On the topic of building a ward or talisman almost every walk has a different take on the

subject .This is a peek at how I craft them and use them in my Hedge Witchy realm. There are many different "definitions or interpretations " of these two words all of which ring true.

For me the distinction between the two is this......If I'm making it to wear or carry its a talisman.A talisman can be something that invokes upon touch , protection ,luck , a deity , element or spirit (such as someone you love that's passed over.In these modern times most people choose a piece of jewelery with a crystal/stone that invokes their chosen purpose.Such as a frequent flyer/traveler might choose

Labradorite the travelers stone or Golden Tiger Eye which is favored for protection during travels.

Below is a shot of a Talisman I made for a friend that was having it rough on all levels.The large stone is a polished Agate....agates bring strength and courage to the wearer ,it also balances and stabilizes your aura .The beads are Carnelian....Wearing Carnelian directs the will power ,

increases your perceptiveness, creates inspiration and dispels apathy and sorrow.

I added Amber to dissolve energy blockages and relieve depression ,because she needed help in those areas .Since she was starting classes the skulls are Howlite which facilitates memory, knowledge, and progress.Last I included a piece of Moss Agate.... considered the most powerful of the agates, it balances emotional energy ,and helps the wearer to let go of anger and bitterness.Altogether a powerful talisman that she could wear daily as she sorted through the many challenges she was facing

I know I preach this loud and often but your most powerful aid when creating a talisman /ward /spell is your knowledge of the materials you use and the focus you have on imprinting intent .

Now for those of you who are thinking I cant make something like this....yes you can! They don't need to be elaborate like this one ,bear in mind Ive done this for years, start simple.

Nor do you need stones to make one below is a sweet little Pentacle (2" x2.5" ) I made to be worn on a cord ,it was easy and invokes a powerful protection upon the wearer. Its made from Bay Berry known for its protective nature ,Hemp twine to invoke divination and reclaimed Copper to conduct intent and the energies of the bay & hemp.

In my realm if its not really portable and its used for defense its a ward ,and I made tons of them.First off I make a lot of wards in the form of wreathes.....you might wonder why.Well for me and this is my preference I like my wards large ,in charge and highly visible.

As with any spell the more you focus on it the quicker and better the spell works.Wreathes give you something your eyes fall on often during the day giving you the opportunity to impress your intent often without interfering with your everyday routine.I personally have found that my biggest asset in the crafting of my spell is that I live with them.If you incorporate your magical workings into your everyday life you live them and breath them both on a conscious and subconscious therefore they take on the life and power you intend.

The wreath pictured below is a huge thing I made for a friend that had the specific task of keeping a really negative jerk away from her realm.Unfortunately because this person was a relative she didn't have the luxury of just saying go and stay away so we opted for a more lol "subtle witchy solution". The wreath form was one she already had and loved ,this made it perfect for my spell weaving because she was already imprinted on it. Once it was finished she took it home and hung it in a prominent place which brings us back to it was incorporated into her daily routine. At last report it was working like a champ and when they did show up their visit was shot lived ;)

Wheee ! As you can see I threw myself at the task and this baby came fully loaded to bear.

As how ever as with the case of building a talisman , simple is just as powerful .Its always about knowing your materials and being able to impress your intent upon it.

Easily grown Rosemary is a wonderful herb to work with when making a ward. It acts as a cleanser and purifier of energy. For centuries pagans have placed wreathes and pentacles of this herb over their doorway for protection .Placed under ones bed either prevents nightmares

and negative energy away as you sleep.

Another wonderful herb that's easily grown for this use is Lavender.Although most think of this as one of the "love herbs" it too invokes protection . Unlike the bold "you shall not pass"

protective energy of Rosemary , Lavender brings a subtle peaceful protection .As the energy wards away the negative it nurtures a lovely calm for the owner.Either of the wards pictured below can be used the same as the Rosemary wards and all were quite easy to make :)

As with all things Witchy you have to make it yours ,to make it work. If you arnt crafty at all then be creative! A container with some salt in the bottom , filled with thorns and placed where needed will pretty much ward off anything.A pot of Cactus or yucca at your door will do the same.Pictured below is one of my favorite wards.

I spied this groovy little guy at a friends yard sale and knew he was mine.

I keep him oiled with my "Tangle The Bane" oil and his sole purpose is to ward off people who pluck my nerves.He is there to let everyone know go away.Yes he's irreverent but he is just what I need from time to time and he serves my purpose well ,here is why........

He's cool ,he works and since he makes me smile when I see him it dissipates my negative ,rather than give me a focus for them!

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