Last year I offered to help another artist/crafter with a number of projects  that had been started. After showing how to do a few things. Things went apart for a bit. Then the opportunity for me to take the items and work upon them. This was agreed upon for where I was to be in MI. That turned into a breaking of words and telling me I could not do as I had been told I could. Another event came and went.

         And packing items up brought to Columbus with me several projects to be finished.  But thus also was a screwed up action. For within the rush to pack and get on the road. I took the materials and items I was asked to work on. In my mind I was to finish these items for this person. In theirs I was to give them back. Now a state away and finding this mis communication and understanding failure. I have started to work upon them. May this reseal the friendship I had started to forge with the artist/crafter. And as well show them I meant not to steal not take from them. But intended to do as I had stated and finish these items for them.

         Currently I have three items started. and will show of these items. Also a fourth has been marked out as well ready to be cut forth, shaped and hilted. I have several others to do the alike with. As well as a certain number or multi twisted items of torc style wrist and neck which will be simple copper and brass accented. I hope this will show my good intentions and the worthiness to once again gain this artist/crafter as a friend and once again be able to claim them as such.

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A large chopper blade I have set a steel guard upon it and have wood scales to go upon it. Once I can purchase the correct adhesive I will set then pin them. Then shape the full of the guard and hilt.

A sax with half ground antler scales simple yet older look. No guard but pinned when done. Again adhesive and shaping  awaits this as well.

A small thin twisted four corned with a Antler spike handle with a simple metal disk guard yet to be made. Decideing if should be larger then spike or just bigger then.

A flat copper was also at hand upon which has been seen a large early leaf dagger. With scaled then wrapped handle and may be a tri metal plated pinned pommel.

Before I get to far into fully construction of other items from the materials I have these also await hilts and finishing of edges.First another four corner twisted item this one is a bit bigger so thus a larger and more hilt will require.

2nd a long thin sax light feeling in hand I have a signal hand bone that will work for this now a guard to be thought of as well.

Third another flat stock sax not edge not tempered. Yet I have an oriental tsuba and bamboo scales of thought for it.

4th is my favoiate one he had started. A 'Bolo Khukuri' this will take a bit of idea but have some forming.

Fifth is a long chopping blade not edged and roughly shaped. But it will be something to finish.

I do not do pretty, but do work and function. I have not the here to polish and shine items. But I do have the to make and do. Will see what time brings forth from these hands and the mind that remains to work and reclaim a bit of honor of fulfilling what words were said of what I would do for another. Words that to this day I strive to full for all those they were given to. Upon my current dealing of the cards of life.

Ideas thoughts and maybes of the starting process

Bolo rough guard before hilt and shape. Mild steel guard will be more of a oval like when get done shape. Thinking more bamboo for handle as well.

got antler some what secured, have to redo top edge. Holes marked for pins need to drill all the way now and pin. then finish shape and touch up.


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