1 Chapter

Þorgrímur named person . He lived in what is now called the Hörgslandi . He was married and had two sons with his wife . One called Masks other than Glacier . They were rebellious, rowdy and unjust men the most of all that they could . Helga was their sister and daughter of Thorgrim . She was a beautiful woman and polite and there is no thought where better kvenkostur rentals . Thorgrim had the priesthood in between Jökulsá and Lómagnúpur . He hit his priesthoods . He took up Goss for farmers , both yxn horses . He became this whole thing very unpopular .

Still, more people want to emphasize .

Piggy was named man of Hörgsdal . He had two sons . One called Raven and other Thorstein . They were great and strong, greedy and evil to deal with. They were tall and friends Thorgrim 's sons .

Thorbjorn was named farmer who lived at the Springs Gnupur . He was married and had two sons by his wife as promised : Weekend and Gunnar . The weekend was a great dandy , qualification lazy and everyday good fortune. His brother was his óskaplíkur . He lay in the kitchen . His father loved him a little because he did such a highly against his will. He was really hated by the common people for this its availability . He was now called by this all the country 's Bog Gnupur fool .

Geir named farmer. He lived at Geir country. He was married and his wife was named Geirdís but Inga daughter . Geir had ten slaves to work. Kol named the man who was . It was his craft store money winter and summer. He never came under sótugan power . But others his slaves and it works to cut a large slab of farm sectors to the store where the cattle and feed .

A woman named Amy . She lived to the waterfall and had much wealth . Amy was magic . A great friendship was between Thorgrim and Þórdís . Was he not expect it but he attacked her on .

Eagle named person . He lived at Vatnsenda . They were siblings , Orn and Amy . Were very similar and the spirit . He spent much time with the sons of Thorgrim , adding a little about them.

The game was picked up on Hörgslandi . Thither lot of people around the region. They were the sons of Thorgrim all too strong for those games were . Were not there Thorbjorn sons . Thorgrim was a slave on the Black name. He was with the brothers . Most became too strong. He hurt many men and killed some. They were of such ill Þorgríms sons . Went so some moments.

One day it was to early to holy places . The weather was windy on the north by frost. Thorbjorn asked where he was going . Helgi said he was going to the game.

Thorbjorn said: "It is my advice , and I wish , brother, that you move nowhere because you are not throwing away the match and overbearing behavior . "

Helgi said although errand.

Thorbjorn said : " Ask your brother Gunnar go with you."

" Not all I can ask him escort , " said Moe.

Helgi went to the game. When he arrived they asked him to play but Helgi would not be. When kveldaði he went home . Thorbjorn asked him about the game , "or were you not the game ? "

" Ample were stronger . "

Now the night and created Weekend early morning and actors went to the cook house . Gunnar asked what it represented .

" Here 's your brother and I would Gunnar cousin that you gave me to gain acceptance and able to play with me today . "

Gunnar said, " Are you ready now ? "

"It's true, " says Helgi .

Gunnar stood up and was not his bearings .

Helgi said, " Go, get you clothes , " the weather was cold.

Gunnar said he would not take dressing time .

Then they continued on until they arrive at Hörgsland . Was not taken to the game . The brothers were the sons of Thorgrim in place in the door and greeted them Thorbjorn sons and brothers and Gunnar Helgi went to the living room .

Glacier said, " And here come from the kitchen fool Bog Gnupur or what it will want here ? "

And they did Gunnar much ridiculed .

After that we went to the game. Grim asked the brothers that they should be.

But Helgi said, " It is not our choice. "

Grim said the game would be a function if they were not to . Helgi said , and it should not be.

Then go to the game and planning Þorgríms good sons and appoint them to wrestle and would struggle with Gunnar Helgi answer but the glacier . This was the closest to the joy gone and came to the Helgi and glacier stood up and went to the floor. There was great búkamunur the glacier was a big interest than squat with power . Facing so long they hardly could see in between each drop would . But it became at last the glacier fell. There was a shout of laughter , but Helgi went to class .

After that then stood up, Gunnar black, and they were both strong , but all thought that Gunnar would not have . They took on strongly . Their onslaught was both hard and long. Thought people may not know where each would fall .

Then Gunnar answered, " Have you put forward all that you have to ? "

" It is true, " said Black.

Gunnar took him up on the chest and went with it in the ramp where Þorgrímur sat and put him down on fótskörina so apart came into his spine. Gunnar went to the bench and sat down , but Black was set . So they now play as before. There was no more a startling thing about the day.

Brothers went home that evening. Thorbjorn asked them how the game would take place that day. They said plainly .

Thorbjorn said: " Then as I thought that you would not be able to sit with and you will regret that many today . "

Then said Helgi , " More we need to with the Atal one. "

Thorbjorn said : 'I think that many men's blood will be poured out here , for this your housekeeping . "

" If it can be , " said Helgi, " and hræðumst it not . "

But the next morning the brothers were up early in the morning .

Then Thorbjorn "Where shall you go now ? " he explained.

Helgi answered, " What will you relate to it ? Thou shalt not put us to good. "

He said, "Go nowhere today that does not heed it for the brothers Thorgrim 's sons . Did they sit them not long , however, have less to do with the brothers , but you and I want you gone nowhere in the day. "

Then said Helgi , "What advice do you want to provide them with our brothers ? "

Thorbjorn said : " You should go to a man named Þorgeir . He lives in Mörtungu . He is a great friend of mine. Where shall you be in the winter with him."

2 Chapter

The brothers go their way until they came to Mörtungu . It was late in the evening . They knocked at the door . Then walked to the door and asked who it was the brothers and said to him and asked if Þorgeir were at home . He said it was true .

Helgi said, "Tell him that we wanted to find him . "

These did as he asked . Þorgeir went out and invited them there for the night.

The next morning was Þorgeir very early in the process and spoke to the brothers that they should stand up . They did as he asked , then go out west of town and everyone so down to one and then after cliffs until they come to a narrow somewhat . There was Þorgeir up but after the brothers and went up into a large cave .

Then Þorgeir "Here you shall brothers be the season that I may not so keep yourselves sons of Thorgrim not know . , But I'll come to you every day and tell the news to them may carry. "

After so speak Þorgeir went home, but the brothers were left in the cave.

But by the sons of Thorgrim is it to say Glacier spoke to his brother, " Let's go and kill Bog Gnupur Helga and Gunnar for their wickedness . "

So do they go to the Springs Gnupur with twelve men and asked Thorbjorn give up their sons .

" If they're here," he says.

But Grim asked him to present a study , "Will you want to conceal the fact that they are here. "

Then Thorbjorn said : " If the two brothers and spy into my town and I would , however, let nothing spoil because I am on . "

But the brothers went into town and explored Thorbjorn and found they did not think it Thorbjorn 's son , as I had hoped , then go out and mounted their horses and ride away and then returned .

And now the winter and heard the brothers not to Thorbjorn their sons .

It so happened one day when they Thorbjorn sons were in his cave slave Geir came to his money on that side of the river that pours their brothers were . He saw the brothers that they had finalized the cave door. Then came the slave home late in the evening .

Then he heard Geir happened but he said he would not know how to say " because I think it is no news that I see . "

" What have you seen today ? " says Geir .

Kol said : " I saw the brothers , Helgi and Gunnar , in a cave in the north of the river . "

" Hardly , methinks they went far away," said Geir , "and Kol go Hörgsland brothers and tell them how matters stand . "

Afterwards he was appointed Geir Hörgsland and came and told the brothers what he had seen them Thorbjorn Sona . Afterwards the slave world. The brothers gather items and will go to them Thorbjorn sons with thirty men.

3 Chapter

Now tell what Þorgeir begins . He got up early that morning and went to the brothers and told them what now passed by the sons of Thorgrim . Then said Helgi what they should adopt a plan .

Gunnar said, " Let us fight against them . "

But Þorgeir spoke to Helga , " Do not you shall fight the team number that you Orkid therefore not apply so much to quarters as they have brothers. "

Then said Helgi what they should rather than fight "and many red blow their nose before we brothers arrested. "

Þorgeir said that they would go jarðhús it "that is under my bed . "

Then they brought Thorgeir until they came to a house and they went down there . Þorgeir went away from them.

But Thorgrim and his sons rode to Mörtungu . Then Þorgeir nýklæddur and stood in the door . He greeted them and invited them to stay there .

But Grim said one of them talks but eat there or drink " and is now closer to selling the place of Thorbjorn 's son."

Þorgeir says they are not there . But then ride down the river , coming from behind their horses but they went up the canyon until Kol is said that the cave was. Then they climbed up the narrow path until they came to the cave . Saw they where not like that because they had been . Liked glacier very badly to Kol and were ready he would stand on it , we turn it over to his horse and rode home, they thought they had received a great shame . And so the winter.

This summer a ship came in Skaftárós and was named Bard mate and had never come to the country earlier . Þorgrímur rode to the ship and would ladings merchants Bard would not himself , and said he will hire prices on their merchandise. But Thorgrim liked evil and forbade any person to apply to the replacement or acquisition . He rode home after that, but the captain stayed behind with his ship . They parted at the time seemed to stop and either way so far on summer meadow in the sand came to buy them.

But that same summer, the brothers went back to Bog Gnupur and was at home with his father. And one day they came to talk with Thorbjorn father.

Helgi said, " shall be extended so that no progress mate offer the world ? "

Thorbjorn said: " Have you not heard what Þorgrímur have to submit ? "

Helgi said they would not have to go " and I will go today to the ship and invite mate . "

" You 'll be in this," said Thorbjorn .

Then they rode Thorbjorn sons until they came to the ship and the captain then nýklæddur . He invited the brothers once into the shop to drink , then got off and drank there for the day .

Helgi said to Bard : " Is it true that no one dares to offer you home ? "

" Yes, " said Bard .

" Then I will offer you a home Bog Gnupur . "

Bard said he therefore willingly confess .

But after this is done they rode Thorbjorn sons home . Thorbjorn asked tidings they said they had no news may say except " we invited the world mate . "

Thorbjorn said there would be many cold of fault.

" There will now be seen by all , " says Helgi .

Then the captain brought the world news and it is now widely on regional and thought all they have expanded rapidly shifted . Thorgrim and his sons liked this big bad. Route of the summer and well into the winter both sides sat in quiet.

4 Chapter

It was one day walked his horses . The brothers from Hörgsdal saw where Gunnar went and summoned to the moors of the Springs Gnupur . They went to Hörgsland and told them Þorgríms sons what they had seen. They responded , and when and planned to sit for him that evening when he went home . They were fifteen in all .

Gunnar horses found late in the day and it was late in the straight. He had no more weapons than the big ax his father had given him. He goes to his place where he came thither where xylate was .

And when they found them said Glacier Gunnar : " It is well that we have been here . "

Gunnar said he may not revile "is a promise you that. 'll Wish that man to man. "

Glacier answered: "I shall now enjoy it because I am now liðfleiri . "

Then they came to Gunnar with a great warrior , but he defended himself well and nobly . Went so long till he had killed thirteen .

Now we take Thorbjorn was home and his son Helgi .

Then said Helgi father " deferred Gunnar and I want us to go looking for him."

Then the father and son until they came to where the glacier and Masks made ​​towards Gunnar with a great match. But when they saw the father and son they put on the run.

Then said Gunnar Helgi : "Do we go after them ? "

Gunnar said he would not pursue " that will give us leisure to find them. "

Gunnar was very sore. Thorbjorn thrust him into the wagon and drove him home. Were then washed his wounds and healing them swiftly.

But when the brothers came home asked Þorgrímur the glacier happened . Glacier told him everything that had happened.

Then Thorgrim "Little seems to me to have been up , and I wish it 'd lay of dealing with the brothers . "

Glacier said, " nothing venture, nothing is sufficient and we Gunnar found again . "

Gunnar wound healed quickly . Router now winter. They found him not , Bard mate and Thorgrim . Bard began to prepare for the spring . The brothers rushed to go with him , and Gunnar Helgi .

When they were ready cravest Gunnar to walk on land . The captain asked him to recruit and get together again soon . Gunnar admit it. He took his arms and walked as quickly as possible to Hörgsland . It was late in the evening . He knocked on the door . Slave one came to the door. He asked who would come , and why he should not go alone.

He said: " Piggy 's here," he says. "I wanted to find a glacier quickly . "

The slave ran in and said the glacier . He took his weapons and walked out then . Gunnar weak foresees uploaded after sunset outside and saw the glacier husbands and walked out the door and asked where Piggy was.

Then said Gunnar , " Here am I now , and come here . "

Glacier heard the answers and thought health Piggy . Gunnar asked him defend himself . Then they fought a fierce and fell Glacier shoot for Gunnar. Then he went back to the door and asked where was grim and begged him to join . He started quickly and ran out already. He knew the man and went to Gunner with a big ax he drew his shield . With one hand he cut a mask on his leg above his knees so that off. He then fell to the ground. Gunnar had but a short cut between the neck and cut it off his head. Gunnar went up to the door and laid down there Grim .

After that, he went to work bower Helga. She sat on the bench and had resolved their hair pulled out . She swept the hair from her eyes when she saw Gunnar and she greeted him cheerfully . He took her greeting well . She said it happened or where it would come , he answered that she asked and sat down beside her .

Helga said, " What are you going now for you?"

Gunnar says, " In the off I had hoped, " he says.

"How are you going to keep our word as we have talked ? " she said.

Gunnar says , "I went to your meeting that I will have more binding than before. "

" So I want to do, " said Helga .

Then tied them it encourage each other among themselves that he was not another woman owning or she another person if they were in charge , now understand this , remember Gunnar them to weekend with great lover , walked out then but Helga sat and wept very bitterly .

Gunnar did not stop passage of time nor farlengd until he came to the ship and found both the leaders and his brother Helgi . They heard the news , he said he might not tell unless he said that such a product.

5 Chapter

Þorgrímur farmer went out a little later , is now vegsummerki low to his sons both dead. Drew him to this very vision and let them be buried on old times. This was heard throughout the provinces , and was a major event and they were but few , however tragic dead. There was much can each of them would have suffered harm , and it may no others say. Bar Þorgrímur great mourning for their sons and was though to have been .

At that point they put out and gave them a good breeze that they came from landssýn . Then drove them darken so much that they did not know what they were . Drove them across the sea all summer, and they see no land . One day they discussed what to would carry.

Then Bard : " Let us part man in a tree . "

And so it was done. Gunnar had to go.

Then he said, 'I think that one is better suits me . "

Then Bard Gunnar : " You want me to go , and I will redeem you from this? "

"I'll go," says Gunnar .

Gunnar read himself both swift and skilful after head suggests that he came up in the top navigation . He sat down and in dark relief of all that had been over their ship . He saw many places and land for sticking place . It was also very glaciers grow . He saw ahead walk ness intersect the long inland Firth many and great, they are full of all for fishing .

They set out on the fjord is named Shadow . Came the night fall and the winter , but most of the rest of the speech was long sjóvolki . And is was decided to appoint up there and there were going to expect , now promoting a cabin building and walked them both well and quickly . Gunnar was there forme Stars . She was quickly discharged , settled them in peace, had caught enough of both seals , fish and whales.

One day when they were in their cabin Bard said Gunnar , "How long shall we stay here so we got going not ? "

Gunnar says, " We will replace items were . Shall Weekend Bard and go to another place with twelve men , and I shall go to the sixth man . "

So they did. Awarded Gunnar then go to the glaciers.

They go home one morning everyone . Gunnar and his companions went on a long day and we were not holding period. They download now well into the glaciers until they come to one big gap . They go a long ravine and getting nowhere over . Then Gunnar ran across the divide , but his company did not come over and parted .

Gunnar went long one anyway until he saw a large bear. Gunnar called on him and told him to wait. He looked fights back and sat down and waited for the man . Gunnar bar to shoot . He had a big hand in a bear timber and placed in the animal by hand so that the heart was the animal died already. Then did the dark of night and he saw them not to make the beast . Gunnar thrust then passed on to his back and carried him till he came to the Gap. Then he put down the beast and knew not how he should get over the rift with his burden . He took the cross and went with a ravine that he came to a spot that was narrower than the other parts . He went over it with his burden .

He went away a long time until he heard a lot of laughter . He halted and thrust of the load. This approached him quickly as he could be seen where the two women were trolls . They were very black .

Then one of them said : " It would be a good time to go sister of Gunnar take their catch and drag him home and bring him to our father . "

Gunnar heard what they were saying. He went to meet them and asked them to name . Another called where Fála than other Gála .

Then Gála Gunnar , "Put your hunt of us sisters. "

But he said he was not bothered by the inexperienced . They attended the Gunnar in intensity but he defended well and nobly . He struck them Galu it off hand. He struck at the neck so off.

Then Fála Gunnar : "Give me life , and I will join you on the team and I will give you gold so much that you 'd have received . "

Then said Gunnar , " Do you accept your life as I make my faith. "

Then she said , "Go Gunnar home with me to the mouth of my father, and he shall give you good weapons . "

" Do not I ," says Gunnar , " that I have to go home to my cabin . I know that my teammates look for me . Shall I at one time so do as you ask . "

They now understand this.

Gunnar is now on till he came home . The Bard and Helgi were to see him . He put them off their burden . They asked what happened or he would have stayed . He said that such had happened and he was the great glory of trolls have been the women . They sate now remain in his cabin and now very soon the winter.

6 Chapter

It happened one day that Gunnar had to walk on ice. He would then go alone. He took his weapons and walked out with the fjord and up the glacier where the fjord puzzle. There was a lantern cliffs so large that it could not see more than hálfrokknu house . He went so long till he saw the fires burning . He had , of light and went on till he came to a large cave . Then he stood outside the cave. There sat many trolls on fire.

Then one of them: " Would Gunnar came here . "

Then answered one of them , "What were worth it recovery or did you not how it went with the sisters and Fála trollop ? "

The farmer said, " I wish that he would never be here because I think that I stand by him the most trouble. "

Gunnar went into the cave under the rock on one side and stood there for some time, till the man and his wife went to bed. Then, after their son and two daughters. Then Gunnar towards the fire and one of them struck it off his head. They ran them up siblings and attended Gunnar with a great match. He killed them both quickly . Then he sat down and made a slide of breathlessness . It was dark in the cave become the fire was extinguished .

Gunnar stood up and went in after cave and wanted to find the man and woman . He went searching until he found them, and went to where they lay and stripped of their garments . He seemed to have a very black and badly . He put them on him so that through the slides . He drew them so hard that he fell down from the bed . He died swiftly and the woman woke up to this . She sprang up and seized a sword which lay beside her and attended to him in great excitement. Gunnar defended well but thought though in fact no more have come . He gave them many wounds and large. Gunnar saw then that it would not create sufficient . He threw the ax and got a woman . They wrestled long and then went up the most on their feet running. Gunnar saw then that it would not create listen .

He said for his mouth , " What will my second time greater need Fála my friend but so ? "

A little later he saw where it went. It was she frýnleg directed there when they had to . She struck hard and frequent with a sword as she went on , is named Thunder . Give it to her quick death. Then they settled down.

She said to Gunnar , "Now I want you to go with me . "

He did whatever she asked . Then they expected it away and brought a lot of silver and gold and many other costly things . Then they went their way. She went for until they came to a large cave . They laid them down their burdens . He saw everything that was draped with a feast was prepared.

She said Gunnar , "It 's your rest and take your grace. "

She brought them in afhelli . There was a table created . Gunnar sat under the table and ate and drank, he declared. Then he went to sleep. He was there that night.

Fála went to see his father and mother. They greet her warmly .

Then the man asked : " What has happened tonight ? " he explained.

But she said that was " and I pray that you take him well and let him enjoy it he did to me."

Karl said, " Let me see it is you follow him so hard . "

She went to where Gunnar was and told him to stand up "for my father wants to see you. "

He dressed quickly and went with her to where her father was . He greeted him.

Abrasions said, " How old are you man Gunnar ? "

He said, " Now I'm twelve years old . "

"You're promising ," said the bruises , " and be welcomed by us and wants my daughter . "

Gunnar was there for a while. Router now highly in winter.

It was a day that Gunnar spoke to Fála her friend , "It seems to me to look after my husband. "

She freed him up with good gifts and it takes him a while asked Fála well for him before they divorced. Gunnar went their way until he came home . His men were glad to see him .

And so the winter.

But when the spring came, they prepared their ship . But when they were ready when they held off. Gave them a good breeze till they reached their ship to Norway where the bard had a garden before . Then Earl Sigurd Hakon ruled over Norway . Bard invited the brothers to their homes . They have known it , brought in his wares . Bard ordered every man to his house was everyone to serve them .

This news came swiftly around Norway. This was for Earl , and invited him to a banquet Bard when he confessed to go. The messengers returned , and told Earl Bard vowed to come.

Way now to this moment the party was .

Bard came to talk with Gunnar : "I wish you were at home while I go to the banquet that the Earl has offered me . "

Then said Gunnar , " I will Go with you. That to me is better than being at home. "

" So it shall be," said Bard .

They made the journey and , fifteen , all well armed . They rode till they came to the hall of Earl , then step off his horse and go for Earl and called him. He Bard mighty well and put him next to him. Asked Earl Bard what man it was , he went next. Bard said it was foreigners person . Earl then asked him his name and he said he called Gunnar .

" How old are you man ? " says Earl .

Gunnar says , "I am now eighteen years old , " he says.

Then Earl said, " You 're a big man , or are so many people in your country? "

" Yes, " said Gunnar , "that there are many far superior to me . "

Fell down this case .

Means of receptions. But after the party ordered Earl Gunnar to be , but he agreed to it and then invite . Bard created away and asked Gunnar if Earl had invited him to stay behind. He said that was true .

"I will not order you desire , " said he, " by Earl wants you dead and I want you to go home with me . "

" Do not be there , " said Gunnar , " and I will indeed accept the invitation invited the Earl . "

Then Bard : "I wish you to see me if you have any of . "

Gunnar said so it would do .

Then they left . Bard went home but was left Gunnar Helgi and his brother with the court and shoot well worth of every person. Router now winter.

7 Chapter

One day it was the Earl summoned them to him , then brothers. When they arrived they greeted him.

He said Gunnar , "You great athlete , " said Earl .

" Not so, " said Gunnar .

"I wish , however, to see, " said the Earl.

" Ideally I would then wrestle , " said Gunnar , "if human man. "

" It is well , " said the Earl, " and you shall struggle to half a month's time . "

This was a stand made ​​.

Way now to the point that struggle was . Earl thought now good to tackle. Came many a man. It came and Bard friend Gunnar that he had heard that the battle was filed , and would find Gunnar before the day came . When they met Bard asked Gunnar if he had confessed wrestling. He said that was true .

"That I knew early on, " said he, " Earl wanted you dead. "

Gunnar answered, "It will now be. "

" Here is one envelope which I will give you, " said Bard . " And it shall be when you tackle. "

They parted his time.

It was worn out chair Earl and now see many nice to see this good . Was now brought forward blámaður one. It had many good boy bane . Earl asked them if Gunnar would come there. He said that was true .

" It is now up to the stand, " said the Earl, " and wrestle with the grim boy young and you are now designed . "

" Do not I have to deal with trolls, " said Gunnar .

"We now please grim struggle , " said Earl .

Then Gunnar stood up and came to the stadium where they would face. Earl asked why Gunnar did not have clothes . In the drop Nigga balance . They shook them rather strongly , but it was apparent to all that Gunnar was ósterkari and bar blámaðurinn him pitch . But it was soft Gunnar never came him by the feet . There was one big slab on the field . Until they came to the feet of Gunnar were hell. Then Gunnar let them take as he had previously held both hands and took him by the shoulders and ran himself backwards over the cave and pulled in to the Gunnar Nigga bill so quickly that he was in two pieces of rock . There was a lot of whooping and many thought this the most remarkable work . The earl called to his men and asked to take Gunnar hands but it went for the Bard had a great crowd and gave Gunnar point that Earl could not get it .

Gunnar went home with the Bard and his brother both were with him for the rest of the winter. Thought Gunnar worked many a man the greatest freedom in the killing Nigga instrument, but Earl thought to have received the greatest shame he lost his Nigga but did not Gunnar .

Sometime they talk to the Bard and his brother , he asked what they intended to .

" The military wanted to go," said Gunnar , "in the summer and look for fame and fortune . "

Bard said it was ready to be: " I will give you three ships and men you want . "

Gunnar thanked him for this contribution . These ships were quickly created both men and weapons. Bard followed them to the ship and asked the brothers to hold until autumn but they agreed to it. Then they went away and fought throughout the summer. Got them good money and fame .

One day they sailed to the islands while. They were to land and camp on land and sleep by night. They fell asleep quickly when people were drunk mother . Gunnar stood up suddenly and took their weapons , and went up onto the island one anyway . Then he saw a ship on the other side of the island. He had a number of them . They were thirteen and all big. He saw and a tent . He went to where the shops were and he saw that steamed . He vafðist the door. They asked for, who were inside , who was himself wanted is choking . He said he was there from the land be. He then asked each time the wheel.

They said, " You are ignorant man. Hast thou not heard of the brothers , black and glacier , is now the most famous and each nation is afraid of ? "

Gunnar went back to his men and drew them, asked them to carry the wealth of shipping and boulders instead. They had this work completed before dawn. They then sailed away from the harbor and into the inlet . See now vikingaskip soothe them in close proximity . Gunnar asked them who ruled for orders .

The brothers said to him , " We would like to offer you two options . Is the one to walk here from the other ships and fight if you dare . "

" That must be a record , " said Gunnar .

" It seems to us better, " said Black.

After that a fight the hardest . Many fell on both sides , and yet more of the Vikings . Gunnar walked forward and incorporates many of the sword is Fála had given him. Then came the brothers a Viking ship . They surged constrained by the fact that they were observed to navigate. Then the glacier against Gunnar. He had a large sword in his hand. Glacier Gunnar smote them with the sword . Gunnar bar the blow and it came in pieces that hid both eggteinana . He bent them after stroke. Gunnar cut them to the glacier with his sword . It browse everything that was offered and took the arm and thus the page and slipped down the hip and took from him his leg and fell down dead glacier . Gunnar went forward mast and came to the Black and Helgi fought . The weekend was both the wounded and weary.

Gunnar asked him rest but Helgi would not, and said, " lend me but your sword . "

Gunnar did as he asked for it browse everything that was offered . Attended Weekend them in intensity . Then came the wound response. Helgi hewed them one hit in the head so much answers that he split it and the body lengthwise so that its path fell each item . Then shouted victory . Then the Vikings on behalf of the brothers . They took much loot but did every man who survived after a truce . Went then anybody would.

But the brothers went away and were going home in the fall because of what they worked their will .

8 Chapter

As Bard reports , that the brothers had come , he went out to meet the brothers and he received them, and let him move home when their treasures . They gave good gifts Bard , sitting there in peace until the way to Christmas.

Then Bard had trouble downloading the feast of Earl . He was then crowded but the brothers were on both . Bard came to the party. Earl took him well .

One day it was they were sitting happy . Then there was the much talked . Earl Bard asked whether he had made ​​the brothers. He said that was true .

" Bold Bard of man are you , " said the Earl , "that you think the people that you know my enemies are . "

"That is not the way sir, " said he, " and they want to make peace with you."

Earl asked Bard then let come to him , "and we may then best be reconciled . "

Bard agreed to it .

Means of banquet and Bard went home and told the brothers that Earl wants them to come to him, "and I will go with you."

They expected when the earl and chose him good things and move Earl . He took it all well, then made his men , and they were then stayed with him for the rest of the winter.

One day it happened that Gunnar went for Earl and saluted him. Earl asked them what they wanted. Gunnar asked leave to go to Iceland to find her father and friends . Earl did as he asked . Then they prepared their ship and set a financial stake . Earl gave them good gifts at parting Bard gave them all the time they had received and the possessions they came not with . Asked whether successful for others and to be friends , were then in the ocean and gave them a good breeze where they came ship in Skaftárós . Thorbjorn heard it quickly and rode to the ship and finds her sons . There was a joyful meeting . He thought the young become the second time . They were quickly returning . This news of districts they were come home .

Gunnar heard of Thorgrim was dead. He had burst with grief after his sons . Gunnar remembered the words of persons Helga had recommended . He went on Hörgsland . Was well received . He went straight to meet Helga. She was overjoyed him . He asked her once . This offer was well answered by her mother that she had known all business with them. Was available when we expected, and many a man to offer . The party went off well. Gunnar gave all good gifts to those who had attended there . Went every man there who had .

Gunnar built large estates in Hörgslandi and took priesthood that Thorgrim had had before and all seemed well placed. Weekend at home with his father.

9 Chapter

Still there to depart from the scene that was gone they were siblings , Amy and Orn . And would he still remember antagonism earlier had been among them .

It was a day that Gunnar got up early in the morning and took their weapons. Helga asked where he was going . He went out snúðugt and answered her nothing, mounted his horse, rode to joining the Water Send. He got off his horse and knocked on the door. Eagle came out and greeted Gunnar.

Then said Gunnar , " Now the Eagle defend themselves . "

They fought long and were both severely wounded but Gunnar mæddist later that he was a junior and asked Örn rest. They lie dust and relied forward weapons . Gunnar asked him still defend themselves . Eagle grew up and attended Gunnar and he could not help but to defend themselves . Eagle struck at the Gunnar such a huge hit that he split off his armor so that it fell all of the pedals down by Gunnar . In smote Gunnar Örn helmet that split the head and with the body to the back and he fell dead to the ground. Gunnar was both wounded and weary. He rode home . Helga was overjoyed him . She bound up his wounds, healing them allskjótt .

Slaying Arnar news now widely and he was no man Lamented except his sister . She was ill content with his lot , and she would take him with her ​​magic . It was not the song , but she set up that long .

10 Chapter

It is Helga saying he had a great maternity . He rode one day to find his brother and told him that he would ask Ingibjargar daughter Geir farmer.

Then they rode both brothers to meet Geir twelve men . Geir invited them there to receive glory and grace. Now they got off their horses and walk to the living room and were there for the night at a bone. They had up wooing the Ingibjorg behalf weekend. But Geir farmer weak the responses to his daughter while she sang here will abide by his father's advice . These now buy . Should there be a message in the fall of Geir Land of Winter Nights . They both brothers rode home to his estate .

Router now the summer was the time fixed was the wedding would be. Come then many and was no uninvited . Party that lasted seven days and seven nights. But to end the party who went back to their homes . Were there any major men with gifts brought out . The weekend went to Bog Gnupur with his wife and sat in stillness .

11 Chapter

Thordis were impressed death of his brother and began to promote the witch Gunnar so much that he could not stay seated either at home or elsewhere .

He gave them one day saddled his horse and rode to the Bog Gnupur . Was well received . He told his father about the trouble he was in there and asked him to submit a one assumes that he loved would suffice .

Thorbjorn said he barely knew to submit " , but will not suffice for such a stand . Thou shalt ride to the waterfall and offer Thordis money for his brother so that she herself would have done . But if she wants it no other I can not make with you. "

Gunnar rode home first but when the next morning he rode to the waterfall. Amy was there and knew Gunnar . She was already inside. Gunnar came down from his horse and came to your door and when in town and turns to the living room . Amy sat on the bench . No one greeted Gunnar when he entered .

He said to Þórdís " Therefore am I come here I will offer you compensation for your brother so you want to have the highest self . "

Amy said : " This was late you think . Would I have them for a long time have received if you had offered them to me earlier . "

" Gently , " says Gunnar , " I command you."

"So it shall be," said Amy , " and I do after my brother Trinitarian person charges . "

They became reconciled to it. Gunnar opened the cash when it all Amy did and rode home, and they were friends ever since . Sat now both in their live in peace .

The brothers were considered the most people since it was both no were to look at them from the end of the roughened no . From the accumulated numerous descendants . Although it all be great men before him.

And here ends this story.

( Another type of history is preserved in AM 4to 554i and here come two break her out . First episode of wrestling Gunnar and black. )

Thought they were all that Gunnar would fall when they would take to wrestling , but were both strong characters. Þorgrímur farmer sitting on a pedestal and Helga his daughter and she featured quite substantially . Gunnar took the cloak and flew from his ashes high. He wrapped it together , and threw him into the corner to Helga . She took over and laid down beside him . Appeared at each other , and with many contend that they had seen earlier .

They run them together and their mighty onslaught of both hard and so long that no one could see between each drop would .

Gunnar said to reply, " Have you put forward such that you have to ? "

" Yes , " he says.

Then Gunnar grabs him on the chest and went with it in the ramp where the farmer sat and put him down at the foot become so apart came into his spine.

Gunnar walked the ramp where Helga sat and took his cloak and went . Then he took the hand of Helga and lifted her up and sat on the seat and then put her in the knee . The one that no one forced her into it . Gunnar was large seat and pressed firmly to the farmer . Þorgrímur blush and like the very worst. Gunnar talks to Helga that day till night .

They offered now until the death of the slave , and those from the game. Bar not do anything more startling thing in that day .

( Second offense starts in the middle of the sixth section and extends to the end of the story. )

Fála said Gunnar, "that 's your rest and eat . "

She led him into a small cave . There was a table equipped with all kinds matföngum . There were clean dishes and pots hilarious on set , as is done in the head . He wondered this greatly .

Fála said, "Take now for food and consumer boldly . "

He did so , and ate what he likes . Then he went to bed in decent blanket that was there and offers Fála good night .

She goes and finds his father and mother, and she was rather gentle with them. But they asked her who was who had come with her tonight .

She said: " It is Gunnar and I wish that you will receive him well, for I him lífgjöf thanks . "

Karl said : "I want to see him before I host it. "

Fála went to him and asked him to stand up "for my father wants to see you. "

Gunnar stands up and dress and walked with her until they came where her father was .

Karl liked him and took him gently and said, " How old are you? "

"I am twelve years old , " says Gunnar .

" You are promising and successful sports yeast, " says Karl .

Gunnar said, "What is your man ? You will tell me your name ? "

He said: "I'm abrasions and bruises my woman . "

Then Gunnar was there long and he thought good to go. Means so much in the winter.

He was once approached Fála and says : " Now I will go find my men that they will think easily see me from now on . "

She said: " It should be in your hands closer you want. "

She gave him good gifts , and many a treasure. Leave them with friendliness and so he went his way .

She said : " We will leave now so that we can not again be seen from this . "

They then exchanged greetings with great love .

He soon found his companions and they were glad to see him . They were then able to sailing and sail when the wind was fair and they were rapid . Bar swiftly to Norway for their liking . They went ashore and came up with his ship . This was where the Bard's yard in Norway. Bard invited the brothers to their home and they favor it . Bard made ​​them well worthy in every way, and let them serve honorably with the best value of Units. Bard was of good family , popular and wealthy .

12 Chapter

Hakon Earl Sigurd ruled the country at that time for Norway. Bard was his platitudes off. Earl asked by the brothers , who might men they were. Bard said the two men prowess though Gunnar stood out . Earl Bard invited to the banquet to receive his news from his travels .

But soon the time the banquet was determined Bard lived up to the feast .

Then he said to Gunnar , " I wish that you all would never to this feast , because I know the character of Earl . He is jealous , quarrelsome , and amidst all hard . He has slain many men and few of the administration. "

Nevertheless , the brothers wanted to ride with him and then they go home to the Earl and called him fairly. He Bard well and offered him a seat with great respect for the next down. Gunnar Helgi and sat next Bard . Which was hung on the palace hall with fitting suit. There were all sorts of games present . Earl asked the two brothers to name but they told the truth about their content .

Then Earl says Gunnar , " Are you old Infamous knight ? "

He said: "I am thirteen years old . "

Earl says , "If you provide power for growth then you will fail with my little champions and that will come very handy to deal with them and feed the hungry predator on the field. "

Then said Gunnar words of Earl " Hardly , I'm thrown . Though I will not save one hour the show if you want to try to make . "

Then said the earl , "Do Gunnar wrestle with my boys early morning so that I may see your fitness level . "

Gunnar said that this can be tested .

And so the way of the day . Then men then duvets and low of the night.

13 Chapter

The morning Earl stood up with his men and asks them to come to the playground . Gunnar stood up and went where the earl was , and asked what should be the the king . It was brought forward one blámaður who struggle with Gunnar did but he says he will not be the Nigga tackle. Then calling Hakon grim Dolan . He knew his name and was released from the iron shackles that he was bound. It seemed all the people stand strong threat this year .

Then he went to Gunnar and grípast those hugs . There was the hardest retrieval and men who skylfi earth . Gunnar liked wrestling to grim sinners so they tore up the most ground up to his knees . On the court stood alone capture spills , such as a sharp sword 's edge was. Until received their game and they got so Gunnar makes grim Nigga bella on the rock and pulled it apart and there falls berserk balance where the evil reputation .

But the earl the dead blámanninn he Ævar anger and calls for his men and asks them to arm and apply immediately to Gunnar. But where will all the people with slow , because many loved Gunnar well, but they spoke to the earl, and said that Gunnar was well kunnað wrestling art and would not that Nigga spared him he would have him there. The earl was this big craze but no disgrace or óheiður . But the earl liked this badly then became a bard to provide full atonement for the brothers , and would hardly even know the time there .

Bard now rides home from the party and the brothers with him and had no more news. They sate them quiet for a while and heard these things around and worked to raise their brothers and departments Gunnar for this work . Feel so winter and spring came .

14 Chapter

Now did the brothers go to war in the summer . Bard chose the valiant men and prostitution spoons , weapons and clothes and anything else they wanted. Gunnar went out of the country with three ships and smart boys and greeted Bard fairly. They were in the summer and Viking managed it well. They spent much illþýði and fought on the Baltic Sea . They were farmers and traders in peace than war solidly against those who demand provided and won them all over . They got a lot of money and loot .

One time they found one island . Until they put in , slide atkerum and went ashore.

Gunnar goes one of his men with weapons . But he had not long been on him where thirteen dragons hovering to land. Bar them speedily . Men went on shore and put the land tents . Gunnar goes there and asks what the big fleet of hire . Chairman tells him that he should meet here two brothers who he will become skeinuhættir . Gunnar asks them their names . He was answered that it would be the Black and Glacier and the army they should steer. Gunnar heard this he walks from the fastest to the men and told them hverninn would come and ask them to prepare for battle against the cursed dogs . Was expected to war and blow the trumpets of both. Who made ​​up the best power and low so most of the night.

But the morning came both together, and kept together with their ships . Gunnar came with his three ships against the brothers . Then Gunnar called to them and asked who makes such a valid onslaught .

Black and Glacier answered him and said the ships there have managed " and we will be known in ancient times . "

Then follows a glacier that they should ready for battle . Gunnar Helgi and said that they should not be a long wait before they blow their nose to be red . Then the berserk springs to cry and pour forth the most they could and did great damage in team setup. But the brothers at one point worked hard against the perpetrators and put death out of tables . Then worked excellently Fálunautur . Ran them many vitl solvent out of the boat and died . Helgi slew many men , and that was the wolf is hungry in sauðahóp . Gunnar goes the ship of the brothers , Helgi and followed him, and kills many people. Glacier stalked them against Gunnar allgrimmlega and thrust his spear and Gunnar against so strongly that both the spears came apart. Glacier hit them with both hands Gunnar but a weak punches so that he could not get it , but the sword was a large beam . He then bowed after hit. Just then Gunnar leapt at him and cuts his sword with both hands above his middle so greatly that he took the sword down the middle . Considers him dead then out into the sea.

But as Black sees his brother dead applies to Hamas as a troll and plans that Helga violently vengeance. Weekend turns against him . Black brandished his sword, and then proposes Helga so brutally that he was hardly did itself . Helgi hewed both frequent and frequently against black and so hard to fire the guards declared . Could not see between each breakthrough would not browse to the black than another berserk . Then Gunnar Helgi calls and asks him to get on his sword to kill a grim demon . But Gunnar heard this he ran to Helga and gives him Fálunaut . He has him take forced him to brave that Black got to prove before long way , because the Black knew the least hope hewed at Helgi it hit his sword was on his shoulders , and cut off his right hand with your . Black takes them tremendously to curse and it was his banabæn but Helgi says he will not battle with many walking hereafter . Let him not cut far between but when hewed off his head and considers him so of eating out .

Invited the brothers to the men that were spared , but because they had no other advice they went all the Gunnar Helgi hands and swore their allegiance rigging. Entered Gunnar Helgi and the loot which was assembled as were all the ship 's brothers had moved there and all that there was on board.

After this they sailed to Norway and were merry breeze, landed with Norway and went ashore. Bard goes for the beach and offers the brothers to their home and all their men with them. He was glad of the meeting. The brothers went home with him and was there for the winter favorites. They told of a meeting of the brothers and all his trips. They were very familiar with the name of the famed works . Bard reconcile them with Earl Hakon and gave them advice to him and he took them well with all the friendliness and gave them good gifts with all respect.

15 Chapter

Now, as the winter progresses and summer comes the brothers wanted to keep Bank . Had a good vacation from the earl . Honor him with good gifts , weapons and clothing . So they called on Earl stately . Bard followed them to the shore and was launched ships at sea . Leave brothers at Bard with love, let then out to sea when the wind fell and had a good voyage, and came to the East Fjords and put his ship into the Skaftárós Hörgslandi . Thorbjorn rode swiftly to the shore and find their sons and greeted them warmly and each other. They all rode home Bog Núps and stayed with his father in good favorites and were then no men famous in all the east coast .

Þorgrímur husband was dead and had burst with grief after their sons not for long time. The weekend was all inherited fallen from her father and she sat on all Hörgslandi .

During the winter riding mishap to Hörgsland that Gunnar was keen to find her friend Helga . But she saw him she was heartily glad and each other. Gunnar has since made ​​his suit and asks Helga for themselves . It was settled out of her because it reflects his desire shall come forth in this subject. And with her ​​consent mounted Gunnar Helgi for themselves and began where the good- party and was drunk on their wedding Hörgslandi . So there are many ways contacts difficulty presented by party time , but it ended up they were with fitting gifts cashed out and then turned everyone to his own household .

16 Chapter

Spring to come Gunnar builds his estate to Hörgslandi and mentioned that he had the priesthood by Thorgrim farmer and was of good reputation. They carefully designed and well its the way forward so for some time.

One day Gunnar rides home with no attendants and no we can about who they're going to ride . He is in a place he did come their way Vatnsenda and when he got there he met Eagle ramp there and greets him no otherwise to but then he hit him . Eagle turns against him allhraustlega and the onslaught of both hard and long. They cut all the covers apart and fought so greatly that each struck with both hands on his sword and was to see that not sure if would overcome . But because the Eagle was old man then took his human nature and he asked mæddist and rest for a while and it gave Gunnar him. But not way too long before they began the battle and another time when their business was the hardest struck Gunnar of the head and had Örn life there .

Gunnar rode then returned and found not Thordis offering compensation for Orn . But she knew she was dead Örn isolates has been explosive , but she got herself to console themselves for Gunnar. She had mortal hatred for his special classes he had offered no compensation for her brother . Brúkaði it much magic against him as he accused does not in any manner .

Then would Helgi get the marriage and asked Ingibjargar Geirsdóttir to the girlfriend and became the possible closure of the Weekend mounted Ingibjorg with uncle approval and he drank to her wedding to a large crowd . The party went off with civility and were invited men with gifts away redeemed . They settled on the farm Bog Nupur by Thorbjorn farmer and lived his life on the same ground and carefully well their favor .

17 Chapter

Now there from that Gunnar rode home one day to find Thordis to offer her compensation for Örn farmer.

He finds her and offers her benefits and she said he would have appreciated a long time if the source had " and I will vote for me now Trinitarian person charges after my brother Eagle . "

He obtained the money for her and paid as much as she wanted. They were set at the full settlement .

He rode home Hörgsland over and sits in improvised in good peace lifetime ago and both brothers . The saying was that in the east there would be no men found them famous.

Gunnar and Helga had many children together, their sons held the most famed people in that time. From the ætthringur 's great uncle and the block called Bog Nupur Unit but their names are not mentioned in this story , or behaviors in those days .

So here we end the history of Bog Núps - Gunnar.

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