The Physical Description permits the addition of measurements to the profile of a submissive or slave. Just as the height of horses is still measured in hands.
(When you are entering values, the form shows equivalent metric values. For convenience: 1 foot = 12 inches. 1 inch = 2.54 centimeters. 1 stone = 14 pounds. 1 pound = 0.453 kilograms.)
Height, weight and collar size
Ideally, the height and weight measurements of a registrant should be made immediately after they have slept overnight. The registrant should be weighed while naked, except for any permanent collar or body jewelry, and after being permitted to empty their bladder.
The collar size is the traditional measurement used for gentlemen's shirts: whilst standing, place a measuring tape around the fullest part of the neck, with the tape tight enough to allow two fingers to be inserted between the tape and neck. Since rigid collars are frequently used with slaves and submissive, the Register allows collar sizes to be recorded in quarter-inch steps, rather than the usual half-inch.

Shoe size, ankle size, ankle slip
There are several different units of shoe size in use around the world, and the Register recognizes the British, US and European scales. Pay special attention to the difference between male and female sizes in British and US scales. All these systems are fundamentally measures of foot-length, and correspond to dimension A in the diagram.
Dimension B is the ankle size, measured around the ankle with a tape in the same way as the collar size, again with the registrant standing. (This is especially important for restraints, since the size of the ankle changes as weight is put on the foot.)
However, for effective restraints, it is useful to make a third measurement, C, which is the ankle slip length. This is a straight-line measurement (rather than a circumference), and is most conveniently measured with calipers. Failing that, it can be measured with care using a rule.
If the ankle slip length is known, then a given restraint's suitability can be determined by comparing its largest internal dimension with the slip distance.

Wrist size, wrist slip
The wrist size and wrist slip are measured in the same way as the corresponding ankle measurements. The wrist-slip is usually obtained by the registrant touching their little finger and thumb together: this curls up the palm and makes the hand more likely to slip restraints. If calipers are available, then the largest dimension of the curled hand can easily be found.
Due to the relatively small difference in the size of the wrist and hand, the wrist slip is even more useful than the ankle slip when choosing the size of cuffs to use.
Gorean slave bells Types of slave bells

Dancing bangles with tiny bells on ankles
Instead, she stood before me in the diaphanous, scarlet dancing silks of Gor. She had rouged her lips. My head swam at the sudden intoxicating scent of a wild perfume. Her olive ankles bore dancing bangles with tiny bells.

Locked bells on ankles
The slave girls in Pleasure Silk turned and stood stock still, the Paga flasks cradled over their right forearms. Not even the bells locked to their left ankles made a sound.

Double rows of bells on straps for ankles and wrists
Another of the guards had gone to one of the wagons, and, as he returned, I heard the sound of slave bells.
Lana stood proudly beside the fire, her head back and arms down, and extended at her sides, while the bells, mounted in their double rows, on their straps, were fastened on her wrists and ankles.

Triple rows of small golden bells on a leather thong about an ankle
There were bells, three rows of them, small and golden, thonged tightly about the girl's left ankle.
The entire floor of the chamber, shining, richly mosaiced, broad, reflecting the torchlight, was a map.
I watched the girl. Her knees were slightly bent. Her weight was on her heels, freeing her hips. Her rib cage was lifted, but her shoulders, relaxed, were down. Her abdominal muscles, too were relaxed. Loose. Her chin was lifted, haughtily. She did not deign to look at us. Dark hair flowed behind her.
"There are many things I do not understand," said Samos to me.

Tied string of slave bells on ankles
On our left ankles we each wore a tied string of slave bells. These jangled sensuously when we moved. On our upper left arms we each wore a coiled, barbaric, snakelike arrnlet. "Although you have been purchased as house girls," said Teela, and surely we need more of them around here, you will also be expected upon occasion, as tonight, to serve at dinner. Indeed, I suspect that the Master has more in mind from you than simple domestic services."

Leather cuffs with three rows of bells for wrists and ankles Rask clapped his hands twice, sharply. And the black-haired, green-eyed, olive-skinned slave girl stood before him. "Put her in slave bells," said Rask, to one of the musicians. The musician fastened leather cuffs, mounted each with three rows of bells, on her wrists and ankles.

Thong variety and lock variety I also purchased a set of slave bells, of the thong as opposed to the lock variety. They are less expensive than the lock variety; also, they may be tied at various places on the body, about the neck, the wrist, the ankle, about the thigh, about the arm, etc.; it is delightful to bell a girl; she may not remove them, of course, without her master's permission.

State slave of Ar has gray steel band on ankle with 5 simple bells of gray metal From time to time I saw a slave girl in the halls. The female state slave of Ar wears a brief, gray slave livery, with matching gray collar, Save for the color it is identical with most common slave livery. About her left ankle is normally locked a gray steel band, to which five simple bells of gray metal, are attached.

Black enamel bells on tiny gold chains on a black enamled ankle ring. I was belled and collared, in a black, enameled ankle ring, with five, black, enameled bells, on tiny golden chains, and a black, enameled Turian collar, it, too, with five bells, black and enameled, on five tiny golden chains.
Slave Girl

Purposes of slave bells

Bells make a slave feel like a slave
"Why have you not moved your left ankle?" asked Sucha. "The bells," I whispered. "What of them?" asked Sucha. "They shame me," I said. "They make me feel so much a slave." "Excellent," said Sucha. Then she snapped, "Rise, Slave Girl!" I leaped to my feet with a jangle of bells. I was a belled slave. "Walk to one end of the room and back," said Sucha. "Please, no Mistress!" I begged. She lifted the whip. I did as she commanded. When I again stood before her she, to my dismay, touched me. I turned my head away, biting my lip in shame. "Excellent," she said. "A mere jangle of slave bells and you are ready for the arms of a man."
Slave Girl

It excites a slave to wear bells
"Do you like my bells?" she asked, happily. "They have been put upon me for your pleasure. It excites me to be belled." She lifted her left arm, and turned it. There was a shimmer of sound from the glinting rows of tiny bells locked on her wrist. "Are they not pretty?" she asked. "They mark my movements well, and as those of a slave," she smiled. Then she lowered her arm, and knelt back again, on her heels, in the position of the pleasure slave. "How happy I am yours," she said. "Thank you for bringing me to your house, my Master."

Bells are stimulating, seductive to men, can drive a man half mad with passion (likely why tavern owners bell the paga slaves as a good business practice) It is common, though not universal, to bell paga slaves. The jangle of slave bells on them, as they move, is quite stimulating.
This is probably because bells are so beautiful on them, and so brilliantly and insightfully symbolic of their status as domestic animals, that they are properties, that they are in bondage. Most girls walk proudly in their bells, their shoulders back and their heads up, gloriously proud of their fulfilled femininity. Sometimes they fear, though, to wear bells out-of-doors, for they may then be subjected to the attacks of outraged, frustrated free women, attacks which they, as slaves, must endure. Indoors, however, they are pleased to wear their bells, and often beg to do so. And the little she-sleen, I assure you, know well how to utilize those pleasant, remarkable little devices, so subtly and apparently innocently, to drive masters half mad with passion. When a girl fears she may be out of favor with her master, she sometimes kneels before him and begs, "Bell me." In this simple request, asking to be belled, the slave puts herself in her place, at the feet of her master, reconfirms to him her humble and loving acceptance of her bondage, reassures him of her desire to please, and gives promise of slave delights so exciting and intimate that they can be known only among masters and their women.

To makr a slave that is not trusted
"She is Turian?" I asked. "Of course," said Kamchak. "In the cities," I said, "only Pleasure Slaves are so belled, and then customarily for the dance." "Her master," said Kamchak, "does not trust her." In his simple statement I then understood the meaning of her condition. She would be allowed no garments, that she might not be able to conceal a weapon; the bells would mark each of her movements.

"Bells and collar," said he. Tears appeared in her eyes. "Can I trust you?" he asked. "No," she said. "Bells and collar," said he. "But I shall wind them about with strings of diamonds that those who see will know that your master can well afford the goods you will do without."

As incentive, bells are seen as part of the hallmarks of a trained slave who knows how to please men
"Perhaps I could have her trained" mused Kamchak. "It would considerably improve her price," I admitted. I also knew a good training would take months, though much can be done with an intelligent girl in only a few weeks. "Would you like to learn," asked Kamchak of the girl, "to wear silk and bells, to speak, to stand, to walk, to dance to drive men mad with the desire to own and master you?"

Along with silk, bells differentiate the status and purpose of slaves in a home "What garments shall be brought for you?" I asked. She looked up at me. "Shall it be the tunic of a house slave?" I asked. She said nothing. "Or," I asked, "should I call for the bells and the silk, and the perfumes, of a pleasure slave?"

Then she was again dancing among the tables. her movements gave much pleasure. She entertained well. If Samos had known she would prove this good he might have put her in bells or a chain.

Satisfaction in placing bells on the women captured in conquest of an enemy The secret justification, I suspect, however, is that the Turian warrior is fond of meeting the enemy and acquiring his women, particularly should they be striking little beasts, like Hereena of the First Wagon, as untamed and savage as they are beautiful; it is regarded as a great sport among Turian warriors to collar such a wench and force her to exchange riding leather for the bells and silks of a perfumed slave girl.

Bells, as most any other item, taken away when slave has displeased

This quote, not particularly about bells, does share the mindset of a slave Also, as she was, legally, having submitted in the House of Cernus, a slave girl, any small thing she had or could do which was her own was doubtless rather precious to her.

Here a girls first thought when bells are removed is that she has been displeasing She is frightened, cries, and begs to do better As though angry I strode to the frame within which hung the small gong. With the fur-wrapped striking surface of the wand, removed from its rack, I smote the gong, once, smartly, decisively. Swiftly, in a matter of moments, Lola ran into the room. The slave whom I had so richly used knelt, frightened, confused, on the height of the dais. "Quickly, Slave," commanded Lola, "come stand before me, at the foot of the dais, your head down." Swiftly the girl obeyed, trembling. Lola had brought with her the objects which I had specified in my instructions to her, issued even before the slave had been ordered to report to the cosmetics room. The first object was the key to the slave's bells and collar. Lola removed the bells from her left ankle, putting them on the rug. "What is wrong, Master?" inquired the dark-haired slave. Lola then removed the bells from her right ankle, placing them, too, on the rug.
"I am sorry if I have displeased you, Master," said the dark-haired girl, frightened. Lola then removed the bells from the girl's left wrist. "Forgive me, Master," wept the girl. "I will try to be a better slave!" The bells, then, were removed from her right wrist. "Please, Master," wept the girl. "Please!"

Psychological effect of slave bells

With the collar and slave bracelets, instills in a newly captured slave her slavery That night, at a great feast, he displays the captive, now suitably attired by his sisters in the diaphanous, scarlet dancing silks of Gor. Bells have been strapped to her ankles, and she is bound in slave bracelets. Proudly, he presents her to his parents, his friends and warrior comrades. Then, to the festive music of flutes and drums, the girl kneels. The young man approaches her, bearing a slave collar, its engraving proclaiming his name and city. The music grows more intense, mounting to an overpowering, barbaric crescendo, which stops suddenly, abruptly. The room is silent, absolutely silent, except for the decisive click of the collar lock.

Then, to the barbaric, intoxicating music of the flute and drums, she dances for her captor, the bells on her ankles marking each of her movements, the movements of a girl stolen from her home, who must now live to please the bold stranger whose binding fiber she had felt, whose collar she wore.

Along with collar, helps to instill the knowlededge that she will know no will other than his
Perhaps she would find herself confined within the walls of some warrior's Pleasure Gardens, to be dressed in silk of his choosing, to have bells locked on her ankles and to know no will other than his;

As another item of slavery she cannot remove, deeper instilling her place as a slave
I also purchased a set of slave bells, of the thong as opposed to the lock variety. They are less expensive than the lock variety; also, they may be tied at various places on the body, about the neck, the wrist, the ankle, about the thigh, about the arm, etc.; it is delightful to bell a girl; she may not remove them, of course, without her master's permission.

Bells placed upon her and removed at the Masters will, remind a girl again how completely in his control she is "Stand, Slave," I said. Peggy stood beautifully. Tasdron crouched beside her left ankle and with his key removed the slave bells from her left ankle. Such bells are seldom put on by the slave or removed by the slave. Almost always they are put on or removed by one who is in authority over the slave. The girl seldom puts them on or removed them; rather it is hers to wear them, and as a slave, for as long or briefly as masters see fit.

Bells are indicative of bondage. She is owned He had put the bells on me. It is often men who put slave bells on their girls. Such bells are indicative of bondage. Accordingly I suppose it makes sense that they might enjoy putting them on us, like brands and collars. Some men even dress their girls, us, and, always, the girl's choices of such things as garb, cosmetics, perfume, jewelry, and such, and, indeed, her entire ensemble, are subject to the master's approval. Indeed, most often, whether it only a simple tunic, before she hurries forth to shop, or in luscious slave silk and exciting adornments, before she is to welcome and serve her master's guests, displaying herself as one of his treasures, she is expected to present herself before him, for his inspection. She is owned.

In the most general use of the word, Gorean means anything characteristic of the Gor science fiction novels by John Norman. In these novels, the word "Gorean" is used to refer to the fictional counter-earth, to its inhabitants and social customs, and to the particular language which is the most widely-spoken lingua franca in the known inhabited regions of Gor (though other languages are also spoken on the planet).

As applied to non-fictional individuals, the word Gorean means an adherent of the philosophies espoused in Norman's writings, especially someone who lives a lifestyle based on this philosophy. While the most conspicuous Gorean departure from mainstream modern norms is that Goreans allow and indeed promote sexual master/slave relationships, many who take the Gorean worldview seriously would insist that being Gorean is not necessarily about either sex or slavery, but about the general Gorean philosophy (so that one would not have to participate in a master/slave lifestyle or relationship in order to be Gorean). Some of this philosophy is concerned with "natural order" and the relations between men and women, which may or may not take the form of a master-and-slave dynamic. Where there is a master/slave relationship, the level at which adherents follow the books varies.

Goreans and BDSM
There is commonality between BDSM and the Gorean lifestyle in a number of respects (see 24/7, Domination & submission, Servitude (BDSM), Slave (BDSM), Total Power Exchange etc.), but there are also overall differences in approach.

Some in BDSM consider the Gorean lifestyle to be a subset of BDSM practices, and find it lacking in that regard. So the mainstream of BDSM practitioners often disdain Goreans because Goreans allegedly reject the ideas of "safe, sane and consensual"/"risk-aware consensual kink", because of the frequent lack of a safe word between Gorean master and slave, or because the almost exclusive male dominant/female submissive dynamic seems to imply that "your kink is not OK" regarding other practices. A reading of the Gorean novels indicates that the author regards other practices, such as female dominance/male submission or homosexuality, as "perversions" of the "natural order".

Serious Goreans, on the other hand, generally deny that they are engaging in "games" or "role-playing", and do not consider the extreme pain or extreme physical or sexual play sometimes practiced in BDSM as part of being Gorean, so that BDSM precautions and BDSM distinctions between "in scene" and "out of scene" are largely unnecessary and irrelevant (though there is still a need for honest communication within a Gorean relationship, as in any other sustained intimate relationship). They do not consider most of what they do to be BDSM, and do not judge themselves according to BDSM standards.

A person living the Gorean lifestyle states that "...BDSM and it's practitioners do as they do in order to fulfill a sexual need or 'kink' in themselves. They are different from Goreans and the lifestyle in that to be Gorean does not just encompass the sexual side of a person but everything else as well. Goreans live by and enforce 'codes of honor and live by these codes.

Some Goreans do practice BDSM (even though BDSM is not Gorean in itself). These Goreans may or may not use a safeword when involved in BDSM scene play; however, if they do not, then some sort of communication is usually practiced.

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