I received a phone call this afternoon from a friend.  The first words out of her mouth were have you ever been involved in a séance?  I was rather puzzled by her question as it's not a topic she would ordinarily just out right ask about; I stated yes, but only as a participant.  She went on to say, that a few weeks ago she had participated in some kind of group magick ritual as a joke (she doesn't believe in magick) and ever since that particular evening has been experiencing some 'paranormal' things. She believes something had basically followed her home and or is attached to her. 

Then, she exclaimed she wanted to conduct a séance and was curious if I would head it.  I just had to laugh, if knew her you would understand why, she's rather a prude when it comes to anything related to mysticism but gets herself sorts of trouble; one day it's my hopes she pulls her head out of her butt and makes the connections. But until then, she will undoubtedly continue to get herself in over her head. 

Anyway, I explained to her that I was not a medium, that the seldom times I've communicated with spirits has been through an emapthic means, and it's quite rare for me to be able to actually communicate in a means that would bring forth a message instantly, as I have to sleep on it, per say.  She didn't care, she's adamant she has to have a séance... gawd...She named off 4 other friends that already said they would participate if she could convince me to join in as well hahahah...As I don't have any plans it appears we're going to attempt a séance lol... So, I thought I had better do a bit of research on the subject, thus below is instructions on how to perform one.  (Wish me luck hahah).

The instructions for séances vary, depending upon which resources you are using. People from Nostradamus to Harry Houdini's wife have conducted them using methods that were the most popular during their particular time period. The following overview represents the styles of séances held several hundred years ago as well as those held today.

Why Conduct a Séance?

For people who want to contact a spirit from the other side, one of the best ways to do that is through a séance. A séance uses a group of people that concentrate on one specific goal: contacting a spirit. Séances were very popular during Victorian times, and even Houdini's widow used them as a way to communicate with her beloved Harry. Charlatans have also used séances as a way to bilk people out of money in the past, but today a session may be conducted without the employment of a professional medium.

Instructions for Seances Today

The instructions for séances today are slightly different than those performed one hundred, or even several hundred years ago. A crystal ball usually replaces the bowl of oil and blood, and often an empath (or primary sitter) is used instead of a medium. The following are the basic instructions for séances today:

  1. Know exactly why you are conducting the séance. The purpose may be to contact a dead friend, to request guidance or for divination of some sort.
  2. Select any number of people to attend the séance, with the exception of 5. The number 5 is not used because it is the number of points on the pentagram and the wounds of Christ.
  3. People attending the séance should be genuinely interested in contacting the dead. Skeptics and those who are fearful should not attend séances because they can negatively affect the outcome.
  4. The timing of the séance is important. Night is usually the best time, and it is even better if it is raining outside. In addition, holding a séance on the anniversary of a specific event that is important to the spirit may help.
  5. Tarot cards, pendulums and crystal balls may be used for divination. However, it is advised by many experienced mediums that Ouija boards should not be used in a séance because you never know what may come through, including demons.
  6. Once everyone understands the purpose, they may gather at the table, sit and join hands.
  7. The medium, or primary sitter, will attempt to contact the spirit world. If a negative energy comes through, the group should concentrate on a white light filling the room and protecting them. Under no circumstances should the group release their hands.
  8. The medium, or primary sitter, should ask appropriate questions of the spirits and share information that is coming through. All sitters should be encouraged to share any thoughts or images (dismissing ones that are not conducive to the séance). Most spirit contact only lasts for several minutes, although it may last as long as half an hour.
  9. Once the medium has finished, the spirits are thanked and asked to leave the premises.
  10. All of the sitters can finally release the hands of the others.

Conducting your own séance is often easier to do after you have attended a few séances held by others. This will give you an idea of what to expect, as well as how to handle the unexpected. Of primary importance is selecting the right people for the séance. The individuals should be open to the idea of contacting the spirit world, not debunking it. If your séance doesn't work the first time, keep trying. With practice, and the right people in attendance, you'll eventually make contact with the spirit world.

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