slave Rules

Rules for the house

1. i will serve, obey and please my Master.

2. Above all else my primary focus shall be to please my Master, hoping that He finds me pleasing in all that I do, whether i am in His presence or not. my Master knows of my potential, learning more about me in each day i am with Him. He trusts that i will act in accordance with what He percieves of my potential - He knows what is best for me and how important it is that i set a good example for other females who may be present around me.

3. i worship my Master.

4. i worship my Master's body.

5. The power of my Master fills me with awe. Just the shear thought of Him or the hearing of His voice gives me strength.

6. To receive pleasure i must earn it.

7. i trust my Master: His responsibilities, His skills, His hunger and needs, and His concern for my safety, my emotional, psychological, social, sexual, and physical health.

8. i will ask my Master for permission to satisfy whatever need i have before acting on it.

9. my body and mind are the property of my Master.

10. i must always give thanks to my Master for all i am given immediately after receiving what He has given me, for such things are gifts or privileges granted to me by Him.

11. All my choices shall be based upon whether or not they will please my Master.

12. When i am not in the presence of my Master and i have choices to make - i will perform them to the best of my abilities and within the boundaries and guidance He has allowed me.

13. i shall wear the collar my Master gives me with pride for it signifies His ownership of me and my devotion to Him.

14. my greatest felt satisfaction is realized when i know i have pleased my Master. submission is a natural inborn feeling, and at times a surging and powerful force inside me that only a respectable and knowledgeable Master can recognize, control and manage, for a He understands how my nature influences my behavior and how temptations to act outside of its drive can easily lead me astray and away from my primary focus: to please and to be found pleasing. He, too, manages and controls His Own natural state, sharing with me through a power exchange between us, bonding me tightly to Him, His needs with mine. my submission to such a Master allows for me to feel more aware and alive inside and out, bringing me to a feeling i cherish: ' at home '.

16.The opportunity to please my Master is very important to me and i will take every chance to seek out such opportunities to do so to the best of my abilities and in accordance to how i have been taught or allowed to do so.

17. i am my Master's greatest treasure.

18.i have much to learn in order to become a well-trained and well-behaved slave.

19.Only through submission can i find my true self. life is empty without a Master to please - that lost feeling inside can be real and it can grow. i may be able to step away from the hunger of my nature, but not for long, for soon it could effect every part of my life. It is important that i seek a Master to please – but if i cannot find one or that i shall not be found, i am not totally
lost for i must always remember: i will survive - for it is my nature to do so. my drive to please can be adapted towards the needs of others even though they may not be as satisfying as the one i would have towards a Master. i must keep in the back of mind that there is a Master who is looking too and that i need to be patient by redirecting my needs in other ways where i can provide pleasure to others.

21.i shall never think of myself as a weak person for it takes a strong female to commit to the drive inside me, to serve, to obey and to please a Master. i too have responsibilities and as natural as they may seem to me it is important that i use all of my faculties including my creative spirit to submit to a Master in a unique fashion
personal to my relationship with Him. By doing so i hope to provide a good example to those females around me who may still be learning so they too are not led astray from their primary focus, that they are as true to their nature as i strive to continue to be to mine. i must remember that how i well i behave enlightens and empowers me to become even closer to who i am - a devoted slave, of good rapport to a Master who truly understands my needs in relationship to His own.

22.i will give all that i am to my Master in order to become free.

23.i must never show disrespect towards my Master in any way - no matter where i am - in his presence or not.

24. Crying and the shedding of tears at any time is good and expected for it softens my will and bonds me closer to my Master.

25.Only in complete submission to my Master shall i realize the depth of the love i have for Him.

26. The needs of my Master must always come first before mine own for they offer an opportunity to please Him.

27.i must always respond fully both physically and verbally to whatever my Master does with me. The expressions of my emotions and my physical responses are important to Him. i must never hold back any part of
their display, regardless of how intense they may be, unless restricted to do so.

28.The money i earn, should i be allowed a career, or put to work, where i am paid for my responsibilities, is mine to keep. However, i must ask my Master how i should spend or save it. i may present ways to Him for His approval. i will accept the responsibilities He gives me in the handling of my finances. It is important to my Master that i learn to handle money wisely so, if needed, i can reach my goals or be ready for any emergency where finances may be required for resolution.

29.i will give to Master my body, mind and spirit, for when i accepted his collar i have accept the responsiblities of being his girl. my body, mind, soul, and spirit is his. He teaches me everyday how to be pleasing in everything i do. Master does not expect me to be perfect he expects mistakes. Therefore when mistakes are made i will bring them to Master for communication is most important in the relationship.

Tips for Slaves

1. Master is Master. a collared slave is "property" of the slaves Master. obey and trust your Master above all others.

2. slaves should strive to be: honorable, loyal, honest, kind, and loving. slaves need to learn about: serves, drinks, food, silks, collars, branding, piercings, dance, massage, castes, and chain-sisters.

3. try to eliminate personal pronouns, say: this one.. this slave.. this girl.. this kajira (female).. this kajirus (male).. not the words " i ".. " me ".. or " my " (some channels will kick the slave) This is a rule but if your Master has given you permission to speak in first then you do as he saids. My Master has given me permission to speak in first unless he saids to speak as a slave.

4. a slaves nick begins with a lower case letter.. Master and Mistress nicks begin with a capital letter.

5. the {WT} after a slaves nick is the slaves collar.. the initials are of the Master, Mistress, or tavern that owns the slave.

6. slaves do not use caps.. unless used in the words Master/Mistress, their nick, or ( His/Her.. He/She) always always be respectful of Masters and Mistresses

7. it is wise to ask for permission to "enter" if unsure of channel policy. (slaves say " greetings " ... Masters and Mistresses say " Tal " )

8. some gorean channels allow a slave to be in only one channel at a time.

9. "always" ask permission to "leave" a channel if you are a slave.

10. gorean slaves are beautiful.. slaves lower eyes to show respect (not the slaves whole head).. unless for a drink serve or punishment.

11. kneel... slaves never sit (unless it is upon the lap of a Master/Mistress)

12. true gorean slaves "do not" curtsy.

13. never message a Master or Mistress without asking in channel first. (mosts slaves can msg. other slaves without asking first)

14. "never" correct another slave in the open channel.. private message the slave.

15. ping your sisters/brothers.. some channels consider pinging a Master touching that Master or Mistress without permission.

16. a white silks slave does not put a drink to her slave heat for anyone but her Master.

17. do not try to serve until you know how. unless a Master/Mistress requests and then it is wise to tell that Master/Mistress you are not yet trained. He/She will decide if He/She wishes the slave serve or not.

18. don't be a social butterfly. if you are serving a Master/Mistress.. be attentive to Him/Her. and give Him/Her your "full" attention until He/She has dismissed you.

19. slaves are expected to know the positions of: "nadu ".. " bara ".. " lesha ".. " sula " and at the *command* of a Master/Mistress to properly and quickly assume the positions (white silks slaves never "sula " for anyone except their own Master/Mistress or Protector)

20. slaves do not own possessions. everything a collared slave has the slaves Master/Mistress owns. (i.e.: silks, slave bells, earrings, collar, name, heart, body, mind , and soul )

21. slaves never touch money. a slave may, with the permisson of their Master/Mistress, retrieve a pouch to hold open for a Master/Mistress to deposit the coins into for their Master/Mistress. (then the pouch is returned to the owner, the owners seat, or perhaps hung upon a nail at the bar)

22. slaves never possess or touch weapons. punishment is the " flame death " from the priest-kings.

23. if unsure of something, msg a more experienced slave for advice or an op.

24. if you are told to do something that you do not consent to.. and are terrifed.. and get no help from the ops of the channel. close the window or turn off your computer.

this one can not stress enough to new goreans the importance of asking questions as they are attempting to learn the gorean customs "

** please never be afraid to come forward and tell someone.. if "anyone" is forcing anything upon you that you do not consent to.

** no one can force a collar or sex upon an uncollared slave.. not a Master, Mistress, or a Protector.

** this one believes strongly that new slaves should be in white silks.. and learn the customs and rules before doing anything private with a Master

** this one has seen many new slaves take collars, talk in private with Masters, do things they have regretted later and have said "they did not know"... please take your time and learn first.

** if a slave is new.. this one believes the slave should have "two" protectors if the slave is going to have "one" ... it appears some slaves need to be protected from the Protector when the Protector is not truely honorable and wise. this is very sad.

** this one has seen many slaves hurt by Masters and also many Masters be hurt by slaves.. and this one thinks this is very wrong

** collars are not toys, necklaces, or something to use to justify fooling around.. they are committments that bind hearts and souls of two people together.. and the decision to accept/give a collar should never be taken lightly.

P.S. this one believes in the true gorean collar. this one will only have: one Master in gor. a slave should bring honor to the slaves Master where ever the slave travels. there should be no secrets or lies between a slave and a Master. and the slave should obey and trust the slaves Master above all others. Master is Master. and the slave is the Masters property.

Slave Rules
What is a kajira?
Simply, a kajira is a Gorean slave girl, who is collared and/or branded. A slave's submission comes from deep within her belly. If owned, she belongs to her Master completely (mind and body, heart and soul) and unconditionally. A slave girl's sole purpose is to be pleasing to men.

"Deep in the belly, too, of every female is a desire, more ancient than the caves, to be forced to yield to the ruthless domination of a magnificent, uncompromising male, a master; deep within them they all wish to submit, vulnerably and completely, nude, to such a beast. This is completely clear in their fantasies; Earth culture, of course, gives little scope to these blood needs of the beauties of our race; accordingly, these needs, frustrated, tend to express themselves in neurosis, hysteria and hostility." Marauders of Gor, p. 136.

"You are slave. You are owned. You are a female. You will be forced to be a woman. The Gorean man will accept no compromise on your femininity, not from a slave. She will be what he wishes, and that is a woman, fully, and his. If necessary, you will be whipped or starved. You may fight your Master. He will, if he wishes, allow this to prolong the sport of your conquest, but in the end, it is you who are slave, it is you who will lose." Tribesmen of Gor, p. 12

All slaves will ask for, and wait to receive, permission to enter and exit from #Tahari-Oasis; in an emergency, a slave may message an op for permission to go, or if three subsequent requests go unanswered for a reasonable amount of time, the slave may leave safely, without reprisal.

All slaves will greet Free Persons using the title of Master or Mistress or Lady, if unsure of the gender, use Master.

Un-collared slaves will be subject to discipline by the Channel Operators if they are unable to exhibit proper behavior.

Collared slaves who do not exhibit proper behavior will be asked to leave and not return until their owners have spoken with the Channel Operators and ensured that the behavior will not be repeated.

No slave shall enter the channel wearing the name of a Free Person, the penalty for posing as Free under Gorean Law would be death, here it is a permanent ban

Slaves will offer to serve all Free Persons in the channel with food or drink, NO slave will be forced to offer service beyond this unless ordered to do so by their owner.

Slaves will be allowed to talk freely as long as proper respect is shown at all times and do not enter into the serious discussions of Free Persons without asking first and being granted permission.

Masters/Mistresses of slaves in this channel will be expect to control their property or take them elsewhere, if they cannot, the Owner and slave will be subject to a permanent ban.

Slaves cannot be subjected into a forced collaring, that submission, no collar; nor can they be forced into a rape situation. If an Op cannot help...simply find the OFF switch.

Since this is Gorean, (well as close as using a computer allows.........):

This camp does NOT recognize IRC-GOR killing, simply because IT DOES NOT WORK! and did happen in the Chronicles as it seems to on irc.

This camp does NOT recognize same-sex Free Companionships, i.e. F-F or M-M. This is NOT a sexual orientation issue, but again, as in the Chronicles of did not no-one has been able to find otherwise; nor will any attempt to flaunt such be tolerated.

Slaves are required to kneel at the gates and request permission to enter, as well as upon leaving.

Slaves who leave to afk, tnt, brb, and mark themselves such or are net-split or dropped by isp or net; and return within 5 ehn are not required to re-ask permission to enter.

Slaves are to speak in third person only and greet and offer service to all Free Persons at all times.

Above all, this camp shall exhibit and expect HONOR, RESPECT and INTEGRITY

All Free Persons to be addressed as Master/Mistress or Lady, and proper respect shown.

Since this is irc-Gor, it would seem unnecessary to say, but it must be stated, regardless; There is NO forced collars; no collaring without submission, nor shall there be allowed rape, or unwanted sexual behavior.

While sensual, even provocative behavior is allowed, encouraged even, there is to be NO open, or overt sexual activity in public.

LEAVE all colors, popups, aliases, remotes, pics and wavs (except for those that are relevant to a Gorean event or dance) outside the camp gates, for if Tarl Cabot, or John Norman didn't use it in the Chronicles, we don't here either.

For more complete guidelines and rules, see link to OP rules and SLAVE rules.

Thank YOU, and enjoy your visit to the Oasis, in the Tahari Desert.

Act like a princess; expect to be treated as a slave, and punished

7. Unowned women, acting like slaves may be collared, no questions asked, and disposed of as seen fit. This does not mean that a slave can force my hand in collaring her, I may ignore the beast as I see fit if I do not feel she is worth my time or troubles
She-urts will conduct themselves as free women but will not have the status or respect as that of a Free Woman. Their treatment will be at the whim of Jarl or whomever is present.
Note. Just because a person roleplays a She urt does not give anyone the right to attempt to capture them as long as they are behaving in a polite and respectful manner.

8. Slaves cannot carry or touch a weapon unless commanded to by their Owner.
Note: Ulos (kitchen knives) are not considered weapons in their everyday use. Understand it is not the "touching" of the weapon by a slave that is forbidden as much as the "intention" to use ANYTHING, known as a weapon or not, with threatening intent towards a Free Person or His property. The penalty for such on Gor is habitually impalement; however, exceptions have been made occasionally for male slaves in some societies who have been allowed to fight next to their Masters during an attack.

9. A slave belonging to the Isle or Jarl need not wait to enter, nor need she prostrate herself in the doorway,instead she will go to her Jarls feet and greet him, once aknowledged she will move directly to the slave furs and greet whoever else is in the Home. There she will wait unless beckoned to her place at her Jarls feet, or instructed to serve.
Slaves owned by a Mistress will first greet the Jarl (if present) and any other FM before moving to her Mistress's feet to greet, once having done this she will move to the slave mats and wait for further instructions

10.Other slaves will enter, prostrate and wait quietly until given permission to enter.
Slaves who enter the Town or any of its homes are expected to work, to help clean, carry logs for the fire, and tidy the immediate areas. A busy slave is a happy slave.

11.Slaves are expected to serve while they are here, or to ask to serve. Lazy slaves may be asked to leave at any time.

12.Slaves are not allowed to lurk in observe (obs) for long periods of time unless permission is obtained, to obtain this you are expected to send a polite IM asking if you may sit there.You will be asked to come in and serve or to go home & this does not mean that you are not welcome to visit.

"The smallest tasks in your life, how you clean your Master's leather, how you set out his clothes, how you cook and sew, how you shop, how you clean and launder, even the tiniest and most servile tasks, all such things, will become sexual, all will become expressions of your femaleness, fitting and joyful manifestations of your worthlessness but helplessly proferred, gladly tendered love and service, that of only an insignificant slave."
Mercenaries of Gor, page 435
Basic Slave Guidelines
Based on IRC channels, modify for the city

A slave is expected to, at all times, display an attitude of humility to her Master. She should keep in mind that her Master is ALL, and she is nothing.

Always ask permission to enter or leave the room or be afk, to enter always prostrate until told otherwise by an Op of that channel. When entering a channel, if you are new and need to observe for learning, tell an Op and generally They will have you put obs at the end of your nick.

The nick of Free are always capitalized, and nicks of kajirae lower case, sometimes with letters between { } or [ ] denoting the collar of their owner. All Freepersons are to be addressed as either Master, Mistress, or Lady. If the sex of the Freeperson can not be determined from the name, Master is to be used until the gender is clarified, then apologize for the mistake if wrong. Check the whois for help!!

Serve EVERY Master or Mistress as if your well being depends on being pleasing .... .it does. Always focus totally on the Free you are serving, to the exclusion of all else in channel, and NEVER be in Pm with someone else, unless it is strictly for help with the serve.

Never ever correct a Freeperson, even if you know that you were right. While a Freeperson may not always be right, they are, by definition, never WRONG. Slaves always have the last word in any disagreement...the words "Yes, Master"...

Remember that your collar carries the honor of your owner. Your attitude can make it as light as a feather or as heavy as a mountain. And know that the merest whim of your owner is your highest law. and lawbreakers are punished.

Popups and Macros In Serving are NEVER tolerated. They are allowed in dances.

Quiet beauty, wit and charm are preferred to noisy nonsense, always act with the utmost respect.

Do not use "slaves heat" or equivalent (for kajirus) in a serve. Or if you do, be prepared to use it!

Slaves requesting to leave or go afk, who are not answered after 3 posts (posted at least a minute apart) leave as if they were given permission to do so.

Go directly to the serving furs upon entry, or to your own Master/Lady if they are present.

Slaves who have "special" instructions from their Master, are advised to inform an Op of those rules so that he or she may assist you in keeping obedient to your Master, and to ensure that other visitors do not try to make you do something you are forbidden.

The use of first person (I, me, etc...) by a slave is usually frowned upon, use third person until you have a feel for the room. (best to get used to using it full time)

Slaves should NEVER be on more than one channel/server at a time. The attention of all slaves is to be focused on the channel they are serving in at all times.

Always request permission to speak, there are two ways to ask. "May a girl speak" and "may a girl speak freely"... freely means until a Master or Mistress tells her to stop talking. The first, means to discuss on singular issue and to be quiet after that.

When asked to serve always ask what the Master or Mistress wishes. NEVER assume to know (unless it is your own Master/Mistress and they always have the same thing) what they want. Some Masters/Mistresses take this as in insult.

Never touch a Freeperson, touching a Freeperson is forbidden without permission and Pinging is considered, "touching" .

Do not touch weapons. To do so is a killing offense for a slave, some channels allow a "chained" knife for slicing bread and meat...check with a slave in channel to be sure.

Do not touch money. If money is given to you in channel, take it in your mouth and carry it to an op or founder.

Slaves are not allowed to play kaissa or touch the board or game pieces.

Never look directly into the eyes of an Freeperson unless directed to do so. Keep your eyes lowered, preferably focused on your thighs, the floor, or his boots.

If you are offered a drink from his vessel, avoid the spot his lips have touched or, preferably, pour into your palm to drink.

Do not make the mistake of helping yourself to tasty snacks. Slaves are fed, if they are fed at all, by the permission of and usually by the hand of a Master.. only.

Never, never gossip or whisper about Freepersons. It is entirely disrespectful. You are allowed no opinions about Freepersons. If you do prattle in message, do not be surprised to see the log of the conversation played back in channel by the "discussed" Freeperson. Your loyalty and your sister slave’s loyalty is to Freepersons, not to other slaves. An obedient slave keeps no secrets from Freepersons. Do not assume your whisperings will be kept private.

Most true Gorean channels either forbid or discourage discussion of real life events in channel. What's the point of calling it a Gorean channel if the patrons are discussing sports scores, the weather, computer software or their children's runny noses?

Remember to greet "in order" when you enter a Gorean channel as follows:
a) the Free Person who allowed your entry
b) opped Masters
c) non-opped Masters
d) opped Mistresses
e) non-opped Mistresses
f) first girl if there is one. 'fg' on her nick
g) second girl if there is one. 'sg' on her nick (slaves can also be grouped with a general greeting...."greetings, sisters and brothers (if there are any kajirus there)"

***Many channels do not allow the name of any Free to be spoken by a slave...which is very Gorean! To be safe, greet by 'looking or smiling' toward Master So-and-So and then greeting with "greetings, Master".***

One of the most common activities that goes on in the IRC Gorean places is the serving of the Master. This is where the slaves get to “strut their stuff’ and where they can catch the eye of a Master. There are many different serves as you can see as you observe them but all serves have some basic elements in them. Use these basic elements to make your serve become your signature. Again a warning…. DO NOT USE SOMEONE ELSE’S SERVE, FIND ONE THAT REFLECTS YOU.
Another thing to remember… do not use popups to do your serves. You may be kicked from wherever you are as some have strict rules about their use. Beyond that there is good reason not to, a popup remains the same and soon becomes boring. A serve should vary a bit as each item and each Master you serve does.

To really do a good serve or to know the positions well try and do them at home. Look in the mirror and see how it looks and feels. This goes a long way into perfecting a serve.

In the world “inside of the box”, a serve is a picture…people can only picture what you tell them. Be descriptive and add touches of your personal nature (eye color, hair color, silks, skin color…etc).

After the Master/Mistress places their order with you, there are nine steps to doing a good serve. Modify each step for the proper drink and be sure to add style to your serve.

Acknowledge them - Thank them for their order, specifically repeating what They asked for, and your desire to serve it. In the world of online, if you don’t acknowledge them, they will not know if you got their order or not.

2. Go - back three paces, turn and head to kitchen. Swing your hips a bit and be enticing.
Now.. Step 2 can be varied. Some normally lean forward and scoot back on their knees so as not to meet their eyes and disrespect.
Others stand and step back.
This is up to you.

Container - choose the appropriate receptacle for the drink or food:
Goblets - kalana, water, juices, bosk milk
Small cup - black wine
Tankard - mead, ale
Footed bowl - paga, sul-paga, kal-da, grapes, and fruit
Platter - bosk meat, sa-tarna bread, various fruits and cheeses

Check it for flaws - Run the rim of the vessel over your cheek, lips, use your fingers, or other parts of your body to ensure there is nothing to harm the Master or Mistress you are serving. Then wipe it clean with a rep cloth.

Fill - fill the container:

Blackwine - ladle the wine into the cup and set it up on a tray you have polished. For blackwine served first slave: add a tiny bowl of bosk cream and a small bowl of white sugar and a small bowl of yellow sugar. One spoon for each sugar should be added to the tray. Also a small spoon may be added for use after the bosk cream is poured into it.
Second slave - this is served black, you will not need the sugars or cream.

Paga, kalana - these come in bottles, fetch the appropriate one and carry it back to the Master or Mistress, along with the footed bowl or goblet.
Kneel before them and bring either to your lips pulling back the cork from it with your teeth, then fill the container, press the cork back into it and set it aside, then complete your serve.

Kal-da - In some places the kalda is on the fire keeping it hot, ladle it into a footed bowl.

Juices, milk - may be kept in pitchers or other containers depending on where you are, if you do not know, ask a slave who is there in pm.

Water - either kept in a barrel or pitcher, again if you are not familiar with the place you are in, ask someone who is knowledgeable.

Return - return to the Master or Mistress and be sure to make it as enticing as it
was when she first went to the serving tent or servery.

Kneel - nadu if red silk, tower if white.

Present - Slowly bring the container up your inner thigh, up past your belly, past
your chest and bring it to rest against your heart. Kiss the side of the vessel. Lower your head and lift the container between your arms upward.

Speak - tell the Master/Mistress what you have brought, let them know it has
been a pleasure to serve them.

Remain at the Master or Mistress’s feet until they release you to either return to the serving furs or serve another.

When performing them r/l for practice or at a Free’s command, please keep in mind the picture you offer when doing so.. the position of your body.. how tense your muscles are. Everything about your body will convey a message to a Master clearer than you actually saying a word.

-alphabetically arranged-

Bara: (Also known as Standard Binding position) used for a variety of reasons, sometimes as punishment; on stomach, face down and turned to the left with wrists crossed behind back. Ankles are crossed, as well, as if for binding.
(Dancer of Gor, pg 415)

Belly: falls to the floor face down, forehead resting flat on the surface, arms at sides, legs widely spread, crawls to the Master on belly (Mercenaries of Gor, pg 411)

Blanket: a blanket or cloak or covering of any sort is thrown over a slave girl she may not speak or rise; she must remain silent until the blanket is lifted by a Free Person. (Explorers of Gor, pg. 94)

Bound by Masters will: cannot move from this position unless, at the word of a free person, she is freed from it. To break the position is to be instantly slain.
(Blood Brothers of Gor, pg. 248)

Bracelets: (standing) stands with feet a shoulder-width apart, (kneeling) kneels in nadu; holds head high with eyes lowered submissively, arms out before with wrists pressed together, ready for binding. (Kajira of Gor, pg. 132)

Coffle: kneels, normally thighs parted, up on the heels and lifts either the left or right wrist outward, depending on the type of coffle, so that the wrist can be attached to a wrist ring within the coffle chain. (Slave Girl of Gor, pg. 127)

Collar Position: Also called "the Position of Female Submission." kneels at the Master's feet and leans body back, sitting upon heels, with arms extended upward, crossed at the wrists, and head beneath them lowered in supplication.
(Hunters of Gor, pg. 16)

Crawl: gets down on all fours, palms to elbows flat on floor...ass in the air...forehead close but not touching the floor....crawls to just an inch from Master's feet. (Tribesmen of Gor, pg. 78)

Display (Inspection): In this position the slave stands with her feet a bit wider than the width of her shoulders, she then places her hands behind her neck with her fingers interlaced, her head is up but her eyes are lowered in submission. From this position her master may view her beauty or allow others to view her beauty. Alternatively her arms may be spread above her head and tied or chained to a wall or crossbeam, this position lifts the line of the breasts. (Players of Gor, pg. 137)

Gorean Bow: kneels in nadu position, bends body backwards, head to the floor, placing hands by head, and pulls up into a back bend. (this position is very painful to maintain for longer than 5 min). (Assassin of Gor, pg. 185)

Hair Position: stands, feet flat on the floor, and bows gracefully at the waist, that her hair might fall forward for display, or to be shorn, seized, or used for any purpose that the Master desires. (Beasts of Gor, pg. 409)

Heel: goes to Master and kneels behind His left foot... awaits further orders, note: if Master is right handed go to His left heel, if left handed go to His right. (Vagabonds of Gor, pg. 381)

High Harnass: a display position in which a kneeling slave is braceleted and leashed and commanded to hold her head very high exposing her neck.
(Mercenaries of Gor, pages 308 - 309)

Prostrate (Karta) - Position of obedience: kneels on the floor, thighs spread widely, leans forward placing breasts and forehead against the floor, reaching out with arms fully extended, palms against floor. Ankles may be crossed or uncrossed. Shows utmost respect. Requests may be made from this position. (Kajira of Gor, pg. 305)

Leading Position: stands and moves behind Master, bending at the waist, placing hands behind and puts the side of her head to Master's hip, that he might lead her easily by the hair or collar while walking. (Kajira of Gor, pg. 134)

Lesha: used for leashing. kneels, back to her Master, with chin lifted and head turned to the left, offering her collar for leashing. wrists are behind back, ready, if needed, to be snapped into slave bracelets. (Explorers of Gor, pg. 76)

Nadu: Most basic of positions. kneels before Master, head held high, eyes downcast, knees spread wide open, shoulders back keeping her back straight , breasts thrust outward. hands lie on thighs, palms facing upward, behind and crossed.
(Savages of Gor, pg. 155)
*Thentis variation: wrists crossed behind the back (Priest-King's of Gor, pg. 46)

Nestle: Nestles in the crook of Masters arm. (Explorers of Gor, page 279)

Obeisance Position: to the floor, laying on stomach, face down before the Master, turns head and places cheek against His feet, kissing them lightly in a gesture of love and submission. (Mercenaries of Gor, pg. 410)

“Position”: kneel back on heels, back straight, head up, hands on spread thighs; the position of the pleasure slave, the slave of interest to men.
(Fighting Slave of Gor, pg. 346)

Run: rapid short steps, legs almost straight, feet scarcely leaving the ground, back straight, head turned to the left, arms at sides, palms out at a forty-five degree angle, more of a dancer's motion than a true run." (Assassin of Gor, page 45)

Stand: stand beautifully, back straight, head high, belly sucked in, hip turned.
(Slave Girl of Gor, page 249)

Submission: kneels, bends at the waist, placing cheek to the floor, then takes the Master's right foot and places it on her neck, places arms behind back, crossing them at the wrist.
(Dancer of Gor, pg. 114)

Sula: lays on back, hands at sides, palms facing upward. legs are spread wide open...awaiting the Master's inspection.
(Explorers of Gor, pg. 77)

Sula-Ki, or "Alternative Sula": This position is almost identical to the Sula position, except once she has assumed the Sula position she slowly lifts her hips up off the floor, as if beckoning him with her body, encouraging her sexual use by him.
(Explorers of Gor, pg. 329)

Slaver's Caress:a method of touching without warning a slave girl who is being sold in order to exhibit her slave heat for potential buyers; also known as the Whip Caress as it is commonly done using a coiled whip.
(Assassin of Gor, pg. 294-295)

Slave Lips: turns head up to the Master, lips pursed in a sensual kissing position. remains motionless, lips thusly puckered, and may not move until she is granted the kiss of a Master.
(Blood Brothers of Gor, pg. 111)

Slave Rape: This is a disciplinary position wherein the slave is ordered to lie supine and motionless in preparation for usage.
(Explorers of Gor, page 202)

Table: an IRC’ism, but one that is used often; elbows and knees, making a table of the back for foot rest or to hold a drink. (No quote)

Tower Slave Position: a variation of Nadu in which she kneels the same way, but with palms down and wrists normally crossed, knees modestly together; typically reserved for underage or WHITE-SILK slavegirls, who serve their Master in a non-sexual way, such as a Tower Slave.
(Renegades of Gor, pg. 69)

Whipping Position (Kneel to the Whip): assumes the Nadu position, arms crossed in front. leans forward and places head to the floor, first sweeping hair forward over shoulders in order that her back might be utterly exposed to the whip.
(PriestKings of Gor, pg. 201-202)

She-Sleen Position: Also known as "assuming the modality of the she-quadruped." She falls to her hands and knees, her head down on the floor, her hindquarters thrust high for viewing and/or her Master's pleasure. "Serving in the modality of the she-quadruped" is an instruction whereby the slave performs her regular duties upon hands and knees, without the benefit of the use of her hands. In this mode she may not rise to her feet and may use only her mouth and teeth to grasp and manipulate objects.
(Slave Girl of Gor, pg. 238)

Walk: walk as a slave, proudly, shoulders back, gracefully and beautifully, as a woman owned by men; As an Earth female would never dare to walk.
(Dancer of Gor, pg. 156)

Whip/Slaver Caress or Kiss: A method of touching without warning a slave girl who is being sold in order to exhibit her slave heat for potential buyers; known as the Whip Caress as it is commonly done using a coiled whip.
(Assassin of Gor, pg. 294-295)

? Respect of all guests. Free/Dominant and slave alike

? No participation with rapesex channels, bestiality channels, incest channels, or any channel dealing with children (anyone under age 18) is allowed while you are in LnR. If you are in one of those channels you will be kicked and possibly banned

? No trolling, this includes private messaging without first obtaining in channel permission, advertising your wants/needs in open channel, looking for cybersex

? Open sex is frowned upon but scenes and discussions are encouraged. If you start a scene in channel and it becomes sexual, please take it into a pm window (on gor this is known as going into an alcove, and a nick change should be made to reflect this by adding -alc to your nick.

? The basic gorean formalities and rituals are now used within LnR. (The pages which give this information will be on the site soon, until they are any channel op and many of the slaves, can provide you with information.)

? As a discussion room slaves have permission to add to the discussion freely unless otherwise ordered by their Owner as long as it is respectful.(If a slave is in service, she must have permission of the Domniant he/she is serving before adding to the discussion)

Rules specific to a slave within LnR.

Addressing The Free:
Since basic gorean formalities are now being used in LnR, slaves will address Free Men as "Master" or "Jarl" and all Free Women as "Mistress" or "Lady". Check the person's whois for gender, if the words Jarl or Lady appear in the whois, this often indicates that this is the title that person wishes a slave to use when addressing them. If you are unsure of the gender, use Master until told otherwise. LnR is not "on Gor" and some who frequent LnR are not gorean. Beacuse of this the honorifics Sir and Ma'am are also acceptable in LnR, provided they are used respectfully. Those who are gorean trained, should use the gorean honorifics.

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Likewise, it is typical for these history-lovers to peruse the tent (aka mobile store front) and, upon finding something that pleases the eye, ask "Is this period?"

A deceitful query!! This is not a yes or no question. One must have a damn good understanding of European history (at least) from the fall of Rome to the mid-1600's to properly answer. Taking into account, also, the culture in which the querent is dressed is vitally important. You see, though it may be well within medieval period, it would be strange to see a Viking wearing a Caftan...or is it?

After a festival's time of answering weighty questions such as these, I'd sleep like a log! Only a mad man could possibly remember the place and time for each piece of kitchen ware, weaponry, cloth, and chain within a span of 1,000 years!! Surely there must be an easier way, a place where he could post all this knowledge...

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