10. If you receive gifts of any sort they are to be brought immediately to the Overseer or the slave coordinators if you are owned by AoA. If privately owned then bring it to your Master/Mistress. Slaves have no right to anything unless given permission to keep the gift.

"In the eyes of Gorean law you are an animal.
You have no name in your own right.
You may be collared and leashed. You may be bought and sold, whipped, treated as the master pleases, disposed of as he sees fit.
You have no rights whatsoever. Legally you have no more status than a tarsk or vulo.
Legally, literally, you are an animal.'
Explorers of Gor page 316

11. You are to be in camp as much as possible. When you are in AoA your attention is there and to on the frees.

12. If you are PM'd without permission, harassed or approached by anyone included anons cut and paste to the room and seek a free for help. No slave will be asked to offer service beyond what is required by their Owners. Slaves of AoA cannot be forced collared nor furred against their restrictions, seek a free immediately for help and cut and paste.

13. You are not to discuss your collar or sale with any one. If someone approaches you, cut and paste and seek out a slave coordinator or the Overseer for help.

14. When the Overseer or a free makes an announcement, you are to stop everything and listen until they are finished.

15. All slave will seek permission to PM a free of AoA. NOTE If you have a problem please seek the a trainer and see if they can assist you. If not seek Mistress Elise, Mistress Nazmiye. The Overseer and the free's have much to think about and need not worry about slave issues unless they are situations that can not be handled by a trainer.

16. During a raid upon the Camp [or even threats] slaves in one post run to Trovis and get into the ready made holes there that are used for such events. The slaves will not again post until they are directed by a Free that it is safe to come out. No comments should be made. Any thing that needs to be done should be done in whisper until you are told to come out. At this time you should then focus your attention to healing any injuries that might have occurred during the raid. A note concerning healing : If Mistress Elise is present during the raid she will assign each slave and FW present to a Warrior of AoA for healing after the raid. If Mistress Elise is not present, then the assignments will fall to the ranking FW with the help and counsel and trainers. With no FW of AoA present, the most senior trainer will make assignments to slaves and respectfully to visiting FW. The girl who has been in AoA the longest will assume the responsibility if no other FW are present.

17. Slaves of AoA will not travel unless prior arrangements are made with the Overseer, or their owners. Slaves are responsible for keeping up to date with all decisions from the Overseer concerning places members of AoA are not to travel.

18. When leaving Camp please seek out the permission of a Free. If none are there and you have finished your chores just post out of the room. If they are busy post 3 times, a minute between each post, and excuse yourself. If there are only brothers and sisters in the room and they are not in training. Then say your good byes and post out. The only exception to this rule is an absolute R/L emergency in which case state you have one and leave. Real time comes first always.

19.Things To Remember:
Slaves have no rights, and are property, you own nothing, not even your name. Slaves do not whine, argue, complain, cry or throw fits. They are to show absolute obedience always and remember the Master/Mistress is always right no matter what you think. The last words being "Yes Master/Mistress".

Jealousy or Possessiveness of any kind will NOT be tolerated.

Slaves will speak with respect, and not enter into serious conversations with free's unless asking and being given permission. A slave will not editorialize using such tactics as ~thinks.~ or ~knows.~ in order to subvert the authority of a Free.

When doing your chores or chores please do not cut and paste your chores or your serves. Nor copy your fellow slaves. This does you and the person you are serving a disservice. Each slave is an individual and grows into their own styles

20. When being trained or tested you are to keep your attention to the Coordinator, the first girl or your trainer, unless otherwise instructed.

21. Please leave r/l where it belongs in r/l. This is your v/l home. Serve it well.

22. Please keep all problems between yourselves in PM, *do NOT disrupt the room*. If you are having a problem seek a trainer or slave coordinator for help.

23. Please make sure that The Overseer, The Kajira Coordinators, and the senior trainer have your ICQ information.

24. Failure to follow these rules or signs of disobedience by a slave will result in punishment deemed by the Overseer, the Kajira Coordinators, or your owners.

25. Remember, in AoA we are all here to help one another, have fun and be a strong family. Never hesitate to seek help as we all are always learning and are there for each other.

Gor vs. BDSM

This is just one man's opinion about the differences between Gor and BDSM. It was written in response to a question a slave asked me and replied by e-mail. She wanted to know the difference between the two as she came from BDSM areas. That is not a place I have ever been a part of. Others will tell you similar things and different ones, including that there is no difference. I say to the last group, you just don't understand what Gor really is.

It is correct to say that some things are the same between BDSM and Gor, whereas many are diametrically opposed to each other. The biggest differences are in the control of the Master over the slave and the point of what we do. Please understand that while I have read some about BDSM, I have never participated beyond reading a couple of Usenet groups on occasion and wandering into a very few IRC BDSM channels. What I say here is based on what I have read, what I have seen, and the people I know who are into that scene.

Safe, sane and consensual. I am sure you have heard those words before. They are the watchwords of BDSM. Gor doesn't follow those rules. Yes, we do want to be physically and mentally safe...being sane is probably a good thing...[grins]...and the slavery we practice is consensual, up to a point. There are no safe words, there are no days we do this and days we don't. It may not be something we do in front of children, but some do. Gor operates on Honor and Trust. I like to add Honesty and Responsibility to them. The slave must trust her Master enough to give herself into his hands. Trust that he will care for her life and well being as long as she is pleasing to him. A Gorean Master takes the responsibility for his slave in what she does, how she acts, what she wears, what she learns; responsibility for all parts of her as well as her well being and health. A true man does not willingly damage something valuable to him. Like anywhere else, there are pretenders, abusers, and people trying to do something they really are unfit to do. Goreans would say that a man must master himself before he can master a slave. The good Masters do not need to prove themselves to anyone because they have already proved what they are to themselves.

The other big difference is that BDSM seems to be about sex. That is the main point of BDSM as far as I can see. Gorean slavery is about service of a slave to her Master and the pleasing of him. Sex is there but it is not the most important thing. A Gorean slave is not only free to explore and reveal her sexuality, she is required to do so. She is not allowed to withhold any part of her from her Master. Most Goreans do not seem to do much BDSM play. There may be a bit of bondage or things (besides collars) which could be called fetish wear, but they are not central to being Gorean. A Gorean Master does not whip a slave for her erotic enjoyment, or his, but to punish her. To make her understand that she was displeasing in her actions or attitudes and that she needs to change what he found displeasing.

It is hard, though not impossible to do BDSM by yourself. A man or a woman can be Gorean without owning a slave. Being Gorean is an attitude and a way of life, not something you do in the bedroom or when you put on special clothes and go to a play party somewhere. It does not turn on or turn off when convenient, Gor is.

Understand that I am talking in generalities here, and perhaps the idealized Gorean Master, but from what I have seen and read, these are the main differences between the two. Some people involved in BDSM use Gor to spice up their play at times, sometimes Gorean use BDSM to spice up their sex. However, if I bind a slave's hands behind her back, for example, it is because I do not wish her to use them while I am doing something with her, to her or while she is doing something. Or it could be as punishment for doing something with them that I did not want her to do. It could also be for training purposes. Many different reasons, but her sexual enjoyment of being bound is likely to be very low on or totally off of the list of reasons.

I have said that we can not do everything as the books do it. We live on Earth, not Gor. We live within the confines and legalities of our society. We do what we can to recreate parts of the Gorean philosophies and Master/slave system, but more importantly for men; we look to the books as a guide to our behavior and existence as men. It has been said, and I believe it to be true, that a man can be Gorean and never own a slave. A free woman can be Gorean and never be a slave. A slave can be Gorean only while she is a slave to a Gorean Master.

Telling the difference between those who might properly be called Gorean and those who only play or pretend to be Gorean can be hard at times. I do not claim to be able to tell in all cases. I look to see if they walk the talk. If they do, and what they speak is what I consider Gorean, then I call them Gorean. There are those whose words and knowledge I respect as they say they respect mine. Some of those people I count as being Gorean. As it pleases them to consider me Gorean, I have come to accept it.

? Our Garden is focused on BDSM, not of the Gorean Style. Gorean guests are welcome to come in and observe/participate as long as they can do it in our style - that means that if a Gorean slave comes in she is to address the DOM's as "Sir" not "Master". The subs/slaves in our Garden have worked hard for the right to address a single Dom/me as Master/Mistress and it's not a title we want to have used loosely. If a Gorean DOM comes in, He will need to understand that He cannot demand the submissives in the room call Him "Master".

? Slave Positions

Slave lies face down on the floor and turned to the left. Her wrists are crossed behind her back and her legs are straight with ankles crossed in preparation for binding.

Slave falls to her belly with her forehead resting flat on the floor or her Master's boots, palms pressed flat to the floor.

A blanket or covering of any sort is thrown over a slave and she may not speak or rise until the covering is removed by a Free person.

Bound By Master's Will:
Slave is commanded to hold a position as if bound, with hands clasping opposite wrists, until released.

Slave puts hands behind her back with wrists together in preparation for binding.

Slave lays on her back, knees bent with feet flat against the ground and hands at her side, motionless.

Slave gets down on all fours, palms to elbows flat on floor, ass in the air, forehead as close to the ground as possible and crawls to within an inch of her Master's feet.

Standing with feet a little more than shoulder width apart, shoulders rolled back, fingers laced behind neck, face turned to the left, eyes lowered.

Gorean Bow:
Slave sits back on her heels, bends backwards and puts her head to the floor and pulls up into a back bend. Slave may be bound over an object in this position.

Slave stands slightly behind her Master and bows at the waist such that her hair falls forward for display or usage.

Slave follows her Master at His heel, slightly behind and to His non-weapon hand. Distance is usually approximately two paces.

High Harness:
Slave kneels and is braceleted and leashed and commanded to hold her head very high for display.

High Lesha:
Slave stands with hands crossed behind her back for binding, her head is held high and tilted to the left with eyes lowered waiting for a leash to be attached to her collar.

Slave kneels with thighs spread widely, leaned forward with breasts and forehead against the floor, arms fully extended with palms against the floor. Ankles may be crossed or uncrossed.

Kolar (Position of Female Submission):
Slave kneels before her Master with arms extended upward and wrists crossed, head lowered in supplication.

Kneel to the Coffle:
Slave kneels with thighs parted and lifts either wrist outwards so that it may be attached to a wrist ring within the coffle chain.

Kneel to the Whip:
Slave kneels head bowed to knees, wrists crossed under her as though bound, with back exposed to the whip.

Slave bends forward at the waist with her head at Master's hip so that He may lead her easily by the hair or collar.

Slave turns away from her Master with her head tilted up and to the left as a leash is attached to her collar. Her wrists are crossed behind her for binding.

Slave is required to perform her regular duties upon her hands and knees without using her hands. She may not rise to her feet but may use only her mouth and teeth to grasp and manipulate objects.

The first position a slave is taught, this is the position of a pleasure slave. Slave kneels with her back straight, head lifted, palms down on her thighs.

Slave settles against her Master, nestling in the crook of His arm.

Slave goes to the floor, lays on her stomach with her face down before her Master. Her head is turned and her cheek is against His feet, kissing them lightly in a gesture of love and submission.

Slave runs towards her objective, taking short rapid steps with legs almost straight, feet hardly leaving the ground. Her back is kept straight, head is turned to the left, arms are at her sides with palms facing outward at a 45 degree angle. Upon reaching her objective she drops to her knees and assumes the position of Nadu.

Slave falls to her hands and knees with her head down on the floor, hindquarters thrust high for viewing and/or her Master's pleasure.

Slave Lips:
Save turns her head up to her Master, lips pursed in a kissing position. She remains motionless until she is granted the kiss of a Master.

Slave Rape:
Slave is used for sexual purposes; may be tender or brutal, casual, deliberate, or disciplinary.

Slaver's Kiss:
Slave falls to all fours, head lowered to the ground, turned so her left cheek is pressed to the ground, eyes closed, buttocks thrust upward and thighs widely spread, exposing her hindquarters in preparation for the whip.

Slave kneels, bent over at the waist, cheek pressed to the floor. She taker her Master's right foot and places it upon her neck with her arms crossed behind her back.

Slave lays upon her back with her hands at her sides, palms upward, legs widely spread, awaiting her Master's pleasure.

Slave assumes the Sula position and slowly lifts her hips off of the floor as if beckoning the Master with her body.

Slave goes to all fours, arms and legs shoulder width apart, making her back smooth ad level.

Slave kneels with her knees modestly together, back straight, eyes lowered, palms resting upon her thighs or crossed before her.

Slave is ordered to lie supine and motionless in preparation for usage.

Slave turns in a graceful pirouette, then walks across the room, feet hardly seeming to leave the floor, body erect. Upon reaching her objective she halts and stands, body erect, shoulders back, chest thrust forward, belly in. She turns her hip out a bit, hands at her sides, and points one foot.

Slave Rules

1. A slave never uses first person. Use this girl, this one, a girl, a slave etc. This is used to always remind the slave of their place.

2. A slave must always ask permission to afk/exit. Even when you don't know if the Free are watching or not, beg THREE (3) times in channel before parting or going afk or brb. Real life takes precedence. If you are not answered and you must leave abruptly, please state BRB RTE which means you have a real time emergency. When you return, beg mercy for leave and explain why you left and all will be well.

3. ALL Free Persons are to be addressed as Master/Mistress.

4. Do not be lazy, always make yourself, your actions, and your serves beautiful... busy yourself cleaning or cooking or doing camp chores.

5. If you have squabbles or troubles with other slaves in Our Camp, go to the First Girl or any of the Mistresses. Do not trouble a Free Person with problems who is a Guest of the Camp. kajira are here to be pleasing, not troublesome, not brats, no whining or moaning in the room...do it in private with your sisters and brothers who can sympathize. (Free Persons do not wish to hear it.)

6. Be pleasant and pleasing, or be gone. kajirae have the last word, it is, "Yes Master" or "Yes, Mistress".

7. While a Free Person may not always be right they are by definition never wrong... acceptance is the key to a happy life and personal growth as a kajira...

8. A kajira owns nothing...save what her Owner gives her, not even her name...and that can easily be taken away for the slightest infraction, so guard what your owner gives you with your every being.

9. A kajira is sensual, sexy, and alluring, NOT slutty. If you use sexually explicit innuendos, be prepared to be called on them.

10. Slaves are to be on one channel at a time as they cannot efficiently serve two people at once. Only one warning will be given to a slave who enters while in another room to give them a chance to leave one or the other. If You have permission to co-channel, post it in channel.

11. Be pleasing, your life does and will depend on it. If you are not in the mood to serve, or be generally pleasing, then you should not be here.

12. There are FW in this camp and out of respect for them we do not wish for any to refer to themselves as sluts, cunts, or whores in the presence of FW.

Serve well!

Kajira Rules

1. The merest whim of your Owner is your highest law. You and you alone, can make your collar as light or as heavy as you wish it to be.

2. The very first thing a kajira or kajirus should strive for is being absolutely obedient. The slave should perform all tasks and carry out all instructions with no hesitation or argument whatsoever. If one does not understand, then the slave needs to make this known and should respectfully request clarification. Unless a command given by another Free Person conflicts with the orders given by her or his Owner, an owned slave will adhere to the command. If there is a conflict, the slave needs to respectfully make this known to the Free Person who gave her or him the order.

3. A slave does not need permission to enter; only permission to leave is required. A slave wishing to leave will ask a Free Member of the House, or the first girl,for permission. If None are there or are busy, the slave will ask three times to leave. You must ask at least one minute apart. After the third time if no answer or response, the slave may leave bidding the camp farewell. If alone in the house, you do not have to ask 3 times, simply post "seeing no Frees..(leaving for r/t,going to the slave kennels...)". In the event of a hurried departure (due to r/t) a general farewell as described in #4 may be used.

If you are booted or your server crashes you should return as soon as possible, even if only to ask to leave. If you have Q and it’s working then notify someone who is in the House at the time that you were booted and request permission to leave.

4. the slave here are to greet those that are in the same area as themselves. Further more intelligance is appreciated highly and valued within the House. Slaves in Training Collar must ask to greet, kettle, mat and pagar slaves may greet Camp Members and T/those known to the Camp without first seeking permission. If the visiting Master/Mistress is not known to the slave then permission must be sought to greet. If there are no Frees of the House available to ask, permission may be given by the First Girl.

5. Private Messages from visiting Masters/Mistresses are to be copied and posted publicly. Permission to 'pm' must be obtained from the Administrator or a House Free, or must be requested publicly. House Free and Trainers are exempt from this rule.

6. Do not call a Master/Mistress by their names. ex. Greetings Master Kiernan...this is not acceptable, unless commanded to do so by the Master/Mistress. Titles are not to be combined, for instance Master Ubar. Slaves should address all Frees as Master, Mistress. This includes addressing visiting Frees.

7. When not serving and there are Masters/Mistresses present the slave will ask if Anyone needs service. A slave will ask each One not being served, or not served recently, individually (using the name pulldowns). A global post ("do Any need to be served") is not acceptable.

8. If you are not needed to serve, the slave will attend to chores. Be creative. Post your chore to the Chore Board. The Administrator, His woman and the Trainers regularly check the Boards and do read your posts. If at any time They feel a kajira or kajirus is not doing their share, They may want an explanation.

9. A kajira or kajirus always will be pleasant and cheerful to a Master/Mistress. No whining, crying or acting out to get attention. If this is done you will be caged. It is understood that each kajira or kajirus will have troubles and problems from time to time. Any and all kajira or kajirus may speak to Lady Levana or First Girl at any time. Matters that can not be resolved by Lady Levana or First Girl will be referred to the Administrator for a final decision.

10. When a slave enters Home it will not be a general entry. Upon entering the House, at least two descriptive lines are required, depending on achievement level, describing how they enter. This may be copied and pasted and used each time of entry. Do not just "enter the House". Use your imagination.

11. Slaves can not serve more than one Master at a time, therefore a kajira or kajirus cannot be in more than one home at a time. This means no double screening.

12. A slave can only serve one home and one Master/Mistress, therefore you can only have one name in all of Gor. If found you are dualing, it is death to one or both personas.

13. Slaves must think before reacting to any situation. What occurs in the home is between Freepersons. It does not concern the kajira or kajirus, unless the kajira or kajirus has been found displeasing.

14. While Freeperson's are NOT always right, they are by definition, NEVER wrong. Therefore kajira or kajirus must not argue with a Freeperson. They do have the last two words in any disagreement. They are “Yes Master/Mistress”.

15. A slave is never jealous. This is not pleasing to a Master or Mistress. You can and will be punished for this.

16. A slave is not permitted to touch any coin. He/she must have the Master/Mistress place it in a pouch about their necks or they must take it in their mouth. Any kajira or kajirus found touching coin, will be punished. A slave may not touch a weapon, or knives of any kind, punishment is death. Use of kitchen knives also requires permission.. Cutting shells are available for the preparation of food needing to be peeled etc.

17. Slaves are to speak in the 1st person speech unless given permission not to by their Master/Mistress.

18. When you are with a Master/Mistress or with a trainer, your attention is on them and you will not greet or respond to posts until you are released. If you are serving you will delay all greetings and interaction with Others until the serve is complete and you are released.

19. If you are online then you should be in House Amhnell, we are a living vital House and need participation to stay active and grow.

20. You are NEVER to discuss your House collar with any Free. The House here has auctions. Copy and then discuss the action that the Free has taken with Lady Levana.

21. A slave may not travel from the camp until they obtain ~mat~ level, this is time you need to learn and get to know your family. A slave is valuable property, the only time you are permitted to travel is with your Master or Mistress, or in the case of a House collar, with an Escort approved by the Administrator.

22. You may not cut and paste your serves, chores to be used at a later date. The only time you are permitted to cut and paste is your entrances and your dances since they usually require advanced preparation. (Chores may be copied and pasted to the Chore Boards from the posts in the house.)

23. Every action that is undertaken by a kajira or kajirus while in the immediate presence or service of a Free Person, such as changing or breaking position, rising to serve, speaking, etc., requires their permission and should not be attempted until such permission is requested and obtained.

24. A slave should always request permission before speaking. At no time should a Free Person be interrupted should they be speaking to another.

25. Kajira or kajirus have no rights. You have nothing not given to you by a Master. Even your name is not your own; it can be changed at any time. Any items given to you by a Master can just as easily be taken from you.

26. Sitting in a Masters/Mistresses lap does not excuse you from greeting or offering to serve, unless you are serving in the furs. If a Master or Mistress enters, you are still to greet and offer to serve. Make sure the Master or Mistress you are tending to does not need anything before you offer to serve another.

27. A slave will NOT say kneeling in nadu, tower, etc.. They will always type out the movements and how they are. This is more pleasing to the Master/Mistress.

28. A slave will always kneel in the presence of a Free Person.

29. A slave never strikes a Free Person. This is punishable by death or the most severe punishment.

30. If a slave is alone in the House and a Master or Mistress enters and behaves inappropriately, you are to go to the Med room or kitchen and close and lock the door. Save the posts, and report to a House Free as soon as you can, as to what happened. Administrator has decreed that the slave may leave, to return when a Free Member is in House, and report the matter immediately.

PLEASE NOTE: The sexual use of slaves is subject to the wishes of their Owners. In the case of camp slaves, the permission of Ubar is required to make use of a slave. Slaves in PHA*}(training) are considered virgin and should not show heat in their serves or be used in the furs. Those with ~mat~, ~senior mat~ & ~pagar~, ~pleasure slave~ level may show heat and be used sexually according to their Owners wishes.

NB: Slaves will be assumed to be dosed with slavewine at collaring, whether actually role played or not. Because of the administration of slave wine, slaves can not be pregnant.

NB: All training is done in the room with a Free person. A slave is not trained by another slave in this Room.

House Rules

1. Any person, whether Free or slave, when entering House Amhnell must have a proper name, no Anonymous names, symbols or dots. Goreans consider any strangers as enemies. Therefore any that enter as anonymous or with a non valid name (dots or symbols etc.) and do not comply with a request to take a name will be removed... No discussion... Any strangers would have to get past hundreds of warriors before getting to the wagons.

2. Frees' names are indicated with a capital letter, kajiras are in lower case. In most cases, the letters in the { } after a slaves name refers to their Master or Mistress. Please be careful when addressing owned slave

3. Visitors are welcome to enter, watch and learn. You will be escorted into House by Guards, greeted and once your intention is known, welcomed and asked, if necessary, to take a proper name. If you are new to Gor please make this known. you may ask questions to learn our ways. If you are a Free then direct them to a Free Person in camp. If you are a kajira then you may address a ~pagar~ kajira or Free Person in camp

4. Messengers are allowed in camp, wearing a yellow sash and using their Gorean Name... ~chania wearing a Yellow Sash, Messenger for ******~ If you are a Messenger, enter, state your business and then depart.

5. *Probationary Membership* A Senior Member of the Camp (i.e. Administrator, Head Slaver, Administrator's Woman) will be the One to hand out or not hand out Probationary tags to prospective Members. Full Membership will always be presented by a Senior Member. Free Members are encouraged to offer a Guest chamber to a prospective Free Member, asking that they return to speak with Administrator or His Woman. You will have a minimum of one week Probationary period

6. No dual membership will be allowed. This means that you cannot be a member of House Amhnell and a Member of another City or Camp. There will be no multiple personas unless those of a site registered animal of Gor. In other words, you can roleplay the part of a sleen, tarn, etc. providing Y/you have registered the animal with the site.

Greeting Order.

7. Before privately speaking to anyone in our home, first ask permission. Free Woman that are FC'ed must have their Free Companion's permission to speak privately to any Free Male, member or not.

8. Private messaging (PM) of kajiras is not allowed without prior permission from their Master/Mistress. If the kajira's Master/Mistress is not present, then permission must be given by the Administrator, Administrator's Woman or first girl (if no House Free Members are available). Any visitors that private message kajira will have the message posted in public.

9. Only Kiernan, Trainers, and Lady Levana may PM a House {HA*}(the astrick denotes that they are in training) kajira. This is because they are learning. Members may PM {HA*} kajiras with permission. If a non-member, first ask permission from the Administrator, The Admin's Woman or a trainer if they are in the house. If none are available, then it would be wise not to allow the PM.

10. Free Members please note... slaves in a training collar must ask to greet, Intermediate and Advanced slaves (kettle, senior kettle, mat, senior mat and pagar) may greet House Members and those known to the House without first seeking permission. If the visiting Master/Mistress is not known to the slave then permission must be sought to greet. (A good rule of thumb would be to wait until a Free or the FG greet first) If there are no Frees of the Camp available to ask, permission may be given by the First Girl.

11. All please note (Members, Visiting Free & slaves): The sexual use of slaves is subject to the wishes of their Owners. In the case of House slaves, the permission of Administrator is required to make use of a slave. Slaves in {HA*} (training),~kettle~, ~senior kettle~ are considered virgin and should not show heat in their serves or be used in the furs. Those in ~mat~, ~senior mat~ & ~pagar~, ~pleasure slave~ may show heat and be used sexually according to their Owners wishes. There will be no open furring in House Amhnell, if a Free wishes to fur a slave it should be done in the privacy of a chamber.(Private Message)

12. Free Members please note that slaves do not call a Master/Mistress by their names. e.g. Greetings Master Kiernan ...this is not acceptable, unless commanded to do so by the Master/Mistress. Titles are not to be combined, for instance Master Ubar. Slaves should address all Frees as Master, Mistress. This includes addressing visiting Frees.

13. Free Members should be conversant with the slave Rules, so that they know what to expect of a slave. They should also know the basics of a serve as shown in the Training Pages and encourage the slave serving them through observation of their service. No Free should accept service if They are unable to remain until the end of the serve. A 'harta' (quick) serve may be requested if time is limited.

General Information for Members

14. If you are a member of House Amhnell, come to the House as much as possible. We are a growing House and we will not get new members if there is no one in the House. We ask the kajiras to be here, to commit time to the House, the Frees are expected to do the same

15. Always be alert to what's going on in House. It is suggested that you scroll back several posts to see what is happening in House.

16. Remember: ICQ is not Gor. Address all Gorean matters in the home, if possible. ICQ may be used to gather members for a meeting, raids, summoning healers, etc. but the House needs to be busy so keep it in House as much as possible. All non Role Play conversations or conversations not concerning House Amhnell to be kept in PM .

17. Frees and kajira need to keep busy in the House. Chores should be posted to the slave logs because it makes the house look active, and an active home is an attractive home

18. Members may not punish personally owned kajiras of another member. If the need arises, cage them. Both parties need to save all posts regarding the reason for the caging and the actions taken. Non-members may not punish any kajira. You may place them in a cage in House and then speak to their Master/Mistress. No slave may be removed from the House without the express permission of The Adiministrator, His Woman or the Head Slaver.

Gorean Slavery
All cultures of Gor practice chattel slavery. That is, human beings can, when enslaved, become the personal property of another human being, with no rights and privileges whatsoever. It is fundamental to Gorean law that a slave is the absolute property of her owner, who may torture her, kill her, starve her, or feed her to sleen, as he wishes, free of any sort of interference. However, in practice, this does not happen. In all the Chronicles we come across exactly one instance of physical torture of a slave (who is being interrogated for legal purposes), and none at all of a slave being killed purposefully by a man. This is not just the author saying one thing and doing another: there are two fundamental reasons why slaves are in little danger of such occurrences on Gor.

The Rarity of Sexual Psychosis and Sadism on Gor
The enslavement of women is not fundamental to Gorean philosophy, but rather is a logical consequence of it. Goreans believe in the order of Nature, and that in the case of human beings, that the natural order is that men are dominant and women are submissive. Therefore, women should be submissive and men should be dominant, as anything else is counter to the basic tenet of Gorean Philosophy: Self-Honesty.

Note that this does not mean that Goreans think that men are superior to women. Dominance does not imply superiority. Women can and do wield great power on Gor, and may join any Caste save that of the Warriors or Initiates. (Women may be born into the Warrior caste, or companioned to Warriors but do not practice at arms.) Free women are expected and encouraged to think for themselves and defend themselves against aggression, including would-be slavers. If a free woman managed to stab or poison a man who had abducted or attacked her, she would be praised for her courage. (Although it is considered dishonorable for men to use poison as a weapon, and Warriors and Assassins are forbidden to do so by their Caste Codes, since women are weaker, it is not taboo for them.)

Any man who wishes may have access to slaves on Gor, including full sexual use. There is no lack of sexual availability, no Puritanical or religious convictions against enjoying it, and men are not constantly surrounded by images of sexuality and then required to perform a great deal of work to have a chance to have access to a woman. Therefore, the conflicts that create sexual obsession, addiction and psychosis are absent on Gor. Sadism is extraordinarily rare. The concept of enjoying someone else’s suffering, save perhaps that of a criminal or enemy, simply does not apply to Goreans. Therefore, they have no reason to be cruel to slave girls. They can be and are very strict, but inflicting suffering for suffering’s sake simply does not happen.

The Irrationality of Damaging or Destroying Slaves
Slaves are valuable property. Even an untrained barbarian can be sold to a mill as a weaving girl, or to a farmer as field labor. If a man has a slave he does not want, he simply gives her away, or sells her for what he can get. There is no reason to kill her. Goreans tend to be very practical, and as discussed above they do not inflict pain just because they can. (Which is different from inflicting pain to show that they can, which is a valuable lesson for a slave girl to learn.) And while a man might impose a rigorous and detailed training program on a slave, especially if he is a slaver who wishes to make a profit on her, if he cannot get her to conform, he will rarely torture her. Instead, he will just get rid of her and try another girl.

It should be noted that while there are male slaves on Gor, that submissive men of the type common in a BDSM Scene are almost unheard of. Gor is a harsh and cruel world: men without dominant natures rarely get a chance to produce offspring. This has selected for dominant men. Beyond this, however, lies the Gorean belief that men, over millions of years of evolution, have been selected for dominance, and women for submission. Anything else, even if it is a societal norm (as in Western cultures on Earth) is a perversion of Nature and a lie. Since Goreans abhor dishonesty, they react very harshly to men who do not seek to exercise their dominance, or at least avoid outright submission. It cannot be overemphasized that a man who voluntarily consented to being enslaved of his own free will would be utterly repugnant to Goreans, free and slave, male and female alike, and while a woman might own him, she would mock and revile him, being disgusted by his nature.

The Nature of Gorean Slavery
The Gorean word for slave girl is "kajira," plural "kajirae." This does not indicate any specific sort of slave girl, simply a slave girl in general. Some people make a distinction between BDSM "slaves" and Gorean "kajirae," but this is incorrect. The word for an enslaved man is "kajirus," plural "kajiri." This term appears to come from a word in the language of the Wagon People, who speak of a slave as being "clad kajir" when they wear the traditional clothing of a slave in that culture. Another word for slave girl is "sa’fora," which means "daughter of the chain."

Slaves come in all varieties on Gor, from slaves who were once Scribes or Physicians, and still perform those sorts of services, to labor chains, made up of enslaved men who do heavy work such as roadbuilding, to personal slaves. Most slaves on Gor are women, although most women on Gor are not slaves. Except for special cases like the city of Tharna, or where a city has just fallen in war, the normal ratio is one in forty or fifty women enslaved.

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