadow - Bridewort - Bride-Of-The-Meadow} - Spiraea Ulmaria Parts Used - Root, Flower, Leaf Herbal Uses - Tea, Infusion Homeopathic Uses - Obsessive/Compulsive disorder, irritations of the urinary tract or prostate gland, epilepsy, hydrophobia, burning and pressure in the throat & feeling of contraction worsened by swallowing Magical Uses - Love Spells, Promoting Peace {Herb of Jupiter}


Mint Mentha Sativa, Mentha Aquatica Part Used - The above ground portions Herbal Uses - Infusion, Tea, Oil, Salve {CAUTION - No more than 2 cups per day of infusion - or 2 drops per day of oil, Larger doses can be toxic to the kidneys} Homeopathic Uses - Neuritis, acute nasal catarrh, blocked eustachian tubes, pharyngitis, laryngitis, itching, vulvar itching, frontal headache, sinus pain, eyeball pain, mental confusion, asthmatic conditions w/headache, smoker's cough Magical Uses - Protection, Healing, Easy Travel, Attracts prosperity & money. {Herb of Venus}


Mistletoe {Birdlime, Golden Bough, Holy Wood} - Viscum Album Parts Used - Twig & Leaf Herbal Uses - Infusion, Tea, Tincture CAUTION - Berries should not be used for internal consumption - Large doses of this herb have been known to induce convulsions in children Homeopathic Uses - Epileptic aura, petit mal seizures, heart conditions, asthma connected with gout or rheumatism, rheumatic deafness, chorea, metrorrhagia, left-sided ovarian pain, left-side body complaints Magical Uses - Use to combat despair, herb of protection, child theft by fairies, healing, hunting, conception, to bring beautiful dreams, unlock the secrets of immortality through dreams - used for wands and ritual items or placed around a 'Hand of Glory' to ward off thieves - to protect the bearer from werewolves. {Herb of the Sun & Jupiter} CAUTION> - You should take note that this herb is considered by many in the study of herbs, to be extremely toxic. It should not be used for medical complaint, without full and total knowledge of it's usage and dosages.


Oak {Duir} - Quercus Spp. Parts Used - Bark, Leaf, Acorn Herbal Uses - Infusion, Tea, Salves Homeopathic Uses - Edema, splenetic dropsy, liver problems, gout, alcoholic cravings Magical Uses - Abundance, fertility, longevity, protection, spiritual awareness while remaining fully rooted in the earth plane, it's wood is used for staves and wands, use any parts for protective charms which bring healing. Acorns bring fertility and abundance. Plant in the dark of the moon to bring financial prosperity. {Tree of Jupiter}CAUTION - Parts of this tree contain the compound known as tannic acid. Tannic acid in this form is toxic to humans. Oak bark tea can be bought OTC, if you would prefer. Otherwise, if you intend to use this particular herb, make sure that you do a complete study on how to use it.


Selago - Lycopodium Selago, Linn Parts Used - Above ground portions, spores Herbal Uses - Infusion, Powder, Poltice Homeopathic Uses - Urinary and digestive disturbances Magical Uses - Charm of power and protection, wear it, add it to incense, use it to commune with the Gods & Goddesses.


Self-Heal {All-Heal, Heart-of-the-Earth} - Prunella Vulgaris Part Used - Above ground portions Herbal Uses - Tea, Tincture, Poltices Homeopathic Uses - conditions of the skin and nervous system, poison oak, epilepsy, insomnia, constipation, mental exhaustion Magical Uses - Purification, ward of insect stings & serpants, protection from enchantment, make dreams come true, bring love, dispel fears, bring youth & beauty, protection for the practitioner of magical workings, bring peace, kept in home it attracts wealth and keeps plants healthy. Drinking it's juice cuts sexual desire, burn to banish pangs of unrequited love, worn to recover stolen articles, put in child's cradle brings joy and a lively intellect.


Water Horehound {Gypsyweed} - Lycopus Eurapaeus Part Used - Above ground portions Herbal Uses - Infusion, Tincture Homeopathic Uses - Lower blood pressure, valvular heart disease, heart palpitations, passive hemorrhages, toxic goiter, urinary problems, diabetes Magical Uses - Offerings to deities


Wild Basil - Calamintha Clinopodium Part Used - Above ground portions Herbal Uses - Infusion, Poltice, Oil {The type - Thymus Serphyllum is used in tincture for children's chest complaints} Magical Uses - Protection, repel thieves, attract customers to a business, dispel melancholy, bring joy, mend quarrels, additive for love spells, fidelity, purification, courage, health, vitality, strength, healing - wear to enhance psychic powers, place by bed to ward off nightmares, ritual offerings. {Herb of Venus}



Woad - Isatis Tinctora Part Used - Leaf Herbal Uses - Poltice, Salves, Dye Magical Uses - Paint for ceremonial use. {Herb of Mars & Jupiter}

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Patchwork Merchant Mercenaries had its humble beginnings as an idea of a few artisans and craftsmen who enjoy performing with live steel fighting. As well as a patchwork quilt tent canvas. Most had prior military experience hence the name.


Patchwork Merchant Mercenaries.


Vendertainers that brought many things to a show and are know for helping out where ever they can.

As well as being a place where the older hand made items could be found made by them and enjoyed by all.

We expanded over the years to become well known at what we do. Now we represent over 100 artisans and craftsman that are well known in their venues and some just starting out. Some of their works have been premiered in TV, stage and movies on a regular basis.

Specializing in Medieval, Goth , Stage Film, BDFSM and Practitioner.

Patchwork Merchant Mercenaries a Dept of, Ask For IT was started by artists and former military veterans, and sword fighters, representing over 100 artisans, one who made his living traveling from fair to festival vending medieval wares. The majority of his customers are re-enactors, SCAdians and the like, looking to build their kit with period clothing, feast gear, adornments, etc.

Likewise, it is typical for these history-lovers to peruse the tent (aka mobile store front) and, upon finding something that pleases the eye, ask "Is this period?"

A deceitful query!! This is not a yes or no question. One must have a damn good understanding of European history (at least) from the fall of Rome to the mid-1600's to properly answer. Taking into account, also, the culture in which the querent is dressed is vitally important. You see, though it may be well within medieval period, it would be strange to see a Viking wearing a Caftan...or is it?

After a festival's time of answering weighty questions such as these, I'd sleep like a log! Only a mad man could possibly remember the place and time for each piece of kitchen ware, weaponry, cloth, and chain within a span of 1,000 years!! Surely there must be an easier way, a place where he could post all this knowledge...

Traveling Within The World is meant to be such a place. A place for all of these artists to keep in touch and directly interact with their fellow geeks and re-enactment hobbyists, their clientele.

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