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Black Moon

Time: March 29, 2014 to March 31, 2014
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Black Moon is a reference to one of four astronomical events involving new or dark moons. There is a range of, often contradictory, definitions of a black moon, some suggesting it is when there are two dark cycles of the moon in any given calendar month, and others where no full moon is present in a calendar month, being contradictory as one can only ever happen in a February, and the other can only ever occur in any other month. It is treated by Wicca s a powerful astrological period in which any magical works performed would be more effective.

Definition Notes
1. The second occurrence of a new moon in a calendar month.[2] Cannot occur in February. Analogous to the common calendrical definition of a blue moon for months with two full moons.
2. The third new moon in a season that has four of them. Analogous to the Farmers' Almanac definition of a blue moon for seasons with four full moons.
3. The absence of a full moon in a calendar month. Can only occur in February, thus January and March will each have a second full moon (a calendrical blue moon).
4. The absence of a new moon in a calendar month.

Can only occur in February, thus January and March will each have a second new moon (see definition 1).

New Moon – Jan 30, 2014 – 21:41 (GMT) - second new moon in January

New Moon – Mar 30, 2014 – 18:48 (GMT) - second new moon in March

30 October 2016
17:39:36 UTC

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Comment by CjGuzzi.moaw on March 20, 2014 at 1:37am

 I would say its Lunarology. The study of effects a near mass has on a gravitational body. Its all in the axis of the angle. The perpetual why? We are standing on a planet that's revolving and evolving! yes a monty python reference. To the dept! excellent job on your page of moons! I like the feature...mac

Comment by Dept of PMM Artists & things on February 16, 2014 at 7:33pm
Comment by Dept of PMM Artists & things on January 31, 2014 at 3:12pm

The Craft of the Wise

To Bless a Magical Pen

When there's a new moon, fill a glass with consecrated water, and add some crushed roses, and a pitch of salt place the pen in glass, and the glass where the moon shines directly on it, burn some protection incense, visualize the pen being charged with a blue light.

Chant 3 Times:

ÍNK SO (color)

The next day it will be blessed.


Comment by Dept of PMM Artists & things on January 31, 2014 at 2:28pm

Wicca Teachings

Today is the second New Moon in January making it a Black Moon. The Celts and the Druids seen a Black Moon as a time of great changes and of good luck. This Black Moon is extra special as it is also a Supermoon meaning it is much closer to the earth than at any other time. This will make tides higher than normal, it will also make our emotions feel heightened.

The Aquarius New Moon represents freedom and liberation. Liberate your mind first and your freedom will follow. Aquarius reminds you to follow the beat of your own drum. Be unique. Be original. Be who you really are. Take a walk on the weird side of life. You may find a part of yourself that has been begging for expression. This is the Antiquarian New Moon message.

A new cycle is beginning for you. The Aquarius New Moon can empower you to move in a bold direction. You may break free from bad habits and relationships. You are no longer distracted by fear and doubt. You are ready to be who you were born to be. This is a time of great luck, so go out and try new things, use this lucky time to grow businesses, start new jobs, go to interviews, find a new love.

Change your mind. You change your life. See your challenges from a different perspective. See your challenges as opportunities for growth. They keep your life fresh and lively. Your life can be much freer than you may have realized. In this way, new opportunities will emerge for you. Believe in your dreams coming true. Believe when you wish upon a Star your dreams come true. The Star is shinning on you. The New Moon is lighting up a new path way for you. Perhaps it was there all along and now your eyes are opened.

The SuperMoons strengthen the impact for change. This is setting the tone for the New Year. Get out of your own way. Move out of your comfort zone. Make bold beginnings. Uranus is encouraging you to have a fresh start. Be innovative. Don’t allow the negative ego to hold back your dreams. Listen to your intuition. You intuition is your inner knowledge. Allow your Higher Self to guide you to new relationships and goals. Sudden unexpected opportunities can come to you from out of the blue.

There are new perspectives to be enjoyed now and this Moon reminds us that no matter how far we may have strayed from where we want to be we can always get back there as long as there is hope and the will to move and grow yourself.

The Black Moon opens a portal to other dimensions. Honored by Wiccans and various schools of Magic, the Black Moon is a fertile time to connect with spirits and other realms and the planes where the ascended masters walk. It augurs a cycle of mystery and magic, even more mystical than the Blue Moon. The double New Moons are associated with higher consciousness, altered states of awareness and hidden wisdom. Use the energy well.

Have a Blessed New Moon and may the Goddess watch over you.

Comment by Dept of PMM Artists & things on January 31, 2014 at 2:13pm
Comment by Dept of PMM Artists & things on January 30, 2014 at 9:31pm


The term "black moon" has no widely accepted or formal astronomical definition. It is a rarely applied term, but is used to describe at least four different astronomical situations. One of the meanings of black moon is the second new moon in a month. In common parlance, "blue moon" is used to describe the second full moon in a month; however, a blue moon is actually the third full moon in a season.

The most common use of the term "black moon" relates to the frequency of full moons. A black moon (in this context) refers to the second new moon to occur in a calendar month. A black moon cannot occur in the month of February.

"Black moon" may also describe the third new moon in a season of four new moons. This definition is taken from the Maine Farmer's Almanac. The names for the other three moons (of four) in a season are the secret moon, finder's moon and spinner moon.

The absence of a full moon in a calendar month is also known as a "black moon." The only time a black moon can occur in this context is in the month of February. Additionally, with the occurrence of a black moon, either January or March must have two full moons.

The fourth use of "black moon" is to describe a calendar month without a new moon. Similar to a month without a full moon, February is the only month in which there cannot be a new moon. In the event of no new moon in February, either March or January must have a second new moon.

In all of the four contexts, the occurrence of a black moon is quite rare. As with a calendrical blue moon, black moons occur once every 2.5 years in the form of two new moons in a month. The most rare black moon--that which is a February without either a full or a new moon--happens once about every 19 years; the last occurred in 1999, and the next will be in 2018.

Found on eHow

Comment by Dept of PMM Artists & things on January 30, 2014 at 9:02pm
Comment by Dept of PMM Artists & things on January 30, 2014 at 9:00pm
Comment by Dept of PMM Artists & things on January 30, 2014 at 8:51pm

Michael Nelson 8:47in the evenin' Jan 30
Lots of people asking what to do during this new moon. Whatever you like. Here's a ritual that I wrote for tonight based on what I have on hand. I may need to run quick to the store for a bottle foil my prospertivity oil. I'm off to gather my things. I wrote this on my phone, so there may be typos. Feel free to borrow any parts.

New moon ritual for prosperity in my craft. My craft is writing, but it can be used for any craft.
This ritual can be performed any time but I considered the timing of today, saw what they had in common that matched my needs, and drafted this ritual. Below are the timing attributes of the moon and day that match my goals for the ritual.
New moon: renewal/growth, setting new goals and renewing old ones.
Thursday: Associated with prosperity and abundance.
Moon in Aquarius: communication, creative expression, problem solving, breaking habits (here, procrastination).
vessel to burn paper in.
Wand (I used a stick that I will fashion into a wand, but you can use your index and middle finger together as a wand or and athame).
Three candles arranged in a delta around the tools of my craft (an unfinished manuscript and my IPad with keyboard. Hey, it's what I write on). I'll have to see what candle colors I have on hand that fit my need.
Oil warmer
Small amount of olive oil, three drops eucalyptus oil, three herbs/spices associated with both Thursday and prosperity: nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove.
A bottle for the prospertivity oil after it's made.
Tarot cards:
The star card (associated with Aquarius, guidance, inspiration)
The moon card.
Eight of pentacles (dedication to craft)
Ace of wands (the power of will, also the hand holding the wand makes me think of a pen)
Nine of pentacles (the entrepreneur. A self made person enjoying the fruits of labor)
Nine of cups (the wish card. Abundance)
Whatever incense I have on hand that fits my needs.
Paper and pen.
A cup or goblet of water, wine, or whatever works for you (I am using homemade hard cider).

Light the incense, ground and center, cast a circle,
Dress the candles and arrange them in a delta around the tools of your craft.
Light the alter candles.
Write down what it is that you seek.
Wave your wand through the air incense smoke, wafting it over your altar.
Place the olive oil in the warmer with silent reverence, contemplating the symbolism of olive oil, how it was a treasured commodity and provided light and learning in Ancient Greece for centuries. Place the oil(s) and herbs in the warmer.
Wave your wand over the warmer and imagine the scents going into it and charging it with prosperity. Speak the following:
"Through the magick of oil and herb.
I invigorate the written word."
(You can rewrite this for your personal craft).

Comment by Dept of PMM Artists & things on January 30, 2014 at 8:51pm

Place the moon card on the altar. Visualize yourself trusting your intuition and inner muse to guide you. Your finished work is like figures in the moonlight, hidden, but it is available. Visualize yourself standing under the New moon, feeling renewed from it.
Place the star card below the moon card. Visualize being surrounded by stars, absorbing their energy.
Place the eight of wands to the right of the moon card. Visualize yourself reaching out and grasping the power of the new moon in Aquarius as you grasp your wand. The power to create is within you. You need only take hold of it.
Place the eight of pentacles to the right of the star card and just below the ace of wands. Visualize yourself doing whatever it is you do that keeps you from your craft. Visualize beside that picture in your mind, a moving image of yourself working diligently at your craft- like the figure on the card. Let the image of your hard work grow and overtake the image of procrastination. Repeat that visualization over and over of the hard work replacing the image of procrastination until it becomes more powerful than the procrastination image. (This is an NLP self-help technique mixed with some tarot magic).
To the right of the ace of wands, place the the nine of cups- the wish card. Visualize energy in abundance coursing through you. Make a silent wish for your craft. If you could have any trait or ability, what would it be?
Finally, place the nine of pentacles under the 9 of cups. See yourself enjoying the reward of your hard work, however that may be for you. Meditate on the images for several heartbeats.
Wave your wand over your cards, imaging the power of the images and your visualizations charging your wand, until you and your wand feel charged.
Then speak the following three times as you continue charging your wand over the cards: (you can alter this for a different craft or timing).

My untapped potential grows like the new moon. As the new moon travels through the house of Aquarius, I claim renewed strength. My craft shall be reborn. I shall dedicate myself to my craft. I will focus my will.
When I procrastinate, I will remember the image of the eight of pentacles and find myself drawn to my craft. I shall know abundance and enjoy the reward of my labors.

Take the paper you wrote earlier, read it outloud, then light it on the three candle flames and place it in your cauldron. Wave your wand over the flames and smoke. Imagine your wishes charging it.

Hold your wand over your cup. Imagining the power in your charged wand from the incense, oil, card, and fire, flowing into the cup, transforming it into an elixir of renewal. Then, when it feels fully charged, take up the glass and drink it silently and reverently.

Bottle your oil. Keep it with you or where you practice your craft. You can place a drop on your third eye whenever you feel the need to recharge or even when you practice your craft.

Close the spell with the following:

By the power that is within me, my craft shall flourish, so mote it be.

Open the circle according to your traditions. You may wish to add the following:
"The circle is now open but never broken. Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again."

Collect the ashes of your burned paper and scatter them to the winds.

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