1 Pager asked Ingibjargar
Belize was another king , who ruled brackets State . He had two sons and one daughter . Helgi and his son was but another Halfdan . His daughter is named Inga . She was a fine and wise and at rather royal children . Queen of King Bela was dead . From there, a quantum west fjord that place which they called Baldr Haga . It was the peace and launched intense . Inga King foster daughter was with the man named Hildingr . He was a rich farmer.

Thorstein was the name of a notable man , who lived in Sogn . His son was called pager. He was human vænstr and the greatest sports man and long before the king's sons . Pager was always with Hilda match, and they were the king's daughter fóstrsystkin , and carried them far from other humans.

Two men are in the story . Was named Bear , and the other Asmund . They were not noble . They were sworn brothers Fridthjofur and his engine will occur. The king was not a gnógr liquidity , Thorstein lord had a third of the state and should be national defender of the king . He made the king feast it every three years , and were the grants divest stormannligustu .

Beli King fell ill and gathered his sons to him and said, " This sickness will insist me of my kingdom , and life with . Ye both I will pray , that ye have the friends that I have already had, because I want ye both lack all the father and son , and they will vinho llir , if ye know how to guard . should not be money carry the pile for me . Dump memory, standing in the fjord . ; doses will our Davidsson between price , and it is well that we calls round on . " And then he died.

Ok then took sick and Thorstein said, " I will ask you, pager , that you turned to the king's son , although you 're not , but they move improperly , for so it has to be for the sake of , well , and my mind tells me your issue . "

Then he died , and he was buried opposite Bela mud.

Björn food Pager most , but Asmund served them . Vessels owned pager, is named Ellis . The second was a costly ring, is there was no such. That played a word on that pager was no less honorable man outside Kings and Princes , and found that people in that with the king and Peace thief was well ástúðigt in between . That they found the king's sons , and all real , and became a small number of them and Peace thief.

Now came the king 's sons had to seek grants thither , and she went at problems in advance. Pager talked to opt Ingibjorg king , and then she said, " Good ring had , " she says.

He said, " Do not I not, that I have not acquired it. "

She said: "That is an issue of people that saw no money that day, but not dead men . "

He said, " at least you will have the ring, not euthanized ; emailed me back , if you are bored at it. "

She answered, " You shall have against the ring , which I on ," and it was so .

After that, they parted . He was now silent . Bear , his foster-brother , asked what it was.

He said, " Kvánfang is my mind . Though I oftígn That is , there I am , however, not minor . "

Bjorn said : " Why should we then not go and test this issue? "

So they went . Kings sitting on a pile of his father. Pager greeted them and said: 'This is my errand hither to you that I will ask of you sister . "

They said : "It is not this honorable sought that give it dishonored man , and do not make sense to her that she will be dishonored husband . "

He said: " It is soon told that I will give thee old team . "

"That pastors sense of age, " they said. He came back , and took the pager back their happiness .

2 Pager reached the Ingibjorg

Cycle was named king, who ruled Sweden. He said one time heimugliga to his friends : "That I have heard that the sons of Bela king have burst delight in Peace thief is good other men are the most handsome . Now I will send my men to meet them , that they were running on behalf of me , lest I make a point on their hands, and will be available for free , because they have neither the personnel nor my wit , and a good old age at win them over . "

The messengers came to Bela 's sons , and said thus: " The king of Sweden have ye both words and wishes , that ye charge the tax or berizt him otherwise. "

But they said they will not serve him at a young age to shame and disgrace , and they sent men with the words back to their king . But the king's sons gathered his forces and had a small team and sent word Peace Thief , and begged his help , but he sat at table , the messengers came to him.

They said: " Beware of kings greet you and would accept your assistance to battle with them . "

He did not answer and said to Bjorn , " Search for the Council at stake , because tvíkostr is you two roads, " he said.

Then said the messengers , " Do you hear our matter ? "

Pager replies, he said he had long heard , - " but the point I will grant that age . "

Then the messengers went back and told the brothers after doing this . After that they got ready for the journey , and said that that would be expected to transfer his sister in Baldr Haga and eight women with her, - " for there is no man so bold that where hurt anything, " because there was a temple large and good sacrifice and a stake fence round the seas , and there should be no combination of men and women .

Kings went to war against the king's ring , as has been said. It was a time when kings were both the departed, at pager asked his men to put that ship Ellidi , - "and know whether he may not at crawl Baldr Hagar . "

Now they came there, and they were the accepted good. Pager sat with the king , and all his men occupied the place.

The king's daughter said, " you Fast download , pager , which you want to stay here fourteen culture Baldr Hagar . "

He answered, " I do not want to sacrifice on Baldr or you. Has just as good to me your case ends here at home . "

There lacked not drink and good joy. Went that way every day , while kings are away , that they went thither relaxation .

3 Send Travel Fridthjofur

Now to talk about the business of kings , they found that Hring King had much more than point the brothers . Then went in between the two friends and asked them to be reconciled .

Then Hring King : " Will the kings walk over to me and give me his sister and give her cash, so that her honor well ? "

But the king had a small team, then they agreed it and tied it with the oath , and they parted friends , and took the brothers home .

Now to talk about peace thief. He said to the king : " Well you have welcomed us , but now I will go home at once , but if he has come home , then make us knew in some way. "

But the king's daughter answered, " Do you at the example of a warning , but that verse are we friends had come to celebrate , if you come back . "

After that they went home, and in the morning pager went out and said , "Now may be, Björn member, at first heptane pleasure trips were at Baldr Hagar . "

Now comes the king returned , and reports what has gone forward , while they were away. Do they rely honors himself and told the made ​​great dishonor . And the more their friends between them and prayed Peace thief at making some amends with him.

He said, " That one thing is peace made ​​by my hand at making memories with Ina previous men , but not thee faithfully we will show them . "

Then said the messengers : "I will take kings sweet that you reserve the right tax earl Angantyr , depends Orkney , for the tribute hath long down legit. "

Pager said : " Then we will , that money hardly begin peace ," and it was promised to him .

They then prepared pager and his men to thirteen vessel age. So it was meant to do that Hring king should attend the king in the autumn .

And when the pager was gone away , then said Helgi , "It will be vezt brother that pager now take the punishment . Sense Will burn his farm . "

Then they burned the town of Framnes . After that they bought at wizards women , that they made ​​a furious gale at the Peace thief and his men . Now they came close to land, the turbulent sea , and made a great storm . Then said pager verse:

"That was long ago
the Framnes :
RERA I opt in speech
Ingibjörg .
Now I shall sail
in cool weather
ok let me light und
lögdýr fire .
Ok will now cost , "he said , " to try a good team members , and this particle ælla but Baldr Hagar . "

Bjorn said : " Such is the expectation that would come along , and make this more successful . "

Ok then dive honors the ship , but they Burgui wonderfully well , for good boys was gathered . Then said pager verse:

"That too for a century
We head west out to sea ahead ,
seems to me all covered in Aegir
that eimyrju stirrer .
Collapse Havana bore
Mud nesting swan rose;
now the village of Castellina
eager tight. "
Bjorn said : " It is, brother," he said. " Do not sin yet, although they seals eat"

And again said pager verse:

" Much drink me .
Maiden will getting misty
if I sink
in swan hill , -
east has become
old age , -
however, lay a veil
Blik substantial. "
Bjorn said : " It reminds thee . Will you divest sygnsku maiden weeping after thee ? "

He said, " I deem that came to mind . "

Then after this storm did so much , that fell into the waterfalls on both sides . Then said Bjorn verse:

Ns that is not
at east busi us drink
bright ring product
waited nearly go.
Salts eyes
if Soka in pools .
Bilskorðs arms
appeared to me in blepharitis .
Pager said, " So will you adopt . Attempt at a variety of prices . " Then said Asmund verse:

"He was abrasive to navigate,
the sea of my gnúði ,
I was one of eight
within hours at work.
The pump is bower
market price at women move
seven Ellidi at Scoop
úrigri on tight. "
Then pager "Now you drew the slave dynasty . " Pager said:

" I sat on the pillow
Baldr in Haga
said , whatever I may
busi king's daughter .
Now I will Ron
raunbeð stuffing ,
the other will
Ingibjargar . "
Bjorn said : " Now, in the belly of a huge , sworn . Speak age such that higher is in your words .

" Pager said," They're not now trust that I replaced That not mind. " He said:

" That hefik gangs of paid is nothing certain .
Came to me and not you
with eight female slaves
Inga at parliament .
Together we have the spirit rings
in Baldr Haga thrust.
Was a vilgi removed
sentinel joint Danish gardens . "
Bjorn said : "We are now at such a una , sworn . " And in that was so much in shock that struck out the levels, and killed four men .

Then pager : " Now surely that should go to Ron , and expect liga sink , and each having a gold and cut asunder the ring Ingibjargar Taurus, and trade with us." And then he sang a song:

" Now have four
fared care
legal rights lags men
those surviving obligations
but may Robbery
involved more than boys ,
unethical woman
and place mat. "
Bjorn said : "It is such a despair , since no direct expectation . " Then said pager. :

" On the circle of stone,
Halfdan is owned ,
before us loss Aegir ,
wealthy father , Red.
See the gold rating ,
if we need accommodation .
That is sufficient grand style racks
Ron hall in the middle . "
Now they found , was that swift progress came at a great ship , but was unknown to them, where they had gone . Pager went up a tree and came back down and said , "He will not now very kynliga vision . Whale one lies in the lap of vessels observed, and we have looked for countries closer to us, and I record it will ban us, the land , and methinks Helga and Halfdan live with us not friendlier ligament , and they have sent us no wine durability. Two women I saw on the back of the whale make us to ban. Let us to stop , whether more can be married was, or troll their decision steered at them. " And then he sang a song:

" I see trolls women
Two of the accused ;
has the Weekend
sent hither .
They should be tailored
in the midst
spine Ellis
before crawling from the sea . "
Then he urged his men to fast , so that he came with his frækleik that they broke the spine and provide a hvárritveggi hamhleypunni . Then a still sea , and the ship Mardi up, and were they come in to land , but so close was the ekit , is a matter of survival that the pager was all the land , except beers one could Borgia themselves . Pager spread them seglit and sang :

" Ek bar eight
to eldstaðar
sighed boys
drive in winter weather.
Now hefik magnet
come on sand ;
is not the ocean side
possible to try . "
And again he said:

" Need not, boys ,
Death at anxiety ,
be happy nation ,
My welcome .
It must be ,
if dreams are well aware ,
that I will have
Ingibjorg "
Bjorn said : "Once she comes you think . Pump is now, and do you now mannliga . "

Not far from ruled Earl Angantyr , but bar a startling thing that a man drank his penalty , Hallvard is named , and would sit in the cabin that night against the weather. He held a corner and seen around and look at learnest friendly people and spoke :

" Is -at the cabin
shelter to drink
west Viking
as being inside .
are healthier
they are rolled litters ,
boys scoop
drive in the weather. "
Still, he said:

"Sex is I scoop,
than seven rowing,
sighed boys
drive in winter weather.
Since the baseline catalysts
Gliki forecastle ,
pager is observed in
coincided with the oars . "
Then he went at byrlaranum and sang :
"Take the floor ,
gangfögr woman
hválfanda angle ,
hefik of dnukkit .
Men SEK bruising,
then you will need
tempest mother joined,
ere port initiative. "
Earl said, "What is newsworthy ? "

" Sir, " said he, "men instinctively that country , and I think a fairly good boys. "

Earl said, "Come off well against them , if there 's pager , one is fine other men . "

Atli was named the Vikings. They were twelve in number . He said : "I am told that the pager was the vow that he will not only pray for peace , and now 'tis to try, if that comes to . "

Hallvard said it was under no obligation to try . Then they came at , in the pager awoke , for he had höfgat somewhere .

Atli said , "What is now expected , pager , that will be well and true old saw it , at diametrically shall eagles plug , since you will not think that having to ask for mercy . " Pager sang :

" You will not
oppress us too ,
islanders .
Rather I will go
but beg for mercy
one threatens
with thee ten . "
Then came Hallvard and said, " Stop this talk . They all may be welcome here , so maybe Earl of ours , and go to the hall . "

Pager said a 'well too, but modestly , however respect them both .

Hallvard said : " I have heard told you, since we are at come true , and if you come in really great person . "

After that they went home . Pager went fvrir Earl and greeted him eligibility liga . Earl received him well , and he asked that his travels , but he said all the truth in love.

Earl said, "Evil is such a king is gone Helgi , and the brothers both are nothing major , but show themselves in such evil to so exceptional men . " Björn sang :

" We drew , but the drop-down
úrsvöl corrugated,
social on two standards board
Ten Daegu and eight .
It was kynför
Kaen boys
how we went
Harmony thief. "
Now they were in good cheer . Pager became sad .

Earl said, "Why are you so aloof , pager , because we want you to do well ? And if you carry tax at home, there are quick answers for kings they get no tax and no good portion of us, is nothing guards are good for us , but you should take get , you begged , and made of that money , which you do well , but I do not hræðumst them. "

" Yet will I not offer," says pager, and he was in good favor with the earl .

4 Pager found kings

Now to say that, at Hring king came to the banquet and went brúðhlaupi at her , but it had been before the tidings that divest wizards women had fallen down at her seid .

And when the feast was there, saw the ring the ring Fridthjofur King Beef on hand Ingibjargar and said, " Where did you lap that?"

She said it was to be their inheritance . " No, " he says, " Pager will have given it to you either. Not, his gold , because you will get the gold in my country . "

Then she got the ring in hand , and his wife Helga told her to send Peace thieves , they had a measured. After that the king went home to his kingdom, and Inga with him.

But pager created away from out of the Orkneys , and had Earl improve his ship , and they parted with much friendliness Earl Angantyr and pager. Then they came back to Norway and Sogn and a farm that had a pager .

He said : " Sortnat have now built here , while we have been away . "

He's currently an issue with his men, and all will be glad to see him and told him the deed Kings . He recited this verse :

" Drunk olden
the Framnes ,
Valiant drengmr ,
with my father .
Now I see spirit
farm stay .
On I began extensions
evil to pay . "
He asked that , where kings were , but he was told that they would Baldr Haga and sacrificed their gods .

Then pager : "What you see fit , bright, " he says, " how we should go ? "

Bjorn said : " I 'll let thee have expected us, " he says.

" Then I 'll move them at tax time , how the hand will be released . " And they did so , and went by ship .

Then pager Bjorn : "We will walk on land , but they must break their ship while , for so much as a hand analyzed their tax , that haven is different , it seems to us that one way to everyone. "

Then said pager verse:

" One I will walk
from the shore -
I need a small team -
Lofdi at finding .
Nest you fire
bow in town
If I do not
back in the evening . "
Bjorn said : "It is well sung . "

Kings sat in the house of their gods , and their wives baked gods with fire. Then came pager in for Helga and said: " Now you will have a tax ," and brought up the Fund and drove the nose of him and broke out of his two teeth glands , and he fell unconscious , the pager went to the fire and saw the ring on the woman's hand Helga and grabbed her, and she dragnaðist , the gods fell out of the fire, and when he arrived at the door , raknaði ring was from her hand . But pager went out and sang :

"Take the tax ,
Taxes Lord
forefront teeth
unless you request .
Silver is in the bottom of
pods beneath
that sense we Bjorn
Both of the Council. "
After that pager went out and sang :

" Have I shall ring
burned hands
out of the sleeping house
Virgin balcony ;
who spurs me
of the circles Stout :
Their price is concerned,
the underdog .
Bjorn said : "Now is you at Hagar that she dvelist after, but you have the ring. "

Then they went to their ships , and became Peace Thief colors back and spoke :

I went from the garden
Skjöldunga two suspects ,
that I should despair evil
still less hurt .
I was closer needles Gunni
NIST und tion meeting, -
That drove me from the house -
somewhat higher than expected.
Raknaði weekend and ordered his men to go out , - "and see the man has done for him when no spare parts truce . "

When they come out, asked him to give him his bow , and when he passed by on the bow , did bent apart. Pager sang when he saw it , he got on a ship and took years and broke both simultaneously in one:

" I kissed the young
Bela 's daughter
Baldr in Haga .
So shall oars
of senile
both break
the bow of the weekend. "
Then they went to the ships , but they were all broken . Now, said Bjorn peace thief : "What shall now stay at , sworn ? "

"I 'm now ráðligt , " said pager, "that examine military customs, and launch the Vikings. "

And they did so , now low in freebooting for a while , and became a fine man pager . He killed the villain, but the farmers did he go in peace , and they became very wealthy from this.

5 Cycle gave Peace thief his wife and realm

It's said one time that pager to Bjorn said : " Bored now see my craft. Clan now I part with thee , and I will meet with the king's ring , and know my back though next summer . "

Bjorn said : " unpromising intention is this, but you will be hiring , or would not come back and kill the king? "

Pager said it was to be in vain , and sang :

Mank - gay that I
but considering hires
Bela daughter
Baldr in Haga .
Therefore, I shall meet
Call to speak ,
at the county,
celebrating greppi .
" I am unwilling to do so, " said he, " you stop at one of his power . "

He said he will employ , - , and hastening me thither , " and so they did.

When he came near the town , he took a salt cloak of a large man , and threw him over himself . He was a tall man and a glorious big , handsome . Then he met some shepherds and began tentatively and asked where they were . They said they had to be from the town the king's ring .

He asked: " Is he a mighty king ? "

They said, " It seems to me and you 'll have old enough at managing your wits, so that know every square Hring king hath . "

He said "more I have thought of that polishing salt boilers but ask at Kings . "

Then he went to the hall and came in and stood in the door outer ligament .

King said he saw the man, " Queen, " he says, " a man walked into the hall . "

The queen replied, "That is little news here," she says.

"So it seems," he says. "Come , boy , and asks who he is or where he came from or where he breeds. "

The boy came to him and asked , "What is your name , or where you are born , or where observed in the night ? "

He said: " Tidus carries you at , or will some article that might do, if I tell you ? Thieves name I know that Wolf was I last night , but in Angra I was a born. "

The boy told this to the king . " Ye know well," said the king . " I know that the province called the war, and may be , that the man is no opt hughægt . That may be ok , that shortened his name is , and has been with human unsafe for a while. seems to me to much about the man worthy. "

" Why is worth about the character of men ? " said the queen .

The king said, " Curiosity is me at seeing him , and I see he thinks a lot and looks intently about. "

Then sent the king after him, and brought him before the king. The king said, "What is called seeing big man ? "

He said the same thing to it . The king said: "It can be. How would you , queen, celebrate it? "

She said: "Just as the other character in men. "

" No, " said the king, " he will have been in the woods at night, he said he was staying wolf , and he will need a bone. Sitting here in the midst of our queen. "

She said : " Gamalærr gets you , that you replace salt men to sit. "

The king said, " They're not expected , throwing his garment , Thief "

He said it was not appropriate, - "and I am the idler man . "

The king said, "Do as I command , I can get that way. "

Then he went out of his garment , and honors the man was well done. "Now I call it better go at getting his robe honorably . "

She said it should be so , - " but little to me about him . "

The king said, " Call thou good , a thief, and you will long for salt have burned. "

He says That föðurarf time being . The king said : "I can be. "

The king sat down on the throne , the Queen presented dreyrrauða and wanted nothing to replace him , but the king was allglaðr , and knew him much to tell , and þokkaðist his men well , and he was held in great honor in the winter . The queen spoke little to him .

That is told one time that the king should go to a banquet , and the king said, "Do you come with us , thief ? "

" Yes , sir," he answered .

Then they went , and it was the king and queen of the ice ekit . The thief said, " If you varliga , because the ice is unstable . "

The king said, " Opt feel involved in , that you are brave for us."

And soon after he broke the ice , but the thief ran at the wagon , and he saved the king and all that was in , but the queen was after, and he pulled her up out of an ice .

The king said: 'I was now Borgia . Pager would not have a better case with stand, and are such good escorts . "

Now the product well, and one day the king said , " Let us make sense out of this day , and see you around ; landsleg here is a pleasant thing . "

Then they two together , king and thief, and came into the forest alone. The king said, " sleepy me now . "

The thief said, " Go home any more , sir. Fitting That was better rank yours "

' No, ' said the king , " shall not be so , " and lay down and snored soundly.

The thief sat in and drew his sword from its sheath and threw it far away , and the king awoke and said: " It was so , pager , that either was arising , and good , please come here , and when I kill it -like the first evening that I saw you, and could not so speedily pass away . much somewhere will for thee lie . "

He said, " Well have you done to me and good ligament , but should now go away quickly . " After that they went home .

And the morning was killed on royal chamber door . He asked who was there . " Here's pager, and now I 'm going to type . " And then he sang a song:

"Now you too appreciate.
You have gentlemanly liga rendered , -
prepared for the greppr at walk, -
accommodation ara NIST .
I remember Ingibjorg
ever , while both live sense , -
siti it intact - but receive
is desirable in busi kiss at post . "
The king said, " And so was that it was thanked for his marriage feast was better than me . Nor has she done to you was better than I would . Cordage now all together , before you go , and happy creatures ; sitting up, queen. "

She said he would not bother . " No, " said the king, " let us eat all the same , " and so had to stay there .

The king said: " I ​​would like to stay thee , pager . "

Then he recited this verse and said before : "In away , I think now . "

" Dwell , Hring king
complete and long ,
foremost, sweetheart ,
Several und fall.
Observe , guide , well
vífs and countries;
shall sense Inga
age are found. "
Then said the king:

" Do not go so;
Pager, henceforth ,
dýrstr boys
a sad note .
I will you gifts
your wages
certainly better than thee
aware of itself. "
And again he said:

" I give Valiant
Peace thief wife
and all of
I own . "
Pager sang :

" I shall take the gifts
not accept ,
unless you , famous,
fjörsótt taken . "
The king replied, " If I would have given it to you , unless involved would be , and I am sick as I love thee to the Council called for and that you enjoy it , because ye are of most men , and now I will give you the name of king , because her brothers will not love you with such respect, and stuck to you now himself a wife. "

Pager said, " If you thanks , sir , but I will not be taller than the title bearing the name of Earl "

Then the king died , but did brúðhlaup his pager , and was drunk after inheriting konunginn.Síðan sat at his treason and was considered to be the greatest decent man , and they had children together Inga . Pager was called Earl .

Ok this is the news of her brothers , Helgi said to his brother : " Such is soaring , that man shall have dishonored our Thing-men sisters . Now go and make an army against him and ran this disaster. "

And they did so , gathered a large army and joined hands Peace thief. When he heard this, he said to the Queen : "Now we have our work looked ahead . How that goes , then I wished that you not displeased . "

She said: " There is now , if I lose you least . "

Then they went to the battle, and went pager so hard and he was the foremost of his men , and they met and fought harðliga Weekend , but so ended that Helgi fell, and was capable of inflating shout of victory .

Then pager : "Two are the benefits , Halfdan , that take the place or suffer death . Yet now it seems that the better the art materials I have but ye brothers . "

Halfdan said he would the option to take, and he went home to his kingdom , and he was skattgildr the Peace Thief lifetime ago, but pager sat now in lands and was the most famous of his prowess , and he had many children with his wife and became old man

Ok so last tale
spring at Lord give us all a good day
and we may get the peace ,
all good going into our team.
Mary the mother of us tank
and mektugir angels play .
Should Redeemer nations
life in heaven URLs.
Ljúfstr my Lord will send us
me a good life without end ,
peace for prosperity go.
Amen ad eterne
et mi Pater et mater ,
Bona Soros et Frater .

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Patchwork Merchant Mercenaries had its humble beginnings as an idea of a few artisans and craftsmen who enjoy performing with live steel fighting. As well as a patchwork quilt tent canvas. Most had prior military experience hence the name.


Patchwork Merchant Mercenaries.


Vendertainers that brought many things to a show and are know for helping out where ever they can.

As well as being a place where the older hand made items could be found made by them and enjoyed by all.

We expanded over the years to become well known at what we do. Now we represent over 100 artisans and craftsman that are well known in their venues and some just starting out. Some of their works have been premiered in TV, stage and movies on a regular basis.

Specializing in Medieval, Goth , Stage Film, BDFSM and Practitioner.

Patchwork Merchant Mercenaries a Dept of, Ask For IT was started by artists and former military veterans, and sword fighters, representing over 100 artisans, one who made his living traveling from fair to festival vending medieval wares. The majority of his customers are re-enactors, SCAdians and the like, looking to build their kit with period clothing, feast gear, adornments, etc.

Likewise, it is typical for these history-lovers to peruse the tent (aka mobile store front) and, upon finding something that pleases the eye, ask "Is this period?"

A deceitful query!! This is not a yes or no question. One must have a damn good understanding of European history (at least) from the fall of Rome to the mid-1600's to properly answer. Taking into account, also, the culture in which the querent is dressed is vitally important. You see, though it may be well within medieval period, it would be strange to see a Viking wearing a Caftan...or is it?

After a festival's time of answering weighty questions such as these, I'd sleep like a log! Only a mad man could possibly remember the place and time for each piece of kitchen ware, weaponry, cloth, and chain within a span of 1,000 years!! Surely there must be an easier way, a place where he could post all this knowledge...

Traveling Within The World is meant to be such a place. A place for all of these artists to keep in touch and directly interact with their fellow geeks and re-enactment hobbyists, their clientele.

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